Congressional hearings on UFOs & ET (7/26/23)

This article is under construction. On July 26, 2023  three expert military witnesses presented testimony before Congress about UFOs being real. They said that our Government was covering up the fact that we are in possession of some of them and that we had recovered non-human biotics. Many reports indicate that there are human-looking (Nordic) aliens, but testimony by David Grush only indicated non-humans like the Greys or Reptilians (though he did not identify any particular alien species). On Figure 1 the axis term is DAVID GRUSH. At the same absolute skip are GREY (all) and ALIENS. Touching GRUSH is UFO at skip -1. Overlapping it is a short 2-letter word – WITNESS. TRUTHFUL is also on the matrix at skip +1. The matrix was found against odds of about 205,530 to 1. As Figure 3 reveals, when I  devoted a few hours more search time to the matrix on July 28 to August 1, 2023,  I found other terms at the same absolute skip as DAVID GRUSH, ALL  GREY and ALIENS: PLEIADES, MOON (2 synonyms), and LYRA.  This took odds against this matrix up to over 5.3 million to 1. However  I found that I disagree with Grush on a few key issues.

(1) He was asked about if the aliens are human or non human. With his eyes almost bulging out of his head he said “non-human.” But, a woman (Rebecca) who claims to be from the Pleiades happens to be one of my friends. I have had her over my house for dinner, and I interviewed her on the Stewart Best and Larry Taylor talk radio show on June 7, 2023. I know her now for 11 years.

If she was not lying, and you can listen to her for about a half hour here at She appears to be quite human. There is a large body of literature claiming that Nordics and Pleiadians are humans, who with us, trace their common ancestry back to the Lyran Star System.

(2) Rebecca was quite angry with the Congressional testimony because it painted all aliens as non-human and hostile. We spoke about this at length on July 28, 2023. We are both discussing what needs to be done to bring about a successful disclosure. At times I have felt that because the ETs have not taken any friendly acts that are easy to prove we are safer interpreting their hiding on our planet as a hostile act, but on January 13, 2018 the public in Hawaii received cell phone alerts warning that the were under attack from ballistic missiles.  They were told to take shelter. See Figure 2 below.



Figure 2 Above: The Doomsday Alert received by Hawaiians in January, 2018.

Michael Salla alleges that the attack was real, but the inbound missile was shot down. He discusses two possible saviors for Honolulu: a US Air Force or Navy anti ballistic missile site on Maui or a Nordic (ET) site in orbit over Hawaii. If the Nordics shot the missile down then they have indeed won the right to be seen as white-hat good guys, but if our military saved our butts then we cannot be certain that there are ETs visiting us that fulfill a positive role. Thus I told her that the ET’s time to get this right is shrinking fast because of the Congressional testimony.

Earthly/Terran humans are now in a position to demand an apology for harm done to us and compensation in the form of high tech medical means of curing diseases like cancer. Supposedly President Eisenhower was offered the medical technology in 1954 in exchange for nuclear disarmament, but he declined the offer. Rebecca and I are working together to try to get other ETs to agree but there are many species and they often have conflicting agendas. However, people are not weak like we were when Eisenhower was President. We now have a Space Force, and as Congress learned on July 26, 2023, we have also back-engineered alien space craft and have been doing so ever since (or before) the Roswell Incident in 1947. My deceased Uncle Eugene Roffman was not only involved, but he also gave me the list of scientists working together in the U.S.  and Soviet Union (plus many  other countries) back in 1960.  The list is published on this site at  See Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Non Destructive Testing.

3. While Grush did not name any alien species, Figure 3 has his name at the same skip as PLEIADES and LYRA, two stars that allegedly have humanoid or human occupants.  Again, Rebecca relates her past to the PLEIADES, and UFO literature often points to LYRA as the original source of humans throughout many worlds in our galaxy.



3. I found it strange that Grush did not name even one species of aliens. This seemed suggestive that he only knows about Grays that we recovered from the Roswell crash in 1947. At the same skip as DAVID GRUSH are the words ALIENS and GRAY ALL.


Other terms on Figure 3. The MOON was sought because of reports that had U,S. astronauts see UFOs up there and because of a report that had Chinese and American explore an underground facility on the dark (back) side of the moon. This report by J.P. is included in Salla’s recent book US ARMY INSIDER MISSIONS, Space Arks, Underground Cities & ET Contact. Both synonyms  for MOON were again found at the absolute skip of the axis term. WITNESS was sought because Grush was oith ne of three witnesses at the hearing. Like TRUTHFUL it was found at skip  +1. After and in sequence with GRAY was ALL, but it was not included in the odds calculation because it was not found in an a priori manner.



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