2022 Biden Encourages Ukraine Invasion


matrix onlyAlong with much of the rest of the world I’m spending much of early February, 2022 waiting to see if Putin’s Russia invades Ukraine. Whether he satisfies his lust to restore a good chunk of the Soviet Union or he blinks first because he doesn’t want to lose the Nord Stream 2 Oil Pipeline, let alone an estimated up to 10,000 Russian troops who are likely to be killed, this crisis has made clear the fact that while Democrats falsely charged Trump with being a traitor, they were busy electing a real Russian agent to our presidency. On the matrix above the axis term is UKRAINE. At one skip more is BIDEN. In the open text VOICE OF WAR shares the letter qof with UKRAINE. At the same skip as UKRAINE are PRESIDENT, NATO and THREAT. UKRAINE was once part of a COVENANT with Russia and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. On the matrix in the open text is I WILL REMEMBER THEM, COVENANT OF THEIR ANCESTORS. In the open text TO ARM touches UKRAINE where UKRAINE and PRESIDENT are at the same skip four columns apart. A NATO nation that U.S. forces are being dumped into, POLAND, is also on the matrix, but not at a special case skip. Odds against this matrix are about 3,187,460 to 1.

STATISTICS AND NEWSThe New York Times provided the following causality  discussion/estimate:

By Helene Cooper and David E. Sanger

Feb. 5, 2022

“WASHINGTON — Senior Biden administration officials told lawmakers this past week that they believed the Russian military had assembled 70 percent of the forces it would need to mount a full invasion of Ukraine, painting the most ominous picture yet of the options that Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, has created for himself in recent weeks…

They also warned of enormous possible human costs if Mr. Putin went ahead with a full invasion, including the potential deaths of 25,000 to 50,000 civilians, 5,000 to 25,000 members of the Ukrainian military and 3,000 to 10,000 members of the Russian military. The invasion, they said, could also result in one million to five million refugees, with many of them pouring into Poland.

Should Mr. Putin decide to invade, American officials believe he is not likely to move until the second half of February. By that point, more ground will have frozen, making it easier to move heavy vehicles and equipment, and the Winter Olympics in Beijing will have ended or be winding down, which could help Mr. Putin avoid antagonizing President Xi Jinping of China, a critical ally for the Russian president.”

POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES OF HAVING A SENILE IDIOT OR COMMUNIST SERVE AS PRESIDENT. 50,000 civilians plus 25,000 members of the Ukrainian military plus 10,000 members of the Russian military adds up to 85,000 dead in Europe because Biden provoked Putin into an attack. However, it seems likely that once Russia attacks Ukraine, China will attack Taiwan. There are numerous wars that could sprout from that including wars between China and Japan and/or Australia. Iran could also use the chaos to finish or try to use nuclear weapons. It’s expensive to put an idiot in the White House. However, his loose tongue does not prove that he is an idiot. He might just be a clever Russian/Chinese agent.

Biden’s character was found encoded in Torah. See the article published here on OCTOBER 8, 2021: BIDEN’S PORTRAIT IS ENCODED IN TORAH.

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