Israel to Exterminate Gaza? 2/15/2024

This page is under construction. There are currently nine a priori terms on it in addition to the axis term, EXTERMINATION OF GAZA. The R Factor of this term (derived from Codefinder) is 0.591 which means that there was about one chance in 3.8994 to find it once in Torah (p = 0..2564). An a priori term that carries a similar message is found in Deuteronomy 4:26, FOR YOU WILL BE UTTERLY DESTROYED. It is found just once in unwrapped Torah. As is shown on the spreadsheet below it’s on this matrix against odds of about 420 to 1. That makes it the most significant a priori term shown. I was somewhat troubled by the lack of a NETANYAHU on the matrix. His name appears at skip +1 sixteen times in Torah. When looking for someone to take credit for annihilating Hamas, ISRAEL is on the matrix in the open text 591 times. It is on the matrix, but it had about a 79% chance to be found at least once, which is not statistically significant.




The second most significant a priori term was NAZI at skip 1. This word was sought and found against odds of about 31.7 to 1 because news media widely compared the slaughter of about 1,200 Jews (and kidnapping of about 240 Jews) with the Holocaust. HOLOCAUST was also found, but it was not statistically significant, nor was PRISONER although so many prisoners were taken on October 7, 2023. However, PRISONER shares a letter shin with ISRAEL which was  the source of the prisoners. Likewise many of the terrorists came in on gliders. GLIDER shares a letter dalet with EXTERMINATE, but the word GLIDER was not considered statistically significant by my normal protocol. Against odds of about 4 to 1, ARMY and WALL were both on the matrix at special case skips. Armies were involved in fighting on both sides, and the wall around Gaza was overcome, but the likely cost of the operation for Palestinians will be catastrophic. I may well find more terms on the matrix. But currently the odds against finding what I have are about 674,760 to 1.



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