Truman history, UFOs, atomic wars on Earth & Mars (3/30/23)

Harry S. Truman assumed the presidency at a major crossroad in History on April 12, 1945 just before World War II came to an apparent end in Europe when Germany seemed to surrender on May 7, 1945. I say “seemed” to surrender because I think Hitler escaped to Argentina while Truman was  in office. Eisenhower agreed with me. See my recent full article about Eisenhower and Hitler here.




This article examines the fact that the most important aspects of Truman’s service as President appear to be encoded on a single matrix that covers the atomic bombs he dropped on Japan, the nature of radioactive fallout, UFOs (starting with the Roswell Incident), the start of a 4th Reich in America, and the rebirth of Israel. There is also a  reference to Mars, which according to Dr. John Brandenburg, suffered an atomic war at some point in its distant past. Odds against the matrix appearing by chance are about 1,385,354 to 1. The better matrix leaves out Mars and Reich. It is only 783 letters. Odds against it about 1,636,776 to 1. The decision about when to leave out terms found is made after examining the first spreadsheet evaluating  term probabilities. In general, words that are not at special case skips are cut first. Neither Mars nor Reich are at skips +/- 1 or the absolute skip of Harry Truman. REICH is the least significant term on the matrix, however it does touch the axis term and this is not factored in when I look at odds. MARS had about a 30.7% chance to be on the matrix, but to see it required an expansion of the matrix from 783 letter to 999 letters. This is usually right at the upper limits of how large I allow a matrix to be for publication purposes.



The most spectacular thing about the matrix is that the odds against the extremely accurate description of radioactive fallout in conjunction with ATOMIC and JAPAN occurred against odds of between 305 to 389 to 1. Here we do not just see a single word for FALLOUT (either of two 5-letter words would have worked). Instead we are told (1) It’s dust and powder-like, (2) It falls out of the sky, (3) It lands on us and, (4) It will continue to land on us until we die. Indeed, it only takes 20 rows X 29 columns (580 letters) to show ATOMIC, THREAT, the FALLOUT DESCRIPTION, JAPAN and the man who dropped two atomic bombs on Japan – HARRY TRUMAN. Odds against this smaller matrix were about 586,064 to 1.


The largest value of odds against the matrix (1,636,776 to 1) included CHILDREN OF ISRAEL, UFO, and EARTH but when we divide this value by the 580 letters in the smallest matrix with a value of 586,064, the larger number is only 2.79 times bigger than the smaller number. If we likewise compare the odds against the full 999-letter matrix (1,385,354 to 1) the ratio is about 3.36 to 1.   The largest matrix also added MARS and REICH but neither the 999-letter matrix nor the 783-letter matrix had enough additional terms to yet justify the expansions past 580 letters. This tells us the Code’s Author looked at Truman’s major achievements in life and appears to have rated his use of nuclear weapons as most important. HOWEVER, UFO is at the same absolute skip as HARRY TRUMAN, and it only takes another 3 rows to show it 12 columns right of the HARRY TRUMAN column.  This is important to consider because if you examine the vast majority of literature looking for why UFOs came  to Earth  in an increasing frequency after World Wat II you will find the aliens repeatedly pointed to our acquisition and use of nuclear weapons by President Truman. As for the association with EARTH, EARTH is at skip +1 one row above and touching Harry Truman.

Final caveat: I am writing this on March 30, 2023. This is the 5th day of work on this matrix. It took me 4 days to find what really makes this matrix significant – the accurate  description of FALLOUT. Odds against it being on the 580-letter matrix are about 526 to 1.







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