Biden’s Bird Turd

BIRD TURDTiming is everything in life. Approaching my  75th birthday I can say that only once has a bird pooped on me, though they do get my car about once a week because I usually have to park under a large oak tree. I personally got hit in 1971 close to the end of my first marriage (to Jill). It was an epic encounter. Jill and I had just driven to work in Darien, Georgia. We had been having a fight. When I stepped out of the car her last words to me were, “Shit on you.” Exactly as her last work left her mouth, a bird pooped on her nose. I bust out laughing. She died in 2021, a friend of mine who married the best man from my first two weddings, but it took them 44 years of living together before they tied the knot.

Of course when a bird pooped on Biden I thought it was well deserved as well as timely. He was in the process of one his daily lies, blaming all the world’s problems on Putin. Putin is a murdering thug, but Biden is the King Communist who enables him. On Biden’s very first day in office he destroyed America’s world leadership in energy by killing the Keystone Pipeline. Worse, he tried to transfer that  dominance to Russia by temporarily approving Northstream Two Pipeline (until he was embarrassed into cancelling it due to Putin’s genocidal attack on Ukraine).

The war that Biden stimulated threatens to go nuclear, especially if Putin is humiliated with a loss. On April 14, 2022 the news is that Russia is making nuclear threats again based on the desire of Finland and Sweden to join NATO. Further, the cruiser MOSCOW was sunk, possibly by a Ukrainian Neptune missile. Russia has 7,200 nuclear weapons, all in the hands of an insane Putin being encouraged by a senile Biden who seems incapable of remembering if he is president, vice president or just a senator.

Normally I do not post matrices that have more than one chance in a hundred to occur by chance alone. If we look at the full 966-letter the four a priori terms had about 3 chances in a hundred to be found. The most significant term on it (BIDEN) had about 12 chances in a hundred to be found. Biden is not at a special case skip (+/- 1 or the absolute skip of the axis term). None of the a priori terms added to  the search after BIDEN (CLOTHING, FUNNY or JOSEPH) were significant enough to justify expanding the matrix to 966 letters to see them. Instead the only marginally significant find here is 234 letters required to show BIDEN with BIRD POOP. There were about 2 chances in a hundred to find this match.

Maybe we should train a bird to find Biden more often, but frankly, to have the results needed we are going to need a much bigger bird.




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