Russia, look in the Mirror (5/13/2022)

On May 11, 2022 Finnish President Sauli c busted my gut with laughter when he told Putin that the Russian killer should look in the mirror to find the reason for Finland (and likely Sweden) joining NATO. Russia will now have to deal with a new 800-mile long border with NATO. So much for invading Ukraine to keep NATO’s “threat” from growing. But then I wondered if I could find c’s great remark encoded in Torah. The Torah did not disappoint me.

I didn’t look for Niinisto as the axis term because it was the remark that I wanted to see. Sure enough, although it’s 10 letters long, I found just about exactly what I wanted to see. The skip is huge, (-141,246). It reads SEE IN THE MIRROR. The R-value indicates that I had about 1 chance in 3 to find the phrase, but it needed meaningful key words nearby to enforce the probability that it likely pertains to this situation.

Five key words were found at special case skips (+/-1 or the absolute skip of the axis term, here 141,246. The most significant was RUSSIAN at skip -1. It was found on the full 972-letter matrix against odds of about 53 to 1.  It actually took just 360 letters to show SEE IN THE MIRROR with RUSSIAN. Odds against a match that good are about 141 to 1.

The second most significant term was NATO. It is alsoat skip -1 and was found against odds of about 16 to 1. BORDER was found in the open text (skip +1) against odds of 10 to 1. WAR was seen in the open text against odds of about 9.2 to 1, and THREAT was there against odds of about 2.2 to 1. Without counting the axis term, the matrix was found against odds of about 173,475 to 1. If we count the 10-letter axis term, the matrix was found against odds of about 536,047 to 1.



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