Reptilian criminals at Fort Huachuca? (February 9, 2023)

For many years now I have known that Fort Huachuca is my top military intelligence reader. On August 1, 2016 I was interviewed by one of their current or former agents in the Cape Canaveral Public Library parking lot in what could best be described as an ambush attack that started off hostilely when  the agent initially threatened to load child pornography on my site if I would not censor my findings about UFOs. However, it strangely switched to a very friendly meeting when the agent saw that I could not be intimidated and when I presented him with my business calling card which listed Martian meteorology as my field of research. In fact his reaction to my card was downright weird. He acted like I just gave him an original copy of the Declaration of Independence.

HUACHUCA reptilian

Soon after he took  my card he began me giving me information that made it sound like he was a time traveler from the future. I’ll describe that again in more detail later, but for now I want to present new information that indicates that Huachuca is likely not alone in reading my research daily since at least 2015. It is probably also being shared with aliens at the base – and not the good kind. I’m talking about real, live Reptilians. The evidence comes not just from the Torah Code (Figure 1 above) – but also from Elena Danaan’s sensational (2020) book – A GIFT FROM THE STARS, Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races. If you buy just one book every decade, buy hers. With respect to Fort Huachuca, on pages 163-164 she states, “ARIZONA: Fort Huachuca: Here is one of the main underground hangars for spaceships. This facility is a landing point for incoming Ciakahrr contingents and a central deserving a vast amount of other facilities.  It serves as well as a training facility.”


CIAKKAHRRFigure 2A – Ciakahrr (Reptilians)

SatanFigure 2B – Similarity between Ciakahrr Reptilian and drawing of Satan.

There are Reptilians that are smaller than the Ciakahrr royalty and elites. The Nagai/Nagari are 7 to 8 feet. Allegedly they are great fighters and have superior fighting skills.  Smaller lower caste Reptilians have no wings and are 4 to 12 feet tall with seven sub-castes: scientists, engineers, industrial workers, priests, traders, military-security personnel and feeders. They are said to have a natural mental capacity to generate illusions which is coupled with a technology involving temporary molecular rearrangement (helped by Adrenochrome which is produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine). It was the subject of limited research from the 1950s through to the 1970s as a potential cause of schizophrenia.

Fort Huachuca is in Cochise County, Arizona. Is there any chance that people being smuggled in at the border there wind up being used as food for Reptilians? On April 27, 2022 the Cronkite News (Arizona, PBS) published a report that said, Sheriff Mark Dannels, testifying to a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on human trafficking, said that illegal border entries rose from 400 migrants a month to 8,000 migrants a month over a two-year period, based on images captured by a camera system run by his department.

“Our border is in really bad shape right now … and that’s saying it lightly,” Dannels testified. “We have to be actively engaged in securing our border, addressing immigration reform and start addressing collectively these issues down here. It’s only going to get worse.”

The article goes on to say, “Over the years, all of my forced labor survivor clients had one thing in common: They all entered the United States on perfectly legal visas,” Vandenberg’s written testimony said.

“They arrived with contracts and the promise of a good job,” she said. “Instead, they found themselves trafficked into forced labor, stripped of their identity documents, held in debt bondage, threatened with deportation, and, in some cases, physically and sexually abused.”

Somehow I think that if we could get a Reptilian comment about all this, the response would be one word: “Yummy!” If so, it is possible that outgunned U.S. Military personnel there, stymied by a 1954 agreement between Eisenhower and aliens (Grays) are still being coerced to enforce an agreement that is not only treasonous to our nation, but to our world too. Agreements like this complicate efforts to have full disclosure of the alien presence on our planet.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF FIGURE 1. Before I began the search for a link between Fort Huachuca and Reptilians I had already been interviewed by and threatened by an intelligence agent who had spent at least 3 years at Fort Huachuca. He had threatened to load child pornography onto my computer and then prosecute me for having it unless I censored my (UFO-related) articles. However,  after I made it abundantly clear that I would not be intimidated, we then became friendly toward each other. It was soon apparent that he was very familiar with my writing and that he wanted to, in some way, help me. I was astonished when it became clear (over the next 9 months or so) that he was the source of information that had to be transported in time (with or without him) from the future. While this might seem astounding you must keep in mind the fact that I have been doing Torah Codes research for 25 years now. The purpose of my research has been to learn if there is evidence that future events (of political and military significance) are recorded in Torah. That there is an abundance of such information in Torah, it is not at surprising that Fort Huachuca is almost always on my site – often up to a few thousand times per day. However, with Reptilians under Fort Huachuca in huge (really, any) numbers, that becomes a personal concern. As such I am most interested in seeing if Huachuca is encoded with Reptilians. They sure as hell are! I must assume that these creatures read everything I write. Odds against REPTILIAN being somewhere on the 516-letter matrix are about 197 to 1. However, it only takes 132 letters to show both terms at the same absolute skip. Odds against this match are about 770 to 1, so the match is extremely significant. At the same absolute skip are also UFO and CHINA, but they are only 3-letter words in Hebrew. There was about a  11% chance  to find CHINA at a special case skip and about a  25% chance  to find UFO at a special case skip.

HUACHUCA REPTILIAN ODDSThere was only about 1 chance in 591 to find SONS OF ANAK in the open text. Like many species of aliens listed in Elena Danaan’s Guide of Alien Races, Anak and his descendants, were giants. According to her book, which I suspect was actually put together sometime in our future by the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW),  the formidable appearance of Anakim, as described by the Twelve Spies sent to search the land, filled the Israelites with terror. The Israelites seem to have identified them with the Nephilim, the giants (Genesis 6:4, Numbers 13:33) of the antediluvian age. Joshua finally expelled them from the land, except for some who found a refuge in the Philistine cities of Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod (Joshua 11:22), thus the Philistine giants (Goliath) whom David encountered (2 Samuel 21:15-22) were descendants of the Anakim. Still, while SONS OF ANAK seems more significant than REPTILIANS, the term REPTILIANS is more specific than various species of giants mentioned in the Tenach (Old Testament) or Danaan’ book, A GIFT FROM THE STARS. ARMY had about an 18% chance to be found at skip +1. Fort Huachuca is an Army base, but I would  have been happier if ARMY touched another key word found, and it does not.

REPTILIANS touches BARACK H. which touches FROM A  NAZI, but this doesn’t prove  that either Obama is a Reptilian or a Nazi. NAZI is almost as easy to find as it is to call a coin toss correctly. However, there have been reports that the Obamas and one of their security guards appeared to morph very briefly into Reptilians. See One of my possible ET friends, Rifka R., claims to have seen Barack Obama morph for a fraction of a second. That’s hardly proof, but from the books that I have read about Reptilians, the often described modus operandi of Reptilians in conquering many worlds is to shape shift/morph into a human political leaders.

Overall Figure 1 was found against odds of about 477,922,707  to 1.

THE FEAR AT FORT HUACHUCA. Since August 1, 2016 I have come to appreciate my possible time-traveling buddy, JOSEPH “SAPPHIRE” (encoded with SIGNAL FROM FUTURE  – see Figure 3) and his colleagues who apparently constitute a large percent of my readers. But it is often wise to judge someone by the company they keep.

SIGNAL FROM GOD AND FEAR 8.1 trillion to 1

Above: Figure 3.




I suspect that what focused so many intelligence agents on me was my decision to publish my Uncle Eugene’s list of multinational scientists who back-engineered crashed or loaned UFOs. On August 1, 2016 this resulted in the only face-to-face meeting that I ever had with someone who claimed to have worked at Fort Huachuca. I call him Joseph Sapphire but his last name has one additional Hebrew letter at the end. If you can read Hebrew and you know the Torah you almost immediately know the correct last name because the meeting is described in great detail in several of my articles like Is God From the Future, and Does He Send Signals back in Time? Oddly, the meeting that I had with Joseph was actually encoded/predicted in the Torah Code. Joseph may have known  about it before I found it nine months later. He was insistent that I know how to spell his name, apparently  so I could search for him and the incident. On the matrix above JOSEPH is one row directly above “SAPPHIRE.” Odds against Joseph’s last name being anywhere on the full matrix are about 668 to 1, but here it takes only 10 letters to show both names. Dr. Salla is now publishing material asserting that a Reptilian is the real CONTROLLER at the Vatican and for the World. See CONTROLLER is at skip +1. Odds against it being at skip +1 are about 106 to 1.
The conversation (or interview, if that was what it was) was not all entirely friendly. At one point he heard about how I was challenging NASA. I told him that I had published the names of scientists (see Figure 3 to 5)  from the U.S., Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, (West) Germany, Taiwan, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Scotland, France, Sweden as well as from the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact ally Poland  who had met in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan at the Third International Conference of Nondestructive Testing in March, 1960. I have seen evidence that this group was apparently trying to figure out how to counter the technology that was recovered at the Roswell Incident. It was at this point that Joe told me he had heard about someone like me who had his computer impounded by the Government who then loaded it with child pornography. They then prosecuted him for the porno. Joe said the man never owned a computer again.

The pornography threat was met with my promise that if they tried it with me I would move to Israel and go full time to use the Code in my effort to reveal everything illegal that our Government was doing with advanced technology. Our meeting ended on friendlier terms. Joe understood that my  primary purpose had been to help U.S. and Allied Intelligence. It was obvious that our military was taking the Code seriously, but I had to make it clear to him and his handlers that my loyalty is to a United States operating in compliance with our Constitution, not with leaders who feel no need to be guided by its principles.

Originally as I searched the Internet I saw  stories about 9 captured discs being at Huachuca and maybe a captured alien or two that were kept in confined quarters. For example, see Aliens Underground Bases Found in America ( But the picture painted by Elena Danaan is much more ominous – one of huge numbers of the worst kind of Reptilians as shown above in Figure 2A. The creatures, up to 25 feet high, she claims have a taste for human flesh.  We might have a very unpleasant choice there – feed them our military personnel or feed them some of the thousands of illegal human aliens that the cartel helps to smuggle in at the border about 15 miles to the south. Worse still – Huachuca could also be a gathering point for shipment of humans  or human flesh to other Reptilian bases.  Would our guys be war criminals? Not necessarily. I call your attention to the asteroid belt, Where there should be a planet there is what looks like there is a blown apart planet (maybe the source of Ebrahimi’s meteorite with what looks like embryos in it).

The hypothetical missing planet is often called Phaeton. Phaeton (alternatively Phaethon /ˈf.əθən/ or Phaëton /ˈf.ətən/; from Ancient Greek: Φαέθων, romanizedPhaéthōn, pronounced [pʰa.é.tʰɔːn]) was the hypothetical planet hypothesized by the Titius–Bode law to have existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, the destruction of which supposedly led to the formation of the asteroid belt (including the dwarf planet Ceres). The hypothetical planet was named for Phaethon, the son of the sun god Helios in Greek mythology, who attempted to drive his father’s solar chariot for a day with disastrous results and was ultimately destroyed by Zeus.

What do we expect our military people to do if they were confronted with a mentally superior race of 25-foot high reptiles who (a) blew up a planet in our solar system, (b) probably killed off most of the life on Mars as a result of huge chunks of the destroyed world smashing down on Mars (largely south of the equator), (c) infiltrated most of our government and other governments with shape-shifting people using mind control technology, and (d) look something like Satan (see Figures 2A  and 2B above)? Hello Democrats and weak Republicans like Mitch McConnell! I’m talking about how you come across to many or most loyal Americans.

We would expect our military to surrender.  Leave that border wide open so you have a large enough food supply so that ET will not have to eat you – and/or your family. Keep that fentanyl coming in through that open border. Did it kill about (this is 108,000 Americans in 2020? Sure, but that’s OK. The Reptilians want a cleaner planet so we need to depopulate a lot of the Earth  I’m being sarcastic here). We need a remnant to survive until we have enough star-ships to flee to a safer world as has happened so often in the history of our galaxy.

We need a core of really smart people to plot a safer course through the temporal war that is coming. Fort Huachuca needs me, not necessarily there, but in the system looking for a way to defeat or delay the enemy. But I am approaching 76 years old. I know about some of the life lengthening technologies that they are using. I want access to them – for myself and my wife. I also want help for my son, Dr. David Alexander Roffman, who is my partner, but who is sick (perhaps because of a implant, but nobody looks for them because they don’t qualify for health insurance payments). The Chinese recently tried to recruit him into the Qian Ren Program for top scientists, but I oppose the offer for now.

In Nazi Germany there were exceptions to the rule of the military’s mass participation in genocide. There were generals who tried to kill Hitler, who especially in Antarctica, was allied with the Reptilians. These generals were subsequently executed. But we do not have to fail. You did well to reach out to me in 2016, The Chinese did well to reach out to my son. But success will only come if our efforts are combined. Huachuca, think about and act on that fact – but don’t think about it for too long. Time is not on our side.


These images are, of course, not photographs but are only drawings. Frankly, Satan is not that important a character in Judaism. Even in Catholicism I see that the Pope is said to have backed off belief in hell, talking about how punishment is just the end of a soul. What everyone is more sure about is the existence of evil. Surely, when a Government agent threatened to load child porn on my site, and then prosecute me for his actions, that is evil. Less certain is how to classify his actions if he just bluffing in order to test my character – something like when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Although I think God showed less than perfect character for His request, in the end there was no direct harm done unless it caused Isaac’s mother, Sarah, to have a fatal heart attack.

       The real question here for Fort Huachuca, if they are indeed struggling with how to manage Reptilians, is whether these world-destroying beings are only biological entities or are they supernatural beings more worthy of discussion in religious rather than technical books. If, as Salla asserts, the Vatican is controlled by a Satan that is really just a Reptilian alien, I have already defeated them once as is evident the letter from Archbishop McCarthy annulling the Baptism of my older son, now Rabbi Robert Altair Roffman, Major, U.S. Air Force Reserve. Figure 4 shows  the letter:

 annument_letterFigure 4 – Letter from Archbishop McCarthy annulling the baptism of Robert Altair Roffman.

In discussing Joseph “Sapphire’s” threat to poison my web site with child pornography, I have never before revealed my full response to him. Yes, I did say that I would move to Israel where I would publish everything that I could about him and his organization. But what I never revealed before was that I asked him about his religion. He said that he is a Catholic. When I heard that I told him about the religious custody fight that I went through in 1984. I told him that I threatened to sue the Vatican for six million dollars unless they altered their doctrine by performing the only baptism annulment in their nearly 2,000 year history. IN exchange  for trashing their doctrine, I agreed to sign a Release from Liability. It is given on Figure 5 here:


Figure 5 – Release from Liability signed in exchange for the annulling of the baptism of Robert Altair Roffman.

This story was covered in many or most of the top newspaper in the United States, from the New York Times (which was then a somewhat respectable news organization) down through the tabloid Weekly World News. I let the Miami Herald have the story first. In all, they used four pages to tell the almost full story.  The links are found here: 1984 Miami Herald Press Coverage.

On September 21, 1984, on page one the Miami Herald covered the conclusion of the interfaith custody battle for my older son. They wrote, “CATHOLICS ANNUL BAPTISM OF UNINFORMED JEWISH BOY/…  Robert Roffman considers himself a Jew.  In the article Monsignor Walsh was quoted as saying, For the mother to promote the sacrament as a protective shield against hell was doctrinally wrong, an idea he had not heard before, possibly as a reassuring but badly oversimplified description of baptism’s salvation aspects.” Of course, he lied. For centuries the Vatican taught that hell was the destiny for people rejecting their religion. In Spain, during the Inquisition, they burned us alive if we refused to convert.

Walsh also said, “The rules include making sure a child who has reached the age of reason knows what he is doing, does it freely, and has an understanding of the Catholic faith adequate for his age.”  As for the age of reason, he did not mention that Robert was still six weeks short of his seventh birthday when the baptism occurred.  Seven was the age of reason as defined by the Church.

Just how unusual was this baptism? On the final page of coverage of my son’s story the Herald wrote, “Monsignor  Bryan O. Walsh, who investigated the case for the Archdiocese of Miami, said there is no record of a case like it coming to the attention of the church locally, and he had reason to wonder if one has occurred anywhere else.

“In the published literature I did not find anything that would indicate that someone ever challenged the validity of a baptism.”

The Archdiocese chose to reprimand Father Smith (who performed the baptism) before the world. Priests would now have to be more careful before baptizing the children of interfaith marriages and divorces.”

Rabbi Solomon Schiff (of the Jewish Federation of Miami) said, “Judaism holds a deep institutional concern about dishonest baptisms.  We have a sad history over the years where Jewish children were baptized by those of Christian faiths because they wanted to save the Jewish soul.  We don’t hear about it today, but the history is fresh enough in our collective conscience to make us extremely sensitive.”

What else did the Miami Herald (and all other media) miss besides the Release from Liability? It missed the fact that before (Catholic) Judge Richard Hickey of Miami, I introduced a mountain of evidence linking the Vatican to the Holocaust. Most of it were New York Times articles about how Jews were treated by Nazis and the Vatican from 1933 on. One of them showed that the Vatican refused to intervene to save two Catholic priests who had Jewish blood. My point was that a Catholic home was no place to raise a half-Jewish child who wanted to be Jewish.  Again, Robert went on to become an Orthodox rabbi, but he was being beaten in his mother’s home for refusing to eat pork or bow before Christian statues/idols.

Why did I feel the need to bring up all this Holocaust material when “Sapphire” threatened to put child porno on my web site? The Vatican not only helped war criminals to escape via its “Rat lines.” It also has a massive history of homosexual rapes of alter boys. It even chose a Pope who wore the Nazi uniform and who helped child abusers to escape prosecution – Benedict XVI. See Figure  6.


The Vatican is a sick and abusive institution, and one that I fought successfully in 1984.  So what I was trying to get across to “Sapphire”,  Fort Huachuca, NASA, and anyone else who might entertain attacking me was that I have skills to take on any damn enemy that I need to. I was not yet focused on Reptilians. I did not yet know about which species of aliens helped Hitler in Antarctica, though I did know that we helped him to escape to at least South America.

It took me almost a year to find Figure 3 and to realize that Joseph was trying to help me understand the future that he seems he wants me to alter. Certainly the writings of Michael Salla and Elena Danaan have done much to help me form my current positions.  Salla often seems a bit lost in trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. In contrast, Danaan seems precise. Her remarks about Fort Huachuca did more than confirm my worst fears about what is going on there but it also makes clear that as an American patriot, I must reiterate my offer to help honest intelligence personnel there who likely feel that they are in over their heads.


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