Uncle Sam only publishes disinformation. 3/10/2023

The Figure 1 matrix is based on Ashwin Vinoo’s book entitled PROJECT MANKIND Extraterrestrials and their involvement with humanity. The author claims that mankind is the 7th version of a hybridization experiment run by ETs to create a slave warrior race. Many of the main characters (gods) are borrowed from the Tenach (Old Testament). The story-line includes a plan for underground Gray aliens to replace most people. I was initially curious to see if I could find the Shroud of Turin (Turino in Italian) encoded with aliens. It was not in the Torah Code, but there is a 10-letter ELS for IMAGE TURINO  encoded at the same absolute skip as UFO with ALIEN in the open text. SLAVE is also at the same absolute skip as IMAGE TURINO.

Figure 1 below: The Turino Image and Aliens/False Prophets in the Torah Code.


There is an extremely critical difference between Judaism and Christianity when it come to correctly interpreting this matrix and judging its value as a warning as to the nature of the threat posed by Elohim and ET. But before getting into the important details let it be noted that ELOHIM, generally interpreted in Genesis 1:1 as meaning God, has a yud mem ending which is usually a masculine plural ending. However, the verb placed right before it (barah) means CREATED and it has a singular (not a plural) meaning. Christians focus on the yud mem ending which is pronounced as eem,  and they use it to argue in favor of a Trinitarian Deity, whereas Raëlism teaches that an extraterrestrial species known as the Elohim created humanity using their advanced technology. An atheistic religion, it holds that the Elohim have historically been mistaken for gods. It claims that throughout history the Elohim have created 40 Elohim/human hybrids who have served as prophets preparing humanity for news about their origins. Among them are The Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and Raël who formed their religion. Raëlists believe that since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, humanity has entered an Age of Apocalypse in which it threatens itself with nuclear annihilation. Raëlism holds that humanity must find a way to harness new scientific and technological development for peaceful purposes, and that when this has been achieved the Elohim will return to Earth to share their technology with humanity and establish a utopia. I’m not sure what religion Vinoo follows, but his beliefs sound pretty close to Raëlism and he, without clarification, employs the most famous anti-Jewish false charge of all time on Page 117. There he states, “Illuminati bloodlines are also hiding amongst the upper class of the population. Many amongst them would perform blood libels using child sacrifices , especially during the holiday season.” Apparently no publisher would back this slander, so he just paid to print his own book. All of UFOology is laced with degrees of untruth and disinformation.  At least Vinoo estimates that only 75 to 80% of his findings are correct.

The verse numbering varies slightly between a Jewish vs. King James Version of the 13th chapter of Deuteronomy, but this chapter tells Jews (being directly addressed by Moses) how to judge a false prophet. The Jewish translation says:

If there should stand up in your midst a prophet or a dreamer of a dream, and he will produce to you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder comes about, of which he spoke to you, saying, “Let us follow gods of others that you did not know and we shall worship them! do not hearken to the words of that prophet or to that dreamer, for HaShem, your God, is testing you to know whether you love HaShem, your God, with all your heart and with all your soul.”

A huge difference between Judaism and Christianity is that if you ask many Christians who Moses was warning about above, many of them will say the Antichrist. But if you ask an educated Orthodox Jew about who filled the evil bill here, he will offer up the Nazarene, but will avoid using his more common name because of the millions of Jews who were slaughtered in his name during the crusades, Inquisition, pogroms and Holocaust. Does Judaism have a problem with aliens? Not if their behavior is in line with morality espoused in Torah. I once asked Rabbi Zebulin Glixman (may he rest in peace) about aliens. His response was that the Talmud taught that worlds are given unto the righteous. So, depending on what aliens say about themselves there is room in Judaism to accept them UNLESS they announce that they are, collectively, the elohim who created heaven and Earth. Jews believe that In the beginning God (Elohim, a singular Agent) created the heavens and the Earth. The idea that a Trinity (with the Nazarene) or an alien force created not just people, but also all worlds implies a god (or lack of one) that is alien to us. I see a term called the Source that is often used in UFOlogy in place of God. It’s going to take a clear definition of this term to know if it’s a problem for Jews.  The matrix gives us the expected guidance here, because Elohim and FRAUD both appear on the same line in Genesis 42:28. Any group (plural and alien) coming to Earth calling themselves Elohim and claiming to be divine are to be rejected. But on the issue of slavery and its oral implications we are going to need a further discussion below. As for Raël, on Figure 1 his name appears directly above and touching three letters of ALIEN.

SLAVERY IN BIBLICAL AND UFO LITERATURE. By  far, my favorite Jewish holiday is Passover. It tells the story of how the Angel of Death passed over Jewish homes in Egypt over 3,300 years ago to kill the Egyptian firstborn in order to force the release of Jews from slavery. That doesn’t mean that I like killing Egyptians. All that I have met I have actually liked quite a bit, and I have enormous respect for many Egyptian leaders. But I love the idea that God would go to the trouble to prove that He exists and cared enough about us to violate basic laws of nature in order to set us free. We are  told that He saved over 600,000 men. If you count their wives, children, and the mixed multitude that went out of slavery with us, the total could be about two to five million freed, but this might be more than all the people who were in Egypt. Still, this assumption does indeed match well with what is written in Exodus 1:7-10:

But the Israelites were fruitful and prolific; they multiplied and grew exceedingly strong, so that the land was filled with them.

Now a new king arose over Egypt, who did not know Joseph. He said to his people, ‘Look, the Israelite people are more numerous and more powerful than we. 10 Come, let us deal shrewdly with them, or they will increase and, in the event of war, join our enemies and fight against us and escape from the land.’

The serious problem with the entire Exodus story was what happened to us after we were saved. As I discuss in my article entitled Is God from the Future, Moses pointed out the shortfall to God but the response was less than would seem appropriate for an all-knowing, all powerful God.

In reference to God’s Name in Exodus 3:14 we read the following:

אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה – “I Shall Be As I Shall Be.” Rashi explains that the import of the word אֶהְיֶה – literally I Shall Be – is as follows: I shall be with them in this sorrow as I shall be with them in other sorrows.” To this Moses replied, “An evil in its own time is enough!: i.e., why should you imply to them that there will be future exiles; is it not enough that they suffer now in Egypt?  Accepting Moses’s argument, God instructed him to say, “I Shall Be [with them in this sorrow] has sent me to you” (Rashi from Berachos 9b). And yet, as “Chosen” as we were, we still had to go through the destruction of two Temples, the burning of Jerusalem, almost two thousands years of exile, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Pogroms, and of course the Holocaust.  In a bitter joke Jews sometimes think that it would often have worked out much better for us had God sometimes chosen someone else to be chosen. While it’s true that Deuteronomy 14:2 reads:

For you are a people holy to the LORD your God, and the LORD has chosen you to be a people for his own possession, out of all the peoples that are on the face of the earth.

It’s also true that the price tag of that relationship was only made clearer close to 600 years after Moses between 760–755 BCE during the rule of kings Jeroboam II of Israel and Uzziah of Judah when Amos wrote (in Amos 3:2):

“You only have I singled out of all the families of the earth: therefore will I visit upon you all your iniquities.”


1. Slavery as a Biblical vs. UFO Problem.

1a. Slavery in the Bible –  Jews vs. Gentiles. Jews did not maintain prisons or jails while we wandered in the wilderness  for 40 years  on the way out of Egypt. But we were given the  Torah which allowed for Jewish and gentile slaves. Frankly, given the lack of prisons at the time, if an allowed punishment of whipping up to 39 times or execution was insufficient or inappropriate punishment, slavery allowed an errant Jew to reflect on his misdeeds, pay back somebody that he had stolen from, and earn a kind of salary that would allow him to stay free when he finished his prison sentence.

Although not prohibited, Jewish ownership of non-Jewish slaves was constrained by Rabbinic authorities since non-Jewish slaves were to be offered conversion to Judaism during their first 12-months term as slaves. If accepted, the slaves were to become Jews, hence redeemed immediately. If rejected, the slaves were to be sold to non-Jewish owners. Accordingly, the Jewish law produced a constant stream of Jewish converts with previous slave experience. Additionally, Jews were required to redeem Jewish slaves from non-Jewish owners, making them a privileged enslavement item, albeit temporary. The combination has made Jews less likely to participate in enslavement and slave trade.

It is permissible to work a non-Jewish servant harshly. Yet, although this is the law, the way of the pious and the wise is to be compassionate and to pursue justice, not to overburden or oppress a servant, and to provide them from every dish and every drink.

The early sages would give their servants from every dish on their table. They would feed their animals and their servants before sitting to their own meals. Does it not say (Psalms 123:2), “As the eyes of the servant to the hand of his master; as the eyes of the maid to her mistress [so our eyes are towards the L-rd our G‑d…]”?

So, too, you should not denigrate a servant, neither physically nor verbally. The Torah made him your servant to do work, not to be disgraced. Do not treat him with constant screaming and anger, rather speak with him pleasantly and listen to his complaints. Such were the good ways in which Job took pride when he said, “Did I ever despise the judgment of my servant and my maid when they argued with me? Did not my Maker make him, too, in the belly; did not the same One form us both in the womb?” Those who believe in Raël would of course reject the last argument.

Female Hebrew slavery was in one sense even more protective. The chief purpose contemplated for buying a female slave was so that she could become the wife of either the buyer or the buyer’s son (Exod. 21:8-9). As wife, she became the social equal of the slaveholder, and the purchase functioned much like the giving of a dowry. Indeed, she is even called a “wife” by the regulation (Exod. 21:10). Moreover, if the buyer failed to treat the female slave with all the rights due an ordinary wife, he was required to set her free. “She shall go out without debt, without payment of money” (Exod. 21:11).

A girl or woman could be bought as a wife for a male slave, rather than for the slave owner or a son, and this resulted in permanent enslavement to the owner (Exod. 21:4). The woman became a permanent slave to an owner who did not become her husband and who owed her none of the protections due a wife.

The protection against permanent enslavement also did not apply to foreigners (Lev. 25:44-46). Men taken in war were considered plunder and became the perpetual property of their owners. Women and girls captured in war, who were apparently the vast majority of captives (Num. 31:9-11, 32-35; Deut 20:11-14), faced the same situation as female slaves of Hebrew origin (Deut. 21:10-14), including permanent enslavement. Slaves could also be purchased from surrounding nations (Eccl. 2:7), and nothing protected them against perpetual slavery.

1.b. Slavery in UFO abduction literature.

This is  huge problem. It took me at least 15 years of hard work in my research to move from accepting NASA’s portrait of Mars as a cold, dead, almost vacuum world, to one with about half the atmospheric pressure of Earth, to one  teeming with primitive life that was terrestrial in origin, to one that has combined alien and Nazi spaceships flying to and from our planet and theirs in a high frequency. During my studies I have had at least a dozen people, previously known to me, contact me to tell me about their abduction experiences. Eventually some of these stories change from description of abductions to out and out admissions that they themselves are aliens. The most concerning to of them were by Craig Ebrahimi who personally threatened me and almost certainly brought COVID-19 to Earth. You will find many articles about Craig on the Table of Contents above. Craig appears to be from the 4th planet circling the star Altair. Rikka R. told me that she was likely a Pleiadian often taken by numerous ET races (Reptilians, Grays, Tall Goldens and White).  Most alarming was that she personally witnessed  terrified Human-Gray hybrid children being prepared to be fed to Reptilians. And then there is my  every-present overseer Joseph “Sapphire” who I fear may be mixed up with facilitating children smuggled into the U.S. fifteen miles south of Fort Huachuca and being fed to Reptilians.  I can’t yet prove this last charge, but it is consistent with what Elena Danaan writes on pages 163-164 in her book, A GIFT FROM THE STARS, Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races. She states, “ARIZONA: Fort Huachuca. Here is one of the main underground hangars for spaceships. This facility is a landing point for incoming Ciakahrr (Reptilian) contingents and a central deserving a vast amount of other facilities. It serves as well as a training facility.” Danaan goes on to mention other American sites of slave trade including:

Colorado: Alamosa: Spaceship Base. Vast storage for Terran slaves.

Kansas: Kinsely Spaceship base. The underground reptilian base is handily supplied by hospital patients for genetic harvesting and experiment, and also organs and foetus supply.

New Mexico: Dulce. Work is done on human control, cloning, animal/human crossbreeding, implantation of chips, souls, dream manipulation. hypnosis, using people for food, preserving human body parts, storage of many thousands  of adults and children, radiation.

Nevada: Blue Diamond Spaceship base/Groomlake, Area 51 or Dreamland. Here we find manufacture of Do-Hu clones and artificial life-forms, hybridization programs and operations on abductees. Truly vile, says Elena Danaan.

DO HU ZETIFigure 2 above: Hostile Do-Hu aliens from Zeti Reticuli.

New York: Adirondack Mountains near Elizabethtown/ New York Metro Area: Slave traffic, genetic experiments, hybridization, human food supply and storage.

Pennsylvania: Blue Ridge Summit, Ft. Richie, Raven Rock: Psychic ward experiments, souls scalping, mind-control and sex slave traffic.

2. The Martian atmosphere – Proof is given that NASA has lied about all the data that they claimed their landers sent back from Mars. This begs the question of what their motive is in doing so. We have a 1,200 page report that documents their deception. The Abstract is as follows:



ABSTRACT: We present evidence that NASA is seriously understating Martian air pressure. Our 12-year study critiques 3,025 Sols up through 8 February 2021 (8.51 terrestrial years, 4.52 Martian years) of highly problematic MSL Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) weather data, and offers an in depth audit of over 8,311 hourly Viking 1 and 2 weather reports. We discuss analysis of technical papers, NASA documents, and personal interviews of transducer designers. We troubleshoot pressures based on radio occultation/spectroscopy, and the previously accepted small pressure ranges that could be measured by Viking 1 and 2 (18 mbar), Pathfinder and Phoenix (12 mbar), and MSL (11.5 mbar – altered to 14 mbar in 2017). For MSL there were several pressures published from August 30 to September 5, 2012 that were from 737 mbar to 747 mbar – two orders of magnitude high – only to be retracted. We challenged many pressures and NASA revised them down. However there are two pressure sensors ranges listed on a CAD for Mars Pathfinder. We long thought the CAD listed two different sensors, but based on specifications of a new Tavis sensor for InSight that is like that on PathFinder, it appears that the transducer could toggle between two pressures ranges: 0-0.174 PSIA/12 mbar (Tavis Dash 2) and 0-15 PSIA/1,034 mbar (Tavis Dash 1). Further, an Abstract to the American Geophysical Union for the Fall 2012 meeting, shows the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) states of their MSL (and Phoenix) Vaisala transducers, “The pressure device measurement range is 0 – 1025 hPa in temperature range of -45°C – +55°C (-45°C is warmer than MSL night temperatures), but its calibration is optimized for the Martian pressure range of 4 – 12 hPa.” So in fact of the first five landers with meteorological suites, three were actually equipped to measure Earth-like pressure.

All original 19 low µV values were removed when we asked about them, although eventually 12 were restored. REMS always-sunny opacity reports were contradicted by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter photos. We demonstrate that REMS weather data was regularly revised after they studied online critiques in working versions of this report. REMS even labelled all dust 2018 Global Dust Storm weather as sunny, although they did list the µV values then as all low. Vikings and MSL showed consistent timing of daily pressure spikes which we link to how gas pressure in a sealed container would vary with Absolute temperature, to heating by radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs), and to dust clots at air access tubes and dust filters. Pathfinder, Phoenix and MSL wind measurements failed. Phoenix and MSL pressure transducer design problems included confusion about dust filter location, and lack of information about nearby heat sources due to International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR). NASA Ames could not replicate dust devils at 10 mbar. Rapidly filled MER Spirit tracks required wind speeds of 80 mph at the assumed low pressures. These winds were never recorded on Mars. Nor could NASA explain drifting Barchan sand dunes. Based on the above and dust devils on Arsia Mons to altitudes of 17 km above areoid (Martian equivalent of sea level), spiral storms with 10 km eye-walls above Arsia Mons and similar storms above Olympus Mons (over 21 km high), dust storm opacity at MER Opportunity blacking out the sun, snow that descends 1 to 2 km in only 5 or 10 minutes, excessive aero braking, liquid water running at or near the surface in numerous locations at Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL) and stratus clouds 13 km above areoid, we argue for an average pressure at areoid of ~511 mbar rather than the accepted 6.1 mbar. This pressure grows to 1,050 mbar in the Hellas Basin.

3. The terraforming of Mars with primitive life from Earth. Our findings were published by the Journal of Astrobiology. While the life found was primitive (bacteria, algae, lichens, fungi, puffballs and stromatolites, its presence there raises questions about whether it was deliberately transported there. NASA’s behavior in wanting information about Mars to only come out in “baby steps”  also raised questions about their honesty (or lack of it). The article that sums up our findings is at Meteorological Implications: Evidence of Life on Mars.

Barry Roffman

David Roffman

2019, Journal of Astrobiology, 106 Views, 14 Pages, 1 File ▾

Publication Date:  2019, Publication Name:  Journal of Astrobiology

In a detailed review of over 130 research reports by over 500 scientists, Joseph et al. (2019) provides strong evidence for multiple forms of prokaryotic and eukaryotic life on Mars which may be contaminates from Earth due to solar winds and meteor strikes. What is notable are those specimens, photographed by NASA on Mars, which resemble terrestrial fungi, lichens, and sphere-shaped basidiomycota which the authors admit may be hematite. However, fifteen spheres became larger and emerged from beneath the surface over a 3 day period; an observation which may indicate biological growth or a strong wind which uncovered these specimens. Although Mars is often enveloped in dust, some of this dust originates in space and not on Mars, which supports the hypotheses, first proposed by Arrhenius (1908) that microorganisms may be attached to that extraterrestrial dust, some of which may have been propelled from Earth to Mars. Meteorological data, pro and con, is discussed as it relates to the possibility of Martian life.

4. What is going on under Fort Huachuca and why did they contact me on August 1, 2016? In particular, why did this Army intelligence base threaten to put child pornography on my web site if I continued to investigate NASA and what is to be made of published accusations that there are alien spacecraft and aliens (including Reptilians) under the base? The accusation that Uncle Sam only publishes disinformation is most serious when it comes to what is known about extraterrestrial life and how COVID-19 (with ET help) reached earth and was deliberately spread by both Chinese and American government officials. These officials had corrupt agreements with ET political leaders who want to reduce the human population in order to replace us with hybrid combinations that are genetically more useful to alien species.

CAN HUMANITY STILL WIN OR IS THE ENEMY  TOO ENTRENCHED? This is a tough  question because of who the enemy really is. In part the answer requires a correct understanding of who Joseph Sapphire really is. On August 1, 2016 he came across as a human intelligence officer with some odd knowledge of the future. By the summer of 2017 it was obvious that he knew far too much about what turned out to  be my future and David’s. In short, he appeared to either have information about our future, or actually be a time traveler (time cop) himself. It was not until early March in 2023, long after I had met two people (Craig Ebrahimi and Rivka R.) that claimed to be of alien origin, when I began to suspect that Joseph Sapphire is a third potential alien.

Normally, when I state an informed opinion, it’s based on a lot of facts. My report, MARS CORRECT: CRITIQUE OF ALL NASA MARS WEATHER DATA, is about 1,200 pages long with the bulk of that data in 27 Annexes (plus appendices). With Craig Ebrahimi I start with the fact that he himself had in writing twice claimed to be an alien, and he often repeated this claim during phone calls. His initial contact email on January 26, 2023 was an offer for me to examine his 27-pound meteorite with an alleged nano-diamond, pristine alien embryo in it.  He has lab tests that confirm his rock is a meteorite and several PhDs have studied its composition and possible origin (Mars, the Moon, or 4-Vesta (an asteroid). It may have originally been on a planet between Mars and Jupiter (Maldek) that might have been deliberately destroyed.  This is  based on good data, but with an issue of what world he is from, I think that personal impressions of their behavior are probably more important.

Craig was often threatening in the first 3 or 4 months of 2020. But when he surmised that I was feeding every single email between us to Fort Huachuca and other Western intelligence authorities, and that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were stopping him often (weekly?), and that there was a good chance that if he left Canada temporarily, he said he would not be permitted to return, I think he (wisely) learned to fear me.

In 2023 I know Rivka R. for about 11 years now. We have had dinner once or twice in my home and until a few months ago her stories were about aliens (of multiple species) who had taken her.  She was clearly nervous about changing her story to being told by two Pleiadians that she was also Pleiadian. Until I allowed her to edit her words there were often issues where she claimed that I was not hearing her correctly.  She may have been right. I’m almost 76, and my hearing is certainly not as good as it used to be.  There are obviously safety concerns should a large number of people believe her. Although she comes across as spiritually sincere, I was upset to hear that she was taken into Earth orbit in a small, but comfortable ship where she witnessed tiny human-alien hybrid children panic when they learned they were about to be eaten alive by Reptilians.

When it comes to Joseph Sapphire, although he threatened me about the government potentially putting child porno on my web site, I kind of took a liking to him because we both had served many years in our military. He seemed, like me, to be an adventurous sort of fellow. He might be an ET, but he seemed more likely to be just a simple time cop. Whatever he was or is, he certainly opened my eyes a lot about the need to combine my Torah Codes skills with anything having to do with ETs and time.

The role of General Mark A. Milley. I don’t just go looking for weird people to investigate. Usually if you make it to my list of subjects you contacted me first.  That’s true for Craig Ebrahimi, Rivka R., and Joseph Sapphire.   It’s also for General Mark A. Milley but not for Dr. Fauche or President Biden.

On December 8, 2015 I received an invitation on Facebook from then Army Chief of Staff General Mark A Milley. He was their top general. Of course, I accepted it but I don’t know if I’ll hear from again. Oddly, his invitation included the Abstract from my report entitled Mars Correct: Critique of All NASA Mars Weather Data. The current Abstract is included above. The current Abstract differs from what he sent back to me largely with respect to the number of Martian days (1,171 then vs. 3,025 above) that MSL Curiosity had been on Mars. Figure 3 shows the best/longest spelling in Torah Code for MARK MILLEY. In the open text is the word for GENERAL. UFO and HYBRIDIZATION are on Figure 3 at the same skip as MARK MILLEY. There are similar matrices about General Milley elsewhere on this site. I hid the bulk of the article about Milley for 5 months, but since he stepped in it by talking in public about fighting Little Green Men and Hybrid Armies at 34:10 to 50 in this video link, it’s time for me to let the public see what the Code says about him. The Army Times had damage control up about his remarks (but they didn’t know about him contacting me before). They say “little green men” was used in a non-extraterrestrial, military context as recently as 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea, to refer to men wearing unmarked green uniforms when their origin was unconfirmed. Further, the military has long talked a hybrid threat of regular forces, criminal elements, terrorist groups, cyber threats, etc.. Obviously the General could have avoided the controversy by defining these terms for the public when he used them. Excuses are understandable when it comes to understanding Milley’s choice of words, but when he spits back my Mars Report Abstract at me, I think he’s out of excuses. I think he’s concerned about what I have learned, what I will learn and how it will affect him. I think he is absolutely in on our time travel technology. I read about him visiting Fort Huachuca on April 19, 2017, so if there are Reptilians underground there, he has surely met with them but he’s probably not an alien himself.

 Figure 3 below: General Mark Milley, Hybridization, and UFOs.


FIGURE 4: DR. FAUCI IS ENCODED AS A MURDERER. He likely knew that the virus found on Craig Ebrahimi’s meteorite was the perfect weapon needed to make his deadly poison.

Fauche matricesBelow: Spreadsheet for Figure 4. There  was only one chance in 5,645 for MURDERER at a special case skip to be in 27 letters with TONI FAUCI. This matrix, which pairs his name with EVERY PLAGUE (touching it) and UFO at skip -1 lets us know that he intentionally took Craig Ebrahimi’s alien embryo with viral properties and he then molded it into COVID-19 with the intention of killing millions of people, reducing world and Chinese populations, and destroying the U.S. and world defenses and economy. He is a mass murderer who should be tried and (if found guilty) executed for his huge, treasonous crimes. He is not necessarily an alien, but he serves an alien agenda. Based on Craig’s Ebrahimi’s uniform, that agenda is likely that of Altair 4 and their Reptilian allies. See Figure 5.

FIGURE 5 – Craig Ebrahami wearing an alien embryo in a necklace and the symbol of his home world Altair 4. Note his short body proportions.





That AUTHOR appears at skip -1 on the Figure 4 matrix means that Fauci was the primary author responsible for the Gain of Function research required to write the modified viral code.  That THE PRESIDENT is there in the open text means that Biden was likely also at the heart of the entire conspiracy. Clearly our country cannot long survive unless we root out every conspirator – human and alien. The odds against this matrix being found just by chance are over a million to one.

FAUCI ODDS While, as a result of the Republicans taking back the House of Representatives, we are now learning more everyday about how Fauci kept the full truth from us to cover his murderous acts, we are (of course) told nothing about anyone named Craig Ebrahimi shipping  a sample of his virus-laden meteorite to Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe at the University of Buckingham in the U.K. and on from there to his Chinese research partner Dr. Jiangwen Qu at the Department of Infectious Disease Control, Tianjin Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hedong Qu, Tianjin Shi, China. We hear nothing about them being under control of the Chinese Army, or about Wickramasinghe having other links to the Chinese Army who run a military academy that Wickramasinghe is affiliated with in Sri Lanka. Wickramasinge publishes with Jiangwen Qu. Further, Wickramasinghe was granted on honorary doctorate by the Sir John Kotelawala Defence University in Sri Lanka in 2017. There is a strong link between the Sri Lankan and Chinese militaries. China is Sri Lanka’s largest supplier of arms including naval vessels, Jian-7 fighter jets. anti-aircraft guns, JY-11 3D air surveillance radar, and armored personnel carriers. In 2012 China gave Sri Lanka $100 million for the construction of army camps. China also trains Sri Lankan military officers. The sample that Craig sent to Wickramasinghe has definite potential as a biological weapon. COVID-19 crippled major U.S.French and Taiwanese warships.

On March 8, 2023 there was testimony in Congress about how Dr. Fauci transferred control of Gain of Function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the Chinese Army. Of note was that COVID-19 was rated as having a 1% lethality. The Chinese are still working on viruses with lethalities over 60%, and only a 10% lethality is needed to destroy America. Testimony of Dr. Robert Redfield was especially  compelling. But nobody is telling us what we really need to know.  Covid-19 was spread by a hostile alien intelligence that wants to kill most of us so they can use our planet to fulfill their agendas. The Traitor in Chief is the head Nazi – President Joseph Biden. But from where I sit, the main people who should lead our rebellion are still compromised. I speak again of the Intelligence Community at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.




In a Congressional hearing on March 8, 2023 I thought I heard Rebecca Keissling complain about President Biden mocking and laughing at her over the death of her two sons. I was so shocked by what I heard that most of my anger about it was the stimulus for most of what is written in this article. I was certain that I would find the exact text on-line when I looked for it, but alas it was nowhere to be found, though I did see the words that she said right before the soul comment. Either I did not hear what I thought I heard, or more likely, it was so profound that it was censored almost immediately. I think that they heard the remark at the end of her speech, so it wouldn’t be too hard to edit it out by simply cutting her off before she said it. If  indeed she made remarks about Biden’s soul, and Biden had any contact with or influence by Gray aliens, they have a reputation of having no soul, and of being involved with stealing souls or shredding/scalping them. Any evidence that would confirm this suspicion would be similar to a deliberate decision made by Biden to allow an armed 250-foot Chinese balloon to fly over U.S. military bases from coast to coast.

Even if his soul was not directly mentioned, the gravity of him laughing about the deaths, combined with a 22% increase in fentanyl deaths under Biden due entirely his decision to leave our southern border wide open implies that his soul is either very sick – or entirely missing. If it’s missing that may imply that he’s a disguised alien.

As for the matrix, normally when I write about someone I will use their full name as the axis (first) term as was the case above with General Mark Milley (Figure 3) and Tony Fauci (Figure 4). But here I chose to look first for the sentence HE HAS NO SOUL. While I did not find Biden at a special case skip of +/- 1 or the skip of the axis term, I did find that HE HAS NO SOUL directly touched BIDEN. That’s a positive hit and a strong hint that Biden is either not human, or whatever is left of his weak mind is fully controlled by ET. There is a vertical GRAY near HE HAS NO SOUL, so it seems likely that he serves their interests. On the full 528-letter matrix there was about 1 chance in 22.7 that BIDEN would be on the matrix with HE HAS NO SOUL. However, to show these terms together only requires 20 rows by 14 columns (280 letters). Odds against a match this close were about 42.3 t0 1. Total odds against Figure 5 were about 1,438 to 1. The Matrix also includes Biden’s first name in the open text and his likely illegally gained title of President on it with both at skip +1. It also includes UFO but that’s not at a special case skip.

I have indicated a suspicion that Biden is either not human, or he has what is left of his mind under alien control. As each day reveals him to be shaking his hands with nothing more than empty air this seems to be clearer, and yet nobody comes to arrest him for impersonating the president. Why? We  are missing an essential piece of technology. It is hard to indict someone for scalping or destroying a soul if you cannot prove that the soul exists and can be measured. If UFO literature is to be believed, there are likely millions, if not billions of people who have been abducted since the 1950s. But no one in any government has ever attempted to quantify the problem. We are in a war with aliens who behave this way, but nobody takes the problem seriously because there is no body count. Congress holds hearings about UFOs. The Pentagon releases film showing tic-tac UFOs moving at incredible speeds, but nobody has financed a way to quantify what is really going on. If we don’t address this problem look for Biden to do a lot more laughing as he watches the human race permit ET to obliterate us.






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