World War 3 Cause (4/17/2023)


Updated on 4/17/2023. Originally posted at We now know what will likely be the ultimate cause of World War 3. There are two primary readers of interest who have closely followed this article since it was published in 2015. One (Level 3) was on it nonstop for 61,256,402 seconds. That’s about 708 days. The reader is a potential employer for my son, so I won’t say much more about them here, but the record of their longest visit is on Figure 1A below. The article was first entitled History Will Show World War 3 Began on July 14, 2015.


FIGURE 1A ABOVE: The record visit of 708 days was to the original version of this article.

The other reader is an Army Intelligence base – Fort Huachuca – that I write about a lot. They track everything that I publish about the Torah Code and about Mars, and we have what might be considered a sometimes humorous relationship although I have expressed concern about a possible (sinister) secondary base under Huachuca. There is evidence that they listen to all my calls – which is OK. It is my constant working assumption. While this site was originally set up to advance U.S. national security, there are times when I see or learn about issues that rise further to global scale issues that I am trying to influence.  L3HARRIS – I’m talking to you. You would be very wise to hire my son David. But we are a research team. While, at 75, I’m not looking for work, you might want to also take me on as a part-time consultant unless you mean to entirely cut out national security from your mission statement.

This article discusses the possible causes and timing of World War III. Before examining what the Code reveals, I will state that in my 26 years of studying the Torah Code (a predictive equidistant-letter-sequence or ELS code found in the first five books of the Bible), meaningful dates are almost never found. What are found are associations. With respect to World War III what was first found was an association with President Obama. See Figure 1B below.

Figure 1B is above.

Obama admitted that Iran would be able to build bombs at the end of the agreement, but he was out of office before then. Trump cancelled the Accord, and Biden tried unsuccessfully to restore it. See Figure 1C.

OBAMA AND BIDENAbove: Figure 1C.

By now (2023) it must be assumed that Iran has at least one working bomb, but not enough to take on Israel’s missile defense system. The original Obama deal concluded with Iran given $151.7 billion and allowed them to buy nuclear and missile technology from North Korea. This trade helped North Korea build the Hwasong-15 ICBM that could be armed with a nuclear warhead/EMP weapon capable of destroying the U.S. The North said the missile reached a height of 2,780 miles on November 29, 2017 (Korean time).

Figure 1B has an axis term of OBAMA IS A TRAITOR. When the war occurs, it won’t be because Obama was a fool. It will occur because the American people were foolish enough to twice elect an enemy as their President and later elect a man who was even worse (Biden). Obama  convinced a majority of Americans that anyone who criticized him is a racist, or that impeaching him would cause a race war. Biden deliberately lost the war in Afghanistan, and destroyed our southern border killing at least 75,000 Americans in 2022 by allowing Chinese-made fentanyl to be pumped into America poisoning much of a young generation.

Figures 2 and 3 will look at a start date for the war, and it’s not in the future. The main cause for the war, when it turns hot, has passed: July 14, 2015 was the day that Obama and Kerry accepted a deal that not only ensured Iran will acquire nuclear bombs, but even allows them to build Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) to reach New York and other U.S. cities.

On Figure 1B  IRAN, ISRAEL and WAR are all at skip +1. Running into OBAMA IS A TRAITOR in the open text is I WILL BLOT OF OUT MAN WHOM I CREATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. The probability calculation on the spreadsheet does not include the threat to wipe out man only because I found it a posteriori.  There was, it seemed, not a day that went by when he was in office when I wasn’t struck by Obama’s disrespect for America. On July 21, 2015, after days of Americans demanding Obama to lower the flag nationwide to honor 5 U.S. military men slaughtered in Chattanooga, Tennessee , and only after the Capitol Building lowered its flag, the President reluctantly gave the order to lower the flag at the White House and elsewhere.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF FIGURE 1B. As per my standard protocol, no statistical significance is assigned to the axis term, here OBAMA IS A TRAITOR at its lowest skip in wrapped Torah. While Obama seemed to run from every war, his cowardice in the face of Iran and hatred of Israel is likely to cause the ultimate war – a nuclear one. WAR appeared in the open text. Odds against its appearance this way are about 15.6 to 1. ISRAEL was also found in the open text, but this seldom means much because the Torah is about Israel. It’s found 591 times in Torah, and it had more than a 66% chance to be on the matrix. What was a surprise is that the conventional spelling of IRAN is at skip +1. It was found this way (best case scenario) against odds of about 272 to 1. While the primary concern was about Israel nuking Iran before the Iranians get the Bomb, or about Iran doing likewise to Israel if they continue to foolishly depend on America to protect them, in the negotiations Iran got permission to build ICBMs. If it intends to nuke America the war will quickly grow global. It is certain that North Korea will be involved. The last letter of OBAMA IS A TRAITOR is crossed in the open text by I WILL BLOT OUT MAN WHOM I CREATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. This is the threat that Obama brought us.

On Figure 1B with no significance assigned to the warning about blotting out life, or THE MURDERER HE SHALL SURELY BE PUT TO DEATH touching IRAN, or YOU HAVE REBELLED AGAINST THE LORD FROM THE DAY THAT I KNEW YOU because all of these phrases were only found on reading the cross-print, the matrix was found against odds of about 6,341 to 1. However, this didn’t mean that nuclear war would occur while Obama was in office, but it’s almost certain that it will occur as a result of the nuclear deal that he and Biden concluded with Iran on July 14, 2015. I  said “almost” certain, but that is not the same as certain.




Whether by choice or by accident, over the past seven years Fort Huachuca has fed me information about one of our most secret fields of research – time travel. I have always assumed that if we go back in time and alter an event we merely alter the time line of a parallel universe.  Based on my experiences with Fort Huachuca and on reading from authors like Dr.Michael Salla I have altered my beliefs to include the possibility that changes brought about by our Government and/or aliens stationed on Earth simply change our future timeline. Do I know that aliens exist for real? Yes, I have a photo of one (Craig Ebrahimi) that I managed to get through trickery on April 30, 2020. See Figure 1D above.

Lately I have been adding Figure  1D onto numerous articles on this site because I view acquiring  it as one of my greatest intelligence successes. I consider him dangerous, not just because he threatened my life, but because he was trying to sell what I’m pretty sure turned out to be Covid-19. I can trace  a sample of the contaminated meteorite from Sooke, B.C., Canada to Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe at the University of Buckingham in the U.K., and from there (via Chandra’s home in Sri Lanka) on to Professor Jiangwen Qu who works for the Chinese Army at the Tianjin, China Center for Infectious Disease Control. From there Wuhan was just a few hours away by train.

Figure 1D offers a wealth of intelligence information. For starters, Craig is wearing a uniform with a published origin. The insignia is a close match to that of Altair-4. Craig’s shoulders are unusually broad, but his legs are about a head’s length too short, suggesting development in a gravitational field that differs from Earth’s. He threatened to “eat my soul” if I looked into his eyes. They are, in the photo, threatening, but I really pissed him off right before he took the picture and sent it to me. The photo allows us to safely examine his eye. He knows that I have asked for Canadian intelligence folks to follow him, and from what he told me in September, 2022, they are doing so. Besides frequent stops by Canadian police, Craig says he is afraid that if he leaves the country he will not be let back in. He has family there.

Figure 1D shows his car (a Porsche), his license tag (except for one digit). It also shows the shipping receipt and date for the contaminated meteorite sample that he sent to Wickramasinghe (and on to China) on June 18, 2018. Dates are provided for two email assertions when he said that he not human and there is a photo of him wearing what he claims to be an alien embryo. Overall, the photo is an excellent place to start investigating his claim that he is an alien. From his extensive email record (also published on this site) I am able to make some remarks about his personality:

1. He can be very hot headed.

2. He is naive.

3. He is extremely greedy. He enjoys the same luxuries that we do.

4. He is not always consistent.

5. He is aware that people will think he is crazy if they hear all his claims, but he can be goaded into verbalizing these claims if angered.

6. He claims to be telepathic. He stated that he telepathically received the coordinates on the sea floor to find his 27-pound meteorite complete with fossils of alien embryos. While the assertion sounds crazy, the real meteorite tends to support his story.

7. He learns fast, but only claims to have (a terrestrial) sixth grade education. His lack of a formal education is most obvious with English grammar and organic chemistry.

8. He does have several PhDs working for him trying to further analyze his meteorite. They have published positive findings. The meteorite is real, though there is disagreement about its origin (possibly Mars, the moon, a 4-Vesta asteroid, or a planet that likely once orbited between Mars and Jupiter, but was (possibly in a war) destroyed.

9. Craig claims to be smarter than he really is. When a real scientist (like Dr. Jerzy Sawicki) publishes supportive findings, Craig will quote them in such a way as to make it sound like they were his research discoveries.

10. While Craig’s actions may be interpreted to lie somewhere between hostile and simply uncaring (he mocks humans who catch Covid-19 as being weak) he has no problem with getting richer via helping people. Craig’s species is not the only one visiting Earth. I have met a woman (Rifka R. – described elsewhere on this site) who claimed to be from the Pleiades. She was peaceful, and says she wanted nothing more than to live an uneventful life on Earth, but she was often taken by rival species like the Nordics, Reptilians, Grays or Tall Oranges. During one experience she claimed to see Reptilians preparing to eat panicking hybrid-human children.

THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT NUCLEAR WAR. There are, supposedly, alien organizations like the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) that work to prevent nuclear war on Earth. Civilizations (like the Nordics) allied with them have allegedly taken steps in the past to prevent such wars on Earth. Apparently a nuclear attack on Honolulu was stopped on January 13, 2018. See Wikipedia for most of the story. Allegedly the attackers were the Dark Fleet, a combined Nazi/Reptilian group. Their actions were not always due to a love of Earth. Rather, they were protecting resources that they need for their own operations, but Earth’s interest is now better covered with the help of the U.S. Space Force set up by President Trump.

FIGURE 2 AND ITS STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE.  On Figure 2 the axis term is WORLD WAR at skip 53,361.

july_14_world_war_3_dateAbove: Figure  2 – How WORLD WAR relates to JULY 14, CHINESE and TREASON.

Because I didn’t find a good match between WORLD WAR and the Hebrew date for July 14, 2015 (the 25th of Tammuz in the year 5775) I tried something that I haven’t done in the past. I looked for JULY 14 in English. It’s on Figure 2, but not at a special case skip (+/-1 or the absolute skip of the axis term).  On the full 594-letter matrix before making the correction for ELS rank 11, the most significant term was found against odds of about 103 to 1. It is the date, July 14. Since Figure 1B was based on an axis term of OBAMA IS A TRAITOR, I looked for TREASON, and found it against odds of about 64 to 1. CHINA was there at Skip +1 against odds of about 13.7 to 1. Why did I look for Chinese? Because they were part of the P5+1 group (the U.S., China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany) that caved in to Iran. You can be sure that if a world war breaks out China will use it as an excuse to grab the oil facilities in the Spratly Islands. China is also threatening to use nuclear weapons against Japan if it defends Taiwan. JAPAN is at twice the skip of the axis term. (I didn’t find Obama on the matrix, but I did find (low significance) BARACK at a special case skip (-1). Overall, after factoring in ELS rank 11 for the axis term, the matrix exists against odds of over two million to 1. However, while the matrix gives a day of the stimulus of the war,  it doesn’t give the year for it. With Figure 3 the story changes. The Hebrew Year of the nuclear deal, 5775, is at the same absolute skip as World War, Obama, and the Fool Iran.

Below: Spreadsheet for Figure  2.




Figure 3 above – WORLD WAR, OBAMA, the Hebrew year 5775, TEHRAN, and THE FOOL IRAN all at the same absolute skip.

FIGURE 3. Back on September 25, 2012, just before Yom Kippur began, I found that WORLD WAR was at the same absolute skip as OBAMA and THE FOOL IRAN (although IRAN here is only spelled with a 4-letter transliteration). What I didn’t see then was that the Hebrew year 5775 (2015) was at the same absolute skip. 5775 was sought because it was the year that Obama pushed through his dream of giving Iran nuclear weapons and ICBMs (it was also the year that Obama did an end run around Congress, going straight to the U.N. to remove sanctions against Iran before Congress could vote on the issue.

On Figure 3 the following terms are at the same absolute skip of 146,320: WORLD WAR (the axis term), OBAMA, THE FOOL IRAN, a transliteration of TEHRAN, and 5775 (2015). BARACK at skip -1 crosses and share a letter resh with TEHRAN. In the open text crossing WORLD WAR are the phrases YOU SHALL SURELY DESTROY THEIR HIGH PLACES, and I WILL SEND MY TERROR. The last two phrases were not found a priori and are therefore left off the calculation below.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF FIGURE 3. As per my standard protocol, no statistical significance is assigned to the axis term, here WORLD WAR at its 11th lowest skip in wrapped Torah. On the spreadsheet below Figure 3 I just focus on WORLD WAR, OBAMA, TEHRAN and the Hebrew year 5775, BARACK, and Iran’s ally, GAZA. Although THE FOOL IRAN is at the same absolute skip as WORLD WAR, OBAMA and 5775, it wasn’t included in the calculation because the transliteration of IRAN isn’t the standard one (used on Figure 1B) and because THE FOOL was only found by snooping, an a posteriori process. I only allow a priori terms in my probability calculations. If Figure 3 was based on the lowest skip of WORLD WAR, OBAMA would have been found at a special case skip against odds of about 156 to 1 and 5775 would have been found against odds of about 26.4 to 1. For TEHRAN the odds against were about 21.2 to 1. But it is my practice to divide the significance of a matrix by the ELS rank of the axis term. As such the final significance of the matrix was that it was found against odds of about 48,977 to 1. The spreadsheet for Figure 3 is below.






There is a high frequency association for OBAMA with terms like WORLD WAR, ATOMIC THREAT and, as is shown on Figure 4, ATOMIC HOLOCAUST at the same absolute skip. Dates are hard to find in the Torah Code. There is a weak association with Yom Kippur (against odds of about 80 to 1) in a matrix measuring 44 columns, 29 rows, with an area of 1,276 letters) but this is not shown below, but it might refer to an atomic holocaust that almost happened during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. To include Obama with Yom Kippur and atomic holocaust requires 56 columns, 29 rows and an area of 1,624 letters. That is an area that is larger then  I would normally publish.

Originally, I though Obama is the guy that is likely to get us all or at least a lot of us killed (but by 2023 it is far more evident that Biden is a far greater and more open enemy of America). Congress could have slowed Obama down by insisting on a treaty with Iran. If we had one it would have taken 67 votes in the Senate to approve it – meaning that the Republicans could have easily blocked a fatally dangerous agreement. But the Republicans gave away their power and Obama only needed 34 Senators to approve his treason. Further, the support of 290 members of the House of Representatives was required to overturn the promised Obama veto that he said would come if the Senate votes the deal down. As of June 2, 2015 there were only 246 Republicans in the House while there were 188 Democrats and 1 vacant seat. So if all 246 Republicans voted to overturn a Presidential veto, there had to be 44 Democrats who are not traitors who vote against the President to kill the deal. Meanwhile, the Enemy in Chief had already taken the issue of sanctions to the U.N. where the U.S. and 15 other countries voted unanimously to throw out the sanctions on Iran so that Iran can make nuclear tipped ICBMs to hit New York. If we are lucky the Iranian warhead will malfunction when it gets to New York and only destroy the U.N. But I wouldn’t bet on it. I sometimes joked that if ever there was a reason to suspect that many of our leaders have been abducted by aliens and implanted with mind controlling devices, this is it. But by 2023 I have strong evidence that there is no joke here. I have presented this evidence to Fort Huachuca but they have their own leadership questions. My evidence concerns Craig Ebrahimi, shown above on Figure 1D, who claims to be an alien. While he is not a world leader, I have extensive evidence that he played a major role in distributing the COVID-19 plague to the world. He is aware that I have made efforts to have him arrested. His photograph and alien remarks are shown above in Figure 1D, and no, I do not think he is crazy. There are many articles on this site and a full email record to back my claims about him.

If Craig Ebrahimi is not lying, based on his uniform as shown above on Figure 1D it is likely that Altair 4 (16 light years away) is his home world. The selfie picture was taken by Craig in front of his car about 20 minutes after I had a verbal fight with him over the phone. I assume that his early home in Sooke, B.C, Canada is somewhere off to the side. The source of information about the insignia on his uniform is the book A Gift From The Stars, Extraterrestrial Contacts And Guide Of Guide Alien Races (2020, pages 88-89) by Elena Danaan (

Figure 4 - shows the encoded relationship between ATOMIC HOLOCAUST, NORTH, KOREA, MATTIS, DOG, OBAMA, PRESIDENT and KIM. The first clear North Korean nuclear test success was under the Obama Administration on May 25, 2009. During Obama’s two terms there were a total of four successful tests with yields possibly as high as 30 KT. There were two more up through September 9, 2017.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF FIGURE 4.  As per my normal protocol no statistical significance is assigned to the axis term, here the only ELS of ATOMIC HOLOCAUST in unwrapped or wrapped Torah. The analyses is here will be divided into three parts: (1) The match in 400 letters between ATOMIC HOLOCAUST, KOREA with its best, 6-letter spelling, NORTH at skip +1, MATTIS, and DOG at skip -1; (2) The match in 513 letters between ATOMIC HOLOCAUST, OBAMA at the same skip, PRESIDENT at skip +1 and KIM at skip +1; and (3) The match between ATOMIC HOLOCAUST , and all terms on the full 1,134-letter matrix. Overall results are shown on the spreadsheet below.

(1) With respect to the 400-letter sub-matrix, normally when searching for Korea I seek four 5-letter spellings. One of them is qof vav resh yud alef (other variants substitute caf for qof, and hey for alef).  But the dictionary spelling of the name is qof vav resh yud alef hey. That is what is shown here. When I find a 5-letter spelling I use the frequency of all 5-letter transliterations to calculate significance. But when I find the preferred 6-letter spelling, I use the frequency of it alone. As such, this spelling of KOREA was found against odds of about 254 to 1 on the 400-letter matrix (or 37.6 in the full 1,134-letter matrix). NORTH at skip +1 was found against odds of about 69 to 1 on the 400-letter matrix. This drops to about 24 to 1 on the full matrix. MATTIS was seen at a non-special case skip against odds of about 10 to 1 on the 400-letter matrix, but there was about a 56.9% chance to find it on the full matrix. General/Secretary of Defense Mattis went by the nickname Mad Dog Mattis.  DOG was at a special case skip (-1) on the smaller matrix against odds of about 3 to 1, but on the matrix there was about a 67% chance to find it. Overall, the 400-letter matrix exists against odds of about 178,172 to 1.

(2) For the 513-letter sub-matrix OBAMA was found at a special case skip against odds of about 198 to 1, PRESIDENT was at skip +1 against odds of about 9.4 to 1, and KIM  was at skip +1 against odds of about 7.9 to 1. Overall, OBAMA, PRESIDENT, and KIM all exist at special case skips with ATOMIC HOLOCAUST in this matrix against odds of about 14,575 to 1. As for OBAMA, it cannot be overstated as to just how much pure evil is heavily encoded with this man. In fact, a major purpose of the Code seems to be to warn us about the monster. There is a special Table of Contents for him on this site. A quick count as of November 29, 2017 shows that I had already written 94 Codes articles about the traitor – some with multiple matrices in them.

(2) For the full matrix in paragraph (1) above we have discussed the values of KOREA (37.6 to 1), NORTH (24 to 1), MATTIS, and DOG (both easier to find than calling a coin toss right). Odds against OBAMA are altered to about 87 to 1. PRESIDENT was at skip +1 against odds of about 4.3 to 1, and KIM was at skip +1 against odds of about 3.77 to 1. Overall the full matrix was found against odds of about 3,397,382 to 1. The spreadsheet for these odds was presented in my article entitled Atomic Holocaust, Korea, China and Guam, but the figure number there was 4.

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