Putin’s Nuke Threat 3/10/22




On Sunday, February 27, 2022 nations around the world tightened the economic noose around Russia as punishment for its invasion of Ukraine, as an increasingly isolated President Vladimir Putin responded with both a frightening nuclear warning and the offer of negotiations with Ukrainsian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The European Union said it would ban Russian aircraft from its airspace, while Japan joined the United States and European nations in disconnecting crucial Russian banks from SWIFT, the international banking system. It seems insane, but there is a growing chance that America could be sucked into a tactical nuclear war with Russia at a time when the Chinese are  flying fighters and bombers over Taiwan which they threaten to conquer.

I was curious to see if  the Code addresses Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons to help his Army which is getting its butt kicked by the Ukrainians. On Figure 1 to find PRESIDENT PUTIN I had to use a letter tav rather than a letter tet for the T letter in his name. I could not find ATOMIC or NUCLEAR but I could the verb NUKE at one skip off that of the axis term. At the skip of the axis term is THREAT. On  the Fox News Hannity Show on February 28, 2022 Hannity suggested that the Russian generals should assassinate Putin. On the matrix both ARMY/MILITARY and MURDER are in the open text. Finally, CHINESE appears at skip +1.  They will make their decision about invading Taiwan when they see how the Ukraine invasion ends. My recommendation? As in chess the game is over when the king is check-mated, for Ukraine to win Putin should  be done in before he has a chance to use any nuclear weapon.

Odds against  this matrix were about 180,578  to 1. The nuclear threat is repeated in Figure 2 with UKRAINE as the axis term.

FIGURE 2 WAS ADDED 3/10/2022. For Figure 2 I sought a match between UKRAINE and ATOMIC.  UKRAINE is shown at skip -91,453. ATOMIC is at skip -2.  If we count SODOM and GOMORRAH as an a-priori term, odds against this matrix were about 1,398.342 to 1. The cities were burnt  in a manner like what would happen if struck by a nuclear weapon, but normally I would only treat the term as a priori if it named a current city in Ukraine. If I play by this rule then the odds against the matrix are only about 16,349 to 1. The words CHINESE and DESTRUCTION both overlap at skip +1 and share a letter samech. This may indicate that China can control what Russia does.


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