Prism of Lyra book review (9/12/2023)

Normally I would not want to publish a scientific article that is largely based on channeling which is defined as the process of receiving communication from an infinite number of dimensional realities. This communication can be expressed via writing, verbal relay, artwork, music computation, and any creative expression. This book, (THE PRISM OF LYRA, AN EXPLORATION OF HUMAN GALACTIC HERITAGE, by Lyssa Royal-Holt and Keith Priest, copyright 1989, 1992 and 2011) deals with our home in the universe, and in particular, how humans were created. It goes where for almost all readers, there is no way to verify what is being claimed. That is almost true for me too, but I have experience dealing with two people that claim to be of extraterrestrial origin. They both live alongside of us on Earth. One of them (living in Sooke, B.C., Canada) goes by the name of Craig Ebrahimi. Based on a photograph of him in uniform with a symbol on it that matches one on a drawing by Elena Danaan of an extraterrestrial, Craig may be from the Altair Star System 16 light years from Earth. Craig is pictured on Figure 1. Further, as is shown on Figure 3, the best (longest – @ 10 letters) spelling of Ebrahimi in Torah has a 6-letter spelling of Altair with it (and Mars, rock, plague)  in a box with an area of 1,080 letters against odds of about 22,484 to 1. Of these 1,080 letters it only takes 960 letters to match EBRAHIMI with ALTAIR (and a simple transliteration of MARS). At 990 letters we add ROCK and PLAGUE.


CRAIG EBRAHIMI EEIFigure 1 above. Craig Ebrahimi on April 30, 2020 after I angered him.

Drawings by Danaan (shown in Figures 2A and 2B below) show what appear to be small racial differences in Nordics on Craig’s world, but there are also other species of sentient beings there.

ALTAIR Figure 2A above: Some of the military forces from the Altair System wear an insignia that is almost exactly like what is on Craig Ebrahimi’s uniform except that she drew it on the right side although the photo shows it on the left side of a slightly different uniform.

akhoriFigure 2B above: An Akhori as drawn by Elena Danaan in 2021. The picture shows a skinnier woman than what she drew in 2020 for Figure 2A. It may suggest small racial differences or individual differences.

Again, a lot of the information that I receive is hard to verify.  However, I personally know not just one person who claims to be an ET (Craig)  but a second person (Rebecca) wh0 after an 11 year friendship here in Florida decided to let me know that (while she is human) her original home world was in the Pleiades. It just so happens that THE PRISM OF LYRA is largely about the people from the Lyran star system (among others including the Pleiades).  They are described in sufficient detail to allow me to make intelligent observations about how Rebecca fits in with the described characteristics and values of Lyrans and Pleiadians. Ditto for Craig and what is said about the Altair system.

While I expect to provide a wider view of galactic history as described in this book by the time I finish the entire review, I first want to describe the Altair System and communications. I will do likewise with the alleged history of the Pleiades and compare it to the behavior exhibited by Rebecca over the past 11 years.

With respect to Craig, almost all emails between us from the start are maintained on this site. There are also emails that date from before I met him. They are between him and other researchers or companies that he was trying to sell meteorite samples to. In several (or all) such cases, I came into possession of them because he accidentally forget to delete them in emails to me and perhaps one other person. I felt justified to not only hold on to them, but to also publish them because from the day I first spoke with him I warned him that what he had could cause a worldwide pandemic. That warning turned out to be right and in many of our emails I made it my business to be sure that he was aware of the latest estimates for the death toll. Frankly, he was in general hostile toward humanity. His attitude was that he didn’t give a damn about us so long as he got rich from us. The same may be true for some U.S. Government officials who failed to act on my warnings. There is, however, some evidence that some Canadian officials received my warning and severely limited Craig’s ability to travel outside of Canada. He told me that in 2022 local police began to stop and harass him, but they did not arrest him (possibly because of the secret military alliance mentioned by Danaan on Figure 2).

Craig’s email records which have since 2020 been studied by U.S. (and often British) intelligence agencies are available at three links:

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