Congressman Posey Presentation 8/17/2023

This presentation to Congressman Posey was delivered on August 7, 2023 between 10 am and 10:15 am at his Brevard County Florida office. His first appointment times are too short so I did not get to talk about the last two slides, but he was given color copies of the slides and all notes shown below. While I did not have time to interview him about his UFO views during my very much hurried presentation time, at the end he handed me a copy of his 1997 book; THE HANSON CONNECTION – The book they don’t want you to read. Previously I had asked Posey’s aid, Patrick Gavin, if the Congressman had any background or opinion paper about UFOs, He said, “no.”


On August 11, 2023 I asked him if he he read The Hanson Connection. He said, “Yes, a long time ago.” I then reminded him that the entire book is about government misbehavior and serious crimes committed in covering up everything about UFOs. His defensive response was that the book is science fiction. Actually, it’s science faction. In support of this, on the back cover is the phrase (in part), “Factional and fictional, serious and funny, it will make you feel good.” There is also reference there to “a group you might recognize on the cover,” however no group is shown there. It’s all black. Further, in tiny letters (almost too tiny to read) on the front cover it says, “Sometimes fact is stranger than  fiction” This would seem to indicate that the book was written to help disclose the truth, not only about aliens, but also about crimes committed by some corrupt civilian and military personnel.

Very curiously when THE HANSON CONNECTION was written in 1997 the author chose the Lyra constellation as the home of aliens who were using a gravitational slingshot method to get fast enough to populate other star systems. A review of a related book, THE PRISM OF LYRA by Royal and Priest (2012) says, “The Prism of Lyra then traces various off-planet races (Lyra, Vega, the Pleiades, Orion, Zeta Reticuli, and more) through their own evolution and ties them into the developing Earth. Highlighted is the realization of our galactic interconnectedness . . . and our shared desire to return home.”  Lyra was a well-education choice by Congressman Posey. There are many in the UFO community who think it was where humans were created. I have informed Patrick Gavin about a second person that I have met who claims to have ET origin: Rebecca R:  She believes that she was originally from the Pleiades, with her people also tracing their ancestry back to Lyra.



Good Morning Congressman Posey and Mr. Gavin. The U.S. Government still doesn’t know the origin of Covid.  And because David Grush and company’s UFO testimony was not even covered by most of the Press (CNN, Fox. Etc.) with a live broadcast, most people don’t know about it. These 2 subjects – COVID and UFOs are likely related.
2 1st Contact. The critical sentence on this email is at the end. BARRY WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN THE RESEARCH AND BIOTECHNOLOGY OPPORTUNITY / OF THE ONLY PRISTINE EXTRATERRESTRIAL EMBRYO ON THE PLANET AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA BC. 1ST CONTACTMy publications attracting Craig were a 1200-page report:  Mars Correct – Critique off ALL NASA Mars Weather Data. It was published by the Mars Society. My son, Dr. David A Roffman (PhD, physics) and I also jointly published Meteorological Implications of Evidence of Life on Mars (Journal of Astrobiology)
2 This is Craig Ebrahimi. His chest and legs are out of normal proportions for humans.CRAIG EBRAHIMI EEI
3 Craig Ebrahimi lives in Sooke, B.C. in Canada on the Straights of Juan de Fuca, but he claims to being an alien. His uniform matches one from Altair 4 allegedly seen by President Eisenhower at Edwards AFB on Feb 20, 1954 (see A Gift From the Stars, Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of ALIEN RACES; Elena Danaan page 89). Craig is also wearing a necklace with what he says is an alien (Reptilian) embryo in it, I angered him by challenging his origin right before he took this selfie, On March 17, 2020 at 4:43 pm he wrote back as follows: Craig Ebrahimi <> :”Guy your dumb ass shit keeps getting sent to me by one of your Hebrew followers, you got to be one the biggest dummie humans I ever came across you talk this shit in your writing ABOUT my biotechnology, once again your dumb! you don’t even know your dealing with fucking real extra-terrestrial self made multi millionaire since teens you idiot If you looked into these eyes I would eat your soul puppet boy.”
4  This is the shipping receipt.


It shows that Craig’s highly unusual ET find started its trip to China on June 19, 2018 via one of the top virologists in the world (Chandra Wickramasinghe) in Buckingham, UK.

5 This man is a thief and a certain enemy.WICKIf British Intelligence can grab him for questioning, they should. I think we likely have enough to convict him of theft and reason to arrest him for crimes up to mass murder if he is a British citizen.
6 This joint publication between Wickramasinghe and a Chinese citizen indicates that he likely lied when he told Dr. Humphrey that Craig’s sample was stolen. It shows that their joint work was received in China on October 23, 2018.FIRST PUBLICATION
7 In November 2019 Wickramasinghe and Qu again warned the world that a pandemic was likely to emerge in the next few months. It actually started 3 weeks later. While there was talk about a meteor seen in northeast China in October, 2019, no piece of it was recovered. In fact, they only had Craig’s sample to work with.JIANGWEN QU WE PUBLISHED
8 Dr. Humphrey runs the Scanning Transmission Electron Holography Microscope (STEHM) which has the best high- spatial resolution microscope ever constructed. It was used to study Craig’s sample. HUMPHREY SUMMARY
9 Dr. Humphrey had only seen a lunar origin for Craig’s rock, while later studies suggested Mars or asteroid 4 Vesta. She said, “IT IS A WEIRD ROCK. THE SURFACE TAKES HEAT AWAY AND IS SO COLD WATER CONDENSES ON TO IT, EVEN AFTER THE ROCK HAS BEEN IN ROOM TEMPERATURE FOR MONTHS.” Viruses behave this way at the molecular level.
10 On May 17, 2019 Dr. Humphrey asked Dr. Wickramasinghe to send Craig’s sample to her. She emphasized that it had an “EMBRYO IN A WHITE CIRCLE.”
11 On May 20, 2019 Wickramasinghe answered Humphrey with a claim that the meteorite was stolen from a shed near his house! The rock could easily be worth millions of dollars. Yet he implies no security at all. He lists one of his universities as Kotelwala Defence University in Sri Lanca.  It is run by the Chinese Army.
15 MOTIVATION TO LIEWickramasinghe likely lied to Humphrey and Ebrahimi because he might get a fortune  for it due to medical cures or biological weapons.
16 CURE FROM SPACEOn March 15, 2020 in answering Craig’s email about a LONGEVITY VACCINE FROM SPACE, Wickramasinghe tells Craig that he believes it is the cure from space, yet back on May 20, 2019 Wickramasinghe told Humphrey that Craig’s sample was stolen. However, Craig’s full meteorite is 27 pounds. It supposedly had or has 16 embryos. So this claim could be based on another fragment, but there is no evidence that Craig sent him another piece.
17 SHIPS AND COVIDWhile COVID crippled two U.S. air carriers (Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt), amphibious assault ship Boxer and French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, the Chinese carrier Liaoning was unharmed. Unopposed, it sailed around Taiwan.
18 In 1997 I began to investigate the Torah Code, an allegedly predictive Code found in the first 5 books in the Bible. My purpose was to learn if actionable intelligence exists in it that could be used to supplement U.S. military intelligence.  New findings are published often at, and they are heavily followed by the US Army Intelligence Base at Fort Huachuca, other U.S. Intel sites and even the UK Ministry of Defence. A priori words that show up at an Equidistant Letter Skip (ELS) are emphasized (most often when they are at the absolute skip of the first term – here DAVID GRUSCH at skip -42,929, or at skips +/- 1. Skip  -42,929 means that the computer program (CodeFinder) projects 42,929 letters (backwards) onto a spiraling cylinder. A priori words at the same absolute skip will then appear vertical and parallel with no rows between letters. Here these terms are ALL GRAY, ALIENS, the star LYRA, the stars in PLEIADES, and MOON (2 synonyms). At skip -1 is UFO. At skip +1 are WITNESS and TRUTHFUL. Torah has 304,805 letters. Odds against this matrix appearing by chance are about 5,324,169 to 1 which is quite significant.  Technologies required to move information in time (like the Grush matrix) and interstellar space travel are related. Odds wee steepest against ALIENS (98 to 1 against) and GRAYS which were found with the Roswell Incident (about 43 to 1 against)GRUSCH PLUS 7SPARE SLIDE NOT SHOWN TO POSEY DUE TO TIME.SPARE SLIDE GRUSH ODDSSPARE SLIDE BELOW  NOT SHOWN TO POSEY DUE TO TIME. The WUHAN CHINA  matrix below was found against odds of about  2,972,164 to 1. Odds against  DIE IN WAR were about 154 to 1 against (the Wuhan Plague was a planned attack against the world  – and in particular against the U.S.) END OF DAYs were about 116 to 1 against, INSTITUTE odds were about  17 to 1 against, and PLAGUE were about  5 to 1 against.
19 SPARE SLIDE END OF DAYSLife in space is abundant. Here NASA/JPL photos show growth and reproduction of what look like terrestrial puffballs (fungi) at the Mars Environmental Rover Opportunity.PUFFBALL
UFO literature widely sees negotiations between ETs and members of the Eisenhower Administration as a treasonous failure that led to mass abductions. I agree, and advocate the following US positions for Disclosure Discussions:(1) The need for an ET apology for abductions. (2) A list of all known abductees. (3) Reparations in the form of advanced  medical technology. (4) An end to abductions and the return of current abductees.DISCLOSURE TERMSThank you. Please consider me for a position on any US Disclosure Negotiating Team.REVIEW OF CONGRESSMAN BILL POSEY’S BOOK, THE HANSON CONNECTION.When the Congressman handed me a copy of his book as I was on the way out of his office I thought that was something that he likely did to all 15-minute visitors. He had not said a word throughout my presentation, nor did he show any emotional reaction despite the fact that I had given him proof  of extraterrestrial life,  a superb photo of an alien, an indication that at least some of them basically look like us, evidence that the origin of Covid-19 was off-world, details on the ET who brought it (right down to all but one digit of his Porsche’s license plate number), and names of two men who had gotten a sample of the virus on Craig’s 27 pound meteorite from Canada to the Chinese Army in Tianjin, China where (along with development of a vaccine) it was likely weaponized before its release in Wuhan.THE HANSON CONNECTION is only 137 pages long. It’s a quick read. The back cover says its a vortex of information. That’s an understatement, but you will find almost everything you need to know about the UFO coverup in Chapters 13 to 16. There we learn about a 5 star luxury prison about a quarter of a mile below Area 51. People who know too much about UFOs are taken to it and told that the only way out will be via an incinerator, as was generally the case in the less luxurious Auschwitz.  It is clear that to ensure the efficient rule of the facility the Government will arrange for the murder of anyone required. Further, those imprisoned are drugged in a manner that allows the Government to have complete control of all thoughts and bodily functions. While I don’t know if regular readers will be intimidated by those sections of the book, given that the book was handed to me by the Congressman at the conclusion of a talk that could have been classified Above Top Secret had it been developed by an active duty military intelligence official, I was concerned this his delivery of this book to me at that time might be or was meant to be a warning or threat to me.I once received a similar threat, on August 1, 2016 when an agent followed me to the Cape Canaveral Public Library where he threatened to have the Government load child pornography onto my website (then and then have me arrested for having it there. He said this is what they had done before with people like me. I told him to go to hell, made sure he knew I could not be intimidated, and then learned that he was actually a fan of my writing. We parted in a friendly manner.While I did not know anything about Posey’s UFO opinions before I delivered the talk, at this point in his book I was concerned that I had just given the Deep State reason to take me down.The advertisement on the back cover says it will make you feel good. Well, in this case, that can only happen if the white hats defeat the black hats. And so it is that the author pulled off a perhaps too quick reversal of fortunes for those held in the prison. The last slide of my presentation above is about the need for an end to abductions by aliens. The  Congressman’s book ends with the end of abductions conducted by U.S. military personnel involved in the coverup.However, the last thing I said to the Congressman as I left his office was that I wanted to be on any committee negotiating terms for disclosure. He simple said , ” “No.” I think he murmured something else under his breath, but I couldn’t hear it clearly. Maybe he said “no” because he wanted anyone on any such committee to be in Congress. Maybe it was because he worried about my safety. In my follow up call to his aid, Patrick Gavin, I again repeated my request, adding that I am already in discussions about disclosure with a Floridian who claims to be an ET from the Pleiades. In fact, I know enough about UFOs and related topics to say that any such committee would be ill-advised to pass up my help. Congressman Posey is not on the committee studying the claims by David Grush and company, but I asked Mr. Gavin to suggest to his boss to that he should tell them about my findings. I am willing to testify before Congress as to what I know and document about UFOs on this website.,



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