Israel’s top scientist Haim Eshed reveals people on Mars. 4/2/23

Whenever I choose to write another article about Mars or UFOs a major concern is with respect to whom I am quoting. For UFOs/UVMs I love to write about the works of Dr. Michael Salla, but the one thing that bothers about his work is that often he is quoting people that use pseudonyms.  In November 2020 an author appeared (not yet interviewed by Salla – Israeli General/Professor Haim Eshed) who claimed not only that the Israeli Space Program had aliens working with it, but that there is also a joint U.S./Alien base on Mars! He is the most credible author in this field, and his claim is well supported in the Torah Code.


ESHED LIFE ON MARSAbove: Figure 1 with axis term HAIM ESHED matched with 9 key words that describe his LIFE.  Below: Spreadsheet showing the odds against these key words being found on the matrix.



Haim Eshed (Hebrew: חיים אשד; born 1933) is a visiting professor of aeronautics and astronautics at various space technology research institutions.[4][5][6][7] A retired brigadier general in Israeli Military Intelligence, Eshed was director of space programs for Israel Ministry of Defense for nearly 30 years, is former chair of the Space Committee of the National Council for Research and Development for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space and a member of the steering committee of Israel Space Agency.[8][9] Eshed is responsible for the launch of 20 Israeli made satellites,[10] and he is widely cited as the father of Israel’s space program.[11]

In 1967, Eshed was awarded the Chief of Staff Citation, the highest non-combat decoration awarded by the IDF. Throughout his career he also received the Israel Defense Prize – the highest civilian defense honor of the State of Israel – three times, but the reasons remain classified.

Extra-terrestrial Claims. Eshed claimed in an interview with Israeli national newspaper Yediot Aharonot that the United States government had been in contact with extraterrestrial life for years and had signed secret agreements with a “Galactic Federation” in order to do experiments on Earth, and that there is a joint base underground on Mars where they collaborate with American astronauts.[20] He also stated that US president Donald Trump was aware of this and was “on the verge” of informing everyone of their existence, but was stopped by the “Galactic Federation”, who wished to prevent mass hysteria.[21]The interview, in Hebrew, gained traction after parts were published in English by The Jerusalem Post.[22]

UNDERSTANDING FIGURE 1. The axis term (first term sought) is HAIM ESHED.  He has the best reputation of anyone who has ever claimed that the United States has a base on Mars. He says we are not alone there, we share the base with aliens. The 5-letter Hebrew for Mars is pronounced MOADEEM and it was first key word sought. Although I expected  to find MARS at the same skip as HAIM ESHED and I did, the ELS rank of MARS was high (53). It was however the only find of the planet at a special case skip. The The odds against finding it this way were about 411 to 1.

The next most significant term found was GREY/GRAY which was at the same skip and HAIM ESHED and MARS (skip +36,184). Odds against its appearance this way were about 103 to 1. Greys abduct people and are the most common type of aliens reported in the 1960s. To emphasize the fact that this find is not an accident, the next most significant term was ALIEN which was again at the same skip and HAIM ESHED, MARS and GREY (skip +36,184). Odds against its appearance this way were about 22 to 1. Finally, there is still one more major key word also at skip +36,184. It’s LIFE. Chaim Eshed is the most serious person to report human (American) and alien life on Mars. But we don’t even need to travel away from his name to find LIFE because Chaim’s first name (Chaim) means LIFE! Odds against LIFE being somewhere on the matrix at a special case are about 9.85 to 1, however this does not recognize the fact that this key word is found inside the axis term.

TIME might seem like a questionable term to seek, but we are talking about a matrix with space travel as a major topic with MARS, ALIEN, GREY, PLEIADES and UFO on it. Based on my research into UFOs it appears that to be able to fly interstellar distances we are really talking about the ability to fly not just from one point in space to another, but from one point in space-time to another. In other words, time travel. Odds against TIME being on the matrix were about 17 to 1.

Odds against each of the other terms found were less than 5 to 1. The words for CITY was sought and found at skip -1. Motivation for seeking it centered around the issue of how many people live on Mars now and how many may have lived there sometime in the past. While I would assume that populations are low, probably no more than a few hundred people, I have heard claims before that there may be over a hundred thousand residents now and that there may have been millions before a global catastrophe took place (according to John Brandenburg, a nuclear war). Overall, the matrix was found against odds of over 2.2 million to 1.

One thing is especially troubling about Eshed’s revelations. He says that President Trump was about to reveal the alien presence here on Earth, but the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) asked (or directed?) him not to do it because it would cause a global panic. This implies that we are not allowed to have full sovereignty. ET is at least partially in charge of the Earth. Supposedly they even prevented at least one nuclear war here (strangely associated with the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, which was the year before the Cuba Missile Crisis).

THE IMPORTANCE OF DATING MARTIAN DESTRUCTION. To arrive at an explosion date of 300,000,000 years ago, Brandenburg points to radioactive dating of Xenon-129 found on Mars by the Mars Curiosity Rover which landed in 2012.  There are no indications of blast craters at either of two radioactive sites hit, so he says that the bombs had to be air blasts (dropped by a hostile race from elsewhere) hundreds of millions of years before there were people on Earth. Frankly, that implies that either the civilization that largely destroyed Mars has been around for an incredibly long time, or that the incident then is unrelated to the GFW that many authors (Haim Eshed, Michael Salla, Elena Danaan, etc.) claim largely rule us today. What’s important about Eshed’s revelation is that it moves the story from an ancient prehistoric curiosity to a question of just how many alien civilizations are messing with our world and our perception of truth today. Eshed is from Israel which is the topic of most of our Bible. Israel is the last word in Torah. That the Israel Defense Prizethe highest civilian defense honor of the State of Israel was awarded to Eshed three times, but the reasons remain classified – tends to support all of his claims, no matter how bizarre. It is also reason to question just how many Biblical stories are really alien attempts to shape our beliefs and values. 

MY BEST PHOTO OF AN ALIEN – CRAIG EBRAHIMI. As I discuss elsewhere on this site  I believe that Craig either brought COVID-19 to Earth or accidentally released it into the environment when he distributed samples of his infected 27-pound meteorite. In particular, the sample was sent via Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe of the University of Buckingham in the U.K. and onto to Professor Jiangwen Qu of the Tianjin, China Center for Infectious Disease which is run by the Chinese Army. While Craig is is not a Martian, he  is (based on a symbol on his uniform), I believe, an alien from the fourth planet orbiting Altair (Altair -4) 16 light years from Earth. See Figure 2.


CRAIG EBRAHIMI EEIFIGURE 2 ABOVE: Craig Ebrahmi told me several times that he is an alien. He did not say the name of his home world, but when I angered him and tricked him onto taking a photo, the symbol on his uniform matched a published symbol for aliens from Altair 4.






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