In this article I started to expand upon what I had found in my last article about Semitic telomeres and telomerase. How fast the end of telomeres in the nucleus of our cells shrink determines how fast we age. Western Jews (Ashkenazim) supposedly live longer in general than most other people. See Figure 1 for my great grandmother Bubba Massy who lived past 100. When I finished the article I realized that I had been blessed to live long enough to answer all the major questions that I ever had about human origins and our place in the life found throughout our universe. I want to thank Rifka R. up front for supplying the essential missing parts of the puzzle, as well as NASA and U.S. Space Force for putting star maps on their flags which specify the locations of our hominid relatives in space in the Pleiades, likely Reptilians in Alpha Draconos and likely Grays in Orion.

ROFFMAN HISTORYFIGURE 1 – Most of my Ashkenazi ancestors lived past 90 with one (Bubba Massy) reaching over 100.

I wanted to know what, if anything, the Torah Code has to say about the issue of aging.  The answer appears given in Genesis 6:3 in the midst of a description of alien-like giants called Nephilim (Genesis 6:2-6:4). The early part of Genesis is full of hints that aliens were visiting humans. The giant Nephilim of Genesis 6:2-4 had a name meaning the fallen. That may denote someone coming down from the sky. The were able to take any woman they wanted to mate with. That doesn’t sound too angelic. However, before running amuck, it’s a good idea to know something about the frequency of the terms found. Thus the spreadsheet given after Figure 2 is essential to understand what is statistically significant on Figure 2 and what is not.

ARE JEWS DESCENDED FROM ALIENS? The birth of Isaac is most unusual as his supposed father (Abraham) was 100 and his mother (Sarah) was 90. She was long past the age of menopause when an angel (or an alien) told her and her husband that they would have a baby (Isaac) in a year. On the  matrix shown on Figure 1B  SEMITIC is at the same skip as ALIEN. It only takes 24 letters to show both terms. The full axis term is THE SEMITIC TELOMERASE. On the full 832-letter matrix there was only one chance in 92 to find SEMITIC at a special case skip with TELOMERASE as the axis  term. It only took 12   letters to show SEMITIC in 12 letters and in sequence with TELOMERASE. Odds against this match were about 6,350 to 1. What about the match between ALIEN and SEMITIC TELOMERASE in 72 letters? It was found against odds of 202 to 1. Odds just against ALIEN appearing at a special case skip anywhere on the full matrix were about 18 to 1. ISAAC, a high frequency term, had about a 24% chance to appear at least once in the open text.

There are some interesting verses about Isaac’s father, Abram (Abraham), that need to be discussed in regards to Isaac’s origins.  After Abram complains about having no children, God assures him in Genesis 15:4 that, “Only him that shall come forth from within you shall inherit you.” That sounds pretty clear and would seem to rule out alien intervention… until we get to the next verse which take us directly into the extraterrestrial world. Genesis 15:5 says, “And He took him outside, and said, “Gaze now TOWARD THE HEAVENS, AND COUNT THE STARS if you are able to count them!” And He said to him, “So shall your offspring be!”

In Genesis 15:13 we read, “And he said to Abram, “Know with a certainty that your offspring shall be aliens in a land not their own – and they will serve them, and they will oppress them – four hundred years. But also the nation that they will serve , I shall judge, and afterwards they will leave with great wealth.

The three angels who appeared to Abraham (after he was renamed) are described in conjuncti9n with Sarah between Genesis 18:1 and 18:15. According to the Midrash, Michael’s mission was to inform Abraham and Sarah about their upcoming son, Gabriel destroyed Sodom, and Raphael healed Abraham and saved Lot.  Were they really angels, or crew? If there were no people before Cain and Able, where did the early wives come from? The Torah makes no effort to discuss the first woman born after Eve.

Homo sapiens are those found at the Omo-Kibish I archaeological site in south-western Ethiopia, dating to about 233,000[2] to 196,000 years ago,[3] the Florisbad site in South Africa, dating to about 259,000 years ago, and the Jebel Irhoud site in Morocco, dated to about 300,000 years ago.” That leaves plenty of time to develop several civilizations that, especially with assistance from space, could have developed space-faring capabilities. This concept makes far more sense than a quick evolution or transition from apes. As for the phrase angels the Hebrew is actually for a word that can just mean messengers.

Figure 2 links our genetic structure with ALIENS and COMPUTERS. The OUT OF A COMPUTER phrase is found at skip +1 against odds of about 366 to 1. OUT OF A COMPUTER touches DNA at two letters. This is not an accident. Figure 2 is our true history. We have had plenty of alien visitors and we are still having them. Our Space Force was likely set up to deal with them militarily. The main question is are we dealing with thousands or millions of visitors with alien agendas? A  population that is uninformed is one that can be raped, abused, and misused for every conceivable evil purpose.  There is enough evidence in this article to demand that necessary changes be made to our government. No alien can be trusted until they all get honest with us.  It’s time for nothing less than full disclosure now.


JEWS IN SPACE 3Figure 2 – Semitic DNA may have its  roots in space.


Some people undoubtedly think I’m a weird guy, but often their opinion fails to recognize that I write about some pretty weird people that generally have contacted me first in an effort to get out their unusual life stories. It isn’t just the weird that I’m looking for. It’s the weird who I must be convinced have our nation’s greatest military secrets with respect to extraterrestrial life and/or time travel. I have noticed that the more serious candidates are likely to have information about both. A brief list of  ten of the better candidates is as follows:

1. Joseph “Sapphire,” an Army intel agent and possible time cop from Fort Huachuca, Arizona

2. Craig Ebrahimi, a self-described alien who has meteoric evidence to support his claim. I believe that he is the probable source of Covid-19,

3. Rifka R. Possible ET from the Pleiades. While reluctant to say that she is anything other than a human, it is very difficult to see how her memories would not amount to a claim to anything but being a Pleiadian. However, a lot of UFO believers think that the original source of humans was from a planet orbiting the a star in the small constellation named Lyra which supposedly populated many planets (including Earth).

4. Andrew Basiago. Claims to have traveled forward and backward time, plus to Mars.

5. Richard Robson. Says that he, his father, and grandfather were often taken up no alien space. In the vicinity of Jupiter his craft went to battle stations.

6. Walter York. Fellow Torah Codes researcher (now deceased) who witnessed an Unidentified Submerged Object (USO) and who experienced missing time after a UFO encounter.

7. Clark McClelland. NASA spacecraft operator who sealed astronauts into their cabins before launch. He worked at the Kennedy Space Center for 34 years, hearing personally from ex-Nazi rocket scientists (from Operation Paper Clip) and astronauts about their contacts with aliens.

8. Commander/PhD Cecil B. Scott Jones. Scott was an intelligence officer and an abductee who was the top aid to Senator Claiborne Pell, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

9. My Uncle Eugene Roffman. Eugene was my father’s brother. He back-engineered   the Roswell UFO and other alien spacecraft. See Figure 17 below for the list of scientists from around the world (including our enemies from the U.S.S.R. and Poland who worked with him in 1960.

10. Eugene Roffman’s nephew Stan Gross. Stan was  NASA Test Launch Director and  the man in charge of getting the Apollo 15 Lunar Rover to the moon. See Figure 16 below. He claimed to personally see the Roswell UFO and he said that there was an on-going relationship between ETs and our government. He did not trust aliens.

1. JOSEPH SAPPHIRE. His real last name is the Hebrew word for sapphire plus one more Hebrew letter. This man is suspected of being a time cop. He is connected with the Army’s Intelligence base at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. While he initially threatened to load child porn onto my computer (and then arrest me for it) we developed a friendlier relationship after I threatened him in return. After tracking me to the Cape Canaveral Public Library on August 1, 2016 where he demonstrated knowledge of all my writings and the immediate future out to 6 months it became obvious large numbers of U.S. and U.K. intelligence agents track my research everyday. That’s not only fine with me as I served 34 years in our Navy and Coast Coast, it fulfilled my goal. I got into study of the Torah Code back in 1997 because I wanted to provide our forces with actionable intelligence. Joseph, along with Fort Huachuca makes it easy to do so in a way that makes my military retirement meaningful.

cold_rock_oddsFIGURE 3 –  Above: Match of JOSEPH SAPPHIRE (and 5th essential letter) with SIGNAL FROM FUTURE.

BELOW: Figure4.  SAPPHIRE plus the last letter of his last name match up with TIME COP.  He has better equipment and funding than I do to monitor future developments and to try to make adjustments. But, with the help of the Code, I probably have a comparable ability to see into hearts of our enemies including those in our Deep State/Fourth Reich Government.



2. CRAIG EBRAHIMI  – The Alien who brought us COVID-19?  On January 26, 2020 Craig wrote to me as follows:

. Craig Ebrahimi. On January 26, 2020 Craig wrote to me as follows:

from: Craig Ebrahimi <>

to: <>

date: Jan 26, 2020, 12:55 PM

subject: Fw: Extraterrestrial embryo discovered in meteorite UVIC

My name Craig Ebrahimi research scientist/ Founder Deviant off world technology 

Barry would you be interested in the research and biotechnology opportunity/ of the only pristine extraterrestrial embryo on the planet at the University of Victoria BC.

Interested? Obviously, but as I told Craig on the same day I was concerned about bio-hazards that might lead to a worldwide pandemic. I have no interest in bringing such a plague from Canada or anywhere else into the U.S.  As I make clear throughout this site I have strong evidence linking the transfer of a sample of his likely-infected 27-pound meteorite via Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe at the University of Buckingham in the U.K. to Dr. Jiangwen Qu at the Center for Infectious Disease Control in Tianjin, China (and by extension to the Chinese Army) in 2018.  Between Craig’s first contact with me in 2020 and the end of that year his story changed from a Canadian orphan of Iranian birth who was looking to Pfizer to get rich, to an alien who was willing to sell the biotechnology needed to deal with COVID-19. My (self-appointed) goal has been to try to cut through a corrupt American intelligence system (FBI and CIA) to find personnel in our military intelligence sector who are honest and loyal to our Constitution and who are willing to take on risks necessary to save our nation and maybe even our species. Since I issued my initial warning to Craig (as of October 28, 2022) there have been 6,586,8456 deaths worldwide. Of these 1,064,208 have been in the U.S., 46,563 were in Canada and 28,153 were in China. Thus, after the Chinese military had a chance to finish the weaponization of Craig’s virus, they were able to kill about 37.8 Americans for every Chinese citizen sacrificed to make it look like the virus was a natural catastrophe that started in China. A photo of Craig along with his embryo and the shipping receipt to Wickramasinghe is shown as Figure 5.

CRAIG CLOSE WITH MAILFigure 5 – Craig Ebrahimi with what he claims is an alien embryo worn around his neck. The shipping receipt shown is for a meteorite sample that he sent to Professor Wickramasinghe in the U.K. It was forwarded via Jiangwen Qu to the Chinese Army. Fourth months after Wickramasinghe forwarded the sample he and Qu together published a correct prediction of the pandemic arriving in 2019. It seems likely that traitors from the U.S. like Dr. Anthony Fauci offered China Gain of Function research and cash to the Wuhan Virology Lab to help make COVID-19 deadly not only to people, but also to world economies in competition with communism.

3. RIVKA R. – Refugee from a planet destroyed that orbited the star Miai in the Pleiades? What makes this lady’s claim interesting is that both NASA and the U.S. Space Force mapped out what be her home star on their flags! She has had many encounters with different alien species. At times it was a bit confusing as I tried to understand what happened and when it happened, so it’s best to  read a direct quote that she sent to me by email on November 17, 2022 at 4:29 PM:

* 1997 was the encounter in Maine at the camp where they prepped me for 2 nights, tapping in the gel, and DNA used in the design of the craft where I traveled to the planet. ’97 has nothing to do with Pleiadians that I have to confirm or remember because there were 4 tall gray like ET’s (size and look of the Tall Goldens). Through the gel Barry, when this memory was restored, I could not say whether it was of the Golden Group or regular tall Grays because they both are structured similarly yet coloring is different. These ET’s were on each side and they tapped me in the gel.  You and I then discussed the mitochondria and the cells and I spoke of the Theory I had mapped out of how this was ‘downloaded’ – like creating a piece of clothing for a person, or designing a space suit.  

Note that Mitochondrial DNA is a circular chromosome found inside the cellular organelle called a mitochondria. Located in the cytoplasm, mitochondria are the site of the cell’s energy production and other metabolic functions. Offspring inherit mitochondria — and as a result mitochondrial DNA — from their mother. Rifka’s ideas about the role of using DNA to design a spacecraft that she says she was on do not match what I would expect, but as far as I know she is the only person claiming to have flown anywhere while packed in the stuff, so we should be aware of what she wrote about it:

 * 2000’s is when I had the dream of the two constellations and the appearance the next day of the 2 Pleiadians explaining the dream. 

* 2017 is when the Pleaidian came into the room and said, “Come Home.”

She was told by Pleiadians that the Pleiades was her home, but she has no memories from there. Rifka said:

I can see how the encounters from 2000 and 2017 would lead one to say “They told me it was my home” by explaining the dream of the wormhole to the Pleiades and then in 2017 saying “Come Home” would lead one to say that it is my home.  I would prefer to have had them say directly that’s where I’m from but it’s all implied. :)

She reports that in 1997 ETs from the Pleiades asked her to come home with them, but she declined the offer because she did not want to leave her husband.


FIGURE 6 – FLAGS AND RIFKA R.  Rifka’s claims may be backed by the stories told on NASA and Space Force flags. The species that she is believed to be part of are the Pleiadians.  She says she has often encountered Reptilians (who made unrequested contact with her). They are believed to be from Alpha Draconis, while her Gray visitors are probably from Orion. The encounters were during her childhood, at a ranch where she worked, and with t telepathic incident.

Back on December 24, 1997 I was notified by a (now deceased) relative (Stan Gross – a test launch director at the Kennedy Space Center) that the U.S. Government works on a daily basis with aliens. Their relationships are preserved on their organization flags shown on Figure 5.  Stan told me that in 1964 he had personally been shown the Roswell craft.  I asked him if the aliens were friendly or hostile. His response was that, “You don’t know what your enemies are thinking.” I.e. – aliens are not trustworthy. As for Rivka, when she originally contacted me in 2011 her story was that she was often contacted by numerous species of aliens. Her new story is that she was told by Pleiadians that the Pleiades was her home, but she has no memories from there. The Pleiadians are supposedly members of a species with a common origin with humanity. They look like us but are taller, thinner, have long faces, large eyes and mouths.

Rifka comes across as a sweet, Christian woman. If she really is a refugee from a planet that was destroyed we must also wonder how many refugees joined her in resettling on Earth. Salla also writes about large numbers of Earthlings who are abducted by Nordic and/or Gray aliens. Allegedly the Reptilians transport them elsewhere where they serve as slaves (including sex slaves). I would think that President Trump tried to take control of of this situation by starting our new military branch – the Space Force. But since the start of the Ukraine War Russia has abducted an estimated 300,000 children. It’s possible that they also wind up being sold into slavery, possibly in a effort to fund Putin’s war. Rifka did confirm that while in orbit over the Earth she saw two other small spacecraft. One carried about seven Grays. The other carried a bunch of screaming ET-human hybrid children, about the size of humans between ages two and four. They were being transported as future food for Reptilians. She asked the Gray adults about why they would help the Reptilians do this. The response was that the Reptilians had destroyed their world with a giant shredder device. The device was similar to one shown in a Star Trek starring Chris Pine movie where it came out of a portal/wormhole  As such the Grays were driven by fear.

FIGURE 7 BELOW: Rifka R. is strongly encoded at the same skip as the star (Miai) and constellation (the Pleiades) that she sometimes thinks she might have come from.RIFKA X

When Rifka R. finally seemed to imply that she may be an alien (my interpretation of the imitation to go home in 1997) I was astonished at first. But then I realized that I had met several right-wing Americans who thought they were descended from aliens, and I knew that as a Jew I have long held questions about my own genetic background. However, my only usual ability is that it seems natural for me to translate and interpret  what might be an alien language – the Torah Code. Craig Ebrahimi – a declared alien – has often stated his ability to use his abilities to bring down humans with his eyes. Rifka says his killing ability is in his left eye. I asked her about her abilities. Her response, while interesting, did not suggest something that I could easily confirm without risk and massive testing.

On November 9, 2022 while searching for words that accurately describe her origin (which she is extremely sensitive to) and contacts with ETs I asked her if she could offer an estimate of the size of largest alien craft she had been on.  She needed some help looking for the right words. I gave some examples – like an airplane, an aircraft a carrier, 5 miles long, or an asteroid. She was somewhat emphatic that an aircraft carrier was the right scale – but a bit too small. She settled on a length of about 1,320 feet. I served on five aircraft carriers while I was in the navy.  The biggest of them was the Kitty Hawk which was 1,068.9 feet long and had 5,624 officers and men (we had no women). So Rifka was describing a spacecraft that could probably carry about 10,000 people or ETs and people. She says the crew wore military style uniforms. Dr. Michael Salla writes in his Secret Space Force books that Star Trek TV show and movies were modeled off reality (the Navy’s first nuclear aircraft carrier was the Enterprise and a space shuttle also had that name). The ships described to me by Rifka and Rich Robson were in this nature. Such size craft beg the question of how many captives or slaves could be carried. Salla describes Secret Space Force craft that are over a mile long. Have we had a million or more people abducted, brain washed and placed in positions where they could carry out the wishes of a Fourth Reich-derived Secret State running our nation? Robson described a large warship that was friendly enough to us to want to see if we could be trained as crew members, but had to go to battle stations while he was on board in the area of Jupiter. He and his family were removed from the ship after he got into a tussle with a Gray. If the number of those abducted reaches the millions (which could happen pretty fast) and they were programmed to vote for the Democratic Party then we could understand how a President Biden or a Senator Fetterman could get elected despite having obvious mental health issues.

Rifka described contacts with several types of aliens. By far she enjoyed her time with with Tall Goldens the most. They are depicted in the movie MISSION TO MARS and shown on Figure 7 below which also depicts the use of an enveloping liquid that may be used to facilitate hibernation for long flights. This film had NASA flags/emblems worn by almost every character at every moment of the movie. At times up to at least three flags were visible at once. Each of these flags or patches had the star MIAI showing in the Pleiades. That’s the star that Rifka’s ex-world supposedly orbited. Based on the U.S. Space Force putting the same basic map on their flag I think we can be fairly certain that MISSION TO MARS is a form of soft disclosure and that its message of Tall Goldens seeding Earth and helping to develop human DNA is basically true. This does not imply that they are gods. We are still left looking for the Prime Mover who created them.



FIGURE 8 – Scenes from MISSION TO MARS with a Tall Golden type alien who seeded life onto Earth and a liquid placed around an astronaut to preserve his life on a long trip to the Golden’s home world. Rifka says the Tall Goldens are not quite as good looking, but do exude kindness. They are about six to eight feet tall. Rifka doesn’t  know the Golden’s home world. Her husband speculates that the fluid use to transport people and provide oxygen may also serve as an inertial damper to counteract high G  forces.

FIGURE 9 BELOW: ANDREW BASIAGO’S CLAIM OF TIME TRAVEL IS BACKED BY THE TORAH CODE. He says he went several times to see Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and his assassination. Each time there were small differences in what  was seen, like the number of ticket takers in Ford’s Theater. He also claimed a trip to the future (2045) and to Mars. The Mars claim, which is less certain, was supported by his description of pressure which match my calculation and that of my son, Dr. David Roffman (PhD, physics), but not NASA. We have a 1200-page report with data that indicates NASA’s estimate of 6.1 mbar as an average pressure on Mars is based on fraud. We put average pressure at about 511 mbar. There are three interviews of Basiago on this site. Each is about an hour a half long. Two shows are about his time travel claims. One is at The second is at (Who really won World war 2?). The third is about claims he went to Mars. It’s at


FIGURE 10 BELOW – RICHARD ROBSON – Claims to  have begun training to be a navigator of a large interstellar spacecraft with mixed species on board. His ship had to go to Battle-stations  in orbit around Jupiter.

     Rich claims to have memories of having been on more than one alien spaceship.  My initial strong gut feeling was to just pocket his story and keep it for future reference.  While I published the matrix on this page earlier in 2010 after hearing his story, the “future reference” thought about then may be related to NASA’s announcement on December 2, 2010 because the site where they found alien-like DNA is very close to where Rich claimed was the site of pick and drop off with the spacecraft. His alleged pick up site and its proximity to Lake Mono, California are shown on the map right of the matrix below.


Richard’s story is (briefly) this: About 58 years ago, when he was 10 to 11, he, his crippled father, and his grandfather were willing passengers who were taken aboard a UFO.  The initial ship, about 120 feet in diameter, and 80 feet high, took them to a mother ship that was about 5 miles long (just past Jupiter).  There he encountered the following species: Nordics, Grays, Reptilians, Tall Humanoids (like the Nephilim of the Bible), and an inter-dimensional life form.  Richard claims that he was being trained to navigate the craft until a Gray poked him in the back, and in response, he knocked the creature down. After that incident, his family was returned to their home, and all contact was severed.  Robson states that his father could walk while aboard the craft, but not when he returned to Earth.

Although the story has no direct supporting evidence, we also discussed another topic that seems to pop up with great regularity in the UFO community – remote viewing. I have never seen anyone before succeed in describing my home who had not been here. However, Richard correctly described three items – a large palm tree (artificial) in my living room, an object that was like plaster in the form of a menorah (the support for a glass table in my living room) and three “shrunken heads,” one looking like a chimpanzee.  In fact, in my son’s room, there are souvenirs from the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History.  They look like shrunken heads with three species present – modern man (homo sapiens), Neanderthal man, and homo erectus, who looked more like a chimp.  Each head was about 2 inches high. The homo erectus skull is about 3 inches from front to back. So what were the key words found around RICHARD ROBSON?  Within 336 letters were GRAVITY, ALIEN, UFO, and VIEW.  I sought GRAVITY because Rich has been involved with some research that touches on anti-gravity, and because the craft that he claims took him might manipulate gravity. The term VIEW was sought because he claimed the ability to remotely view an area.

While I didn’t originally see MY FATHER WAS CAPTURED on the line with UFO when I first published this matrix back in 2010, when I decided to discuss the Robson incident for a 2019 update I spotted it while looking for something about his father being taken. It’s true that Robson claims that he, his father and grandfather drove from San Diego up to the pickup point (near Mono Lake where NASA had indicated there was alien-like DNA) with the intention of boarding the craft, but all descriptions of aliens seem to include telepathy, and so it’s possible that what they thought was voluntary was not.

The really significant part of the Robson matrix only requires 8 rows by 11 columns (88 letters) where we find RICHARD ROBSON, MY FATHER WAS CAPTURED, and UFO. The phrase MY FATHER WAS CAPTURED is only found at skip +1 once in Torah. It was located in 88 letters with RICHARD ROBSON against odds of about 3,464 to 1, so it’s an extraordinary match. There was about a 31.4% chance to find UFO in the same 88-letter box. Odds against all these terms being in the 88 letter box were about 11,007 to 1. I did not find the a priori terms Nordic, Gray, Reptilian, or Jupiter on the matrix.

One other note in passing.  Mr. Robson reports that not all was peaceful on the mother ship.  At one point, the craft went to the equivalent of battle stations.  If he is right, not all life forms visiting our solar system are here to help us.

In 2010 I wrote that “the Torah Code is not a proven tool that can be used as a polygraph.  It is an unproven technique that still requires a major breakthrough to substantiate, something like an Ark of the Covenant find via the ELS maps, or consistent predictions that are (1) correct, and (2) unlikely to occur by chance.” As I updated this matrix again in 2022 (due improvements in my techniques) I began to think sometimes it can be used as a lie detector.  There remains enough interest in the Code to keep me exploring it for nearly 25 years now. If nothing else, it brings me into contact with fascinating people like Rich. However I believe that it’s crucial for U.S. and British Intelligence agencies to continue to monitor my site for clues about threats to the national security, The biggest threats that I see are those who are loyal to the Fourth Reich or Communists that primarily populate the Democratic Party.



FIGURE 11 ABOVE – WALTER KEITH YORK.  Walt was my research associate through my first two or three years of Torah Code research. There was some evidence (missing time) to indicate that on at least one of two UFO/USO encounters Walt was abducted. I edited his book (Nephilim – The Fallen Ones). Despite having  a fantastic sense of humor, Walter ended his life with suicide.

My experiences with Walt helped form my current beliefs about the corruption of our Government. At the time I joined a nascent group of scientists called the Snoop Group. The name was taken from the practice of looking at the letters before and after Torah Code terms found in an a priori manner. Without warning the group about my motive, I sent all members bait not meant for them, but for the National Security Agency (NSA). Everyone in our group had just received free Zone Alarm software to detect IP addresses of hackers. The email tied together opinions about three matters: (1) Who killed the Kennedy brothers, (2) Why – was it due to his desire to tell us the truth about the Roswell Incident, and (3) is it true that there is a major joint U.S. – alien base buried under Dulce, New Mexico and that we had once fought a deadly battle with them there?

The NSA bit. Within five minutes of my email arriving at Walt’s house his wife answered the phone. A threatening male voice warned her, “We know where you live in the house across the street from a green and white house.” He then hung up on her. The meaning seemed clear. The Kennedy assassinations were arranged by the CIA to cover up the Roswell Incident. Aliens are on this planet. There is a joint base under Dulce, but according to the Dulce Book by Brandon, we fought a lethal battle with aliens there, so our relations with them are far from perfect.

The Zone Alarm gave us the IP address of the hacker. A friend in the Intelligence community identified where his computer was (within our government). The American people have been fed disinformation for decades and with the help of an agreement signed by President Eisenhower and ETs back around 1954, they may be temporarily abducted, given altered memories, and have their cattle mutilated in exchange for technical information worth lots of money.

With regards to the USO that Walt saw, he said he observed the glowing object underwater start to follow his boat sooer he left the Port of Bimini in the Bahamas bound for Vero Beach, Florida. For perhaps an hour it matched his course and speed. Then it sped it, still glowing and underwater, reaching an estimated speed of over 100 knots – far more than what any vessel was capable of. However, starting in 2004 U.S. Navy FA-18 aircraft began reporting USOs that they tracked and filmed traveling 500 knots underwater. There were official releases of information about them in 2019 with conformation that the videos were real, but no explanation was offered to explain what was seen.


Figure 12 – BELOW  CLARK McCLELLAND – POSTER BOY FOR WHISTLEBLOWERS AT NASA. I have often encountered right wing, UFO fans who have ask about their blood type O and whether I thought they are descended from aliens.  Clark McClelland had questions for me about his background (and even mine). He definitely felt like he was descended from ETs but I saw no reason to concur even though in the matrix below his name is crossed by ALIEN GODS. However, his job as a Ground Test Astronaut- Space Shuttle Fleet at the Kennedy Space Center and his working experience with all our astronauts and Nazi scientists like Werner von-Braun were eye-opening. TO WITNESS is in the open text and UFO is at the same absolute skip as CLARK McClelland. As for leaning Nazi, Clark often gave Operation Paper Clip Nazis a Nazi click of the heels salute. On the matrix a transliteration of HITLER is one skip off his name.

clark_2020Clark McClelland had what was often the last face seen by our astronauts as he sealed them into their capsules for trips to the moon, or to oblivion if it later blew up. His own career fate was set when he said he accidentally caught sight of a TV monitor showing the cargo bay area of a classified DOD shuttle mission back around 1991. He said it showed a tall, non-human alien plus a non-NASA spacecraft in orbit very close to the tail of our shuttle. Clark told me that he was once stopped for attempting to make an unauthorized entrance in Area 51. While he was generally believed to work for contractors, he said his real employer was the National Security Agency. He was also associated with MUFON. Clark introduced me to a Director of the Saturn 5 or Apollo program. I interviewed McClelland several times personally, helped edit his memoirs, and even paid one of his electric bills. After he worked at the Cape for 34 years, he had no retirement other than social security because of punishment for secrets revealed. In the end, although he wanted to remain friends, I cut him off because of his pro-Nazi murmurings against Zionist Jews on radio shows. I consider myself a Zionist although I am a Modern Orthodox Jew and a very right wing Conservative American.

FIGURE 13 – COMMANDER/DOCTOR CECIL B. SCOTT JONES. Scott was an abductee who was the top aid to Senator Claiborne Pell, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Pell was quite involved with UFOs. He sent Scott to both China and Russia to discuss what each side knew about UFOs.  Although he claims that his memory of specific abductions was blocked by ETs, he told me that two women (supposedly) on a large ship who were part of a mass abduction told him that they saw a female hybrid alien on top of him having sex with him. Scott laughed about the matter, stating, “If they were trying to get pregnant by me – the joke’s on them. Due to a recent vasectomy, I was shooting with blanks!”

Scott and I often debated his desire to give into the alien desire to disarm us with respect to nuclear weapons. In the end I got him to believe that the aliens he was working with could not be trusted because they often promised to restore his memories of time aboard their spacecraft, but they never honored their word.



14 TO 15. EUGENE ROFFMAN AND STAN GROSS – My Uncle Eugene gave me the worldwide list of scientists who back-engineered the Roswell spacecraft. I have an unusual family. Two of them had careers that directly related to UFOs. One of them, Stan Gross (a retired NASA Test Launch Director on December 24, 1997), claimed to have seen the Roswell spacecraft in 1964. He would not tell me where it was, but he did tell my son and I that our Government was working with aliens on a regular basis. Stan didn’t trust the ETs. He said of them, “You don’t know what your neighbor is thinking.”

I didn’t know Stan very well. The first time I met him was during the above confession. I think I only met him once again, but I couldn’t corner him for more questions. Eugene was my father’s brother, and I was closer to him than I was with my father. While that’s true, when I asked him about Stan’s remarks that were made in my uncle’s kitchen, he became furious. Using profanity that I had never heard him use in the 50 years I knew him, he also warned that I might be killed if I did not forget what I had heard. He gave a similar warning to his older son, who had also heard Stan’s remarks.



FIGURE 16 ABOVE - Stan Gross did more than witness the Roswell UFO.  He was in charge of getting a car (the Lunar Rover) to the moon for Apollo 15.

I don’t think that I saw my uncle much again between 1997 and the death of his wife in 2004. I did attend her funeral on Philadelphia, but there were no serious conversations with him until after I made a trip around the world after I retired from the Coast Guard in 2007. At that time we went to visit him in Florida. I came armed with our photo album; pictures of China, Mongolia, Russia, France, Israel, and many other wonders that we had seen in the past decade. Uncle Eugene then took out his photo album. We expected to see pictures of his many travels, and of my father with him over the 92 years of his life. But he only wanted us to see one thing shown below – the Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Nondestructive Testing. It was the first item in his album.  The conversation went as follows:

“I want you to see this,” he said.

“I remember when you went to Japan,” I told him.

“I want you to see who was there,” he said. So I flipped through it, and spotted his name. He told me, “I want you to see who else was there.” So I looked a bit more and spotted people from top academic institutions. The second name was associated with Oak Ridge, Tennessee where the atomic bomb was made. Hanford was there, and Livermore. “Yes,” I said, “it’s an impressive group.” But that wasn’t good enough for him.

“I want you to read all the names,” he demanded. So I slowly went down each page. There was a guy (Edward Dugger) from Wright Patterson Air Force Base. That was where I heard they took most of the Roswell UFO wreckage. There was also a Dr. Gerold Tenney from Los Alamos. More Roswell wreckage was allegedly sent there on July 9, 1947, but what really surprised me was that there were three scientists from the U.S.S.R (Prof. Dr. Mikkael N. Mikheev, Director, Physics Metal Institute, Moscow; Pavel G. Mikhnevitch, Engineer, All-Union Material Institute, Moscow; and Dr. Alexander D. Ivanov,  Engineeer, Radio Research Institute, Leningrad; plus one from its Warsaw Pact partner, Poland (Prof. Dr. Ignacy Malecki, Warsaw). This conference was held in March, 1960 at the height of the Cold War – just two months before Russia shot down our U-2 spy plane.

“What the hell?” I said. “This is what you wanted me to see?” He just smiled. So I drew my conclusion and expressed it.

“You did non-destructive testing. So, if the Israelis captured a Russian made MiG or radar, and they gave it to the U.S. we use non-destructive testing to figure out how it works, and how to defeat it. And the Russians would do likewise with what they capture from our side. It looks like everyone on this list from our side would have had a top secret clearance. The same is probably true on the Russian side. Bringing these people together makes it look like maybe we had a common enemy. Are you trying to tell me that at the height of the Cold War we had a common enemy – UFOs?”

“You’re a smart guy. You’ll figure it out.” He then went on to confirm everything that Stan had to say about the relationship between aliens and our government. I guess he felt guilty being a major part of the coverup for such a long period of time. His confession was his way of getting right with God before passing away, but I could never get his son (my first cousin) to help me get the truth out. Although my cousin was like a brother to me until his father gave me the list, eventually the list destroyed our relationship and it also damaged my relationship with my oldest son who was then an Air Force ROTC cadet and who is now a major (actually also a chaplain – a rabbi) in the Air Force Reserve.

Figure 17 below – List of participants at the Third International Conference of Nondestructive Testing: Wright Patterson AFB was represented by Edward Dugger. But what is of prime interest is that at the height  of the Cold War there were three Russians and one Pole there. To the public the Russians and Warsaw Pact were our enemies. But in reality, they were and are allies in a joint struggle against hostile ETs.



FIGURE 18 ABOVE: With an axis term of GENE ROFFMAN (my father’s brother) at the same absolute skip are UFO, GRAY (the type of alien to pilot the Roswell UFO), and LEVIN (the man who discovered life on Mars with his labelled release experiment at both Viking landing sites. ROSWELL is at skip -1.  His THREAT is at skip +1. He issued a threat that I might be killed if I pursued the revelation that his nephew Stan Gross was shown the Roswell UFO in 1964, but he later gave me what I needed to blow open NASA’s greatest secrets.

FIGURE 18 SPREADSHEET BELOW. Overall odds against Figure 18 were about 109,891 to 1.




+a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being an obvious liar and 100 being a completely trustworthy individual, here is how I see the credibility of the witnesses discussed above:

1. Eugene Roffman: Score 100. He was my father’s brother, and much closer to me than my father. I grew up on the same street in Philadelphia. I knew him for  over 50 years. He was, during his career, part of the coverup about Roswell, but he gave me a list of all the major players in the back-engineering of the spacecraft when he was almost on his death bed at the age of 93. See Figure 17 above. This list allowed me  to get a true picture of  the cooperative relationship in space between the U.S. and Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War. It served as the primary stimulus for the 1,200 page report written by me with my son’s help – Mars Correct: Critique of All NASA Mars Weather Data.

2. Stan Gross: Score 95. He was my Uncle Eugene Roffman’s nephew. In my uncle’s kitchen he informed me that as a test launch engineer he had been shown the Roswell craft back in 1964. The confession was made in the presence  of  my older son, who was then a geology major and an Air Force ROTC cadet at M.I.T. The confession was also made in the presence of one of Uncle Eugene’s sons (my first cousin). Stan said that contact was constant between our Government and aliens and that their trustworthiness was uncertain. He never told his wife about all this because he didn’t want to frighten her. His revelation led to a huge family battle that was permanently divisive between my older son, my first cousin, and I with an initial threat against me if a pursued the disclosure (which I did). Apparently my cousin did not want to back me because he had worked with his father at the Frankford Arsenal and as such, he had likely signed a nondisclosure letter. However, as noted above, before my Uncle died he have me the proof that Stan had revealed the truth. As is shown on Figure 16 above Stan was in charge of getting a lunar rover to the moon on Apollo 15. The only reason that I do not rate him at a 100 is that I only met him two or three times in my life.

3. Commander C. B. Scott Jones. Score: 90. Scott had a fantastic career in several intelligence agencies and in serving as Senator Clairborne Pell’s top aid. He represented the Senator in UFO-related talks with the Russians and Chinese. Scott does not score a 100 because his abduction-related memories were kept from him throughout his life, and because he was totally brainwashed to preach that we should disarm and trust ET for all defense matters. While he did much to further acceptance of UFOs, even preaching that universities should set up courses to prepare for first (unclassified) contact, until just before his probable (presumed) death he could not verbalize the fact that all contact with ETs included false claims that his memory would be restored.

4. Clark McClelland: Score: 85. The last face that astronauts saw before blastoff was Clark’s because he sealed them in their spacecraft. While his claim that on a TV monitor he saw a tall alien in the cargo bay of a DOD shuttle mission was probably believable, some of his other claims were not. This was especially so when he blamed all Zionists as being at the root of evil. As a Zionist and a dedicated patriot I  took exception to his false assertions. He allied himself with Nazi sympathizers which is why I ended my friendship with him.

5. Craig Ebrahimi: Score 78. On several occasions Craig wrote  that he was an alien or not human or not from this world. He also accidentally attached evidence that showed at the very early phases of the Wuhan virus (or before then), Craig was communicating with Pfizer Drugs, Bill Gates, Elon  Musk and others to sell them what he and Professor Wickramasinghe claimed was a meteorite with an alien embryo in it. I have substantial evidence to support the belief that Craig was responsible for bringing COVID-19 to Earth. On the day (September 26, 2020) that he invited me to fly to Canada at his expense to see the embryo I warned him that his find might start a pandemic. I declined his offer to keep from bringing contamination back to my home in Florida. .Craig wrote that he could bring me down with his eyes. On seeing the photo of him shown as Figure 5 above I bought a weapon for self defense. I have also kept our intelligence community fully informed about all communication with him. Given that he may be responsible for over six million Covid deaths workdwide, extreme caution is advised for anyone investigating him.

6. Joseph “Sapphire”. Name altered by me for my safety and his too. Score: 75. Our relationship started off with him hunting me down at the Cape Canaveral Library where he threatened to load child pornography onto my computer but where he also demonstrated knowledge of the future. My overall appraisal of him is that he works for Fort Huachuca and other organizations of our government as a “time cop.”  He is under no obligation to tell me the truth, but he seems to enjoy dangling bits of information in front of me to see what my opinions will be and see how I will react  The only good news here is that when given my calling card he acted like he was given a great treasure like a copy of the Declaration of Independence. If he has knowledge of the future he seemed to be telling me that despite of the corruption of the F.B.I. and C.I.A, I will succeed in helping to cleanse our government of Nazi-like ideology.

7. Rifka R. Name altered at her request. Score:  74. Her score is limited by the fact that she does not want me to publish her real name, and by the fact that she admits to missing memories that were taken by ETs. Despite seeing that Reptilians are provided with sentient food (small Grays and partially human hybrids) by Grays she insists on arguing that some Grays and Reptilians are good. As long as the truth about why they are here is kept a secret, I see no reason to trust any of them. Caveat emptor. However, I do appreciate the wide view that she has provided all ET life on Earth and elsewhere now. She has questions about her own origins that were difficult to pin down. Clearly she indicates that several ET species having been tracking, communicating with her or taking her off-world throughout her life. The question is, why?

8. Walter Keith York. Score: 71. In the late 1990s Walt initially came across as a world class master of Hebrew, finding Equidistant Letter Sequence chains in the Torah Code that were 50  or more letters long (whereas Israelis were only finding chains about 25 letters long and I was only finding terms with no more than 12 letters). With time and an improvement in my Hebrew I came to understand that his Hebrew skills were weak, especially where grammar was a concern. He was generally not seeing the future. He was seeing nonsense.  Despite this, his report about seeing an Unidentified Submerged Object lit up underwater and moving at speeds of at least 100 knots between Bimini and Vero Beach were basically backed by the Pentagon with film taken by an FA-18A fighter where the USO was moving underwater at speeds of about 500 knots. His UFO encounter while on his boat near his home was accompanied by missing time, but he had no hard proof of that incident.

9. Rich Robson. Score 70. His claims to have been in training to be part of a massive ET crew have no direct supporting evidence, however he did demonstrate extraordinary remote viewing capabilities to me. I do not know if his father or grandfather (who were taken with him) had such abilities. What Rich described was quite consistent with other contact reports. It tells us something about where to look to find ET, and that there are on going hostilities among some of them.

10. Andrew Basiago. Score 65. If Project Pegasus (not to be confused with Israeli spyware)  is real, Andrew was in the right place for his father to introduce him to the key decision makers with respect to time travel. He describes them all very well. His coverage of trips back in time were all well told, but he did not reveal a similar amount of usable information about a trip to 2045. His description of a trip to Mars via a jump room in Los Angeles was weak although Rifka R. said she also used a jump room on at least one occasion. The jump room did not afford Andrew a view of Mars as he approached the planet. He simply opened the door and he was there, along with at least one image of a dinosaur-like predator that was eating an astronaut. He admitted that what he saw might have been nothing more than a holographic image. The planet seen had life like what is on Earth (even cows). Maybe someone is transforming the planet, but none of the witnesses saw any animals on board a craft unless we look at Rifka witnessing a craft filled with screaming Gray-human hybrid children that were being taken to Reptilians for food. As she said she saw these in Earth orbit we may surmise that somewhere on our planet there may be hidden farms to grow them.

Based on film from JPL I can confirm that there is primitive life on Mars like that seen here on  Earth (bacteria, fungi, cyanobacteria, basidiomycota (puff balls), stramatolites, and lichens, but Andrew’s cows seem a good bit harder to accept although it is well known that cows are often mysteriously mutilated and there are signs in areas of horse and cow mutilation where the tracks of an animal suddenly vanish over an area of a few hundred feet and then begin again suggesting that the animal was airlifted.

The ace question that I asked Andrew about air pressure experienced was greeted with an answer that Roffman research indicates is far more accurate (higher) than nonsense put out by NASA which has often modified Martian weather reports with information published on my site. Indeed, I got JPL to remove all Curiosity wind reports for about 9 months. At my demand, they acceded to replacing it all wind data with Not Available. The man responsible for publish false data was JPL Public Relations officer Guy Webster. He is also the man who took down the wind reports after I confronted him.

EVIDENCE FOR A MULTIVERSE. Not to be overlooked in the Basiago time travel account is that he claimed to have seen evidence for a Multiverse. e said that he went back to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address eight times. On each trip there were small differences, as was also true when he went back to Lincoln’s assassination. That differed at Ford’s Theater for assassination visit were things like how many ticket takers there and how many pretty girls were noticed (one, or two), Each time he main event (the assassination) happened. As for the area where he landed in the past, his father warned him that he would land within a half mile of the target. His father was waiting for him. But his father had to search for him. Andrew was told to proceed to a point where, if not already reunited, his father could find him. So from what it sounds like we have many universes that will have close approaches to each other within about a half mile, and perhaps, from an experiment that I have been running for a few years (on and off) about a quarter or half of a second apart.

Andrew did not think that it mattered much as to exactly where he landed in that half-mile wide circle, but I disagree. Yes,  if you land on a farm there may  not be a noticeable effect from missing the exact point, but if in that circle there are railroad tracks and an oncoming train you have the recipe for a disaster.

As for the quarter or half-second estimate between parallel worlds, I cannot say for sure that it is valid because I am talking about the entrance of a word into my mind while I am write vs. hearing that exact same word on a television that is playing in the background. if the word is common word in the news like Trump or Biden or election during an election, then it is not noteworthy.  But if the subject word is not a high frequency word then it gets my attention.  One of the weirdest examples below on Table 1 was noted at 4:08 PM on 7/10/2015: ESPINOZA.




ESTIMATE OF THE SITUATION VS. AN INTELLIGENCE ESTIMATE. Intuitively I believe that an Estimate of the Situation would be needed at this point in my research to help steer military intelligence officers in the right direction. It has been 15 tears since I last wrote war plans, and I thought that I had such estimates in plans before, but evidently I am likely confusing them with Intelligence Estimates. Please allow me to distinguish between the two.

The Estimate of the Situation[1] was a document supposedly written in 1948 by the personnel of United States Air Force‘s Project Sign -including the project’s director, Captain Robert R. Sneider – which explained their reasons for concluding that the extraterrestrial hypothesis was the best explanation for unidentified flying objects.

As late as 1960,[2] USAF personnel claimed that the document never existed. However, several Air Force officers, and one consultant, describe the report as being a real document that was suppressed. Jenny Randles and Peter Hough describe the Estimate as the “Holy Grail of ufology” and note that Freedom of Information Act requests for the document have been fruitless.

Why the secrecy? That’s easy. The document, if I were authorized to write it, would not just be limited to technology and biology. It would include a comprehensive review of world history with special emphasis on Scriptural accounts of creatures like the Nephilim. It would be a highly political document, delving into Salla’s assertion that both Kennedy brothers were ordered killed by James Jesus Angleton, Director of CIA Counter Intelligence, in an effort to coverup the Roswell Incident and meeting of Presidents like Truman and Eisenhower that were well aware of meetings between the ET and Nazi scientists and leaders that gained power after Operation Paper Clip. In particular, an Estimate of the Situation should also discuss the effects of Adolph Hitler surviving World War  2, finding sanctuary in South America, and direction of the formation of a Fourth Reich that deeply penetrated, shaped, and directed American government from about 1954 on. In short, the document would be too hot for anyone to handle.

For more Biblical or ancient life forms who may be ET in nature also see:

Intelligence Estimate.

The Intelligence Estimate is a tried and true tool for the Intelligence Officer and analyst at any echelon. As described in Annex A, FM 34-10, Division intelligence And Electronic Warfare Operations, dated November 1986, the format for this tool follows the standard five paragraphs shown here:

  1. Mission
  2. Area of Operations.
  3. Enemy Situation.
  4. Enemy Capabilities.
  5. Conclusion

The Intelligence Estimate is the primary DECISION MAKING TOOL produced by the S2. It is developed during the Mission Analysis step of the Tactical Decision Making (TDP) process. Not only is the Intelligence Estimate a decision making tool, but also an analytical one. This document is updated when information about the enemy is received and or when the mission changes. It is a living document that must be maintained much like other analysts tool.

My initial thoughts about what the five paragraphs would look like now would be as follows:


  • Mission – Reveal the truth about ET presence on Earth now and in the past. Remove any alien infiltration into our Government and ensure that the general population is aware of hostile acts taken by such beings before, up to, and including assassinations and acts to seize control of national governments or religious organizations.
  • Area of Operations. Primarily the United States, its territories and anywhere in  our Solar System out to and including the orbit of Saturn. This area will need an adjustment if it’s true that advanced civilizations have time travel or interstellar flight capabilities.
  • Enemy Situation. Since Joseph Biden has assumed power, in less than two years he has succeeded in destroying or harming our energy independence, our economy, in many areas our educational system, our values, and our conventional military superiority. However, he also surrendered in Afghanistan at a time when the United States had not lost a soldier for a year and a half, he turned over to our Taliban enemy $85 billion worth of the world’s finest arms, he trampled American sovereignty  by destroying or letting go to rot our almost finished border wall, he enabled and encouraged millions of illegal (human) aliens to enter our country untested for COVID-19 or other fatal diseases, and he deliberately took steps to spread them throughout our nation  in an uncontrollable fashion despite just losing over a million American dead due to COVID. Further. he has cooperated with Chinese merchants of death by helping to import fentanyl in quantities that result in about 100,000 American deaths each year (with most of them being young). All of these facts are proof that the Executive Branch of our government is under the very heavy control of a horrendous enemy. The question here is whether that enemy is human or extraterrestrial.  The answer is that if Americans were, as a nation, sane and awake it would have rebelled – whether violently or at the polls  to insure the impeachment of the Executive Branch of Government. The truth is that while the Republicans did succeed in barely removing the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi from power in the House of Representatives, they failed to take back the Senate.  This likely means that even if Biden is impeached by the House, he will not be found guilty by the Senate which means he will continue to destroy our nation. But, the situation is far worse than what was just indicated. We must ask why the American voters allowed the Senate to remain in Democrat hands. This report has repeatedly touched on efforts by hostile alien forces to destroy or alter the  memories of our abducted citizens. It is likely that this implies that our President is not in control of his own thought processes, or he is content to serve an alien agenda. Either way, not only is he the enemy, but he is joined by millions of Americans who in voting Democrat, demonstrated that they are a powerful enemy within.
  • Enemy Capabilities. Based on my contact with Fort Huachuca and the people discussed throughout this report, we are likely dealing with an enemy that can travel in time and between stars. They are likely to also possess incredible medical technology and life extension capabilities, but (as discussed in conjunction with Rich Robson) they are not likely to share these on a wide scale.
  • Conclusions. While there are probably loyal American who are still in or affiliated with the C.I.A. and the F.B.I., their organizational days as loyal American institutions are finished, in the case of the F.B.I. due to its criminal role in introducing what they knew to be false evidence in an effort to impeach President Trump. In the case of the C.I.A. it lost its credibility when it chose John Brennan as Director while knowing that he voted for Gus Hall for President in 1976. Gus Hall was a Communist who, thanks to Obama, was placed in a position that enabled him to hire more communists. Further, there is evidence that needs to be explored more to see if Dr. Michael Salla is correct in pointing to James Jesus Angleton as the man who ordered President Kennedy’s assassination. He was the CIA Director for Counterintelligence.  Therefore, it appears that we must look elsewhere for leadership – to our military intelligence community – to guide the campaign to cleanse our Government and our world. I cannot offer proof that such patriots can be found there in great enough numbers to succeed. I can only ask military intelligence readers to look at the facts that I have gathered  in preparing this report with the intelligence you have gained from other trusted sources.  If you find that we have sufficient cause. then honor your oath to the Constitution . While Pelosi served as Speaker the path to start your actions was unclear because the top three people in our Government were all Democrats and there was no place to turn to for relief.  But the likely new Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, or anyone else chosen in January, 2023, will be a Republican in line for the White House.  The effort to expose the truth will open a lot of opportunities, but whoever leads the charge must make the opening thrust into battle with a full disclosure about the history of our relations with the aliens. This is how we must win the war for survival of our species. The effective use of a shocked world press  is the only weapon that can overcome the looming attempt by the Senate to kill the Biden impeachment.


May God Bless America

Written by Barry Steven Roffman

November 19,  2022



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