Brandenburg & Martian Nuclear War. 3/22/2023

We Need to Take Dr. John Brandenburg’s Assertions Seriously. This article (originally published in 2011) is being updated again on March 22, 2023.

A quick search of the Torah Code found ATOMIC HOLOCAUST in a 70-letter matrix with MARS at skip -1.  Odds against such a match were about 125 to 1.



Although first published on April 1, 2011, on April 5, 2011, at, I found an article about an ancient natural nuclear explosion on Mars. At first I thought it might be an April Fools joke. However, I called the main source, Dr. John Brandenburg, a senior propulsion scientist at Orbital Technologies Corp. on April 6, 2011. He assured me that despite the unfortunate release date, the story was indeed legitimate. Brandenburg’s paper was published by the 42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in 2011. I read it and his newest book:  LIFE AND DEATH ON MARS: THE NEW MARS SYNTHESIS and his earlier book, DEAD MARS, DYING EARTH. Both books will be discussed below.



       On November 22, 2014 Brandenburg updated his hypothesis to speculate that Mars was hit by two nuclear weapons.  His new paper was located here, but on December 5, 2014 when I tried to access this document all I got was “Forbidden, You don’t have permission to access /JOC24/Brandenburg.pdf on this server. Apache Server at Port 80. Frankly he would have done better to play up our findings about higher than advertised Martian air pressure first, and not overplay his hand on the subject of possible archeological ruins seen on Mars at Cydonia and elsewhere. No civilization was likely to emerge if air pressure is or was as low as NASA asserts, about 6.1 mbar compared to an average pressure of 1,013.25 mbar in Earth. What Brandenburg has to offer is a motive for NASA’s failure to fund a public, crewed Mars mission. Note: I live in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This morning (December 5, 2014) from my front door I briefly watched the launch of the Orion space capsule before it vanished into a low cloud deck, but people are not supposed to fly on Orion until 2021, and there is no talk about it going to Mars until the 2030s. Brandenburg’s nuclear ideas might also explain why NASA puts out disinformation about low air pressure on Mars. It’s enough to offer evidence for nuclear explosions on Mars, but a poor choice to go into details about civilizations wiped out there. He’s being portrayed as a “screwball fruitbat” for his approach. Maybe that’s why the link to his paper died. Stay tuned, I might be able to access it via my son since he’s a doctoral candidate in physics.

Figure 1 above: ATOMIC HOLOCAUST is encoded close to a transliteration of MARS in the Torah Code. Figure 2 below: Brandenburg’s second book about Mars, and the face-like object a Cydonia.

The Fox News Article: Was There a Natural Nuclear Blast on Mars?

By John Brandon, Published April 01, 2011 (

Ever wonder why the red planet is red? Based on Brandenburg’s 2011 writings, I then wrote that about 180 million years ago, a planet-shattering yet naturally occurring nuclear reaction may have wiped out everything on Mars, sending a shock-wave that turned the planet into dry sand. But when I looked for newer research by Brandenburg  in 2023 I found a video dated August 13, 2021 that placed the event at 300,000,000 million years ago. I doubted his dating back in 2011, and even more so in 2021. But his 2021 estimate was based on the Xenon-129 isotope found just below the surface by the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover that didn’t land until August 6, 2012,

Initially Brandenburg claimed that a natural nuclear reaction could have occurred on our own planet — and could happen again.  Brandenburg, a senior propulsion scientist at Orbital Technologies Corp said, “The Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium — and this pattern radiates from a hot spot [on Mars],” Brandenburg told

“A nuclear explosion could have sent debris all around the planet,” he said. “Maps of gamma rays on Mars show a big red spot that seems like a radiating debris pattern … on the opposite side of the planet there is another red spot.”

According to Brandenburg, the natural explosion, the equivalent of 1 million one-megaton hydrogen bombs, occurred in the northern Mare Acidalium region of Mars where there is a heavy concentration of radioactivity. This explosion filled the Martian atmosphere with radio-isotopes as well, which are seen in gamma ray spectrometry data taken by NASA, he said.

The radioactivity also explains why the planet looks red. Brandenburg said gamma ray spectrometry taken over the past few years shows spiking radiation from Xenon 129 — an increase also seen on Earth after a nuclear reaction or a nuclear meltdown, including the one at Chernobyl in 1986 and the disaster in Japan earlier this month.

Dr. David Beaty, Mars program science manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told that he finds the idea intriguing and fascinating. But to prove the science, the agency would need to plan a mission to explore Mare Acidalium on Mars. And there are more pressing issues, including missions to find extraterrestrial life. “You have to assess the importance of the question relative to the cost of answering the question,” he said.

Still, Beaty expressed doubts, saying the geological conditions on this planet and Mars have existed for millennia — what exists has existed for a long time, and there are few sudden changes. “Rocks are what they are. [A natural nuclear reaction] could happen in another billion years, but it is not something to make you want to go home to your family and move to the mountains right away,” he said.

Dr. Lars Borg, a scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, called Brandenburg’s conclusions unsurprising — and part of known geological processes, not a nuclear reaction. “We’ve looked at Martian meteorites for 15 years, and looked in detail at the isotopic measurements .. and not a single person out of hundreds worrying about this have thought there could have been a nuclear explosion on Mars,” he told

Brandenburg — who once worked at Livermore himself — defended his research, arguing that defense experts he talked to off the record said they agreed there are signs of a nuclear reaction. Besides, there’s a precedence for a natural nuclear reaction on our own planet, he noted.

The Oklo, Gabon, region of Africa has uranium-coated sediments from a nuclear reaction that occurred 2 billion years ago. A massive nuclear explosion on Mars would have created huge craters on the surface, visible from orbiting telescopes like Hubble and from the Mars rovers. Brandenburg said such craters could have filled in with sand over the past 180 million years, leaving no visual cues to prove the theory.

Another possibility is that the reaction occurred in mid-air and did not leave a crater — which is exactly what happened at the Tunguska event in Russia in 1909, presumably by a large comet.

Harrison Schmitt, a geological expert and the last man to step out of the Apollo spacecraft on the moon, told that there is “general validity” to Brandenburg’s theory. He said the nuclear reaction may not have been caused by an explosion, however, and might have occurred over time.

Edward D. McCullough, a science and space consultant, agreed that the Mare Acidalium region of Mars does show some strange colors and terrain formations that seem unexplainable. “There seems to be a reasonable closure between the number of fissions required to produce the Xenon 129 enhancement and the amount of energy required to toss material to that point on Mars,” he said.

“This massive nuclear explosion on Mars seems to defy natural explanation,” said Brandenburg.

WHAT IS THE AREA OF CONCERN ON MARS? Dr. Brandenburg points to Mare Acidalium. This is in the northeast portion of the western hemisphere of Mars between 300° and 360° East, and between 30° and 65° North. The famous “face” at Cydonia lies within this region at 40.75° North latitude and 350.54 degrees East (9.46° West) longitude. The face at Cydonia is shown on the cover of his newest book. See Figure 3 below.


Brandenburg and Cydonia

Figure 3 – The map shows key areas of Brandenburg’s concern back in 2011. See Figure 4 for his 2014 assertion.


Before his current research at Orbital Technologies Corporation in Madison, Wisconsin his previous background from recent back to earlier years is as follows:

  • At Florida Space Institute at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida,
  • The Aerospace Corporation, where one of his duties was as principle investigator of the MET (Microwave Electro-Thermal) propulsion project.
  • Performed an architecture study for a Human Mars Mission using solar electric propulsion.
  • Performed research on Fusion Propulsion and Kaluza-Klein theory of Field Unification for purposes of space propulsion.
  • Was a researcher at Research Support Instruments (RSI) where he specialized in making controlled laboratory plasmas for uses ranging from Fusion research to the MET thruster.
  • Worked as an independent consultant on Space Missile Defense, Directed Energy Weapons, and space rocket plume phenomenology.
  • At Mission Research Corporation and Sandia National Laboratories on plasmas for controlled fusion and similar topics.
  • PhD in Theoretical Plasma Physics at the UC Davis extension campus at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore California. The Title of his Thesis was “A Theoretical Model of a Reversed Field Ion Layer Made of Monoenergetic Ions.” It dealt with the magnetic confinement of plasmas for controlled nuclear fusion.
  • MS in Applied Science at University of California at Davis.
  • BA in Physics from Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon.

Additional data:

  • Author the “Dead Mars, Dying Earth” (1999) with Monica Rix Paxson, which dealt with the problems of energy and global warming from a comparative planetary science (Earth-Mars) perspective and has been published in the USA, Great Britain, Germany and Japan. It was the winner of the Silver Medal in the Ben Franklin awards for books on science and environment.
  • Wrote a science fiction novel “Morningstar Pass” dealing with the problems of initial contact between humanity and extraterrestrial intelligence and the development of the human race into a space-faring civilization.
  • Dedicated his career to problems of space, energy and national defense.
  • Dr. John Brandenburg of Orbitec has apparently been doing research on both the Onion Drive and on methods of reducing weight.  He has a great interest in Gravity-Electro-Magnetic GEM Unification Theory. Papers published include:

Experimental and Theoretical on the GEM Theory

The Voyager Anomaly and the GEM Theory

From reading his first book, DEAD MARS, DYING EARTH, it is obvious that Mars and the Cydonia face have been at the focus of his intense research for four decades now, so much so in fact that on pages 122-122 he reveals his marriage of 12 years (and custody of a 4-year old daughter) had been added to the list of casualties resulting from that research. I can identify with that because my first book (THE GREAT CHRIST DEBATE, A Quest for the Theological Reconciliation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, published in 1978 under the pen name Etomar Ben Roffman) likewise led to divorce and a very nasty custody battle that made the world’s press).


Brandenburg 4

Figure 4 above- On November 22, 2014 at the American Physical Society Brandenburg argued for two nuclear explosions, consistent with fusion-fission (or fission-fusion) in the areas indicated. His new beliefs were set to be published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astrophyics.

COMMENTARY ABOUT DR. BRANDENBURG’S TWO MARS BOOKS. The thrust of DEAD MARS, DYING EARTH is decidedly environmental. However on reading it my first concern related to all the time that my son and I have spent researching Martian atmospheric pressure. On pages 39-40 the author details concerns that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) deliberately altered the initial blue sky color (with greenish patches on rocks) seen by Viking 1 to a butterscotch sky color with rusty red rocks seen since then. Further, on page 41 he indicates that a few hours after the Cydonia face image was taken at local sunset in Cydonia, JPL lied to the public by indicating that a second image of the area, taken when it had to be dark at Cydonia, had shown the face had disappeared. JPL, he alleges, said the earlier image was obviously a trick of light and shadow. The immediate significance of this charge here is that we have solid proof that the pressure in Mars is a good bit higher than NASA argues. We know that Viking, PathFinder, Phoenix and MSL pressure measurements were flawed by clogged dust filters on the pressure transducers. It’s one thing to argue about the poor design of the Tavis transducers used for the Vikings and Mars Pathfinder, and similar problems with the Vaisala transducer used for the Phoenix and MSL landers. But it’s quite another to take on deliberate disinformation.

I’ve read both of Dr. Brandenburg’s books on Mars. Based on the similar titles, I expected that the second work would merely be an update of the first book. Happily, that turned out to be not the case. Both books are worth reading. As I indicated above, the first book focuses more on what is happening to the ecosystems on Earth, with hints provided that Mars was once like Earth, and it might have been destroyed in a way that we are duplicating here. But DEAD MARS, DYING EARTH really read much more like an ecological text book and argument for fusion as a solution to the energy crisis than a book primarily about Mars. It also made clear that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory does not take kindly to people who disagree about Martian weather, although NASA Ames has taken some bolder steps towards publishing the truth about Mars and overreliance on Viking era results. It backed off the Viking conclusion about no organic chemistry on Mars, and NASA has even highlighted the discovery of “alien DNA” here on Earth.

A true sense of the direction taken by DEAD MARS, DYING EARTH can be gained from its summary of what its author calls THE GARDEN EARTH ENTERPRISE in Chapter 12.  He makes nine key points with the first eight making sense, but the last one seemed a bit dated (the Peace Corps is now over 50 years old).

  1. Develop fusion power,
  2. Develop practical electric cars and reinvigorate electric railroads worldwide (This is being done in Israel).
  3. Pay rainforest nations for their oxygen production.
  4. Develop solar energy (This is also being done in Israel).
  5. Fund a vigorous space program to help prevent another Tunguska asteroid impact and to mine helium-3 to permit radiation-free fusion on Earth.
  6. Ratify the Kyoto Protocol and quit complaining about it.
  7. Move closer to nature and practice a lifestyle less dependent on oil and electricity.
  8. Triage environmental problems.
  9. Quadruple the size of the Peace Corps and expand its mission.

His first book often discusses the issue of “carbon sinks” (places that absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide). It alerts us that the rain forests are rapidly declining carbon sinks, and it points out that where they are being burnt they are now putting more CO2 into the air than they are removing. It also makes clear the possibility that the oceans may disgorge carbon dioxide in a manner similar to Lake Nyos in Cameron which in 1984 killed 1,700 people and 19,000 animals.  He links the steady rise in CO to a persistent Oxygen Inventory Depletion (OID).

His second work, LIFE AND DEATH ON MARS, was a quick update of the true nature of Mars. Editing problems were somewhat of a distraction; however while reading it was more like reading the professor’s notes than reading a book, the “good stuff” (which starts with Mariner 9 on page 81) does a great job in taking us from the dismal lunar-like portrait painted by Mariner 4 to a world that is much more Earth-like.

THE DEATH OF MARS. Brandenburg explains why our government was hesitant to start a spiritual crisis for humanity, or to risk a panic similar to that caused by the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds in 1938. But before driving home the evidence for the nuclear incident on Mars, he first tells us about a horrendous asteroid impact that occurred where we now find the Lyot crater at 50N, 330W, north of Arabia Terra and east of Mare Acidalium. That crater (200 km wide) is bigger than the Chicxulub basin on Earth – the impact site that resulted in extinction of the dinosaurs. Then he takes us through the second and largely fatal punch to Mars with a detailed explanation of why the argon 40 isotope found in abundance in the Martian atmosphere and the xenon 129 were problems – they are typical of what forms after a nuclear explosion. Initially we read about a natural nuclear reaction that once took place at a site named Okla in Gabon, Africa. But there were important differences detected between the African and Martian events.

The Martian meteorites hold little uranium or thorium. Yet Russian Martian probes (not landers) detected both on Mars (plus xenon-129) in amounts similar to what is seen on Earth – especially after nuclear bombs are used.  Brandenburg asserts that this means these elements lie in a thin layer on the surface rather than in rocks below it. He indicates that radioactive potassium was also hyperactive on the Martian surface in a pattern that matched the thorium. This he believes means that some process had spread the thorium and uranium dust all over the planet, and this process also irradiated the potassium with neutrons in the same pattern. The major hot spot appeared to be burned as we would expect to see had there been a nuclear “airburst” over the site. On the opposite side of the planet (at the antipode) there was another radioactive hot spot that looked like the two halves of the shock wave had traveled around the planet to meet there. The similarities to an airburst mean that this explosion was probably not natural  (Note: it appears that by 2014 he had revised his idea about an antipode to a second nuclear explosion – see Figure 4).  That implies that we have more to worry about than those lichen-like green patches on Martian rocks seen by the Vikings before someone adjusted the color values for public consumption. It means that long before our current civilization arose on Earth, there was a nasty intelligence at foot in our solar system who did not hesitate to nuke Mars into near oblivion.

Who could do such a thing?  I examine that question in my page about Alien Hybrids. But Brandenburg gives no hard answers in his first two Mars books, though I have yet to read his fiction work entitled MORNINGSTAR PASS, The Collapse of the UFO Coverup. Normally I follow up on stories like Brandenburg’s assertions out of scientific curiosity. But I made much of my living with the military as a war plan writer. Having seen the evidence presented by Dr. Brandenburg, I feel that we need to actively plan for a possible defense against whoever perpetrated the assault on Mars, but I also believe we shouldn’t lose sight of the idea that if Brandenburg is right, this event occurred at least 180,000,000 years ago – almost three times further back in time than when the dinosaurs were wiped out.


two branbenburg books

Figure 5 – Brandenburg book covers.

DATING THE INCIDENTS. The initial article quoted above states, “About 180 million years ago, a planet-shattering yet naturally occurring nuclear reaction may have wiped out everything on Mars, sending a shockwave that turned the planet into dry sand.”  However, as Dr. Brandenburg makes clear in both his books about Mars, dating events on Mars can be difficult and is, in general, closely linked to cratering rates. As such, the recent findings about new craters seen on Mars is of interest.  If cratering rates are much higher than the 4X lunar rate, then the event age of  180 million year may be too young. See the article by Dr. Shane Byrne to understand just how a process that cratering on Mars is today. However, in speaking with Dr. Brandenburg, he made clear that he has more confidence in dating techniques that utilize radioisotopes. He believes that the face-like object at Cydonia is at least 180,000,000 years old too. He thinks this means that if intelligent life survived on Mars, it had to do so below the surface of the planet. I suggested that the caves in the Arsia Mons volcano might work, and he agreed.  See Section 3 of our Mars Correct Basic Report to learn more about the caves there. The latest edition of our report and PowerPoint is here. A picture of one of the caves is shown below.



FIGURE 6 above – Caves on Mars.


Most of the data posted here almost completely avoids politics and religion. But here you will also learn what is found at an equidistant letter sequence, possibly deliberately encoded in the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible). Here there’s no sensitivity to what’s politically correct; and whatever topic makes the news is fair game for my research and my opinions. On Figure 7 below the axis term is DELAYING MARS. It’s relatively rare to find a 10-letter a-priori term like it. At the same skip (-70,216) is ALIEN. Crossing the axis term in the open text is DUST FROM THE HEAVENS. Dust plays a major role in Martian weather. Although transliterations of Obama usually are spelled alef vav bet mem hey, another valid transliteration is alef vav bet mem alef. At skip -1 on this matrix is B. OBAMA. This is the only time in Torah that this name occurs at skip -1 or +1 with either spelling of OBAMA. In the open text is WAR. After waiting most of my life to see the U.S. follow up its manned flights to the moon with similar missions to Mars, I have only recently come to believe that our Government will never allow such unclassified missions, not just because of concerns about aliens on Mars in its distant past, but also because of the implications of the findings of Dr. John Brandenburg that indicate there was once a horrendous war on that planet. The space-faring nations of the world may not want this message to go public because they fear it would have disastrous results in terms on general panic, and because they may think they might not likely survive such a panic. But the proof for such a charge will not be found in the controversial Torah Code. It can only provide hints, but these hints are not admissible under the standard rules of science because the Torah Code itself remains unaccepted by general science. To get at the truth in a manner that plays by the rules of science requires evidence like found in our report and its Annexes.  On the matrix below Obama takes part of the blame for not sending people to Mars, but the matrix also includes WAR in the open text. Obama isn’t the first president to put off sending people to Mars out of fear of informing the public about what really happened there. Those in the know have likely long thought that we can’t handle the truth.

During the  Obama Administration the President lied to the nation about health insurance known as ObamaCare. The plans was largely designed by an M.I.T. Professor named Jonathan Gruber who thanked the stupidity of the American voter for passage of the President’s health care program. What Brandenburg needs to understand is that we will never see adequate U.S. Government funding to send people to Mars unless people stop being “stupid” and start reading what the evidence really shows about Mars. Do you want to be educated? Read Mars Correct: Critique of All NASA Martian Weather Data, or at least look at the PowerPoint for it. The latest edition of our report and PowerPoint is here. As for the fear of an educated pubic I can only say this as a Modern Orthodox Jew. I do believe in God. I believe that He encoded the Torah, but I must warn you that very few Orthodox rabbis have the skills or software required to read the Code. You see a lot of matrices on my site, but I’ve been at this for 26 years now and my original motivation was not religious – rather it was to learn if there was material encoded that was of intelligence value for the U.S. military in its struggle against global terrorism. In general, I view the question of the Martian weather as being unrelated to Torah Codes but I do find strong evidence that the Government lies to us about everything related to Mars and UFOs. The Code is useful in understanding why they lie to us so  much. Finally, in 2011 I wrote that favor of telling people the truth, if it is confirmed that there was a nuclear war on Mars, maybe that fact would make people (in particular – Muslim terrorists) a little less secure in their beliefs and a little more open to joining the rest of the human race – if for nothing else, having a more effective way to oppose any hostile alien race that might confront us in the future. Now, in 2023 I am more worried about the fate of mankind if the Government continues to lie about a huge alien presence on Earth and throughout our galaxy.

The difference between my attitude now and 12 years ago is quite simple. In 2011 aliens were, in my mind, only theoretical. Since then I have met two or three people that I believe are aliens. I am most certain that Craig Ebrahimi is from Altair-4. His gift to humanity was COVID-19. Craig admits to being, to use his words, “A REAL FUCKING EXTRATERRESTRIAL.”

The second ET that have met is from the Pleiades, but she now lives in Lakeland, Florida, Unlike Craig whose body proportions are out of normal human range with legs that are almost a foot too short, Rivka R. appears to be normal, but her memories are full of encounters  of with aliens (some of which ate children or human-grey hybrids. The third suspect I call Joseph Sapphire, but I have shortened his last name by one Hebrew for dual security concerns. At a minimum I believe that he is a Government/CIA Time Cop, but I have learned that the CIA works with aliens. Joseph demonstrated knowledge of my future and my son’s future. He has not yet proved that he is an alien but both that possibility and the time cop hypothesis work equally well in explaining how he knew so much about my immediate future.


F7 2020_delaying_mars_finds

FIGURE 7 – Reasons behind the delay in putting publicly known astronauts on Mars.

FIGURE 7: OBAMA’S DELAY TACTIC. On September 14, 2011, NASA announced plans to develop the Space Launch System – an advanced heavy-lift launch vehicle (HLV) designed to carry the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle ultimately to deep space.  The first flight was targeted for late 2017 but as we enter 2021 the full rocket still has not flown and if we get people to Mars by rocket it will more likely be via a Space X rocket. I originally published Figure 5 almost a decade ago in June, 2011. It’s still worth looking at today. The axis term is DELAYING MARS. This is the only ELS of the 10-letter term. It is relatively rare to find a 10-letter a-priori term like it.  At the same exact skip (-70,216) is ALIEN. My son and I have done extensive research on Martian dust storms and dust devils there. Crossing the axis term in the open text is DUST FROM THE HEAVENS. Although transliterations of Obama usually are spelled alef vav bet mem hey, another valid transliteration is alef vav bet mem alef. At skip -1 on this matrix is B. OBAMA. This is the only time in Torah that this name occurs at skip -1 or +1 with either spelling of OBAMA. In the open text is WAR. After waiting most of my life to see the U.S. follow up its manned flights to the moon with similar missions to Mars, back in 2011 I came to believe that our Government will never allow such unclassified missions, not just because of concerns about aliens on Mars in its distant past (and now I believe today too), but also because of the implications of findings by Dr. John Brandenburg that indicate there was once a horrendous war on that planet. The space-faring nations of the world do not want this message to go public because it would have disastrous results in terms on general panic, and because they would not likely survive such a panic. But the proof for such a charge will not be found in the controversial Torah Code. It can only provide hints. We need people there that are not beholden to the Deep State/Fourth Reich, however while not sought back in 2011, HITLER is on this matrix.

STATISTICAL AND POLITICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MATRIX. The a priori axis term is DELAYING MARS). It’s 10 letters in length at ELS rank 1 (which is rare). As per my standard protocol, no statistical significance is attached to it. While the phase DUST FROM THE HEAVENS certainly has meaning in terms of this family’s Martian research, it was found a posteriori so no statistical significance is associated with. Until 2020 this left me with ALIEN at a special case skip (here that of the axis term), B. OBAMA at skip -1, and WAR in the open text, all of which were found a priori plus HITLER. For terms found in the open text, I only check the Torah for its frequency at skip +1. But for ALIEN and B. OBAMA I checked the Torah for their frequencies at all special case skips (+1, -1, and the absolute skip of the axis term).  In November, 2020 I began to reexamine old matrices for evidence of the Fourth Reich who allegedly have craft that can reach Mars. I found that this matrix has a transliteration of HITLER (but with a tav rather than a tet) plus NAZI at skip -1. WAR occurs 36 times in Torah. As such, there was 1 chance in 15 to find it on the 578-letter matrix. While it only occurs once in Torah at skips -1 or +1, we must also check for the frequency with both spellings of B. OBAMA at skips +/- 70,216. It was found on the larger matrix against odds of about 264 to 1. ALIEN is found at a special case skip against odds of about 28 to 1 on the full matrix. The combined terms WARB. OBAMA and ALIEN all appear on the smaller (2011) version of the matrix against odds of 335,731 to 1. When the matrix is expanded from 400 to 578 letters to show one of two spellings for HITLER that were sought plus NAZI, the full matrix was found against odds of about 43,498,601 to 1. While there may be Americans on Mars today as well as aliens what Obama and other presidents may have been hiding is that there are probably Germans/Nazis there who have a home base back on Earth in Antarctica where they use slave labor.




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