Stalemate Cause for Nuclear War?

March 28, 2022


STALEMENT GOES ATOMICSTATEMATE ODDS FIG 1Odds against Figure 1 are about 39,124 to 1.This matrix is based on the idea that a stalemate in NATO’s proxy-war against Russia’s insane leader (Putin) will cause the mad leader to use nuclear weapons (as he has threatened to do) against Ukraine, NATO.  What is worse is that it’s not only Putin that is insane, Neither Biden,  nor Harris is in contact with reality, and both are likely under Putin’s control (and/or Obama as will be discussed with the next matrix).


Figure 2 was found against odds of about 44,318,807 to 1. This is the more significant stalemate matrix. The most significant term is B. OBAMA (found against odds of about 374 to 1). Biden called Putin a butcher. BUTCHERY is the second most significant term, found against offs of about 37 to 1. While not the President when Putin invaded Crimea in Ukraine, Biden was Vice President and Putin was also being portrayed as a butcher at the time when he invaded Crimea. PUTIN was found on this matrix against of about 13 to 1.  Russia is trying to starve out the Ukrainians but Russian troops are also going hungry.  HUNGRY is in the open text and starvation at the skip of the axis term crosses it. BUTCHERY also crosses STARVATION.


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