EEI for Possible Alien Ebrahimi (1/27/2023)


On Fri, May 1, 2020 at 12:06 PM Craig Ebrahimi <> wrote:Barry I have 3 documentary offers: Prometheus entertainment, Ancient aliens,See Figure 3 below for the Prometheus resemblance.PROMETHEUSAnd some Will not …My Rockefeller partners would not approve.My wife she had two extremely healthy boys.CraigROFFMAN COMMENT: Rockefeller partners involved!
I asked this question because someone (Matthew Wilson) associated with the Rockefellers tried to recruit me for the Thule Society in 2013 to 2014. His motivation was not clear but here is what survives in my records (just the e-mail address and the 500-page attachment: Behold A PALE HORSE.from:  Matthew Wilson matthewwilson888@gmail.comto:  Barry Roffman <>date:Apr 13, 2014, 7:37 PMNote: I have only briefly skimmed through the above book for the first time on May 11, 2020. ROFFMAN COMMENT: On hair length and resemblance to man-like alien in Prometheus
From: Craig Ebrahimi <>
Sent: May 1, 2020 1:36 PM
To: Barry Roffman <>
Subject: Re: Re: My hair has been shaved #2 since teens. Must be a coincidence.NOTE BY ROFFMAN ON 1/24/2023: Craig statement above on 5/1/2020 is contradicted by the photo he sent me of him having hair in 2016. See Figure 4 below:CRAIG WITHAND WITHOUT HAIRAbove: Figure 4: Craig Ebrahimi with hair in 2016 and without hair in 2020.

Below: Figure 5: The Altair uniform insignia was found in a Russian manual given to Elena Danaan. The uniforms are slightly different from what is seen on Craig’s photo taken on April 30, 2020. Craig wears the planetary insignia on his right chest, but the sketch shows it on the left chest. Both Craig and the drawn alien are quite well built in the chest region. As for wearing the service device on one side or the other, it’s hard to know if the artist simply remembered the wrong side or not.  The diagram has the members wearing shoulder boards. It may be that they recognize an officer rather than an enlisted person. The side that devices or ribbons are worn on may be due to similar military traditions. With the U.S. military Service medals and ribbons are generally worn in rows on the left side of the chest. In certain commemorative or memorial circumstances, a relative may wear the medals or ribbons of a dead relative on the right side of the chest. Medals and ribbons not specifically mentioned in the “Order of wear” are also generally worn on the right side of the chest. Sequencing of the ribbons depends on each country’s regulations. In the United States, for example, those with the highest status—typically awarded for heroism or distinguished service—are placed at the top of the display, while foreign decorations (when allowed) are last in the bottom rows. When medals are worn (typically on the left side of a shirt or jacket), ribbons with no corresponding medals are worn on the right side.ALTAIR UNIFORMCOMPARING CRAIG’S PERSONALITY WITH BEHAVIOR SEEN IN THE AKHORI OF THE ALTAIR SYSTEM. Elena Danaan book (A GIFT FROM THE STARS) states that ,”Akhorii are extremely similar to Terrans (Earthlings) in the way of their adventurous spirit of conquest and power. Although part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds through their affiliation to the “Alliance”, they are often causing diplomatic difficulties. They are not considered trustworthy and are a regular source of tensions. This lines up well with the Craig that I know.  He claims that other aliens (presumably from his species) telepathically gave him the location the 27-pound meteorite that he found buried under the shallow seafloor that lies just off the Coast of Sooke, BC, Canada. he then says that he took a year to buy scuba equipment and learn how to dive so he could find his treasure. If true, that is certainly adventurous – all the more so because he was doing it under the noses of Canadian police and military forces that cruise the Straight of Juan de Fuca. I warned him up front that whatever he told me would be reported to our military intelligence folks, but he was too focused on getting rich from  his “biotechnology.”  He bragged about being a millionaire since his teens, and spoke about becoming a trillionaire as a result of his allegedly having the cure for Covid-19. As for causing diplomatic difficulties, implying that his meteorite had the virus needed to produce Covid-19 and seeking to sell it to anyone (eventually it made its way through Jiangwen Qu and into the China Army via the Tsianjin, China Center for Infectious Disease Control) would not further world peace.Danaan writes, “They are heavily involved in abductions and in interbreeding programs with Terrans, in cooperation with the US-Telos Alliance and the Orion Grey Collective.” Based on Craig’s bragging about having two very healthy sons I would not be surprised to learn that he is interbreeding with a Canadian human. More than once he came across as expressing delight about the health of his sons because hybrids don’t always turn out so well. Just check out some of our research with them underground in Dulce, New Mexico. My friend, Rifka R. (who claims to have a Pleiadian background) says she was shown a Reptilian ship where human-grey hybrids were panicking because were being taken to served up as food for the Reptilians. No, she didn’t give me direct proof for these assertions so why should I even mention such (you must think) nonsense? Because the U.S. put some evidence out in the form of both NASA and U.S. Space Force flags. They are both maps. They show where there is intelligent life that our Government is in contact with. Both show the Pleiades. Both show Alpha Draconis. Orion is on NASA’s flag, and a star in Orion about to go supernova (Betelgeuse) is on the Space Force flag – but it is shown blowing up. The flags are not all inclusive. But for starters Pleiadians, of course, come from that constellation, many grays are from Orion, and many species of Reptilians are from Alpha Draconis (although Danaan claims  that there have been Reptilians/shape shifters on Earth for about 5,700 years). The two flags of interest are shown  on Figure 6 below.


BETELGEUSE-BLOWS-1040x537Figure 6 above: Both NASA and Space Force flags show maps of constellations where intelligent life is found. My friend, Rifka R., and Elena Danaan, the author of A Gift From The Stars, Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races, both deal with very close encounters. Pleiadians attempted to save Danaan from intrusive operations that sterilized her.

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