Ukraine 2014 War/2020 Airliner

This dangerous crisis is well encoded. (Updated 3/19/2014)

The people of Ukraine (at least the Catholics of Ukraine) want closer ties to Western Europe. The Ukrainian President Yanukovych sold out to Russia for $15 billion, but he was overthrown because of it. In protest those who wanted to align with Europe seized Government buildings and held peaceful protests. However the talks broke down and about 80 people were killed in riots. On Figure 1 below the axis term is UKRAINE. It runs directly into and shares a letter alef with IT AND ALL ITS PEOPLE TO BATTLE in the open text. At the same absolute skip, but opposite direction, as UKRAINE is OBAMA DISTRIBUTIONS. OBAMA was found a-priori, DISTRIBUTIONS was only noticed a-posteriori via snooping. A transliteration of AND RUSSIA is at the same skip as OBAMA DISTRIBUTIONS. SANCTION at skip -2 shares a letter lamed with DISTRIBUTIONS. Obama announced limited sanctions on March 6, 2104. Finally RIOTS is also at an ELS; as is COMMENTS. Obama has made many official comments about the situation, but none of them stopped Russia from invading Ukraine. There is a better ELS RIOTS at skip +1 and BLOOD OF THE SLAIN AND THE CAPTIVES encoded with UKRAINE on Figure 2.
       On March 4th Russia test fired an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) while Secretary of State Kerry was visiting Kiev. This was seen as a warning to the U.S. As is shown on Figure 3 ROCKET is at the same skip as UKRAINE one column to the right and three to five rows down. An ELS of KERRY begins at the letter kuf in UKRAINE.

Figure 1 is above. Spreadsheets to calculate the statistical significance of Figured 1 and 2 are below.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MATRICES. As per my standard protocol, no statistical significance is assigned to the axis term, on Figure 1 above the 10th lowest skip for UKRAINE and on Figure 2 after the spreadsheet below, the 8th lowest skip of UKRAINE. Both matrices are based on wrapped Torah where the computer makes more than one pass through the 304,805 letters of Torah.
      On Figure 1 the a priori key words used to calculate statistical significance are OBAMA, RUSSIA, RIOTS, COMMENTS, SANCTION, and BATTLE (war). OBAMA was found at a special case skip (+/- 1 or the absolute skip of the axis term) against odds of about 165 to 1. For RUSSIA that was also true, but it should be noted that this transliteration of RUSSIA does not use the standard Hebrew samech for the S sound. Rather it uses a shin. Modern Hebrew tends to use a samech for the S in names and a tet for T when it is used, but these letters are relatively rare in Torah, so I often search for both when trying to see what is encoded. The Torah was not written in Modern Hebrew, and even today spellings for street names in Israel can vary from block to block. In the Torah the letter S is seen as a samech 1,833 times, but we see shin/sin there 15,559 times – almost 8.5 times more. We find the letter tet 1,804 times but tav 17,950 times – about 9.95 times more than tet. Using this substitution (and wrapped matrices) allowed the Author of the Torah Code to encode far more material than what can be found with Modern Hebrew and only one computer pass through the Torah.
       On Figure 1 An ELS of RIOTS was found against odds of about 50 to 1. TO BATTLE (war) was found against odds of about 14 to 1.  SANCTION was not significant and was almost guaranteed to be somewhere on the matrix. COMMENTS was also easier to find than calling a coin toss correctly. The word DISTRIBUTIONS that follows OBAMA may refer to financial aid or DISTRIBUTIONS that go from the U.S. to Ukraine ($810,700,000 in 2011), but this is not close to the $15 billion that Russia promised the Ukraine when President Viktor Yanukovych sold out his homeland to Vladimir Putin of Russia. However the word was not found a-priori so I do not calculate odds for it. Overall after factoring in ELS rank 10 for Ukraine, the Figure 1 was found against odds of about 35,741,126 to 1. This figure factors in structure with special case skips, but not terms sought and not found. Of note on 2/26/2014 – Putin pulled his promise for financial aid when the pro-Moscow government fell. Ukraine is in a dire financial crisis without this aid – it needs an estimated $35 billion in aid  to make it through the next 2 years.
       As for Figure 2, the primary a priori term was RIOTS. What I found here was the only ELS of that word in Torah at skip +1, which I rate as the best case scenario. If this matrix was based on the lowest skip for UKRAINE the match in 240 letters would exist against odds of 1,270 to 1. However for the final odds combined I divide by 8 to account for ELS rank 8 for UKRAINE. The word is only two letters in Hebrew. For such a short word I alter my usually alter my normal protocol and use the English in the King James Version on my CodeFinder software to determine frequency of the word in the open text. There are 165 references to blood in the Torah. So it has about 1 chance in 8 to be on the matrix. Overall the matrix exists against odds of about 3,476 to 1.

Figure 2 – Ukraine is encoded with blood and riots

Figure 3 below: Even the ICBM fired by Russia when Kerry was in Ukraine is encoded.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF FIGURE 3. As per my standard protocol, no statistical significance is assigned to the axis term, on Figure 3 the same ELS for UKRAINE as was shown on Figure 1. Figure 3, however, is only 252 letters in area, and it includes the word ROCKET at the same skip as UKRAINE, and the same absolute skip as OBAMA.  The analysis also includes KERRY who was in Kiev, Ukraine when Russia fired an ICBM. Rocket, at a special case skip (+/-1 or the absolute skip of the axis term) was on the matrix against odds of about 42 to 1. Overall this matrix existed against odds of about 190,281 to 1.
POLITICAL COMMENTARY. This crisis can best be blamed on Obama and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. It is the clearest message that can be sent by Russia to America about Obama’s extreme weakness. The invasion comes almost immediately after Hagel announced plans to cut U.S. military forces to levels not seen before World War 2.  If I chose to expand the matrix a bit more I could have shown the word WEAK at the same absolute skip as OBAMA. The crisis can also be linked to Obama’s red line on Syria which turned out to be a joke for every one except the tens of thousands of people murdered there because there line was no line at all.
       As for the people of Ukraine, it is clear that there are really two Ukraines – one loyal to Russia and the other yearning for freedom and closer ties with the European Union. Like so many crises and wars before, what we are seeing is a product of borders drawn without thought to natural divisions of a territory. Clearly the Catholic people of western Ukraine have a different world view than the Orthodox Christians of the Crimea and eastern Ukraine.
IMPLICATONS FOR SPACE FLIGHT. While at first glance this crisis has nothing to do with spaceflight, it has strong implications for cooperation there that trouble me. Our weak president shut down the space shuttle with no American replacement for getting our astronauts up to the International Space Station (ISS) or back from it. So basically, the only way up or down is by Russian rocket. We have essentially handed the keys to the ISS over to Russia, and I would add that only one astronaut at the ISS is armed with a gun – a Russian with his gun allegedly to deal with wolves on landing in Russia should the astronauts need to evacuate the station on the Russian escape pod. By the way, I live in Cape Canaveral, Florida where I often see Atlas rockets fired into space. Those vehicles are powered by Russian rocket engines, the RD-180. Made in America? Obama has no clue about what that means. Finally, you may notice some Russian going up on my site where my BASIC REPORT for MARS CORRECT: CRITIQUE OF ALL MARS WEATHER DATA WITH EMPHASIS  ON PRESSURE is being translated into Russian. The report is being translated with the hope that their space program will help me kick NASA’s butt into telling us the truth about about Mars. While our report has forced NASA into making small changes in its message about Martian winds and day-length at the Mars Science Laboratory, the real pressure on Mars is also shown in our PowerPoint at MARS CORRECT: Critique of All NASA Martian Weather Data with Emphasis on PressureOur research is updated often so these links may stop working with time, but the latest links are always found at HERE. Obviously I want to see good relations between our nations, or at least relations good enough to see some level of cooperation in space unless such cooperation is based on hiding the truth about Mars from public awareness.

Statistical significance for terms on Figure 3.


Iran continues to also blow its economy out of the sky. Published on 1/12/2020.

Three hours after Iran fired 16 ballistic missiles at our forces in Iraq, killing and wounding zero people there, Iran apparently shot down a Ukrainian airliner that had just taken off from the Khomeini (Tehran) International airport at 06:12 local time. All 178 people on board (mostly Iranians) were killed. On the matrix below the axis term is UKRAINIAN. FLIGHT is at skip -1. On the top line CRASH is at skip +1 two letters from UKRAINIAN. Also on that line are WE UTTERLY DESTROYED THEM and UTTERLY DESTROYING. The verse there (Deuteronomy 3:6) mentions the men, the women and the little ones. Toys were found in the wreckage. PERSIA (Iran) is parallel to and at twice the skip of the axis term. Army General Milley was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. MILLEY TO is at the absolute skip of the axis term and it touches GO OUT IN THE ARMY. Barack H. Obama gave Tehran, Iran $151.7 billion while he was president. On the matrix BARACK H. at skip -1 is overlapped by a transliteration of TEHRAN. Both words touch PERSIA. The flight was going to Kiev in the Hebrew year 5780. KIEV and 5780 (2020) are both at an ELS and so is ACCIDENT, but these terms are not at special case skips. This matrix was found against odds of about 2,707,052,900 to 1.



STATISTICAL AND POLITICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MATRIX. On Figure 1 the axis term is UKRAINIAN at its 9th lowest skip in wrapped Torah, but there were 11 ELSs of UKRAINE at a lower skip so for calculation purposes since either word was acceptable, I used ELS rank 20 in my calculation. Before factoring in the axis term ELS rank 20, the most significant a priori term was FLIGHT. I searched for 4 synonyms and found one of them at a special case skip (+1) against odds of about 391 to 1. However I would not have published the matrix without at least one reference to a flight. A fascinating find is MILLEY.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is there at a special case skip against odds of about 195 to 1. I have commented before about his apparent discomfort at press conferences about the killing of General Soleimani. On January 9, 2020 Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg blamed our blamed President Trump.

Innocent civilians are now dead because they were caught in the middle of an unnecessary and unwanted military tit for tat.

My thoughts are with the families and loved ones of all 176 souls lost aboard this flight. 

       O.K. Butt man, I’ll agree that it would be unnecessary to have any tit for tit had General Soleimani successfully gone after you. But for the over 600 Americans killed by Soleimani, there was no need for any intelligence about how many more needed to die to justify killing him. He murdered over 600 of our people and thousands of others. He deserved the death sentence. Past leadership lacked the testosterone needed to carry out the Torah required sentence. President Trump has no problem with being a real man, and so he did his job. Now, as for MILLEY being on the matrix at the same absolute skip as UKRAINIAN, this likely does not imply that General Milley is responsible for downing that jet. But it does show that the flight in question and its crash occurred at the time of General Milley’s leadership of our military. Without his name and the Hebrew Year 5780 (2020) being in the matrix we would not know which ELS of Ukrainian or Ukraine to focus on. The year is on the matrix but it had about a 64.6% chance to be there. MILLEY is much more specific.

        WE UTTERLY DESTROYED THEM and UTTERLY DESTROYING were both on the matrix as part of Deuteronomy 3:6. The odds against having at least one of these phrases in the open were about 98 to 1. CRASH at skip +1 is also on the matrix (in the same verse) against odds of about 4.9 to 1. Deuteronomy 3:6 says:

And we utterly destroyed them, as we did unto Sihon king of Heshbon, utterly destroying the men, women, and little children, of every city.

The reference to small children is gut-wrenching when we see the toys and children’s books in the wreckage. While the word wreckage does not make it into all the translations, it is there in the Hebrew. As for every city, the crisis with Iran is not over until they either eliminate their nuclear weapons program or we have a nuclear war with them (which is ultimately encoded in Torah – see Figure 2). PERSIA is on the matrix against odds of over 8 to 1. PERSIA touches BARACK H. which is here at a special case skip against odds of about against odds of about 5.6 to 1. Other terms detected were found at odds under 5 to 1. Again, this matrix was found against odds of over 2.7 billion to 1.

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