Gil Levin – Part 2 & Eugene Roffman UFO Disclosure

Gil Levin – Part 2 & Eugene Roffman – UFO Disclosure and Life Beyond Mars

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Gilbert Levin’s probable discovery of life on Mars did not occur in a near (fraudulent) vacuum. Nor did NASA Administrator James Fletcher order the blue color of the Martian sky (and green patches on rocks) showing on JPL monitors in 1976 to be manually altered to reddish because that was his favorite color. Viking 1 landed 32 years after the Roswell incident and 9 years after UFOs allegedly shut down ICBMs at the Malmstrom Air Force Base. Between those two events there were cooperative efforts made by a number of Governments, but especially by the U.S. and Soviet Governments, to back-engineer the threat via Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) and Nondestructive Testing (NDT). There was also, apparently, an agreement to keep the threat unknown to the general public. This article reveals the names of NDT scientists who likely back-engineered the Roswell UFO. In addition to my uncle, Eugene Roffman, special attention should be given to scientists mentioned from Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Air Force Materials Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the U.S.S.R., and Poland.

          The article below is the most sensitive thing that I’ve ever written about. While it’s hidden under the Gilbert Levin name, it’s closely tracked on a regular basis by the Department of Defense Network Information Center (DoDNIC). If you are reading it, it’s likely that they know who you are. For example, although few people find their way here, on November 19, 2016 I was on the beach here in Cape Canaveral, Florida. There was a launch of a United Launch Alliance’s Atlas V rocket. Its payload was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s GOES-R satellite. While awaiting the liftoff I spoke with a random man in the viewing audience who asked me about UFOs. I told him about this article, but warned him that if he read it, the DoDNIC would check him out. Still, he insisted on looking at it on his cell phone. Sure enough, when I came in from the beach and checked my list of viewers there was one from Florida at the correct time. When I checked the reverse IP address it was the DoDNIC. It’s said that, “The truth is out there.” Actually, it’s below, but this truth can come with a large price tag.


I wasn’t lucky enough to always live in Cape Canaveral, Florida. In March of 1960 I was a wise-ass, not quite 13 year old kid stuck at 1230 Greeby Street in Philadelphia, PA. The only thing I liked about living in “the grey world” up there were weekends at the Franklin Institute, Phillies games, and my super intelligent uncle, aunt, and cousins living across the street. My uncle Eugene (my father’s brother) is pictured in Figure 1. He was National Director for the Society of Nondestructive Testing and co-chairmen of the Society’s convention held in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan in March 1960. All the attendees are listed below. That was at the height of the Cold War, two months before the Soviet Union shot down our U-2 spy plane. I remember when Uncle Gene went to Japan. He was not only the first person on our block to have a color TV, but also the first one to travel so far, at least when we weren’t at war. Given how close our families were to each other, if someone would have told me that 54 years later in 2014 it would turn out that his presence at the convention would be critical to my research and deeply divide our family, I would have thought them nuts. And I certainly couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams that his presence there so long ago might result in a threat to my life in 1997, or a threat to sue me in 2014. But it did.

Figure 1 above – A newspaper article about my Uncle Eugene (Gene) Roffman. Figure 2 below – A Kennedy Space Center News Release about his nephew (and my distant cousin) Stan Gross.

First Roswell Disclosure, December 24, 1997, Hallandale Beach Florida – The Night that Our Family and Lives Changed.

December 24, 1997 was a night that was a huge stimulus for my UFO and Mars research. It was Christmas Eve. My family is Jewish. I was 50. Jews don’t celebrate Christmas, but we do get together then. The night is known to us as Nittel Nacht. We are generally prohibited from studying Talmud, or having sex. But a lot of us eat (hopefully kosher) Chinese food then.

That evening our family had a large reunion at my Uncle Eugene’s condo. It’s possible that I might have been near Stan Gross at earlier family gatherings, but I was never introduced to him before. My uncle told me that Stan worked at the Kennedy Space Center where he played a key role in deciding when astronauts would be sent up. As is shown on Figure 3, Stan coordinated the checkout of the Lunar Rover for Apollo 15. Uncle Eugene was my father’s brother. Stan was my uncle’s wife’s nephew.

Both of my sons were there that night. At the time, my older son was a 20-year old Air Force ROTC cadet and geophysics major at M.I.T. He was slated to report to U.S. Space Command at Vandenberg Air Force Base upon graduation. My highest hope was that he would become an astronaut, and eventually reach Mars where his geophysics background would really pay off. My younger son, David, was only 4, though a very bright 4. He had started to speak sentences at the age of 3 months. Later he would earn his B.S. in Space Physics at the age of 18, his Master’s in physics at 20 and his PhD in physics at the age of 23 he has his PhD in solid state physics. He did his postdoc at Yale after that. David is my primary partner in Martian meteorology research. See

For most of my meeting with Stan in 1997 we were discussing how my older son could enter the astronaut program and what the career entailed. But before we left, at around 10:00 pm when Stan and I were in the kitchen I mentioned a book by Dr. Kevin D. Randall about Roswell that I had read a week before. I didn’t expect much of an answer, but I was wrong.

I asked him, “What do you think about Roswell?”

His answer was, “It happened.”

Shocked, I asked, “What do you mean it happened?

He just said, “It happened.”

Again, I asked, “Do mean to say that we captured a flying saucer near Roswell?

He shook his head, “Yes.”

I asked him, “How would you know?”

He said, “I saw it.”

“When,” I asked him?


“Where,” I asked.

“It’s too classified. I can’t tell you.”

At this point I called my older son (who recently retired as a major in the Air Force Reserve) and a cousin into the kitchen, and then I asked Stan to repeat to them what he told me. If I didn’t do this they’d never believe that I was told such things. Stan complied, and repeated everything said above.

I continued the questions without a word being uttered by son son or by my cousin. Years later I still wonder if my cousin asked nothing because he already knew. I can’t remember the precise order of my questions, but overall they were as follows:

“Did you ever tell your wife?”

“No,” Stan said. “I didn’t want to upset her.”

“Why were you shown this thing?”

He said he had a need to know. I can’t remember his exact words on why he had a need to know, but the thrust of it seemed to be that if a UFO was in the area, a scheduled launch couldn’t proceed. There would be an excuse made, maybe something like a downrange emergency landing area had bad weather, or winds were too strong aloft, or lightning was too close to the launch pad. Since he had a say in any launch, he had a need to know that UFOs were more than weather balloons.

I asked him if our contact with aliens was limited to the crash just outside of Roswell. Again, his answer was shocking.

“There’s an ongoing relationship between them and our Government.”

Here we came to the essential question of this article. I demanded to know, “Are they friendly or hostile?”

       “You don’t know what your neighbor is thinking,” he said.

His answer reminded me of a former neighbor in Hypoluxo, Florida. The guy was a pervert and a crook. We caught him on our balcony trying to look in on my wife while she was dressing. We saw him going through garbage dumpsters looking for credit card receipts, likely to commit credit card fraud. When we near him, we would smile and say hello. Likewise he acted friendly. But my wife and I were asking the apartment management to evict him, while he was in fact burglarizing apartments and boats. Eventually he was caught stealing a boat motor, he was arrested and evicted. He never knew about our push to get rid of him, and we didn’t know that he was a thief until the complex caught him. So this is how Stan viewed aliens.

I left my Uncle’s condo feeling like I had been slugged by a two by four. If all this stuff were put out by Joe the Bartender, I would have blown it off. But it was said by a man who had the responsibility to launch astronauts into space. For two weeks I couldn’t sleep well. Finally I decided to call my uncle about the incident.

“Uncle Eugene,” I asked, “Is Stan playing with a full deck?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well, Stan said some pretty strange things,” I said.

“Oh,” Uncle Gene said, “Stan’s a great kidder.” I felt relief when I heard it. But to be sure of what I was hearing I asked my Uncle, “So you know what he said at your place?”

“No, what did he say?” I was asked. So I told him all of it. Now, as mentioned earlier, I grew up on the same street with my uncle. He was my favorite uncle, and I was in fact much closer to him than I was to my own father. I was 50 then, and when he died on September 11, 2008 I was 61. In all those years, I never heard him curse – except for when I told him what Stan had said. Then he told me, “You’re a G-d damned liar!”

But, of course, I had two witnesses, my son and my first cousin. I asked my uncle to call his son and ask him what he heard. He did, and my uncle called me back about 10 minutes later.

       “Barry,” he said. “I want you to listen to me and listen real good. You heard nothing. And if you think you heard something you may wind up dead.” He hung up, and wouldn’t talk to me for over two years after that. But immediately after the threatening call, I phoned my cousin.

“You heard what I heard,” I said to him.

“Yes I did,” my cousin said, “but I’m gonna forget that I heard it, and I think you should do the same.” My cousin has always been a civilian. I have loved him like a brother all my life. He taught me how to ride a bike, how to play chess, and how to reach the Franklin Institute by bus and subway when I was ten years old. I always looked up to him because when we were young he knew more Hebrew than I did, he went to an Ivy League School, and he has a Masters degree in physics and a doctorate in management. When I wrote books, he would help edit them. When I needed math assistance for my Torah Codes or Mars research, he freely offered it. We both traveled great distances to be with each other for family events like bar mitzvahs, weddings or funerals. But I’m a military guy. And, as my Intelligence friends know, I don’t respond well to threats. I’m also ready to risk my life over important issues, and frankly, I don’t think anything could be more important than a UFO cover-up. So my response to the threat and to the advice to forget about it all was to start an in depth (and still ongoing) investigation.

Follow-up to the Threat of December 24, 1997. Needless to say, I was more than alarmed by what at first sounded like a threat to my life by my uncle. But with time I’ve come to understand that he wasn’t threatening to kill me, but warning me that if I pursued the subject the way he knew that I’m capable of pursing a problem, I might be killed by someone in our Government who enforces secrecy with respect to the Roswell Incident and similar occurrences. My cousin took the warning to heart, and so he fell in line with my uncle even after my uncle died. I don’t know if my uncle contacted my older son with a similar warning. He refused to discuss the subject with me whenever I tried. But I refused to fall in line. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be my epitaph, but if it does, nobody lives forever.

I needed to know whether Stan was serious or joking. My cousin, over the next 17 years, continued to insist that he had questioned Stan about his remarks and that Stan told him that he was pulling my leg. However Stan held a position that would make such behavior not only inappropriate, but dangerous. In fact, it wrecked several relationships in our family (possibly including one with my older son, who went in the Air Force not as a geophysicist, but as a chaplain). I saw Stan one more time after his original remarks and he made no effort to correct what he had said before. Nor do I believe that he ever make such a correction to my older son. I can’t say if he really made such a retraction to my cousin, but with time I came to see that my cousin had a problem with being candid about anything related to UFOs. My mother (now deceased) knew Stan. When I asked for her opinion she said, “Stan wouldn’t say such a thing unless it were true, but he made a big mistake by telling you, because you have a big mouth and you’ll tell the world.” You’re reading this now because she’s right.

1997 was the year I began my Torah Code research. By 2000 I had joined a group of fellow Code researchers. Formed by Walter Keith York, we called ourselves the “Snoop Group.” One member gave the rest of us software called ZoneAlarm. It could block computer attacks, but also tell us the IP address of anyone who tried to hack into our systems. So, long before Edward Snowden made his revelations about the NSA monitoring everyone’s communications, I used it to try to test what Stan had to say. How? By setting a trap for the NSA and then waiting to see if they took the bait. I composed an e-mail with the full Stan story, and added two topics that were likely to have key words on NSA’s search list. One was the assassination of President Kennedy. It was common for UFO advocates to speculate that Kennedy was killed because he wanted to tell Americans about Roswell. The other topic was Dulce, New Mexico. There is an on-line book named The Dulce Book by Branton. It alleges that there is a joint U.S. Government- alien underground base in Dulce, New Mexico. My guess was that if Stan’s story was real one of two things should happen after I hit the send button on my computer – my phone would be tapped and there would be an attempt to hack into my computer. In fact, both happened almost immediately, both in my home and in the homes of message recipients. Indeed, for as long as I had ZoneAlarm on my system (a year or two), whenever I sent out an e-mail about UFOs, it indicated a hack attempt. That never happened before I sent out my message about Stan. In fact, Walt’s wife received a threating phone call within 5 minutes of my e-mail coming across his system. She was told, “You live in the house across the street from the green and white house.” The implied message seemed to be, We know where you are. Back off this topic. I don’t want to go into detail, but Walt didn’t have a natural death.

I don’t think that I saw my uncle much again between 1997 and the death of his wife in 2004. I did attend her funeral on Philadelphia, but there were no serious conversations with him until after I retired from active duty in 2007. I took my wife and younger son around the world, and then we went to visit him in Florida. I came armed with our photo album; pictures of China, Mongolia, Russia, France, Israel, and many other wonders that we had seen in the past decade. Uncle Eugene then took out his photo album. We expected to see pictures of his many travels, and of my father with him over the 92 years of his life. But he only wanted us to see one thing shown below – the Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Nondestructive Testing. I think it was the first item in his album, but I’m not certain. The conversation went as follows:

“I want you to see this,” he said.

“I remember when you went to Japan,” I told him.

“I want you to see who was there,” he said. So I flipped through it, and spotted his name. He told me, “I want you to see who else was there.” So I looked a bit more and spotted people from top academic institutions. The second name was associated with Oak Ridge, Tennessee where the atomic bomb was made. Hanford was there, and Livermore. “Yes,” I said, “it’s an impressive group.” But that wasn’t good enough for him.

“I want you to read all the names,” he demanded. So I slowly went down each page. There was a guy (Edward Dugger) from Wright Patterson Air Force Base. That was where I heard they took most of the Roswell UFO wreckage. There was also a Dr. Gerold Tenney from Los Alamos. More Roswell wreckage was allegedly sent there on July 9, 1947, but what really surprised me was that there were three scientists from the U.S.S.R and one from its Warsaw Pact partner, Poland. This conference was held in 1960 at the height of the Cold War.

“What the hell?” I said. “This is what you wanted me to see?” He just smiled. So I drew my conclusion and expressed it.

“You did non-destructive testing. So, if the Israelis captured a Russian made MiG or radar, and they gave it to the U.S. we use non-destructive testing to figure out how it works, and how to defeat it. And the Russians would do likewise with what they capture from our side. It looks like everyone on this list from our side would have had a top secret clearance. The same is probably true on the Russian side. Bringing these people together makes it look like maybe we had a common enemy. Are you trying to tell me that at the height of the Cold War we had a common enemy – UFOs?”

Figure 3 – List of participants at the Third International Conference of Nondestructive Testing: Wright Patterson AFB was represented by Edward Dugger.


Figure 4 – List of participants at the Third International Conference of Nondestructive Testing: The U.S.S.R. and Poland were represented at the height of the Cold War.

Figure 5 – List of participants at the Third International Conference of Nondestructive Testing: My uncle, Eugene Roffman was there. So were two representatives of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory.

       Here I must be careful. At some point in our conversation my uncle responded, “You’re a smart guy. You’ll figure it out.” I think it was in direct response to the above question. My wife thinks it was about half hour later as we were leaving his home. However, the entire conversation from that point on dealt with UFOs.

I showed him a drawing (shown below) of some sensitive satellite imagery that I had seen of an area on the ground in northern Egypt. It was near a site where I think the Ark of the Covenant is buried at about 31 degrees 9 minutes North, 33 degrees 4 minutes East on the El Zuqba peninsula that juts into Lake Bardawil. I write about this area extensively on my Ark Code site. What was of interest in the photos which were taken with radar from orbit is that they appear to show circular objects, not unlike the classic UFOs often portrayed in the media. They are located inside of what look similar to ruins of ancient forts with walls remaining on the northern and western sides (and sometimes eastern sides too). There are what look like double-humped battlements on top the walls. See Figure 6 for a sketch of one area with three saucer-like objects centered on 31.1361 degrees North, 33.0733 degrees East as seen from orbit. On the eastern side of these structures where no wall is apparent there is only sloping sand running into what looks like pits. The fort-like structures were specifically seen from about 31 degrees 9.3 minutes North, 33 degrees 5.1 minutes East, running to the southwest to 31 degrees 7.8 minutes North, 33 degrees 4.05 minutes East. Some of fort-like structures had up to four circular objects inside. While the size of the circular objects was generally the same, there were a few that were half the size of others, so if these were saucers, there was more than one type present. How large was a typical circular structure? I saw one image with several of them. The image was centered at 31.143 degrees North, 33.0782 degrees East. At 31.143 degrees North there are about 363,752 feet for each degree of latitude change. Looking at the circular objects between 31.143 and 31.142 degrees North, there would be a thousandth of the distance between one degree and another, so about 363.7 feet. About 5.3 circular objects could fit in that space, so I calculated that a standard circular diameter was about 68 to 69 feet. For comparison purposes, variations in Boeing 737 aircraft range in length from about 94 to 138 feet while their width is only about 12 feet.

This area is discussed in great detail in my Ark Code book in conjunction with what I call ELS Maps. On ELS Maps key site names are encoded in such manner as to have the angles between Jerusalem, Egyptian towns or sites, and the suspect Ark site exactly correspond to actual course headings on real world maps. Unfortunately while I have tried to get permission from the owner of the photos to publish the photos, the effort has not met with success, so I can only implore that someone with access to commercial satellites with the ability to use radar to acquire the area of concern do so. While the images seen were unclassified, they are LIMDIS (limited distribution), possibly because they would reveal the capabilities of the camera used to take them.  What is this area like? It has numerous salt lakes and commercial salt extraction facilities. It’s possible that the salt plays tricks on radar photography to make objects appear that are not there.

I have been to the general area very briefly, and not entirely legally as it lies within a restricted Egyptian military zone. I did not see the structures although I had to pay about $700 (for drivers and bribes to an Egyptian Government official) to get access to the general area for about 15 minutes. I was not allowed to use a metal detector that I had with me, and I did not have GPS equipment with me to be certain of my exact location. Much of my navigation there was guided by what I remembered of the satellite imagery, which surprised my guide. The truck used low inflated tires to drive over sand dunes. We drove there that way to avoid military check points on the road. To see the photos I took of the area click Expedition photos. Obviously, dressed in Indiana-Jones style hat and clothes, I didn’t look like an Arab. I wasn’t permitted to wander from the truck that had taken me there because the guide thought I might be shot. The nearest Egyptian base is only a little more than a mile away from where I think the Ark is buried.

There were things that my uncle told me that I thought were wise to withhold from this article, but the general tone was that he was more interested in UFOs than the Ark of the Covenant, and that I was on the right track. In fact, this was the last time that I saw him alive, so what he told me was like a death bed confession and effort to say that he was sorry for being so adamantly against me investigating the Roswell claims made by his nephew in 1997. It was clear that he wanted me to pursue the link between Russian and American scientists and the UFO phenomena. While he never said so specifically, my impression was that he had a role in back-engineering them.

Figure 6 – During my 2007 meeting with Eugene Roffman the topic was soley about UFOs. I showed him sketches of radar images from orbit that I had seen that looked like fortress ruins and UFOs, but might have been only commercial salt works on the ground.

I want to emphasize that the diagram I made was of one complex (if that was what it was) of at least six in the area on the El Zuqba peninsula. The local Bedouin natives believe that when Moses crossed the Sea of Reeds, it was actually between the northern point of this peninsula and Bir Al-Qals across Lake Bardawil – on a barrier island between it and the Mediterranean Sea. While I was nearby in Bir El Suleman waiting for a truck to navigate the sands of the El Zuqba, my Sinai guide invited me to dine on a fish caught in Lake Bardawil. The name of the fish? It was the samak Musa, a flounder, that seems to be only half a fish. The Bedouins named it in honor of Moses, who they claim split Lake Bardawil and with it, some of the fish it contained. With respect to the complex seen I don’t know if it has anything to do with UFOs, but if it does, they are more widespread than just hiding at El Zuqba because I saw images of similar structures at Zaranik, Egypt. That’s a salt lake and bird sanctuary. There is a small museum there. There were other places that I saw in desert areas with similar battlement-like complexes, some in Saudi Arabia and others in desert areas of the United States. In short, unless there are many alien bases (in salty regions, perhaps for halophile aliens) on our planet, the images seen were probably a result of how radar interacts with salt crystals in areas near briny water. There is a small probability that what the radar saw was underground. Well construction in the area was quite modern. See the image I took at

Returning to my uncle, was he in the right profession to have such a role in back-engineering wreckage from a UFO? When I looked on-line at the stories of Roswell wreckage taken to Los Alamos, I found quite a bit, but of particular interest was an article that linked Roswell wreckage, Los Alamos, and non-destructive testing. It’s shown below (just in case it’s ever pulled from the Internet). I make no claim for the validity of what was written, but the most interesting section states the following:

Comes now a story out of Roswell and Los Alamos which may explain the three flights made from Roswell Army Air Field to Los Alamos on July 9, 1947, a few days after the crash. This story is from Carol Syska, former director of the UFO Museum at Roswell during 1999 and most of 2000.

Carol was a group secretary and division budget director at Los Alamos for almost 30 years. She retired in 1988 and moved to Roswell, N.M., not far from the town where she was born and raised. Carol first heard of UFOs when living in California in the early 1950s, resulting in an interest in UFOs in general. One day at Los Alamos, she read that a report containing information about UFOs was available in the Lab library. This sounded interesting to Carol. She ordered the report. She read this booklet, titled Project Blue Book, which contained some comments about wreckage from a crashed vehicle being sent for testing to Los Alamos.

At the time (1962), Carol worked at the Lab with the NonDestructive Test Group (NDT). Her boss, a senior scientist, was head of NDT and had been with the Lab since the beginning of the Manhattan Project. If testing had been done on crash debris, Carol’s boss would know about the tests and the truth of the crash at Roswell.

Carol went to the man’s office and showed the report to him. She asked, “Is this true?”

Carol’s boss, in a business-like manner, replied, “What is the level of your security clearance?”

Carol said, “Sir, you know as well as I do what it is.” (Carol told me that at the time she held a Q clearance. A Q clearance is a very high National Security clearance.)

Carol’s boss, after a pause, said, “Well, do you have the need to know?”

Carol said, “Guess not,” and moved to the door.

Carol’s boss said, “Just a minute.” After another pause, he added, “I would advise you to read everything you ever see about this subject.” That was the end of the conversation. Carol never discussed the matter again with her supervisor, the senior scientist, who is now deceased. But Carol believes the scientist gave her a hint of the truth.

The list of attendees given above in the Proceedings of Third International Conference on Nondestructive Testing is not the only document that includes my Uncle Eugene Roffman with Los Alamos. In that document the Los Alamos representatives were listed as Dr. Gerold H. Tenney, Groupleader of Nondestructive Testing Group, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Los Alamos U.S.A; and John D. Steely, Staff Member, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. But in a Report of the NMAB, National Materials Advisory Board, Publication NMAB-252, National Academy of Sciences – National Academy of Engineering, Washington, D.C. January 1969, on page I-iii Teeny is listed as a member of the Ad Hoc Committee (from Los Alamos) on Nondestructive Evaluation, while Mr. E. Roffman is listed on Page I-vi.  From Wright Patterson Air Force Base was Mr. Richard R. Rowand, Technical Manager for NDT, Code MAMN, Air Force Materials Laboratory and Mr. T. Cooper from the same lab.  My uncle did not mention this conference. I found the document on-line at,+National+Materials+Advisory+Board,+Publication+NMAB-252&source=bl&ots=IOb50TUSN1&sig=wacZTnM-HE7IKNjsq_b7hWKfpA0&hl=en&sa=X&ei=XmFBVZnDFcPCggSsiIDACg&ved=0CDQQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=Report%20of%20the%20NMAB%2C%20National%20Materials%20Advisory%20Board%2C%20Publication%20NMAB-252&f=false. I’m not sure if either Tenney or Steely was the boss of Carol Syska, but I would think that one of them was. Most likely she worked for Tenney because she was a Group Secretary and he was a Group Leader. I called the Roswell UFO museum. They confirmed that she worked there before, but had no current information about her. Carol is apparently in her late 80s now.

THE IMPORTANCE OF PERSONAL CONTACT IN THIS TYPE OF RESEARCH. The same NMAB, National Materials Advisory Board, Publication NMAB-252 that links my uncle to Los Alamos and Wright Patterson AFB scientists states the following on page III-4:

4. Informal Personal Contact.

Analysis of the study. Project Hindsight, disclosed most interestingly the importance of informal person-to-person contact as a means of disseminating ideas and information. Such contacts appeared to be as effective as the published literature. The implications, therefore, are that technological growth is highly responsive to easy communication between the scientists and engineers of various disciplines and that technical publications are inadequate as the sole media for the interchange of thoughts and opinions.

The point here is that there are real problems with publishing findings about alien spacecraft. Whatever is on-line, even when classified, can be hacked into  (see the interview of Gary McKinnon who allegedly hacked into Pentagon and other U.S. military computers for information about aliens). What is in print can be copied and smuggled out of an office. So often the safest way to convey information is simply by word of mouth. People who pass information this way can always deny what they said (lie), or say that they were kidding.

Figure 7 – Possible connection between where Roswell wreckage was taken to Los Alamos and Nondestructive testing there.

FAMILY SECRET? So far I have only mentioned two family members – Eugene Roffman and Stan Gross. However, my (deceased) Aunt Betty Sheinkin (formerly Betty Roffman) also had a story to tell. She was my father and Eugene’s sister. She lived in Laurelton, New York when my uncle (and father) worked at the Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia. In 2007 I asked her about my uncle’s revelation. She was not at all surprised, and told me that they had often discussed UFOs. But it was not limited to just discussions. She claimed that once he had called her (presumably in New York) to tell her that if she were to go outside and look in a certain direction, she would see a UFO. Since I assume that he was at the time in Philadelphia, that would imply that either he heard a news report; and was quickly able to deduce where she should look, or that he was aware of an experimental flight of a craft that would be perceived as a UFO. She said she did indeed see the object, but I don’t recall any other information about the incident.

Finally I am aware of one other family member who was told by her husband to shut up when she started to talk about what my uncle had to say about UFOs. She was going to tell me about who else in the family knew before she was reprimanded and silenced.

SUMMARY OF THIS DISCLOSURE. One of the best movies on the topic of this article was Roswell:The UFO Cover-up. At one point Martin Sheen, playing the role of the mysterious character Townsend, tells Kyle MacLachan, playing the role of Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer who found some of the Roswell wreckage and temporarily took it home to show his family, ”Don’t you understand Jesse, you have nothing. Just a lot of old memories and second hand recollections. Nobody is going to take you seriously. Not without proof, not without hard evidence.” This section comes at 5:44 into the trailer at If the man who is at the center of the Roswell controversy and who knows that he was forced to pose with fake weather balloon evidence after having the real wreckage in his hand and in his house does not have hard evidence of his experiences, what can be said about what I have just revealed?

Obviously the Government has done an outstanding job of holding all the cards in its hands. What I have (beyond proof that the Government is lying about Martian weather and atmospheric conditions) is not so much hard evidence as circumstantial evidence, or what is called HUMINT – human intelligence. Even this is clouded by the fact that my primary witness is dead and was somewhat vague. He showed me what I needed to see (the list of participants in 1960) and let me draw my conclusions. He smiled in a way to tell me that I was on the right trail with my conclusion, but he did not verbally confirm it. Perhaps he learned how to answer questions without using the exact words wanted by working with Dr. Tenney or whoever Carol Syska’s boss was at Los Alamos. Again, when she tried to pin him down about Roswell wreckage being at Los Alamos, he asked, “Well, do you have the need to know?” She responded, “Guess not,” and moved to the door. He said, “Just a minute.” After another pause, he added, “I would advise you to read everything you ever see about this subject.” That was the end of the conversation. She never discussed the matter again with her supervisor, the senior scientist, who is now deceased. But Carol believes the scientist gave her a hint of the truth. The thing about HUMINT is that it depends not just on who says what, but on how well the person who provides iinformation is known. My uncle was known to me for 61 years before he passed away. It is not my judgment that he would spend the last time we had together by misleading me by focusing so much on how extraordinary it was to have Russian scientists work with him and other top U.S. scientists at a time that we were doing well to keep the world from being destroyed by an atomic holocaust. If there was nothing to the story by Stan Gross, why would my uncle have  warned me that I might be killed if I pursued the matter? Why would he threaten my cousin in a way that made him tell me that he heard what Stan had to say about seeing the Roswell craft, but he would forget it? Why would my cousin tell his wife to shut up when she tried to let me know who else in our family had information about the matter?

These family concerns, of course, are not much more than hearsay evidence. Yes, I can show that my uncle was at conferences or conventions with men from Wright Patterson Air Force Base and Los Alamos where wreckage was allegedly taken. But I cannot prove that Roswell was discussed at these conventions, although I can’t imagine why the Russians would be there when there were not only hostile relations between the U.S. and Russia, but between Japan and Russia. The Government can argue that the meeting in Japan was limited to more mundane nondestructive testing issues, like how to detect or predict when the wings of aircraft would crack due to stress, thus endangering commercial aviation.

In the end, after 69 years, what divided me from my beloved cousin was the Roswell issue. Recently we have tried to restablish contact with each other. He doesn’t want to discuss anything controversial or political – which is OK.  My uncle and my cousin both backed a more liberal version of our Jewish religion than I can accept – one with interpretations of our Torah that reinvented God to match the political correctness of the Left in America. But my uncle was, in the end, an honest man who cared about basic morality and the ultimate fate of humanity. Both science and religion try to answer two basic questions – where did we come from and where are we going? Are we the creation of accidental combinations or atoms and molecules, or the product of aliens who created us for their own purposes, or of God Almighty Himself?

If what I saw with orbital images of unusual structures in Egypt was alien-related, the objects were common enough in desert regions to indicate a massive presence on Earth.  However, it’s more likely that the structures were related to salt extraction efforts rather than alien technology that could be seen with radar frequencies, but not with visual frequencies. What is of more concern is that when people claim to be abducted by aliens, their memories often (or most often) seem to include access to their genetic material. This may not be new. In fact, as early as Genesis 6:4 in our Bible we read that:

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

So, if the giants (Hebrew: Nephilim) were aliens, then perhaps our planet has long been a kind of sexual Disneyland to them, where they could come and take what they wished. There are many places in the Bible where similar questions arise, as with Ezekiel seeing flying wheels (Ezekiel 1:16) or when Elijah ascends to heaven in a flaming chariot that sounds like a rocket in 2nd Kings 2:11:

And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

For the past seven years on and on my younger son’s site I have documented the reasons to accuse our Government as being less than accurate or even honest when it comes to Mars. This article will not be carried on my son’s site because he still has a career ahead of him. My estranged cousin has helped me with some of my Mars research, though he insisted on having his name left out of the credits. But with respect to UFOs he has always maintained that it would be too difficult for civilizations from other star systems to reach Earth, and yet he heard what I did, and took my uncle’s 1997 instructions to him to be his operating instructions. I take the 2007 implied instructions to be what I should follow. If I am right, our Government and others are united in opposing allowing us know about the truth, perhaps to maintain public order, perhaps for quid pro quo access to alien technology (and money made from it) in exchange for allowing them to have access to people that are abducted. Religious differences often cause our wars here on Earth. If our religions have in any way been affected by alien intervention, we need to know that. But we also have to be prepared to react to people that feel that such intervention means that there is no God, and therefore no Biblical laws of morality that apply any more. The word used in the Torah for angels is pronounced malachim, but it really means messengers. It may turn out that these messengers are in fact aliens, and that there are good messengers and bad messengers. But we can’t know how to respond to them all until we all know that they exist. For those in our Government(s) who know the truth, but who are concerned about prosecution for crimes that might have been committed in participating in a cover-up, I would recommend focusing on a disclosure that links to the concept of a God who has created life in many places in our universe. I am far from a fan of the Vatican, but they have indeed already taken this tact. If this is done the right way we might be able to finally end the religious wars that threaten to destroy us all. I will finish this article by citing a speech made by President Reagan at the United Nations.

Can we and all nations not live in peace? In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?

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