Basiago Part 2 8/9/22

NOTE: I spoke with Andrew Basiago on August 4, 2022 after he gave his second interview to Dr. Michael Salla. We discussed his encoding in Figures 1A and 1B below, as well as Project Pegasus allegedly viewing the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  I began to compare my research on atmospheric pressure on Mars with what he claims he experienced there. He promised  to call me this week. Salla wants to interview him about Mars in a month. I may be able to get a spot on that show because of my 1,200 page report (Mars Correct – Critique of All NASA Mars Weather Data – see the Abstract here). Stay tuned for updates on these issues.

Time into video and remark or controversy

0:0:02. Salla opens by mentioning a 1973 incident in which Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld provided Nixon and Jacky Gleason with access to alien bodies kept at Homestead Air Force Base. This story traces back to Clark McClelland (mentioned at 41 seconds) who worked at the Kennedy Space Center for about 34 years before getting fired for UFO whistle blowing. Clark told me that he learned of the Homestead AFB  incident because Gleason told him about it.  I interviewed Clark in person 3 times (once in his Mount Dora home). He could prove that he pretty much knew all of our astronauts personally, but he also spoke highly of Basiago. At the time that was a bridge too far for my belief system. Clark idealized ex-Nazis working at the Kennedy Space Center. He even gave them Nazi-style heel clicking salutes. Eventually I stopped helping him financially because I found his radio shows to be too anti-Semitic.

1:44. The day before 9-11 (September 10, 2001) Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon was missing 2.3 trillion dollars. That’s $2,300,000,000,000.  His announcement is found at this link. Roffman comment: This is enough to pay for our secret space programs. The figure was erroneously given at this point in the interview as $3.5 trillion. Even worse at this link: By 2015, the amount reported missing by the Office of the Inspector General had increased to $6.5 trillion—and that was just for the army. Using public data from federal databases, Mark Skidmore, a professor of economics at Michigan State University, found that $21 trillion in unsupported adjustments had been reported by the Defense and Housing and Urban Development departments between 1998 and 2015. That’s about $65,000 for every American.

3:44. Salla talks about 2045. The description is only of architecture and people riding around on Sedeways. No future political events, disasters or wars were discussed. In this sense Andrew’s report was less informative than the Torah Code, however Basiago was only being used as a courier. His job was to take encoded intelligence information back to Defense Department officials in 1972. Information that he allegedly was made aware of included 9-10-2001 when Rumsfeld made a speech about DoD missing trillions of dollars. Basiago discussed Both President Bushes, Clinton and Obama, but he did not mention any president not yet elected.

4:23. At the end of Andrew’s 5th grade in 1972 all the Project Pegasus children were told that the program was over for them.

4:30. Still that summer some kids were called back for the Stargate Program which sent them to the year 2045.

5:17. That site was at the  Cerrillos Cultural Center near Cerrillos, NM.

5:44. The stargate device was black and anvil shaped, reaching up the the ceiling on an Olympic sized basketball court.

6:47. It took about 30 seconds to go from 1972 to 2045.

7:10. People moved about on Segway scooters. The climate seemed more temperate (cooler) than it was back in 1972.

8:18. The stargate was a chronovisor . Conspiracy Wiki states, A Chronovisor is a theoretical time viewer, initially of past events. François Brune claims that Pellegrino Ernetti was a developer of the chronovisor that enabled the viewing of the crucifixion of Jesus.[1][2] Andrew Basiago claims that DARPA has vastly improved chronovisor technology.[3]” Images were projected onto a display screen.

8:30. Basiago needs clarification here.  He says the traveler has to be catapulted to get up to speed when using the stargate, but why is that necessary if they are only going to get an image projected onto a screen rather than traveling in time themselves. This is especially strange in light of his claim to get intelligence information physical place up his rectum to carry back to 1972.  This issue will raise its head again with respect to the claim of witnessing the resurrection and seeing two people or angels (or is that time travelers) in the tomb when Jesus allegedly rose from the dead.

9:47 – 10:27. In 2045 Basiago was inserting canisters of microfilm up his backside to take back to Jack Pruitt in 1972. The ~300 feet of film was encoded. Basiago never saw its contents but he had heard about the attack on 9-11, the Freedom Tower, AIDS, the Internet and cell phones.

12:30. In the most bizarre part of the interview, Basiago claimed that he was age-progressed from his 10 year old body to one about 45 to 50 years old although he still thought like a child. This was done at the Sandia National Lab.

35:29. Rumsfeld says primary purpose was to put troops where they needed to be on the battlefield.

37:40. The 9-11 attack was known about in 1971.

38:16. Rumsfeld (twice a Secretary of Defense – January 20, 2001 – December 18, 2006 under George W. Bush and November 20, 1975 – January 20, 1977 under President Ford) said (on September 10, 2001) that Pentagon was missing trillions of dollars and that “the Pentagon was America’s greatest enemy”.

38:25. Pentagon was blocking Space Corps (later Space Force).

40:00. In Socorro, New Mexico Aerojet was analyzing 9-11 film. Basiago discusses how he and his father sped there at about 90 mph. They met Dr. Stirling Colgate. In part, Wikipedia describes him as follows:

       Stirling Auchincloss Colgate (November 14, 1925 – December 1, 2013) was an American physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and a professor emeritus of physics, past president at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech) from 1965 to 1974,[1][2] and a scion of the Colgate toothpaste family.[3] He was America’s premier diagnostician of thermonuclear weapons during the early years at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. While much of his involvement with physics is still highly classified, he made many contributions in the open literature including physics education and astrophysics.

ColgateIn reading through his full resume’, if there is such a thing as time travel, if there was only one man to suspect as its designer, Colgate would fill the bill.

46:30. Rumsfeld’s speech one day before 9-11 was like Eisenhower’s farewell speech on January 17, 1961. Rumsfeld knew that the attack was coming (my deduction because Rumsfeld was in charge of Project Pegasus).

57:28. Basiago says he has not been paid  by the Government since Project Mars in  1984.

1:01:40. George W. Bush told him that he and his father would one day be president.

1:02:00 – 1:03:04. At a small restaurant dinner Clinton was asked about how he felt about becoming president one day. He said sometimes he had to pinch himself, expressed reservations about the message, and said, “That dog don’t cut it.”

~1:06:00. He had a hard time remembering the name Barack Obama because he knew Obama (from Mars) going by the name Barry Soetoro.

~1:07:00. George (H.W.) Bush was supposedly in Dallas with a Zapata hit team the day that JFK was killed, but Basiago has no proof of a link here although Salla published an accusation against the CIA in Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MK-12 and JFK’s Assassination (2013). Neither a President Bush nor a Zapata are discussed in any of Salla’s books up through summer of 2022.

1:15:50.  Thee is a discussion about time travel beginning in 1936 with a ship named  the Kearsarge (Battleship #5) receiving information from Navy ships in the 1970s. The ship was re-designated AB-1 in 1939 and renamed Crane Ship No. 1 in 1941, the old ship spent more than thirty years handling some of the Navy’s heaviest loads before being sold for scrapping in August 1955. The story was not credible. That’s not just my opinion, it was also pretty much named a hoax by Basiago. He says the guy making the claim may have known something, but probably had his mind wiped clean by the Government.

1:20:29. The Montawk chair is discussed. Supposedly it just sends you to subjective moments in your own future. Earlier (in Salla’s last show about Basiago?) I heard that the chair was from a crashed UFO.

1:20:40. Basiago says he traveled to Mars via an Aeronautical Repositioning Chamber.

1:27:50. We worked on time travel since Tesla’s death in 1943.

1:29:5. The failed teleportation experiment (mislabeled the Philadelphia Experiment) involved a huge electric discharge. By 2001-2005 we knew how to teleport ships or large aircraft (but this claim is about a time that Basiago was no longer in service to our Government. He thinks this ability was use by bombers flying from California to Kosovo.

~1:32:00.  Project Pegasus supposedly ended in 1979.

1:35:00. Before his jump to Mars Basiago says he underwent painful needles from his coccyx to his head. He says when he thinks about it he feels like he is being tortured.


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