Contact established, Disclosure Discussed (6/6/23)

ENCOURAGING ALIEN DISCLOSURE. I have a friend (Rebecca), who over 11 years, went from giving me stories about UFO contacts to what sounded like a possible admission of alien birth.  I last met her on 5/3/2023 to discuss how to bring about disclosure of ET presence on Earth. This article is about that attempt. 

In addition to my friend mentioned above, there are millions of people who claim to have seen UFOs, and possibly a similar number who assert to have been abducted by them. I saw my first UFO on my birthday in 1957. I first met a Canadian (Craig Ebrahimi) who claimed to be an ET on January 26, 2020. He had compelling evidence, but I judged him to be materialistic, greedy, hostile to Earth and the likely source of COVID-19. I notified the U.S., Canadian and U.K. intel folks about him. The Canadian police in Sooke, B.C. stop him a lot. I’m not sure about the others. My investigation  has led me to also seek the arrest of Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe in the UK and Dr. Jiangwen Qu at the Center for Infectious Disease Control  in Tianjin, China on conspiracy to murder everyone who caught Covid.

I mention Israeli Brigadier General Haim Eshed on Figure 1.  He ran the Israeli space program for 30 years and claimed they work with extraterrestrials.



Figure 1 above: Matrix showing two people who are working to bring about ALIEN DISCLOSURE – Israeli Brigadier General Haim ESHED, and myself, BARRY ROFFMAN. One alleged alien that I have known now since January 26, 2020 is Craig EBRAHIMI (see Figures 1 and 2). He wrote to me first on that date, inviting me to fly at his expense to Sooke, B.C. Canada to investigate an alleged alien embryo on a 27-pound meteorite that he had found. I think that the rock’s “embryo” was the source of COVID. I can trace it from Canada to at least Tianjin, CHINA where the Chinese Army runs their Center for Infectious Disease Control. Odds against the matrix are at least 40,052 to 1.

TESTIMONY OF MY POSSIBLY “PLEIADIAN FRIEND.” Rebecca asked me to change what I wrote about abductions and aliens.  She  first asked me to write, “This person has given me her life stories about Contact” to include “considering other possibilities of her truest origins.” What I heard before was stronger and included her being told by two Pleiadians (fellow humans) that her real home was there. Supposedly a planet around the star Maia, and Earth, share a common ancestry (with a star named Lyra). Pleiadians offered to take her to her “other” (Pleiadian) home, but she declined. She is now understandably worried about her safety, however her reports indicate a far greater threat to Terran humans  with dozens of other species visiting us.  If her memories are correct we have a right to information needed to defend ourselves. This right is hard to defend if we are deceived about the identity of those among us.  My friend claims to have met Reptilians (who have a murderous history up to planetary levels), Grays (who abduct people), hybrids (who are eaten by Reptilians); Nordics (who, along Grays , shared technology with Hitler during World War; Pleiadians and more. Each species has a separate agenda which is why my purpose is to encourage disclosure.  If they honestly tell us who they are and why they are here, we may have some reason/s to believe and accept them. But if they hide not only their own identity but also that of corrupt governments, industries  and individuals who hide them, then all ETs become suspected threats.

I asked Rebecca again to clarify her origins. This time she wrote, “I have been speaking for years with multiple Power Points and make a point of distinguishing the fact that I consider myself a Contactee. I do not have incidents of being taken against my will, horrific torture, nor have I said or say now that I am an alien. There may be questions on incidents I have on some stories as you do as well, but I do not even use that word Abducted. We now know that there are women who have had their babies taken before birth and that there was a program called, “Breeders.” We know now there are hybrids, and there are programs that have implanted alien DNA into the womb. I do make a statement at the end of my book that I am now considering things beyond my theological upbringing and asking why I feel so linked to the Pleiades. One of those things I am considering is the possibility of my mother being implanted before my birth. I also state that Dan Sherman (Above Black) was informed of this about his life when he was in the military. I do not say that I am an alien. I am a human being that was possibly a part of one of the programs after looking at my life and some of the abilities activated at different times.” She does not want to publicly specify what abilities were activated, but based on other testimony one of them must be telepathy.


 MORE ON CRAIG EBRAHIMI (Shown on Figure 1 above).


Above Spreadsheet for Figure 1. The most significant term is a short transliteration for ROFFMAN that appeared at a special case skip against odds of about 43.6 to 1 on the full 884-letter matrix. However, it only takes 195 letters to show ROFFMAN with ALIEN DISCLOSURE. Odds against a match this close were about 195 to 1.



Figure 2 above – Craig Ebrahimi claims to be an alien. On June 19, 2018 he shipped a sample of his meteorite to famous Professor/virologist Chandra Wickramasinghe at the University of Buckingham in the UK. The sample had what appeared to be an embryo fossil in it  (nano diamond composition).  Wickramasinghe sent it to Professor Jiangwen Qu at the Center for Infectious Disease Control in Tianjin, China. The shipping receipt from Craig to Wickramasinghe is also shown on Figure 2. Wickramasinghe and Qu together published about a meteorite causing a pandemic in China that would start in 2019. Their prediction was correct. Figure 2 also shows Craig in a uniform with a symbol associated with a planet (according to Elena Danaan) known as Altair 4. The small print has a threat that he issued to me on March 17, 2020. In it he calls himself  a “fucking real extra-terrestrial self made millionaire since teens.”

SPLITTING THE AGENDA PROBLEM – Negotiating with good vs. bad ETs and Humans. There are humans who want disclosure for reasons related to peace, increased knowledge, and technology (particularly in the fields of medicine and life extension). And there are humans who want to thwart disclosure because in  the fullest sense it may reveal their part in crimes like the assassination of President Kennedy or the false collusion charges brought against President Trump. It may further reveal that scientists honored with patents were not the real inventors. This fact alone may bear heavy financial consequences. More, people perceived as being “Deep State” may in fact be Fourth Reich with killer instincts for preserving their secret.  It is well known that the Vatican not only signed a Concordat with Hitler in 1933, but (less known that} the Pope’s Ratlines also were set up to help Nazi war criminals escape to the Americas after World War 2. The truth if presented without enough care may wreck some western religions and further the destruction of western morality.

However, disclosure may have catastrophic effects for ETs who living peacefully on earth, are hidden from public eyes. While it might seem wiser to just let them continue on in private, especially if they are living underwater or in caves, the main lesson to pursue them is a lesson that I have learned from Craig Ebrahimi. At least some them that look largely human or can shape shift may be the source of viral or bacterial infestations. They may have good hearts, but without professional medical supervision, they present a threat. Aliens often look like us, but have all kinds of surprises inside. According to Michael Salla in Galactic Federations of Worlds (pp. 47-48) a mixed crew of Grays and human-looking adult and infant ETs crashed on March 25, 1948 12.2 miles northeast of Aztec, New Mexico. There were 3 babies (2 male and one female) recovered alive from refrigeration unit.  The adult survivor, who met with President Truman, had two livers. Humans only have one.

With respect to Craig I want to clarify my medical concerns. First contact was made on January 26, 2020 with the following email:

From: Craig Ebrahimi


Date: Jan 26, 2020, 12:55 PM (Saturday)

Subject: Fw: Extraterrestrial embryo discovered in meteorite UVIC BC

My name Craig Ebrahimi research scientist/ Founder Deviant off world technology 

Barry would you be interested in the research and biotechnology opportunity/ of the only pristine extraterrestrial embryo on the planet at the University of Victoria BC

My immediate response was yes, but I would not fly out there unless I could be sure that I was not walking into a situation which would lead my to return home as a carrier of a virus or bacteria that would cause a pandemic. My fear turned out to be justified. While it was clear that Craig’s interest in exploiting his 27-pound meteorite was profit, on January 30, 2020 (four days after Craig’s email) the World Health Organization (WHO) Director General declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) and on March 11, 2020 the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. My wife and I were fortunate to not catch it until it had weakened two years later. We only had the Johnson and Johnson shot once. We had both seen an email from Craig to Pfizer trying to sell them access to his meteorite and embryo. I don’t know if they bought  it, but I never trusted Pfizer after he made the attempt. However, while I remember this email being on three logs for Ebrahimi emails that were on this website, it is missing now. There were attempts to damage all of my sites. My son’s website ( was destroyed when I used as the host. At that time I closed my three websites with and opened, moving what had survived the attack against or at to

I can not say that Craig deliberately infected everyone, but I can say that I constantly asked him to disclose dangerous actions that he had taken. I was informing him that his bio-hazard had killed as many people as Americans killed in the Korean War, Vietnam War, World War 1, World War 2 and Civil War.  He didn’t like my nagging. Thus on March 17, 2020 he wrote to me with the threat mentioned above:

On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 4:43 PM Craig Ebrahimi <> wrote:”

Guy your dumb ass shit keeps getting sent to me by one of your Hebrew followers, you got to be one the biggest dummie humans I ever came across you talk this shit in your writing ABOUT my biotechnology, once again your dumb! you don’t even know your dealing with fucking real extra-terrestrial self made multi millionaire since teens you idiot.

if you looked into these eyes I would eat your soul puppet boy.”


Threats to humans endorsing disclosure. I once heard a radio interview from England in which lunar astronaut Edgar Mitchell discussed aliens visiting the Earth. When Mitchell finished his extensive account the host asked him if he was worried about our Government killing him to shut him up. Mitchell’s answer was that our Government once operated that way, but not anymore. Mitchell was a brave guy to tell us what he did. But his meaning was clear. If anyone wanted to bring disclosure to reality, for at least some length of time, the government was prepared to kill them for it.

Was Mitchell correct in presuming that those days had passed? On May 8, 2023 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said he believed that the CIA killed his uncle, President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy Jr. is running for President in 2024.  Some of the details of the first Kennedy assassination which are still classified may remain so until 2038. By that time the guilty should be dead. Likewise, when our government allows the truth to come out may be related to when certain treasonable acts were committed by people who colluded with the UFO coverup. If stories (told by Rebecca) about hybrid human/gray children being grown underground for food for reptilians are true, crimes may still be carried out by people who are afraid of disclosure because they don’t want to go to jail. Allegedly (according to Rebecca) the Grays deliver hybrid Gray-Human children to the reptilians out of fear because the reptilians destroyed a  Gray world with a weapon known as “The Shredder.”  More, she is allegedly capable of asking a limited number of ETs to participate in a conference about disclosure.  I would like to participate in it. The purpose of this article is, in part to test Rebecca’s credibility.  In science incredible claims require incredible evidence so I am in sense required to grill her hard about what she asserts. But the main purpose of this article is to help brain storm what issues should be considered in a disclosure conference if we can arrange it.

R: Correction: You phoned me and asked if I would try to contact the specific species I considered good. They (the ETs) contact you and sometimes you can contact them. They decide. We had a good response with the three nights. I witnessed cloaking with my husband,  saw the ‘flashing lights of various sizes,’ and I documented every night starting with a return humming on the same pitch sent out by my voice in B flat.  There was also a good response from one of the participants having contact with a common ET between all participants.

B: It is true that I contacted Rebecca to request setting up a conference. but I would not have done so had she not given the impression that she had a chance to do it. She has claimed more ability than I am stating here for security reasons. Sometimes it is hard to get a full agreement because she tries to operate on a spiritual level, while I function on a military one. Yes, I am  no longer on active duty, but I was for 34 years. I believe that President Biden has done all in his power to break our military with his Woke and Critical Race Theories. Not all ETs are hostile, but “The Shredder” out there is a concern to our military must be fixed. We face more dangers than pronoun wars.

One joint issue that must be carefully examined is the impact of disclosure on religion and the impact of religion on disclosure. On May 10, 2023 a neighbor here in Cape Canaveral tried to press home the idea that there were no aliens, there are only demons. She is, obviously a religious Christian (and a very good friend). I told her that in my opinion supernatural (angels or demons) causes may be considered when movement occurs without technology. But where technology is required we should probably limit our discussion to other sentient life forms (aliens – friendly, neutral or hostile).

Demons in Judaism and Christianity. The existence of demons as inherently malicious spirits within the Jewish Tenach (called the Old Testament by Christians) is absent.[93][94]: 447  The New Testament is not accepted by Judaism which rejects Jesus as a false profit. Haim Eshed, head of the Israeli Space Program for 30 years claims that Israel is working with aliens. See

In  the Christian New Testament demons appear 55 times, and 46 times in reference to demonic possession or exorcisms.[97] Thus Christians are more likely to reject disclosure. There are times when Jews and Christians line up on the same side of the disclosure question and times when  our core ideas and values will create difficulties.  To traditional (Orthodox) Jews the Messiah is the man descended from King David who will bring peace to Earth, ending all wars. Christians may seem to agree, but they totally overlook his words on this subject.  The New Testament provides  two different versions of the same idea. In Matthew 10:34-37 and Luke 12:51-53:


34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn “‘a man against his father,
a daughter against her mother,
a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
36     a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’[a]37 “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.


51 Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. 52 From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. 53 They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.

ISSUE: Christians generally ignore the above verses about the Nazarene not bringing peace, but Jews ignore the Nazarene as a serious messianic candidate because he allegedly said at least one of them. So what is the disclosure issue here? It’s that really religious Christians often express fears that UFOs will give rise to the anti-Christ.

In Judaism there is no belief in an anti-Christ, but there is a belief that all too often evil men like Hitler can rise to power. This brings up the issue of how people or aliens favoring disclosure can be trusted. For Earthlings trust or lack of it will be the core issue. Aliens should know just about everything about us. If they are telepathic then even our bare thoughts are naked before them.  Yet according to a Gallop pole in July, 2021, only “Four in 10 Americans now think some UFOs that people have spotted have been alien spacecraft visiting Earth from other planets or galaxies. This is up from a third saying so two years ago. Half, however, believe all such sightings can be explained by human activity or natural phenomena, while an additional 9% are unsure.”

Most of the past 5,000 years of recorded history is false and before 5,000 years we have essentially nothing. Our main source of information for much of the last 3,300 years or so is found in the Bible but humans lack agreement about what was often intended by the writers because of alternate translations or interpretations. When I say that recent history is generally false I specifically mean  that although the U.S. defeated Japan in World War 2, we lost to Hitler who escaped to Argentina where he set up a Fourth Reich that eventually got control of the U.S. Government.  Here a little hard evidence is required. We will start with Eisenhower in October 6, 1945:

IKE ABOUT HITLERFigure 3 above: What did he say? There is reason  to believe that he is still alive. BUT THAT IN ITSELF DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!! In fact, the living Hitler was largely responsible for establishing the Fourth Reich, which today (along with Gray and Reptilian allies) likely really rules the United States. If it’s true that Reptilians were big supporters of Hitler, Reptilians should be kept off the initial guest list.


FIGURE 4A above: Hitler in Tunja, Colombia in 1954.


FIGURE 4B ABOVE - State Department documents about a possible Hitler sighting in Tunja, Colombia in 1955, a decade after Hitler’s alleged suicide.


FIGURE 5 ABOVE: The State Department evidence placing Hitler in Tunja, Colombia is proven correct and encoded in Torah. The Eisenhower Administration made several  mistakes that led to effective surrender to an out of control Majestic-12 and Fourth Reich that was allied with Reptilians. On January 17, 1961 in his farewell address he gave us warning, but it was too vague. In it he said:

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

He should have warned us of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex and, given his press state of October 6, 1945 about Hitler surviving the war, he should have brought Hitler in and executed him. Instead he allowed Nazi scientists brought to the U.S. (during Operation Paper Clip)  like Wernher Von Braun to infiltrate and eventually control our Government.

If we are going to hold an inter-species conference on disclosure we must be careful to keep the Fourth Reich off the initial guest list. One reason is that the faces of their Reptilian buddies often resemble common images of Satan. See Figure 6.


REPTLIANS VS. SATANFIGURE 6 ABOVE – How can we distinguish between hostile Reptilians and Satan? Other than Reptilians using spacecraft, perhaps we shouldn’t. The Reptilian drawing is by Elena Danaan.

Public reaction may sabotage any hope for a peaceful disclosure, but eventually we must acknowledge but not yield to their presence. To minimize chaos while species like insectoids may be at initial planning sessions, to avoid panic their images should not be released until the presence of ETs is generally accepted by the public. There are many planets with humanoids present. We can’t be shown only them. People will think that they are us, and that the disclosure is an anti-Christian move. To be credible, initially we are going to have to show hybrids and some types of Grays (even if they are captured). Why do I say captured?

I have never seen a Gray. But on May 17, 2023  at 4:30 AM I fell out of bed. It happened a couple of times before in my life, but not like this. In this case I had moved horizontally about 4 feet from bed, and I had rotated 180 degrees away from my normal sleep position where my head is by the wall. More, my head was driven into the wooden floor, and I broke a rib. Furniture that should have blocked getting to that spot did not. The next night my wife of 40 years had her first nightmare ever about Gray aliens entering the room and probing her as though they were getting ready to operate on her. Coincidence? Maybe, but before I negotiate with any aliens I want to be sure that they serious. Grays are likely guilty of abducting millions of people, and ruining the careers of a huge number of pilots who saw them or their craft and reported them and then were fired. Grays are not likely happy to hear  about a possible request for reparations. Thus they, or another hostile species, may have attacked me while I slept in the early hours of May 17, 2023. They may have put their signature into my wife’s head the next night.

What about the U.S. military? While the Press presents a disloyal Woke force, the Texas National Guard did an excellent job of turning back invaders from around the world when Title 42 came to an end at 12:00 am on May 12, 2023. We might want to consider inviting a Governor like Greg Abbott of Texas or Ron Desantis of Florida. Attendees this high would probably create extra security concerns and should be considered only for follow up meetings (likely in orbit) only if the first conference is a success.

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. My younger son has had serious medication problems for years now. Sometimes we suspect that they have something to do with a possible abduction event back in 2003 while we were driving from Miami to California for me to return to active duty. In Lemon, Colorado I took him out at night to go star gazing. On the way back to our hotel he says he saw a massive spaceship that covered most of the sky. I was driving and I didn’t see it. David says he didn’t tell me about it while it was overhead because he was afraid that I would stop and get out of the car. Aliens abducting people can, supposedly, play tricks with missing time in such situations.

Now, 20 years later, I can only hope that, if I can get a meeting on disclosure  going with ET, I could gain access to some of their medical technology. In fact, I was told by Rebecca that her ET friends were aware of my desires but  I need her to clarify in writing the exact nature of her contact with them.  If they were shown a draft of this article they already know of my requests to kindly cure my son’s erythromelalgia,  regrow a missing lung for my wife, and cure my arthritis. Is the request reasonable? For an answer I turn to Dr. Michael Salla’s book, GALACTIC FEDERATIONS COUNCILS & SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS, pages 36-37:

      Frank Stranges was a Reverend and President of the International Evangelical         Crusades of California.  He also had a law enforcement background. Stranges’ background made him a credible witness to an incredible event. He says that sometime in 1958 , he was taken to the Pentagon to meet Val Thor (one of the first human-looking extraterrestrials associated with the Galactic Federation who got to spend a lot of time with President Eisenhower). He wrote a book about his experience titled Stranger at the Pentagon, which was first published in 1967. In a subsequent interview, Stranges spoke about his encounter with Val Thor and how breakthrough health technologies could not be released due to their impact on the national economy.

     He told me his name is Valiant Thor, and he claimed that he was from the inside of the planet that our Bible calls the Morning and the Evening Star, the planet Venus…. Mr. Thor was at the Pentagon for three years, mind you, and he was going and coming at will. He was brought to the President of the United States Dwight Eisenhower (and to Richard Nixon), where he offered to give them information on how American people could successfully live without sickness, without poverty, without disease, and without death.

     They told him, we’re sorry that we cannot accept the information that you’re freely giving us because it will ruin the economy of this nation. Well sir, Commander Thor left on the morning of March 16, 1960, on the outskirts of Alexandria, Virginia where his spaceship came down. He went into the spaceship and disappeared from sight.

FINANCIAL ASPECTS OF DISCLOSURE.  I disagree that alien technology will cause financial ruin. The price of medications can still be regulated, but what you pay for will work. My son just paid $2,400 for medication that did not work.  Hospitals will still be needed for births or to fix people wounded in car wrecks. Alcoholics and drug addicts will still need treatments. Serious birth defects will likely still occur.  There may be more money available for all types of plastic surgery. People with big noses will continue to want nose jobs.

The price of gold and silver may drop if we can get more by cheaply reaching the asteroid belt, but people will still wants jewelry and they will probably have access to purchase beautiful new gems that were not available before. More, instead of worthless fake money backed by paper or computer data we can have a dollar that is backed by gold or silver again.

ABDUCTION AND SLAVERY POLICY. Just as slavery played a major financial role in U.S. history prior to the Civil War, based on the writings of Michael Salla and others, it   appears that slavery is a common problem on many inhabited worlds.  Disclosure means that we will become aware of how widespread this problem is, but it does not infer that we will be responsible for freeing everyone everywhere. In fact, before we get too upset about slavery on other worlds we should understand that slavery still exists in some form in 167 countries on Earth in 2023 where it affect an estimates 46,000,000 people.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Prevalence of Modern Slavery (by total number of slaves) – Global Slavery Index 2018:

  1. India – 7,989,000
  2. China – 3,864,000
  3. North Korea – 2,640,000
  4. Nigeria – 1,386,000
  5. Iran – 1,289,000
  6. Indonesia – 1,220,0000
  7. Congo (Democratic Republic of) – 1,045,000
  8. Russia – 794,000
  9. Philippines – 784,000
  10. Afghanistan – 749,000

So we are not in a position to lecture other worlds. Our Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy) tells about how Jews fell into and were  liberated from slavery. However, it also goes on to declare how Jews could treat their slaves who may be other other Jews or gentiles. The issue that will affect disclosure is not that slavery exists. Rather, it is that it is likely that many off-world slaves were initially people abducted from Earth.  This has to stop but there are many issues such as repatriation of human slaves back to Earth (and/or other worlds that harbor humans) and possible reparations. Where Reptilians (and their slave Grays) maintain slave colonies on other worlds (or underground on Earth) we must be careful to not push them into using a weapon that could destroy our world or other worlds, however in view of the reports that claim Reptilians see Earth as their home world, this should probably not be a major concern. It is possible  that, with disclosure, our Space Force along with a well armed and fully educated citizenry in conjunction with the Global Federation of Worlds can stop additional slaves from being taken on Earth.

UPDATE OF MAY 22, 2026. I turned 76 today. Yesterday I had a phone call with Rebecca in planning the conference. It was at times a bit heated. As a Modern Orthodox Jew I have a very different understanding of basic morality than my Christian friend does. These differences are discussed in this section of this report.

In reading the UFO-related writings of Michael Salla, Elena Danaan,  Commander C.B. Scott Jones and others it’s easy to form an opinion that those ETs who are not openly evil are far more spiritually advanced that we are.  The ugly Reptilians supposedly supported the Nazis in Antarctica and later the U.S. Army who could not find a single bomb to drop on rail lines leading into Auschwitz, something that was vital to any effort to slow down the Holocaust. I served 10 years in the U.S. Navy and 24 years in our Coast Guard, so I0’m happy to tell you that (according to Salla) handsome, blond Nordics helped us build our Navy’s Secret Space Program.  However, while not focusing on weapons the way Reptilians and Grays did for their buddy, Hitler, they also supposedly worked on flying saucers for the Luftwaffe. As for the Pleiadians, I can’t find anything to indicate that “white hat aliens” did anything to stop or slow the Holocaust. If Nazis use slave labor for bases supposedly on Ceres, where strange lights are seen on the surface, chances are that some of the slaves  have included Jews. The lights are shown on Figure 7 below.


Figure 8 above shows that the Nazi REICH link to the lights on Ceres (CERES ALIENS) is found in the Torah Code. The spreadsheet below shows overall odds against the matrix are about 73,331 to 1.


There are reports that a German Dark Fleet (Nacht Waffen) Nazi/Reptilian submarine launched a nuclear tipped missile against Honolulu on January 13, 2018. After 38 minutes of Hawaiians thinking they were all about to die, the alert (seen on everyone’s cell phone) was cancelled and declared a false alarm. Salla maintains that an attack was real and only shot down at the last moment. However he is unsure if the missile was shot down by an anti ballistic missile launched from Maui or by a Nordic weapon in orbit.  If ETs just observe attacks but do nothing to stop them because of a prime directive to not interfere then they are worthless and have no business in claiming spiritual superiority to us. Even if they do intervene, but it is only to protect their interests on Earth, that is not moral superiority.  To judge them properly we must somehow gain access to their true history and ours also which now only  goes back a mere 5,000 years at best.

It is obvious that there are wide disagreements about what constitutes good moral behavior. With a potential prize of advanced medical technology in mind, our quest for required behavior should start0 with a Golden Rule that should have meaning to all civilizations. Our Jude0-Christian society brings two such rules to the table, but only one of them is practical.

The Christian Golden Rule was given in Matthew 7:12. It states, “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you. . . .” So, if I want my neighbor to give me a million dollars, I should give him a million dollars first. And if I want every man to give me his wife, I should offer my wife to everyone first. Of course, such behavior is limited to funds in the first case while it is ludicrous and dangerous to public health in the second one.

The Jewish Golden Rule was given when someone challenged Hillel the Elder (b. 110 BCE) to teach the entire Torah while his listener stood on one foot. He famously replied, “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the entire Torah, and the rest is commentary. Now go and study.”

While the Christian version if fully followed can involve unlimited expenses, impossible to meet, the Jewish version requires no financial sacrifice. If you don’t want someone to kill you, steal your property, or rape your loved ones, don’t kill anyone, steal their property, or rape anyone. Even on a primitive level, this rule, which was posted in all my classes when I taught science in public schools, was used to maintain  order. If you don’t want somebody to shoot spitballs at you, don’t shoot spitballs at anyone. If you don’t like to bullied, don’t bully anyone else. On a bigger scale, and with respect to alien behavior, if you don’t want to be a slave, don’t force anyone else into slavery. If you don’t want anyone to shred your planet, or nuke it, don’t do that to their world. This law can serve as a prime reason for universal disclosure, but it  does not imply a free ride for criminal behavior. People who violate the law lose their rights under the law. So, for example, if someone participated in a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy or impeach President Trump on false grounds of collusion with Russia, the punishment for crimes of this magnitude should be death or life imprisonment on a prison world, perhaps some place like Ceres (if it is not currently occupied by Nazis or the like that are inclined to employ criminals as an army to further their own evil plans).


Over the last week I have had several conversations about religion with my friend, Rebecca In the past she said that I misquoted her on some statements. I requested her to write up corrections which I could enter into my article with either full or partial acceptance on my side. I think I put in most of her suggestions but a few may remain to be addressed. As I am proposing major alterations of key beliefs on Earth and beyond it is vital that I accurately reflect what this person believes and has said. Therefore I am asking her to carefully study this to give me written corrections or responses as she deems necessary.

Originally I thought my friend followed some kind of a mixture of Jewish and Christian faiths. After I made clear that there are no branches of Judaism that see Jesus as Messiah that are recognized as Jews by other branches of Judaism, she correctly declared that she is a Christian, period. Later I asked her if she was aware if any other aliens accepted Christian beliefs. She said ,”No.” Still later she wanted to amend this answer but if you want to know how she feels about this issue it’s best to obtain a copy of her new book (QUANTUM WINDOWS AND DIMENSIONS : a Christian Woman’s Journey of Faith and ET contact).

Am I advocating that my friend or any alien convert to Judaism? Absolutely not! At most I would take the position of any legitimate Orthodox rabbi with respect to gentiles who wants to convert to Judaism. Say “NO” to their first two requests. Next explain that it is harder for Jews to get into heaven than it is for gentiles. Why do we say this? We say it because Orthodox Jews should keep or (where not possible) at least study 613 laws in Torah. Gentiles are only subject to seven of them (the Seven Precepts of Noah) which are as follows:

1. No murder.

2. No theft.

3. No incest.

4. No idolatry.

5. No blasphemy.

6. No cruelty  to animals (don’t eat them while they are still alive).

7. Maintain courts of justice.

CRAZY  JAKE. While Jews have many more laws to follow, the heaven that we have access to is the same one that righteous gentiles have access to.  Rabbi Zebulon Glixman taught that, “Worlds shall be inherited by the righteous.”‘ Thus a potential convert, gentile or alien, should only be accepted if there is some kind of compelling reason.  I once met a man in Jerusalem who dressed like an Orthodox Jew, but he was a student at a yeshiva where he was studying for conversion. I don’t remember his actual name, but he was known by the name CRAZY JAKE. After he showed us a kosher Chinese restaurant and we asked him to join us (at our expense) for dinner he first told us who his mother was  – THE BEAST OF BERGEN-BELSEN. She was a Nazi prison guard who killed many Jews and who (according to Jake) had lamp shades made from our skin. She was sentenced to death, but according to Jake, she was impregnated by her lawyer in an effort to save her life.  Jake said he was the product of that union. He wanted to convert to help remove the stain of his lineage from his soul.


Rebecca told me that she was taken to witness hybrid Gray-human children panic before being eaten by Reptilians. She asked the Grays who transported the children to the Reptilians about why they would help carry out these murders. The Grays said that they were terrified by the Reptilians because  the Reptilians used a planet shredder to destroy their world. It was obvious that she was terrified by the idea of a planet shredder. But it was not as obvious that she personally felt the horror experienced by the hybrid children. So I asked her for clarification.

I asked her to explain what she felt or was thinking while viewing the hybrids in distress. I will use R for Rebecca, B for me, and GA for Gray Adult.

R: “I understand your focus and the direction your heart and mind want to go and do.  I was moved by your remark that you were concerned about what someone might think of me because I did not act then or after this encounter.  Why would anyone even think that!  I can’t even prove that it happened!

B.  The proof will have to come later. At this state in planning we are just starting to understand the scope of the mission. It appears that there might have to be a rescue component.

R: All of us have only been able to interfere, make changes, protect, or otherwise assist in any kind of abuse when we see it, confirm it, have back up, or step in and do Your Request for specifics aboard small craft meeting small grays & exchange on info re: Hybrids & Shredder. I know you will want to write your remarks about this and I have questions just like you do.

B: I have not yet asked for proof although I will surely have it IF you succeed in setting up and inter-species conference with me in attendance, not just to witness it but to help lead or guide it.

R: All of us would put ourselves in front of our loved ones like a teacher protecting her kids, give our lives to care give for our parents, sister, brother, spouse, or friend or even our animals…. All of us have only been able to interfere, make changes, protect, or otherwise assist in any kind of abuse when we see it, confirm it, have back up, or step in and do something if we can.  All of us would put ourselves in front of our loved ones like a teacher protecting her kids, give our lives to care give for our parents, sister, brother, spouse, or friend or even our animals.  Don’t you think I or anyone who had this kind of experience on this planet or otherwise would not have wanted to try and help? Many of us do step in!  I still can’t prove that it happened! It’s a good thing to look at this again and now put other points of my life and the bad agenda together with other pieces of this puzzle. But remember, the bulk of my life and experiences have been positive and some of my life does have confirmation.  I try to remain in Hope and give thanks to those who are trying to break the hold over this planet over an agenda that has now been revealed.

R: I will remain devoted to asking for intervention from both good ETs and the Angelic Realm for as long as I am here.  I remain in hope that the White Hats, or whatever anyone calls the good guys, will be successful in overcoming the multi-level infiltration within this world alone. Let’s keep remembering there are good and bad people and good and bad ETs.

R: This incident occurred between 1995-2000.  I journal just about everything but did not see this in my immediate papers and would need to locate in stored Journals.  I know it occurred before 2000, because the movie, Mission To Mars, came out in 2000 with several accurate moments in the film that verify some of my life experiences.  One of those was the small craft that Gary Senise flew in at the end of the film.  Other accurate moments are previously written and shown in former write ups by you. (Prep in gel, energy components, tall entities-you showed that in a previous article as per my own story).

R: Upon arriving to the area, I could see through the front section of the ‘hatch back’ which opened up like a small square window.  The materials that made up the craft had the ability to meld seamlessly when closing as well as open for visuals allowing me to see outside.  There were 2 round, gray crafts sitting in space opposite me.  The craft to my left had what I will call a ‘gravitational tether’ on the craft to my right and is best described as wavy lines.  The one on my right had a long, open window showing a large group of small, gray like ET’s and small combinations of what looked like gray-like human children.  They were running around like kids in a classroom.  I was horrified because I was telepathically and intuitively picking up screaming, fear, confusion, and mental dis-function.  I looked over to the left and could see an open window of the other craft with 6 maybe 7 small grays standing at specific locations, most likely next to where they were assigned.  I can’t be exact on the number due to the fact that the inside of the craft was seen better on one side than the other so the count could be more or less.  The gray ET in the front could be seen clearly.  Immediately, I asked telepathically, “Who and what are those figures in the other craft?!”  “Why are they screaming?”  “Why are they here?”  Why are you showing me this?”  “Why am I here?”  They look like…”  I was about to say Hybrids, when the window on the craft with the small figures closed.  I could sense that the grays could feel my concern and horror.  Did they leave that window open on arrival so I could see?  Were they waiting for my reaction?  How was I going to help?

R: The gray seen in the other craft began speaking telepathically to me.  I remained in my craft the entire time of the following conversation.  I have never taken the time to write this out with such detail and the memory is still one of horror and sorrow.

GA: “They (the small figures in the other craft) are grays and hybrids.  We are sorry for interfering in humanity?”

R: “Why are they crammed in there afraid and running around?  They need help.  What did you do?  Did you create them? ”

GA: “They are for the Reptilians.  Some are used for slaves, some for energy, and some for food.”

R: “Why would you participate in something like this?  Why are you telling me?  I don’t know anyone, have any say, no importance…. why are you apologizing to me?” How can I help this situation?”

GA:  “We are subject to the Reptilians.  They control us. “

R:  I sensed at this moment that they were sorry for what was now happening to their species which were being used in these horrific experiments.  They were sorry as well for the years of abduction to the human race.  I realized that they were now using their own species mixed with whatever they were doing to us as humans with our DNA, or possibly children just as what is done on our planet with child and adult trafficking, body harvesting, experimental hybridization of animals, cannibalism, and other evil experiments.  How do I help this kind of situation?

R:  “What caused you to be a part of this?”

GA:  “The Reptilians destroyed our planet.”

R:  “How?”

AG:  “With The Shredder.”

R: “Would you send me the design of this Shredder?” They did telepathically.  I drew it later. The Shredder bears a strong resemblance to the craft seen in the Star Trek movie of 2009 when the craft is seen coming out of a wormhole.

R: I said a quiet prayer and then decided to begin asking if they could do something to help the hybrids in the other craft.  What kind of negotiation could be done on their part to end this nightmare?  Can I speak on their behalf for them and the hybrids?  Everything went black at this point.  It was like the beginning of this incident.  I knew I was picked up and placed in the small craft but the moments before, where I was, etc., were not clear.  Now, this ended going black shutting it down.  I don’t recall returning.  For years I thought it was a bad dream.  However, I eventually read and heard that the Reptilians were over the grays.  On our planet, slavery, experimentation, human trafficking, cannibalism, hybrid experimentation are now being spoken of and trying to be addressed and eradicated.  I believe that someone is out there who is fully aware of the details of the history regarding what I have shared above.  I believe there are good and bad ETs as there are good and bad humans.  We do our part by sharing our story whether it’s related to the ET’s, or we encounter evil in our daily lives on this planet stepping in to protect and expose.  I still pray for those seen in that incident as I do for all of us on this planet, and I hope that this agenda is being eliminated by those who have the power to do so.

B: Any ETs who had the ability to fight and who abstained from it are like Crazy Jake before his decision to convert. Their souls, if they have any, are now tied in with Earth and crimes committed here.  They can not ever remove the stain of what they did or failed to do unless they help to disclose the truth – all of it. Disclosure is needed to heal all worlds who have  been involved – whether they were perpetrators or victims of the deceit. Pleiadian involvement with Rebecca  is encoded on Figure 9 below.

FIGURE 9  BELOW. REBECCA, HER LAST NAME (with letters darkened to provide a measure of security and privacy) , TO THE UFO, and PLEIADES are all at the same skip of +63,331.


Pleiades 9


The spreadsheets above are for Figure 9. Odds against finding PLEIADES at a special case skip in a 594-letter box were about 23.838 to 1.  Odds against finding PLEIADES at any skip  in a 414-letter box were about 4.132 to 1.

Odds against finding PLEIADES (at a special case skip), TO THE UFO and FROM THE SKY IT WILL BE COME DOWN UPON YOU  in a 594-letter box with REBECCA FOLLOWED BY HER LAST NAME were about 398,673 to 1.  Odds against finding PLEIADES at any skip  in a 414-letter box with TO THE UFO and FROM THE SKY IT WILL BE COME DOWN UPON YOU  were about 141,611 to 1.





























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