USAF Teleportation, Basiago & Torah Code 7/21/22

WHY IS THIS REPORT UNCLASSIFIED? (updated on 7/21/2022)

In my last report I began to analyze the bizarre claims on Andrew Basiago. In particular, his claims to have been teleported back in time to see Lincoln at least twice, and to have been sent to Mars had amused me for about 30 years (the guy is popular on radio talk shows). Dr. Michael Salla has an extraordinary 1.5 hour interview of  Basiago at this link. At the end of this article you will find a detailed outline of Basiago’s claims in Salla’s interview of him. I moved a copy of  it over to Andrew Basiago – Time Traveler? That’s because this article was somehow trashed (attacked) possibly because it has what may be the greatest secret that any government has ever held a record of Time Travel conducted under Project Pegasus.

Teleportation of large objects (like a human body) is not currently an accepted concept although it has been demonstrated that we can teleport a few million atoms. Basaigo claims that we could not initially travel back in time unless we first had a teleporter left at the target site. He says that DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) gave our government the capability to travel this way back in 1967.

Eric W. Davis of Warp Drive Metrics is a highly respected scientist who wrote an unclassified U.S. Air Force report written entitled TELEPORTATION PHYSICS STUDY. It’s posted below  (page 56, second paragraph is of greatest interest). The Report, dated August 2004, was approved for public release by the Air Force Materiel Command at Edwards Air Force Base. The Torah Codes matrix, of course, is not part of the Report, but is based on the Report which will be described below. The Air Force report (unless it is part of a deliberate disinformation campaign) offers significant evidence that aliens have in fact visited our planet. The document was pulled from the Internet after it attracted a lot of attention, however before it was taken down I copied it. The critical information is on page 56 states paragraph 2 (See Figure 5 below). It states“There are also a small number of credible reports of individuals who reported being teleported to/from  UFOs during a UFO close encounter which were scientifically investigated (Vallee, 1988, 1990, 1997).”

Figure 1: The Torah Codes Matrix.


The axis term of the matrix is UFO TELEPORT. It is shown at its minimum ELS in Torah at skip 2002. Key words found in the 264-letter matrix with it were BEAM,MATTER, ENERGY and FOR ALIENS. The last phrase, FOR ALIENS, can also be translated as FOR STRANGERS. The New International Version and New American Standard Bible use ALIENS in their translations of text in Leviticus 25:23.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MATRIX. We start by looking at the axis term here. UFO TELEPORT is a 9-letter term composed of two words. As a whole term, it is at the lowest ELS.  But what about the term TELEPORT by itself? How likely was it that the three letters for UFO would be in sequence with it?  The Hebrew T letters in TELEPORT can be either tet or tav.  Both spellings were sought.  As such, the TELEPORT found was the 40th lowest ELS of just this one word.  Looking then at the three letters before and after TELEPORT, they are composed of ayin vet(bet) mem. Of the 304,805 letters in Torah, ayins are 11,250 letters, vets (or bets) are 16,345 letters, and mems are 25,090.  the odds of the three letters being in sequence are about 1 in 6,138, but you have to cut that in half to account for positions before or after TELEPORT, and finally divide that amount by 40 to account for the fact that there were 39 lowers ELSs of TELEPORT. So, overall, the chance that UFO would be in sequence with TELEPORT was about 1 in 77. However  if we want to know the chance to have found the 9-letter axis term at least once in Torah we must use the R factor given on the full Codefinder Report.

The R  factor for UFO TELEPORT is 3.337. To change R factor, found on the Code Finder report [in this case 3.337], to percent chance to find it, enter 3.337 into a scientific calculator like the TI30XA, hit second function, LOG, then 1/x and multiple by 100. This indicates that there was only a 0.0460257% chance to find the 9-letter term. That’s about one chance in 2,172 so this term by itself is quite significant.

The key a priori term of greatest value was ALIENS which had about 1 chance in 115 of being on the 264-letter matrix. Without considering the axis term, synonyms, alternate spellings of key terms, or the value of having UFO in sequence with TELEPORT, the combined p value of all the key terms in the 264-letter matrix is about .000196 (1 chance in 5,083). If we include the axis term then then combined value goes up to 2,172 * 5,083 = about 1 chance in 1.1 billion.

Figure 2 -The Air Force TELEPORTATION PHYSICS STUDY.   Critical remarks about teleportation and UFOs and the connection to CDR C.B. Scott Jones, PhD.




WHO IS ERIC W. DAVIS AND WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE HIM? For starters,Eric W. Davis of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin in Austin, Texas is one of the editors for FRONTIERS IN PROPULSION SCIENCE, the first text book of its kind, which is outlined in detail by my son on this web site. Please note that the Amazon link to the book includes my own review of the text.

WHO IS THE RESPONSIBLE PERSON FOR THE AIR FORCE REPORT AND WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE HIM? The Davis remarks were approved by Franklin B. Mead, Jr. – see the block 19a of the Report Documentation Page. I found this quite surprising when I discovered it since I had gotten into an argument with Paul Potter elsewhere on my web site because I initially thought he had lifted the idea for his version of a UFO propulsion system from Mead’s patent. Potter mentions Mead on pages 88 and 452 of his book (GRAVITATIONAL MANIPULATION OF DOMED CRAFT,  UFO Propulsion Dynamics).

Although it looks like Davis worked for Mead when the report was written between 30 January 2001 and 28 July 2003, by the time the textbook FRONTIERS IN PROPULSION SCIENCE was written (and edited by Eric W. Davis and Marc Millis in 2009), the concepts of Mead and Nachamkin were only given a short discussion on pages 572-573.

This is an example of the “in crowd” that keeps on popping up in my research.  There seems to be a group of selected people who are blessed by our government to know what is going on, and to receive funding for it, while there is another very distinct group that is out of the loop, but fighting hard to try to get in. I get e-mails from both groups who either sound me out about certain ideas related to UFOs, or who try to use me as a channel for publishing UFO disinformation, something that I try hard not to do by conducting detailed investigations. At any rate, evidently Davis managed to get his UFO remarks through and unclassified because his long term associate Mead allowed it to happen. The Report also has numerous references to Dr. Hal Puthoff.  He co-authored Chapter 18 (On Extracting Energy from the Quantum Vacuum) of the FRONTIERS text with Dr. Davis. One of the most significant in crowds” that is often mentioned is the Aviary. It includes Dr. Puthoff, Dr. Scott Jones and Colonel John Alexander (both discussed below). Dr. Davis is not a member, but he states that he is a personal friend and colleague of many Aviary members.

UFO expertsFigure 3 – Some of the people directly or indirectly involved in the Teleportation Report.

Teleportation Methods. The Air Force Report lists 5 approaches to teleportation (four of which are taken seriously) that are identified by Dr. Davis.  They are as follows:

  1. Teleportation – SciFi: the disembodied transport of persons or inanimate objects are sent across space by advanced (futuristic) technological means. This (Star Trek style) sf-Teleportation is not considered further in the study.
  2. Teleportation – engineering the vacuum or spacetime metric: the conveyance of persons or inanimate objects across space by altering the properties of the spacetime vacuum, or by altering the spacetime metric geometry. The Report calls this vm-teleportation.  Chapter 2.0 of the Report discusses it. It it involves tensor math.
  3. Teleportation – quantum entanglement: the disembodied transport of the quantum state of a system and its correlations across space to another system, where system refers to any single or collective particles of matter such as baryons (protons, neutrons, etc.), leptons (electrons, etc.) photons, atoms, ions. etc. The Report calls this q-Teleporation.  It is discussed in Chapter 3.0.
  4. Teleportation – exotic: the conveyance of persons or inanimate objects by transport through extra space dimensions or parallel universes. The Report calls this e-Teleporation  and discusses it in Chapter 4.0.
  5. Teleportation – psychic: the conveyance of persons or inanimate objects by psychic means. It is referred to as p-Teleportation.  Some of the evidence for it in the Report is linked to my friend, CDR C.B. Scott Jones.  His personal experiences investigating this phenomenon in China are discussed below. The Report deals with these claims in Chapter 5.0.

DOCUMENTATION PAGEFigure 4 Above – Air Force Teleportation Physics Study Report Documentation Page and Abstract.


CDR C.B. Scott Jones and the Teleportation Study

In the page 56 extract above, after the mention of credible reports of  individuals who reported being teleported to/from UFOs, the Air Force report goes on to discuss research being conducted in China.  What is the source of this information? It so happens that it made its way into publication as a result of a trip report by my close friend (and yes, member of the Aviary), Commander C.B. Scott Jones, PhD. A highly significant matrix for his life is here. A simple summary of his career is here.  One bizarre summary of his career was here but it was pulled down.  It listed the code name for CDR Jones as Falcon, while he (and another site with partial truths mixed with fantasy) give his code name as Chickadee.

Briefly, Jones is founder and president of the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth. Previous to this he was co-founder and president of the Human Potential Foundation. Prior to this position he was Special Assistant to Senator Claiborne Pell from January 1985 until March 1991. Retiring as a Commander in the U.S. Navy, approximately half of his thirty-year naval career was spent in intelligence service overseas and in the United States. In 1989, he and Senator Claiborne Pell co-founded the Human Potential Foundation that was involved in a number of research projects. Under the Center for Interspecies Communications, the Human Potential Foundation conducted Projects Neptune Helper I and II, dolphin research with Atlantic Bottlenose and Spotted dolphins. A major two-year program funded by Laurance Rockefeller was completed with an international conference, When Cosmic Cultures Meet, in Washington, D.C. in May 1995. In November 1998, the Human Potential Foundation was dissolved and its principal undertaking, a global peace initiative, transferred to the newly established Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth, Inc. Principal

The fun of knowing Scott is in trying to figure out what’s true and what is not. Scott has a great sense of humor, is ever ready for stimulating conservation, and always open to suggestions about how to improve his  efforts.  The only disagreements that we have had were extremely mild and related to his political attitudes which are far more liberal than mine. Obviously the first factual (simple) summary of his career just offered with the first link is true, but knowing him as I do for several years now, I think the legends about his powers are somewhat exaggerated; but then again it’s the lack of certainty here that makes him such a fascinating guy. If he is capable of mind control, I haven’t seen the direct evidence of it, though I have often heard him talk about it, and he believes that mind control technologies have been out of the laboratories and into the fields for years.

When I read the Davis report’s information about the Chinese experiments, I immediately recognized Scott as the source of the information given.  As such, I asked Scott to send me a few memories about his encounter. What follows is his reply:


The book that I was asked during a September 1990 trip to China to get translated into English was Collected Works on Qigong Science (Volume I), edited by Hu Hangchang and Wu Qihui, and published by the Beijing University Press.  My host in China was the Chinese Academy of Somatic Sciences.  Its president was Lin Shuhuang, Ph.D.

While I cannot immediately locate my copy of the translated draft of this book, I do remember at least one chapter in it covers the material cited in Davis’s report, and credited to Shuhuang, 1981.

 I do have a copy of the ninety-nine page, first issue (July 1990) of the Chinese Journal of Somatic Science.  This includes result of experiments conducted by Song Kongzhi, Li Xianggao and Zhou Lianagzhong, working with Zhang Raosheng, a subject with paranormal abilities.  The title of the report is Research into Paranormal Ability to Break Through Spatial Barriers.  That reports notes that Lin Shuhuang, Zhang Chongqi and eleven others discovered that persons with paranormal abilities were capable of removing objects such as nuts, nails and bundles of matches from sealed containers.  That work is cited in Nature Magazine, 4,9(1981) 652.

None of that material I have in hand refers to teleportation experiments. As noted above, they preferred to call it moving objects through spatial barriers.  In my visits to China, the focus was on demonstrating that paranormal phenomena were real. 

I recall telling (Colonel) John Alexander about one of the scientist who had conducted the experiments, showing me the movies of the experiments in action and answering my questions about it.  That was one of many demonstrations in a daylong session.

It is interesting to note the following taken from the introductory material of the Chinese Academy of Somatic Science.

Somatic science is a major development of modern science and technology.  Well known scientist Prof. Qian Xuesen has pointed out, “A through study and research of somatic science will fully change mankind’s ability in understanding and reforming nature, and bringing benefits to mankind.” “This may lead to a scientific revolution in the 21st century which may be even greater than quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity in the 20th century.”  “ It will usher in a second Renaissance and is another leap forward for human history.”

If that last sentence has a familiar ring to it, it should.  It was a gentle poke in the eye from Professor Qian Xuesen* (known earlier in the United States as Ch’ien Hsűeh sen) who played a key role in getting Armstrong to the Moon a year earlier on June 20, 1969.  A MIT, Cal Tech grad, he was a co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Lab, worked in the Manhattan Project, was sent to Germany with Project Paperclip to interview Wernher von Braun to see if he would be of a value to the U.S., and made many significant contributions to the U.S. missile and space programs.  During the Red Scare of the 1950s, some nut in one of our major political parties accused him of having communist sympathies.  His security clearances were pulled and he spent five years in house arrest before he was exchanged for a dozen Air Force pilot POWs from the Korean War.  In China he completely reorganized the scientific community, lead their nuclear and ICBM missile programs, and as noted above, opened the door for psi research in China.  I also detected his fingerprints in China’s massive UFO program.  My repeated attempts to meet with him in China were all gently, but firmly rebuffed.

I took note of Figure 8, page 43, of the Davis report.  Davis may have a teasing sense of humor.  Labeling the teleporting sending and receiving stations Bob and Alice in that figure reminded me of the stories floating around about Pine Gap outside of Alice Springs, Australia being touted as involved in U.S. teleporting activity.

For an additional look at Scott’s extraordinary life, see Scott Jones & ET.

*NOTE ABOUT Professor Qian Xuesen: On page 1 of Michael Salla’s book RISE OF THE RED DRAGAON, Origins & Threat of China’s Secret Space Program (2020) Salla writes:

“Undoubtedly the most important figure in China’s space  program…Tsien Hue-shen was responsible for directing the development of China’s missiles and launch vehicles from 1956 to 1991. (SpaceTech Asia, 2017).

“Dr. Tsien Hsue-shen (ala Qian Xuesen, Chinese spelling) was a Chinese mathematician, physicist, cybernetist, and aerospace engineer whose illustrators scientific career came to impact the United States and China in indelible ways. Eventually, the fruits of his work would bring these two proud nations face-to-face i a power struggle for global supremacy.”


I have only received a few e-mails from Dr. Hal Puthoff.  One was about a Torah Codes matrix that I found about him. The other was a suggestion of how our family could learn more about breakthroughs in propulsion.  He advised that we start by buying and reading FRONTIERS IN PROPULSION SCIENCE.  Obviously we readily complied.  My son’s outline of the book is posted for all to see.  It was done just before David started his BS in space physics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

With respect to Colonel John Alexander, although he is a close friend of both Dr. Jones and Dr. Puthoff, I haven’t yet met him, but I have seen him on television.  He seems to like to be on TV or radio. The one time that I did see him on TV gave me cause to wonder about him. My son didn’t get his doctorate in physics at age of 23 without a lot of nagging on my part.  One night I noticed him playing video games after his homework.  I demanded that he find something worthy of his brains.  We turned on the TV, and lo and behold – there was Colonel Alexander.  He was talking about how mind control might be achieved from orbit.  We all wondered whether the urge to turn on the TV was due to a beamed down suggestion to check him out. As the years passed I noticed a repeating pattern of me writing a word phrase with it then being repeated over the television (usually set to Fox News) in the background. The delay was always about a quarter of a second.

There is a Chinese blessing that says, “May you live in interesting times.”  The Aviary and people like Dr. Davis certainly do their part to ensure the fulfillment of that blessing.

Teleportation of Light. On April 14, 2011, an article appeared at FoxNews.Com about a breakthrough in the teleportation of light. While far from teleportation of people, the article shows how this type of research is being pursued in Japan.




0.0.38   First   teleportation device was in White Rock, New Mexico not far from Las Alamos. Basiago lived in White Rock.
0.3:56   Basiago’s time experiences began at age 6. His father (Raymond M. Basiago) introduced him to the program.
0.4:28   After WW2 his father earned his BS in electrical engineering. He was then hired at Okonite Company in Paramus, NJ It still hires electrical engineers.
0.4:37   After 9 ET craft overflew our capital at 7,000 mph in 1952 father was visited by a Colonel who ordered his father to report to Curtis Wright company in Woodridge, NJ.
0.4:53.   There his dad designed the metal alloy from which the ramjet would be built to (without melting) chase UFOs away from Earth. The father was 28 years old. The father was at Curtis Wright for 3 years.
0.6:00   From 1956 to 1964 his dad worked at the Thomas Edison Research Lab in West Orange, NJ.
0.6:08   At Edison his father repeated Nicola Edison’s Teleportation experiment.
0.6:30   The UFOs seen over Washington, D.C. in 1952 were blinking in and out of sight. This is because they were actually teleporting over short distances. This ability is how they achieve high speed without their skins melting or causing sonic booms
0.7:00   While Basiago’s father was setting up a test device at Curtis Wright a technician walked through the field of radiant energy and he tumbled to Africa. Question: Why not 10 miles below the surface of Africa or anywhere else? Was there any receiver device in Africa?
 0.7:25   The device that Tesla called an energetic array was actually a teleporter.
0.7:52   The device that Tesla called an energetic array was actually a teleporter.
0.8:00   In 1967-68 when he was 6 his father took him to Curtis Wright to building 68 where saw what looked like elephant tusks
0.8:34   From 10 feet back the radiant energy between booms looked like water cascading but from up close it looked like raster from an old black and white TV set. There were little squiggles of blue and green light in opposite directions at 3 inch intervals.
0.9:07 to 0.9:22   Father says, ”On  the count of 3 we are going to jump through, pass through a tunnel of light, and exit on a hill side somewhere else in the country.”
0.10:12   Father warned about possible separation in the tunnel. This happened.
0.10:26   They landed at the state capital in Santa Fey New Mexico 2,005 miles from Woodridge, NJ.
0.10:53   It took about a half hour for father to find son.
0.11:00   They took a state car from there to Los Alamos National Lab.
0.11:08   They met with Dr. Harold M. Agnew who was Director of the W (Weapons) Division. Agnew is really the father of time travel.  Agnew became Director of Las Alamos labs in 1970.
0.13:32 to 0.13:46.Andrews was 6. Teleportation was operational from at least 1967 maybe 5 years before that).
0.14:25   Teleportation did not work successfully in the so called Philadelphia experiment in 1943. It was a failure.
0:14:48 to 0.15:52   The Tesserac  or Tesla Energetic Array is discussed.
15:57   Great advance with Teslerac or Tesla Energetic Array. He does not make clear how that might be related to the 100.75 tesla magnetic pulse (2,000,000 time more powerful than Earth’s magnetic field).
0.16:25   The Chronovisor is mentioned as major component of the program. Names mentioned sound like Arnetti and Travelie. It was passed on to Bell Labs and became something more elaborate. The alleged existence of the chronovisor has fueled a whole series of conspiracy theories,[who?] such as that the device was seized and is actually used by the Vatican or by those who secretly control governments and their economies all around the world.
0.16:40 to 019:59   The alleged existence of the chronovisor has fueled a whole series of conspiracy theories,[who?] such as that the device was seized and is actually used by the Vatican or by those who secretly control governments and their economies all around the world.
 0.16:40 to 0.19:59   Beckwith was constantly talking with Tesla about the Philadelphia Experiment. It did not involve the Eldridge in Philadelphia Shipyard. The ship was the Martha’s Vineyard in Long Island Sound. The purpose was not invisibility, it was teleportation. It returned to Newport News, not Norfolk. Only 1 sailor was fused to the hull. In charge of the Martha’s Vineyard were Oppenheimer and Edward Teller. The faked version was to hide Teller, etc. and our efforts to handle ET and the Soviet Union.
 0.22:30Salla asks who was Parsons and how did he wind up being a multimillionaire?   They would vie with Bechtell to be the leading engineering company in the world. Parsons was the leading company in time travel until Basiago moved from them in 1972. Headquarters: 5875 Trinity Pkwy #300, Centreville, VirginiaParsons bought the largest private yacht I in the world and named it Pegasus 2.Parsons built or controls our Titan and Minutemen ICBMs – see
23:10   Parsons was one of two of Bechtel’s key workers when Bechtel was building Liberty ships during World War 2. The other was John Alexander McCone who became the Director of the CIA from November 29, 1961 to April 28, 1965. The period includes when President Kennedy was assassinated.  While not discussed in this interview, Salla wrote a book entitled Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination. In it Salla says that the order to kill Kennedy was given by James Jesus Angleton, but he was only the CIA’s chief of Counterintelligence in 1963.  Basiago says that we had an operational time machine in 1967 when he used it along with father. He thinks it might have been operational for 5 years (back to 1962) but he’s not sure. If it was operational in 1963 and the CIA could see the future, they may have chosen to start a new time line. This may imply that there remained  a time line with Kennedy alive unless he died by another cause (like a plane crash going to or from Dallas).
0.29.28 to 30:43   By 1970 they had done something internally to the teleporter to set it to before or after we had jumped through the device at Curtis Wright. The danger with teleportation was that it couldn’t be before the advent of teleportation or we would be stranded in the past. So initially they were very short hops. In the next few years Andrew spent summers in New Mexico while his mother thought he was only gone for about 15 minutes because of the time set for his return.
0.31.40 to 0.34.0   They were moving scientists like his father and CIA agents around in time space. Intelligence events from the future (like Watergate) were put into intelligence reports and given to McCone. Andrew heard about the Internet, AIDS, he met both Bushes and Clinton right after they were apprised of their future presidency as well as Richard Cheney the future VP. “I met Cheney on the project when he was a 29-yearold.” Future presidents and VPs were told. The computer revolution. 9-11 was discussed several times as was the replacement.
0.34.27 to 36:09   You can’t change the past or future, you can only fulfill it. Attempts to male such changes are called “quantum engineering.” This was an intelligence gathering operation.
0.34.27 to 0.36:09   They were moving scientists like his father and CIA agents around in time space. Intelligence events from the future (like Watergate) were put into intelligence reports and given to McCone. Andrew heard about the Internet, AIDS, he met both Bushes and Clinton right after they were apprised of their future presidency as well as Richard Cheney the future VP. “I met Cheney on the project when he was a 29-yearold.” Future presidents and VPs were told. The computer revolution. 9-11 was discussed several times as was the replacement This concept likely applies to the Torah Code, however there may be an exception to this rule because more than one destiny is sometimes found encoded and because it openly speaks of choice/free will as with Deuteronomy 30:15 to 18:See, I have set before you this day life and good, and death and evil; In that I command you this day to love the LORD your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments and His statutes and his judgments, that you may live and multiply: and the LORD your God shall bless you in the land wherever you go to possess it. But if your heart turns away, so that you will not hear, but shall be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them; I denounce you this day, that you shall surely perish, and that you shall not prolong your days upon the land, when you pass over Jordan to possess it.When you change  the timeline you decrease the value of the intelligence (be it obtained by military action or by Torah Codes as when Drosnin warned Netanyahu about as assassination attempt that would be made against him in Amman, Jordan). Netanyahu cancelled the trip. Drosnin had previously warned Rabin about an assassination attempt against him. He asked Rabin to take precautions. Rabin said he was not religious and blew off the warning. He was then murdered.Because of this overlap Parsons would do well to have as an advisor at least one expert in  the Code (one of my followers at Fort Huachuca or me). I suspected (but don’t yet  know for certain) that there is an link between what time travelers (human or ET) have found and how the Torah Code came to be written but we need better software (Project Creator Decoder) written. There is an old draft of this project at Creator Decoder ( Parsons should be added to the list of recipients.But if your heart turns away, so that you will not hear, but shall be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them; I denounce you this day, that you shall surely perish, and that you shall not prolong your days upon the land, when you pass over Jordan to possess it.
0.40.0. to 0.41:09   Andrew claims to have initiated teleportation by himself as a child. One nightmare experience occurred when he teleported by himself back to  his normal time only to find that some strange family was occupying his house. After an initial hostile greeting he explained the situation to the woman of the house. She allowed him to stay there for a week. She contacted the government who contacted his father and “somehow they got me home.” This means that by 1971 DARPA was communicating with other realities. This is much like in the TV series MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE where a leading a Nazi travels to a world where his son was still alive although the boy was dead in his own universe. I can understand how the Government would allow the child to initiate a trip home, but it is hard to believe that they would allow children who were involved with Pegasus to initiate outgoing travel without supervision. However, Basagio states that sometimes he would travel with only other children in Pegasus.
 0.42:12   Not only did DARPA and CIA prove that the multiverse exists but it it also showed that they were in contact with these other versions of  our universe.
0.44:00   There was a huge microwave tower sign immediately west of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Andrew’s dad said that was the microwave tower that was pinging into space was acting as a beacon between parallel universes.
0.45:12   Basagio saw evidence of the Multiverse when he viewed Ford’s Theater through the Chronovisor in New Jersey. There were small differences seen with respect to number of people selling tickets and number of pretty women spotted. Andrew also spotted what looked like an image of himself in a mirror at Ford’s Theater. This may imply that the version seen involved not just another Chronovision viewer, but rather an Andrew that teleported back so that he was there to have a solid image spotted by  a Chronovisor.
0.45:50   With respect to  the Chronovisor Andrew said that in New Jersey a hologram of light came down around him from the ceiling. There was an electromagnetic signal coming through a crystal of Bismuth.
0.47:40 to 0.47:56   It was noticed that when different children were sent back in time, the different people would produce differences in what was seen. Therefore the program stopped sending back all children.
0.48:30 to 0.50:02.   Salla asked about the picture of Basaigo at Gettysburg. It’s it with a Chronovisor. What equipment was used? He said he used a “plasma confinement chamber” under the direction of Dr. Sterling Colgate from New Mexico Tech. Colgate was also involved with Aerojet Corporation in New Mexico. Colgate (and Andrew’s father) wanted to give Andrew a treat for doing so well – and that treat was the trip back to Gettysburg.
0.48:30 to 0. 52.19.   For the trip a woman named Valerie dressed him as a Union bugle boy. The plasma confinement chamber was like a big lucite (Poly[methylmethacrylite]) about half the length of a tennis court and 12 to 14 feet high. Go through door with opalescent plasma and through ~30 minutes of wormhole. The Tesla Teleporter was kind  of a straight shot within an oblate triangular circle of light. The worm-holing was violent. It ripped off his hat, both shoes and a sock.
0.52.20 to 0.54:43   He was spit out on November 19, 1863 on farmland north of Gettysburg. As instructed, he got rid of anything conspicuous (the other sock), got directions, and walked into Gettysburg. Downtown was very small. He was cold – no jacket – he looked into a millinery shop. John Lawrence Burns, limping with a leg wound, took pit on him and bought him a hat, coat and shoes. The shop was owned by David Kindleheart and his wife Eliza M. Bowen. The man was also known as David Anne Bowen. John Lawrence Burns was town Constable, lawyer and shoemaker.
0.55:38   Mrs. Kindleheart scolded Burns for giving away the clothes. The Kindlhearts ran the underground railroad.  She said the pile of clothes they had in there was for escaped slaves. As she came into the shop Andrew noted a time traveler effect of time seeming to speed up and slow down which limited what he could hear of their conversation. He followed Burns down Baltimore Street over the Evergreen Cemetery to the site of the speech.
56:43 to 57:17   People were arriving there but one of the first people spotted was Andrew’s father but he looked younger than should be. Later in his home dimension Andrew’s father told him that that was when he found out that his son would be in the time travel program. The version of the father in Gettysburg was about 5 years too young.
to 0.58:11   Andrew was questioned by two union officers. This caused him to walk away from Lincoln.  Andrew assumed and odd position in trying to disguise his new, but greatly oversized shoes. This messed up his view of the speech.
to 1.00:03   It may have been Civil War photographer Matthew Brady or his assistant George Backarat who took the photo when Andrew started to fade. Most glass panes were destroyed during World War 1, but that one survived with a few pixels of Lincoln on it. Today the original of that photograph is at the National archives and it’s classified.
1.01:20 to 1.07:23   Unlike the teleporter, the plasma confinement chamber is not limited to how far it can go back in time. There is no needed to have a receiver pre-positioned there. The effect that it has would just wear off (something like a Condolini sensation – check spelling and reference) and you would (like boom) and appear back in the chamber in your correct time. The concern about weight is probably why the project often used children for teleportation experiments.
1.01:20 to 1.07:23TV shows like Time Tunnel in 1967 and Sliders  plus the novel A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle were a mixture of soft disclosure and disinformation. Now at the age of 60 Basagio  is blind and suffering from kidney failure. The Plasma Confinement Chamber exposed him to radiation. His father was giving him shots of Vanadium his left leg  down in his basement. Vanadium has been investigated and reported as an anticancer agent. See Vanadium and Melanoma: A Systemic Review – MDPI. The Vanadium was to treat bones and teeth for radiation. He was also given gamma globulin in his right arm at the Morristown Army Arsenal. His said it was to make him super-smart. he also gave him 30 minute bursts of gamma radiation.  He said they were trying to lighten his body for teleportation. Years later he learned that the kids were getting something like diabetes and the adults were getting heart value problems. Controlling metabolism is important. One person grew to 700 pounds. A child lost his feet during teleportation. In 2004-5 he could not remember being teleported, likely due to mind control being used to suppress the horrific effects suffered. Other kids retained many of heir memories. The idea that Basiago lost both shoes plus one sock as with his trip to Gettysburg while another child lost both feet may suggest that both kids were subject to something like spaghettification.In astrophysics, spaghettification is the vertical stretching and horizontal compression of objects into long thin shapes in a very strong, non-homogeneous gravitational field. It is caused by extreme tidal forces while going through the wormhole.
 1:07:24 to 1:10:22   Salla asked about a Yellow Book of Extraterrestrials.  Basagio said there were  two books that he was shown –  one about the origin of Earth and the other about the origin  of  our galaxy. The book was written by an ET that came to pick up the Roswell crash victims. He was both a guest and a captive of our country until we let him go. A major part of Basiago’s training was learning the Astart alphabet. He was taught 240 to 256 letters by a music teacher named Harvey Altman to an itinerant guy named Joseph Humer. Andrew was given a briefing about ETs visiting us for thousands of years, even abducting targeted people. I the last few hundreds of years abductees could expect to be contacted throughout the lives. This happened to Andrew. Mostly small grays took him. Andrew was told that it was his responsibility to find out who they were, where they from  and what they wanted. Harvey Altman became Principal of Memorial Middle School and Joe Humer became principal of Andrew’s elementary school. This showed how the Intelligence community had been embedded into academia. Andrew was interviewed by the FBI in spring of his kindergarten year. One of these agents was Richard Bower Sr. Richard Bower Jr, sent Andrew his  picture and Andrew said, That’s the guy.” Question: Is Astart the language of so called Ashtar civilization that allegedly lives lives in a cloud city in Jupiter’s clouds.Basagio’s memory is better than mine. He remembers what an agent looked like who  interviewed him in Kindergarten. While (at age 75) I remember the names of many teachers that I had in public  school I only remember the face of one (Dr. Burr) because I was putting cartoons that I drew of him up on his blackboard every day when I was a high school senior.
1.10.57 – 1:11:34.   Andrew jumped from fall of 1971 to summer of 1973 in New Mexico where  Major Ed Danes (about 25 years old)  taught him most of the Astart language. Danes also worked with Andrew in in the Montauk Chair. The Pegasus kids were also being groomed s ambassadors to the ET, Andrew’s ET contacts dropped off why he was 12 and  he had only one more at 18. U.S. Army is 31 to to 33 years old.
1.11:56 to 1:13:09.    ETs could track certain industrial materials home on the clothing. As was written by Dr. John Mack in his book ABDUCTION Andrew thinks the purpose of abduction is t0 given subjects a kind of planetarium consciousness.
1.13:40 to 1:14:42.      Salla asks about the Montawk Chair on Montawk Point, Long Island, NY. Salla says that the Chair was not always there. It was set up primarily at his elementary school at Art Lab in Mount View  for the speed learning program called Galileo where they spoke  about science since about the year 1450. A young post-doc named David (?David Lewis Anderson) would set up the chair and they would sit in it. There was a cathode ray tube coming up from their legs and like a photographer’s umbrella above the seat.There were 2 different chairs. One was orange, the other was like a knit black, white and gold.
 1:14:42 to 1. 16:24.    What would happen in rides would black out, experience a dropping sensation, then go up a foot or so and forward feet first through what he called the quantum plenum. They would see something like a black pane of glass ahead with an image, then collide with that image. On one trip back from  the future he was asked who he was this time and he said, “A lawyer from Seattle.” That is what he is today.
 1.16:25 – 1:20:01  Andrew says that the Montawk Chair is really a pilot’s seat from a recovered UFO. He asked David how it worked.  David said that there were two theories:  1) It enhanced natural psychic abilities  that a person is born with (which, to a certain extent is backed by my own experiences, but in particular by my former (now deceased) Rabbi Glixman from Miami. I described future wives before meeting them, while he prayed to stop seeing people’s futures on meeting them. He often saw their deaths. David’s second idea was that the chair interacted with the environment, but he said he didn’t know which idea (if either was correct) = i.e., they knew what te chair could do, but not how it could do it. Andrew was able to find his future sister-in-law’s name.
1.20:01. to 1:23:18.  Salla asked Andrew to describe seven trips to the year 2045. The trip to 2045 was achieved by a Star Gate set up in a Surreal Cultural Center. He had to learn how to hold his breath and sip a little off the top. In 2045 Jack Pruitt gave them microfilm in  canisters with recordings of events from 1972 to 2045 but it was all encoded. The canisters were inserted in their anal cavity with a string attached for removing them. They were taken to a wall in the building and told to run hard against the wall which was a teleporter. When we did we were in a portal tunnel again. It was another ~30 minute trip back to the site immediately west of the Continental Divide Site.
1:23:43  to 1:24:36.  The program in 2045 could only find them back in 1972 because of that pinging microwave tower. I’m still amazed that by virtue of plasma confinement they could send me to the day, the morning to  of Gettysburg. The defense attache for the program was Donald Rumsfeld. Andrew claims to have had significant interaction with him.
 1:25:51 to 1:26.30.  . Andrew does not remember Rumsfeld discussed 911 in font of him but he does remember his dad discussing it.1:26:36 to 1:31:6    Salla wants to discuss Art Bell who in 2015  impressed him about Basiago. At 9 years old he was taken to IT&T. Bell er convinced Salla that Basaigo had a story worth pursuing. In October, Andrew and other children and their special teacher Elaine Galligher ran into a room in Metty?? NJ where time travel experiments were going on. Art was shocked that Andrew saw him working there because it was a top secret program for NATO.  No one (without clearance knew that he was working there. They ran up on Art who was stabilizing a Chronovisor. Before each new device was used the kids would be taken on an acclimation trip. November 5, 1971 was the first attempt to chrovise (not teleport) individuals to the future. Andrew listened to Art for years without realizing that he was that man back at ITT Defense.





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