Blond Nordic Aliens 7/10/2023

This page is under construction. What do you do with a single, 30-year old who likes blonds a lot. but can’t be torn from his video games to go look for one? Currently I’m trying to encourage humanoids or possible hybrids that I know to attend a disclosure conference where, if my son is willing to go, he can meet female from the following Nordic races or worlds as outlined in Elena Danaan’s wonderful books, A GIFT FROM THE STARS, Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races, and WE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN. Some of the many races of Nordics are as follows:

RACE                SYSTEM/PLANET     Galactic Federation of Worlds

Aldebaran         Taurus (3 species, 1 below with 3 links)       NO

Note: L.A. Marzulli denies producing or giving permission for the 1 minute 58 second reverse speech video.


MARINA SEREN                            Marina Seren supposedly from Aldebaran

Interview of Marina Seren by Linda Moulton Howe (1 hour 31 minutes)

Marina Seren web site:

Attack against Marina Seren. This brief video purports to show Marina Seren talking in reverse where she attacks God. (1 minute 58 seconds)



RACE                SYSTEM/PLANET     Galactic Federation of Worlds

Lyran                  K62, Zygon                               YES

Altairian            Altair 4 in Aquila                     No

Centaurians      Alpha A., Alpha B., Proxima Centauri

Ummites           Wolf 424

Sirians               Canis Major

Kahil                   Eridani

Vegans               Lyra

Pleiadians                                              Yes

Noor Rigelians  Eldaru                        Fled from Pleiades

Selosi                   B-Centauri 4            YES

Telosi                   Alpha-centauri 4     YES, Also live underground on Earth

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