Aliens lead our Government? 9/6/22

The Torah Code matrix  on Figure 1 is real, but the link to a Biden-alien video is only to provide a bit of ET humor. However, the words put into Biden’s mouth on the video are pretty much what he should actually tell us for real.



FIGURE 1 (above) and its statistical spreadsheets (below).  While the full 960-letter matrix is of interest in light of the continuing UFO/UAV coverup, the incredible match between AN ALIEN IN OUR GOVERNMENT, BIDEN, AND HIS MILITARY and MAGA in only 120 letters with AN ALIEN IN OUR GOVERNMENT and BIDEN at the same absolute skip was shocking. Before looking for the axis term (AN ALIEN IN OUR GOVERNMENT) I expected that if it matched anyone it would be OBAMA. OBAMA was on the full 960-letter matrix, but at skip 81,217 his name was one skip off the axis term (81,218). The odds against the match (1.78 to 1) meant that the match was easier to find than calling a coin toss correctly. But the odds against a match between AN ALIEN IN OUR GOVERNMENT and BIDEN (before considering ELS rank 2 of the axis term) were 2,540 to 1 or half of that (1,270 to 1) if we consider just the match but no other terms in the 120-letter box with it.

By far the most significant odds for Figure 1 were just for the 120-letter area shaded in grey. Odds against this section of the matrix were 166,704 to 1.

JOE BIDEN ALIEN ODDSOdds against the full 960-letter Figure 1 were about 31,611 to 1.


MILLI WITH ET IN OUR GOVIf we expand the shaded area of Figure 1 up from 120 letters to 160 letters to include (General) Milley, the significance drops from 166,704 to 1 against  down to 150,526 to 1. Therefor the expansion to show this short 4-letter spelling of his last name is not justified.

GENERAL MILLEY. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark A. MILLEY, is also on the matrix, at one skip off the axis touching AND HIS MILITARY, but just outside the 120-letter box with a grey background. His name is not statistically significant at all on the full matrix but it is of personal interest because on December 8, 2015 he sent me a weird Facebook invitation. On it he included nothing at all except the abstract of the Roffman (father and son) Report, Mars Correct – Critique of All NASA Mars Weather Data. The current Abstract differs from what he sent back to me largely with respect to the number of Martian days (1,171 then vs. 3,025 below) that MSL Curiosity has been on Mars.

Did General Milley mean to praise us by making it clear that he was aware of our research, or threaten us by implying that he knew all the sensitive things we were finding (not then, but eventually even evidence for time travel)? His attention led me to publish several Torah Codes matrices about him. When he wrote me I had not yet written about evidence for primitive life on Mars.

I hid Figure 2 (see below) and the bulk of the article about Milley for 5 months, but since he stepped in it by talking in public about fighting Little Green Men and Hybrid Armies at 34:10 to 50 in this video link, I declared it time for me to let the public see what the Code says about him. The Army Times had damage control up about his remarks (but they didn’t know about him contacting me before). They say “little green men” was used in a non-extraterrestrial, military context as recently as 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea, to refer to men wearing unmarked green uniforms when their origin was unconfirmed. Further, the military has long talked a hybrid threat of regular forces, criminal elements, terrorist groups, cyber threats, etc.. Obviously the General could have avoided the controversy by defining these terms for the public when he used them. But now (in 2022) we are sill dealing with a war in Ukraine, one in which there have been articles out about an alien ark  activating underground in Kherson, Ukraine in the area where Putin first invaded in 2022. Our response to this invasion is largely led by General Milley. You can listen to the broadcast on the ark under Kherson by Dr. Michael Salla here.



Back to the Codes for now. Is Milley’s name significant on a matrix measuring 16 rows by 10 columns with BIDEN, AND HIS MILITARY, AN ALIEN IN OUR GOVERNMENT and MAGA in it? No. While odds against the smaller 12 X 10 matrix with BIDEN, AN ALIEN IN OUR GOVERNMENT, AND HIS MILITARY, and MAGA were about 166,704 to 1, if we add four rows to accommodate a non-special skip MILLEY the significance still drops to 150,526 to 1. The general rule is that when you start with two outstanding terms that are very close like BIDEN and AN ALIEN IN OUR GOVERNMENT new terms will not add any significance to the matrix unless they are (1) at a special case skip (+/- 1 or the absolute  skip of the axis term – here +/-81,218) or (2) in the area of the original close match – here 120 letters

But before looking at his name further on today’s matrix and asking if he may be one of the officers in our government willing to work for ET so long as the pay is good, you may want to look at what he chose to send me. A recent abstract (published on March 3, 2021 by the Mars Society) of the Report is as follows:


ABSTRACT: We present evidence that NASA is seriously understating Martian air pressure. Our 12-year study critiques 3,025 Sols up through 8 February 2021 (8.51 terrestrial years, 4.52 Martian years) of highly problematic MSL Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) weather data, and offers an in depth audit of over 8,311 hourly Viking 1 and 2 weather reports. We discuss analysis of technical papers, NASA documents, and personal interviews of transducer designers. We troubleshoot pressures based on radio occultation/spectroscopy, and the previously accepted small pressure ranges that could be measured by Viking 1 and 2 (18 mbar), Pathfinder and Phoenix (12 mbar), and MSL (11.5 mbar – altered to 14 mbar in 2017). For MSL there were several pressures published from August 30 to September 5, 2012 that were from 737 mbar to 747 mbar – two orders of magnitude high – only to be retracted. We challenged many pressures and NASA revised them down. However there are two pressure sensors ranges listed on a CAD for Mars Pathfinder. We long thought the CAD listed two different sensors, but based on specifications of a new Tavis sensor for InSight that is like that on PathFinder, it appears that the transducer could toggle between two pressures ranges: 0-0.174 PSIA/12 mbar (Tavis Dash 2) and 0-15 PSIA/1,034 mbar (Tavis Dash 1). Further, an Abstract to the American Geophysical Union for the Fall 2012 meeting, shows the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) states of their MSL (and Phoenix) Vaisala transducers, “The pressure device measurement range is 0 – 1025 hPa in temperature range of -45°C – +55°C (-45°C is warmer than MSL night temperatures), but its calibration is optimized for the Martian pressure range of 4 – 12 hPa.” So in fact of the first five landers with meteorological suites, three were actually equipped to measure Earth-like pressure.

All original 19 low μV values were removed when we asked about them, although eventually 12 were restored. REMS always-sunny opacity reports were contradicted by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter photos. We demonstrate that REMS weather data was regularly revised after they studied online critiques in working versions of this report. REMS even labelled all dust 2018 Global Dust Storm weather as sunny, although they did list the μV values then as all low. Vikings and MSL showed consistent timing of daily pressure spikes which we link to how gas pressure in a sealed container would vary with Absolute temperature, to heating by radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs), and to dust clots at air access tubes and dust filters. Pathfinder, Phoenix and MSL wind measurements failed. Phoenix and MSL pressure transducer design problems included confusion about dust filter location, and lack of information about nearby heat sources due to International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR). NASA Ames could not replicate dust devils at 10 mbar. Rapidly filled MER Spirit tracks required wind speeds of 80 mph at the assumed low pressures. These winds were never recorded on Mars. Nor could NASA explain drifting Barchan sand dunes. Based on the above and dust devils on Arsia Mons to altitudes of 17 km above areoid (Martian equivalent of sea level), spiral storms with 10 km eye-walls above Arsia Mons and similar storms above Olympus Mons (over 21 km high), dust storm opacity at MER Opportunity blacking out the sun, snow that descends 1 to 2 km in only 5 or 10 minutes, excessive aero braking, liquid water running at or near the surface in numerous locations at Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL) and stratus clouds 13 km above areoid, we argue for an average pressure at areoid of ~511 mbar rather than the accepted 6.1 mbar. This pressure grows to 1,050 mbar in the Hellas Basin.


As I have discussed above, I expected that if AN ALIEN IN OUR GOVERNMENT would match anyone it would be OBAMA. This is because his early years were largely shrouded in mystery. Was he born in Hawaii, or in Kenya as his own relatives contended? Was he always an American, or when he traveled in Pakistan with an Indonesian passport what happened to his U.S. citizenship? Indonesia did not allow for dual citizenship. Andrew Basiago claims that he saw Obama on Mars as a 19-year old kid when both participated in a secret U.S. space program. Why do so few people remember Obama in an American University? What about Michelle Obama? Why are there so few pictures of her when she was young? Joan Rivers, shortly before she died (or was killed) said that “everyone knows that Michelle was a tranny” (transgender man). Barack, in public, twice called his wife “Michael.” People have said that they witnessed Barack or one of his security agents morph into a Reptilians alien for a fraction of a second.

The most suspicious thing about Barack is the amount of time that seems to be missing when we look at his life before his meteoric rise to the White House. In contrast, Biden at first appears to have no major missing time spans in his life. However, he was largely out of the public arena when he used COVID-19 as an excuse to stay home and in his basement during the 2020 election.  And, as of September 4, 2022 (see Figure 3)  he has managed to return to his Delaware home/s on 49 trips totaling 150 days out of 593 days in office. This 5 months  back home is over 25% of his reign so far.

FIGURE 3 – Biden seems to live on Planet Delaware.

150 days

Recently I published an article entitled Teleportation, Basiago & Torah Code. Part of the article was the full Air Force Teleportation Physics Study (AFRL-PR-ED-TR-2003-0034) by Dr. Eric W. Davis. On page 56, it states, in part, “Most claimed instances of human teleportation of the body from one place to another have been unwitnessed. There are also a small number or credible reports of individuals who reported being teleported to/from UFOs during a UFO close encounter which were scientifically investigated (Valee, 1988, 1990, 1997).

As I document in my teleportation article it appears that our military teleportation  abilities are far advanced from what the public is aware of. Whether Biden is of alien descent, or he is merely maintaining direct contact with ETs when he is largely out of the public eye in Delaware pretty much every week, ETs could easily use superior teleportation skills to bring him where they choose to and control his mind in any way that they want to every time they get him isolated in Delaware. We should not ignore the Torah Code matrix at the start of this page. By the way, when trying to understand why Biden  raided President Trump’s home in Florida we should not overlook the possibility of Biden attempting to find documents or evidence of Trump’s knowledge of ETs on Earth and/or Government teleportation and/or  related time travel capabilities.

LINK TO BIDEN ALIEN VIDEO: The humorous video promised is Joe Biden thinks he saw an alien (Remix matrix). While the words in the video are strung together by an artistic editor, they very closely match the disclosure needed to heal our nation. In particular Biden’s Nazi (Fourth Reich) speech made at Independence Hall in Philadelphia   on September 1, 2022 sounded like a declaration of war against all (MAGA) Republicans.


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