Operation Valkyrie failure 6/25/22


VALKYRIE FAILURE AND ETOn July 20, 1944 German officers led by Colonel von Stauffenberg conducted Operation Valkyrie, an attempt to kill Hitler. The bomb went off only 2 meters from Hitler but his injuries were minor. Wikipedia states that after this, “More than 7,000 people were arrested[62] and 4,980 were executed.[63] Not all of them were connected with the plot, since the Gestapo used the occasion to settle scores with many other people suspected of opposition sympathies.”

Key events related to the Holocaust after July 20, 1944 are as follows:

1944: July 24 – Russians liberate Majdanek killing center. October 7 – Revolt by inmates at Auschwitz; one crematorium blown up. November – Last Jews deported from Theresienstadt (Terezin) to Auschwitz. November 8 – Beginning of death march of approximately 40,000 Jews from Budapest to Austria

1945: January 17 – Evacuation of Auschwitz; beginning of death march. January 25 – Beginning of death march for inmates of Stutthof. April 6 to 10 – Death march of inmates of Buchenwald. April 30 – Hitler commits suicide OR Hitler’s escape to Argentina?

It has always been legitimate to ask where God was during the Holocaust before and after Operation Valkyrie.  But after I read about Dr. Michael Salla’s assertions in Galactic  Federations & Secret Space Force Programs, considering the assertion that aliens were allied with Nazis, I wondered about any of them could have interceded to save Hitler. Lacking direct evidence or a time machine, in pursuit of an answer I turned to the closest thing to a time machine, the Torah Code. Figure 1 shows the results and they are not insignificant. They are also compatible with possible abilities to transport information (and maybe people) through time that I have heard from an agent from Fort Huachuca on August 1, 2016.  The agents is discussed in my article Is God From The Future?

Salla’s ideas about time travel and altering events in time are shown in a video at Manipulating Humanity.


VALKYRIE SOURCE: https://wolfsschanze.pl/en/assassination-attempt/

The axis term on Figure 1 is VALKYRIE. It is a high frequency 7-letter term. The ELS rank is 378. When I sought it I required at least one hit for HITLER with the best case spelling of hey yud TET  lamed resh at a special case skip (+/- 1 or the absolute skip of the axis term (91,239). This name does not occur at skip +1 in Torah.

Figure 1 has one HITLER (modern spelling) at the absolute skip of VALKYRIE and a second spelling of HITLER ( hey yud TAV lamed resh) that touches the first HITLER. Before factoring in the high ELS rank of the axis term, the best spelling of HITLER was found against odds of about 501 to 1 while the secondary spelling was found against odds of about 4.8 to 1.

The second most significant a priori term is ALIEN which was found against odds of about 50 to 1. In third place is JUPITER (found at skip +1 against odds of about 22 to 1). If Salla is right there is an alien Ashtar Command based on a  platform  suspended in the clouds of Jupiter. The Ashtar are allegedly friendly toward Earth and hostile to some alien species like the Reptilians and Orion Collective who have long been allies with Nazis. Both sides are believed to have time travel technology although Salla believes that the Nazi leaning Dark Fleet of the Reptilians is slightly ahead. Salla’s opinions are based on an anonymous member of Army Intelligence that he refers to as “JP.”

Again, I have had my own source of Army Intelligence from Fort Huachuca. His first name is Joseph. I alter his last name slightly when I refer to him as Sapphire. While, on the surface, a lot of what Salla claims sounds goofy to me, I can’t dismiss it because Sapphire gave me information about my son’s future that turned out to be true. Further, Sapphire’s entire presentation when he followed me to the Cape Canaveral Public Library on August 1, 2016, strongly implied that he was playing games with time.  Initially he was so threatening that I thought we were going to get into a fist fight, but he calmed down and finished the half-hour encounter on a friendly basis, weirdly acting more like a fan than an opponent.

This web site is is heavily monitored by U.S and British intelligence. That’s OK – they are my target audiences. I check who is viewing my articles daily. But after my encounter with Joseph I noticed one particular IP number that was showing  up with an incredibly high frequency – so high that I put the IP up on my desktop. I never did that before. The oddest thing is that when my son went for a job interview months later, and was hired  as a physicist, the IP number of the computer on his new desk was exactly what the number is on my desktop! It appears that somehow, perhaps because of my intense research, my son and I may have become entangled with the future that Salla described, and that is likely why DoD and UK MOD monitor my writings so closely.

I am not about to give a blanket endorsement of Salla’s view of world history. The main purpose of this article is to compare his ideas with what can be found in the Torah Code. Among the problems that I have with Salla’s books is the idea that Reptilians and the Orion Collective are always bad while Nordics and other members of the Ashtar Command are good. Yet when Salla describes the Reptilians base/s at Antarctica we are told that both Reptilians and Nordics helped Nazi Germany develop flying saucers capable of interplanetary and interstellar flight. Nowhere did I see that aliens of any type worked to stop the Holocaust! And now we have to ask if Operation Valkyrie was thwarted in an effort (to kill Jews and others) to alter a possible future for our universe some 350 years  in our future.

FUTURE SLIDESBack to the analysis of Figure 1. I checked for REICH and found it at a special case skip (-1) against odds of about  14 to 1. The Third Reich was Hitler’s Government in Germany. The Fourth Reich is allegedly alive now in Antarctica and likely in the United States in the form of the Deep State. Had Figure 1 used a letter dalet to the right of REICH it could have been read as Reich 4  (or 4th Reich). But there is a letter hey there instead. Does this equate to Reich 5 (in 350 years)? That’s too much speculation.

Because Operation Valkyrie was based on a plot to kill Hitler I had to look for words like KILL or MURDER at a special case skip. KILL was found at skip -1 against odds of about 5.4 to 1.  UFO was at a special case skip (-1) but it had about 1 chance in 3 to be found this way. Operation VALKYRIE was a failure and FAILURE is on the matrix but not at a statistically significant or special case skip. Overall, as is shown on the spreadsheet below, Figure 1 was found against odds of over 2 million to 1.

Spreadsheet showing probabilities for Figure 1.



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