Alien Law of One (9/20/2023)

The topic of this article is a review of a book by Craig  Campobasso (2021) entitled The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac. A main focus of this review will be on the nature of alien laws and how they compare with Judaeo-Christian laws.



FIGURE 1 ABOVE: Cover of The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac.

It will be compared to another,  often cited work by Elena Danaan entitled A Gift From The Stars, Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of ALIEN RACES (2020). I actually know two people who claim to come from planets that are discussed in both books. Craig Ebrahami now lives in Sooke, B.C., Canada. There are many articles about him on this website. He is clear about being an alien. Overtly, since  I first received an email from him on January 26, 2020 he has been trying to sell a 27-pound meteorite with apparent alien (reptilian) embryo fossils in it.  Craig allowed himself to be photographed wearing the military uniform of an apparent officer from the planet Altair – 4. I have massive proof that he is an alien, and strong evidence that he willingly brought COVID-19 to Earth in an attempt to be become massively rich. But the only evidence that I have about his planet of origin is a comparison of his uniform symbol as drawn on Figure 2 from Page 89 of Danaan’s above mentioned ALIEN RACES book with my photograph of him on Figure 3 below taken on April 30, 2020.



FIGURE 2 ABOVE: Military uniforms allegedly worn by aliens in the Althair System. Compare the insignia with what Craig Ebrahimi is wearing on Figure 3 below.


Early in my relationship with Ebrahimi joint interest soured because it quickly became apparent that he was trying to sell a cure for COVID-19 – which he had played a major role in distributing on Earth. In contrast, Rebecca and I have enjoyed an 11-year friendship. She claims to be from the Pleiades. I interviewed her for this article.  She was indeed familiar with the Cosmic Law of One, thereby lending some credibility to what Campobasso writes about it being followed on the Pleiades.

WHAT ARE THE PRECEPTS OF THE COSMIC LAW  OF ONE? Some comments are included,

1. Law of Unity: Everything is interconnected. When you are at one with yourself you are at one with everyone. There is no separation.

2. Law of Vibration: Tuning the spiritual body to vibrate at a high frequency enriches life. Note: some clarification of the term vibration is needed. It seems  to be something akin to positive/loving thoughts or intentions over a specific length of time.

3. Law of Manifestation: Using your frequency to manifest your hopes, dreams,  and desires. Note: Common sense should require that the hopes, dreams,  and desires be of a positive nature. The universe should not be a safe harbor for zealous Nazis.

4. Law of Cause and Effect: The energy/frequency you put out is the energy you get back. Comment: Here there must be care to preserve free will. A man may love a woman but she must be able to likewise choose or refuse him.

5. Law of Mental Clarity: Connecting to Source daily for mental clarity. Note: This seems to require belief in a common God. To achieve it may require some kind of clarification of the nature of God in a universe with potential unlimited technological.

6. Law of Spiritual Development: Connecting to Source daily to design your spiritual path toward Divinity. Note: Here we must distinguish between our desire to be close to God from the desire to become God. Our previous experience with God as the Source is that he/she/ was a Prime Mover who has a jealous nature. Exodus 20:4-5 says, “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God.” We must be careful to not steal the credit for creating us. Even if we become capable of creating new universes at best we will only learn to duplicate what God figured out before there was even any matter existing to accomplish such a feat.

7. Law of Physical Health. Eat right, exercise, and laugh.

8. Law of Social Interaction: Maintaining close relationships with family, friends and making new friends does the heart good.

9. Law of Compensation: Working towards personal goals and achieving the end result no matter how challenging the path might  be.

It should be noted that while the above list does not seem to resemble the Ten Commandments which contain 8 forbidden behaviors (1 – Do not have other gods before me, 2 – Do not make graven images, 3 – Do not take the name of the Lord in vain, 6 – Do not murder, 7 – Do not commit adultery, 8 – Do not commit theft, 9 – Do not bear false witness against your neighbor, 10 – Do not covet. The only positive major commandments are to 4) Keep the Sabbath and 5) Honor your father and mother.  However, there is a Contrary Cosmic Law of One which have 12 prohibitions and no positive commandments. The Ten Commandments, according to the rabbis, pertain only to Jews, although some of the prohibitions are also required for gentiles under the Seven Precepts of Noah.

THE CONTRARY COSMIC LAW  OF ONE. Supposedly written for the fallen angels (possibly  the Nephilim of Genesis Chapter  6) disobedience brought imprisonment on one of seven prison planets, or (if no remorse is expressed, possible the death of criminal’s soul. Some of the laws are as follows:

1. Do not kill (murder). The Torah’s Hebrew here is better translated as Do not murder (killing was required for punishment of murderers and in war fighting).  It is clear from the language given above that execution of a major criminal is permissible when there is no remorse. Further, the punishment here seems to be worse than what is seen on Earth where the execution does not rule out reincarnation. But death of the soul on a prison  world would seem to disallow that possibility.

2. Do not enslave, imprison, kidnap, or hold anyone hostage. Comment: The writer seems to be in need of an editor. If a society is in need of seven prison planets, why would it be against the law to imprison anyone who is a criminal? The Torah does allow for taking slaves in some warfare situations. There also may be situations when hostages are taken from Israel and the Israelis respond by capturing an enemy soldier for trading purposes.

3. Do not mentally or physically harm or torture another. Comment: Again, exceptions are likely necessary in warfare. If a terrorist knows where a nuclear bomb has been buried under a city with ten million people it seems better to use torture to save the ten million. Further, these days we have a loose definition of what constitutes mental harm. Further, warfare generally requires physically harming an enemy.

4. Do not sexually violate another.

5. Do not psychically attack another. Comment: Again, there may be  times when psychological warfare is justified

6. Do not invade private thoughts of another. Comment: This law is mainly relevant to telepathic abilities of the species involved. Rebecca, who claims to be from the Pleiades, has told me that she sometimes has to fight with herself to keep from constantly hearing thoughts of people around her. Likewise, my former Rabbi, Zebulon Glixman (may he rest in peace) informed me that he had to pray to God to ask Him to stop showing him the upcoming death or serious illnesses of congregants. Such constant (unwanted) abilities can rob an individual of all pleasure in life.

7. Do not hinder the free will of another and their right to choose. Comment: There are many difficult issues that arise with these prohibitions. How should we respond to terrorist threats of global annihilation?  Is it better to stand for free will or the preservation of life?  What if the Torah Code prerecords an event of horrendous evil and destruction. Should we just accept it or act in a way consistent with our own survival? In Deuteronomy 30:19 the Torah does say, “This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.” Note that it does not mandate that we will make the right choice. It only pressures us to make it, but there have always been fools who make the wrong choices. As I enter what is likely to be one of the last phases of my life (unless I succeed in making alien medical technology available to the Earth), at least I can say that I have learned that we do have choices that may well result  in multiple parallel universes, and I have the comfort of knowing that even if we destroy ourselves there will be other surviving varieties of humans who will live on elsewhere in our universe. God (the Source) has not limited Himself by decisions that we make.

8. Do not create life forms from genetic materials of your own or another’s race, unless sanctioned by the Angelic Corp. Comment: I have not yet seen the definition of Angelic Corp., but angels are written about as higher life forms of extraterrestrial life.

9. Do not abduct cosmic citizens against their will to perform medical tests or to extract genetic materials.  Comment: Greys and  many others species are generally portrayed as being massively guilty of this crime.

10. Do not alter the biological chemistry of another without their consent. Comment: There are widespread writings accusing the U.S. Government and some other governments of doing this. These accusations (if proven true) may impede the ability of our Government to allow full disclosure of ET presence on Earth since the early or mid 20th century.

11. Do not remove or lock ascension chakras of another. Comment: This likely relates to reincarnation of ETs from the Orion system

12. Do not interfere in an individual’s or races’ evolution and impede their right to ascend.

THE SEVEN PRECEPTS OF NOAH. When we look at what laws are expected to be found in any major legal system common sense would dictate that the systems would overlap and hold or at least contain a number of similar concepts. Most Christians probably think that they are bound by the Ten Commandments but rabbis say “not so.” For example, Christians are not required to obey the laws of Sabbath. Paul actually called the Law a curse, and argued that grace  comes with belief in Jesus. Also see Galatians 3:10. However, it  is obvious that for any order to exist, laws against murder and theft need to be enforced. The rabbis say that non-Jews are (or should be) bound by the Seven Precepts of Noah. These are named below and linked to the Ten Commandments and the Contrary Cosmic Law of One as necessary.

1. No murder – Also found in the 10 Commandments and the Contrary Cosmic Law of One.

2. No theft. Also found in the 10 Commandments. There is some relationship to Do not enslave, imprison, kidnap, or hold anyone hostage in the sense  that these crimes steal freedom. Ditto with Do not abduct cosmic citizens against their will and Do not sexually violate another.

3. No grave sexual immorality like incest and adultery. Also found in the 10 Commandments and elsewhere in Torah. The Contrary Cosmic Law of One has Do not sexually violate another. It also expresses concern about genetic materials. The 7 Precepts forbid inbreeding.

4. No idol worship. Also found in the 10 Commandments.

5. No blasphemy. Also found in the 10 Commandments.

6. Prohibition of cruelty to animals (as  in eating the limb of a live animal). Also found in the Torah, but not where the 10 Commandments are spelled out. In  the  Contrary Cosmic Law of One we read Do not mentally or physically harm or torture another. There seem to be some species who are so far ahead of us technologically that we may seem like little more than animals to them. However, even as we would not want them to torture us, we should not torture animals  (terrestrial or extraterrestrial). Souls are not just restricted to humans.  In fact, my dog (Einstein) seems to radiate a loving soul that is so great that it could compete with the love displayed by most humans.  We take him shopping with us most weeks at the Patrick Space Force Base Commissary. When we do it is common for an announcement to be made that, “Einstein is in the building.” The response is that many of the workers there will rush to the check out counters where they can pet him or get a lick of love. Einstein is shown below on Figure 4.


FIGURE 4 BELOW: EINSTEIN, the Roffmans’ Aussiedoodle dog.


7. MAINTAIN COURTS OF JUSTICE.  This positive precept is not in the 10 Commandments but is explained in Torah in the 16th and 17th chapters of Deuteronomy. The issue of how ET laws are enforced is not yet addressed in any of the books that I have read. It seems like laws broken (the the prohibition of abductions) might only be addressed via military actions.


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