Aliens in Gaza, massacre by Hamas, its destruction, & cost to Ashkelon (11/17/2023)

Haim Eshed (born 1933) is an Israeli retired brigadier general in Israeli Military Intelligence. Eshed was director of space programs for Israel Ministry of Defense for nearly 30 years, is former chair of the Space Committee of the National Council for Research and Development for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space and a member of the steering committee of Israel Space Agency.[8][9] He is responsible for the launch of 20 Israeli made satellites and he is widely cited as the father of Israel’s space program. My Torah Code matrix and article about Eshed is here.

In December 2020, Eshed claimed in an interview with Israeli national newspaper Yediot Aharonot that the U.S. and Israeli Governments have been in contact with extraterrestrial life for years and had signed secret agreements with a “Galactic Federation” in order to do experiments on Earth, and that there is a joint base underground on Mars where they collaborate with American astronauts.[19] He also stated that US president Trump was aware of this and was “on the verge” of informing everyone of their existence, but was stopped by the “Galactic Federation”, who wished to prevent mass hysteria.

While Eshed’s revelation was certainly astonishing, it left out the other side of the equation presented in the Torah Code. While Israel works with “white hat” ETs, evidently Hamas, like the Nazis before them, is now working with “black hat” Reptilian (and/or Gray) aliens. On Figure 1 the hostile aliens are named as the CIAKARR. And that name touches ALIEN IN GAZA.


FIGURE 1 above and below: The ALIEN IN GAZA matrix and its spreadsheet. The odds against finding this matrix are over 6 quadrillion to 1. I started publishing Torah Code matrices in 1997. This is the most significant matrix that I have ever found, however I like Figure 2 a bit more because it reduces the area from 1,045 letters to 840 letters. Figure 2 described the requirement for Israel to avenge all the 1,400 people including children massacred and over 240 people taken hostage. Figure 2 was found against odds of almost 5 QUADRILLION to 1.


FIGURE 1 ABOVE: With an axis term of ALIEN IN GAZA there are many indicators that suggest CIAKARR (Reptilian) aliens provided technology to the GAZA ARABS to break through the BORDER WALL.  This caused a new ISRAEL WAR that involves getting involved with EGYPT, YEMEN, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, possibly Russia, Ukraine, China and Taiwan.

THE DEADLY MEANING OF FIGURE 1. Two people asked me to search for the matrix found on Figure 1. The first one was Larry Taylor, who with Stewart Best, often interviews me on their Night Shadows Talk Radio show. The second person making the request was Rebecca. Rebecca claims to be from the Pleiades star system. I did a joint radio interview with her on the show on June 7, 2023. You can listen to the 90-minute-long Night Shadows interview at:


Not counting the axis term (first term sought), Figure 1 was found against odds of about 948,000,000,000,000 to 1 (over 948 trillion to 1).  The axis term was ALIEN IN GAZA. With an R factor of 0.531, there was only about one chance in 3.39 that ALIEN IN GAZA would be found even once in multiple computer passes through the Torah.

The most significant a priori terms found (each against odds of about 146 to 1), were NASA AND WARNING. This may suggest that Israel may have been warned about the attack, but chose to let Hamas attack first so the world would understand that Israel was justified in destroying it and/or Gaza. EGYPT (in the open text) and USA (crossing and sharing a letter with ALIEN IN GAZA) are seen on the matrix. So is Yemen. It launched the Iranian Shahab 3 missile launched this week from Yemen to Eilat – a distance of at least 1,600 km. In doing so it broke two records: The longest-range launch of ballistic missiles from ground batteries, and the first operational interception of a ballistic missile by Israel’s Arrow missile defense system.

On one line we find ISRAEL (open text), ARABS (skip +1), and WAR (skip +2). The Torah Code and Book of Zechariah strongly imply that Hamas gained access to Reptilian technology to help 3,000 Hamas murderous lunatics penetrate the WALL around Gaza. They largely avoided detection despite Israel having sophisticated detection equipment. Although the Gazan surprise entrance was spectacular,  Israel quickly killed about 1,500 of them, but because of their new technology the surviving 1,500 represent an ongoing threat at 42 days into the war.  If not killed or captured after the invasion, they still know how to bypass the wall.

WALL is on the matrix at skip -1. BORDER is also there in the open text. On the Israeli side of the border in ancient times was JUDEA. JUDEA (same spelling as Judah) is at skip +1 right above WARNING. This is the area that receives most of the Hamas-fired rockets from Gaza. (Note: See Figure 1 to show this and CIAKARR, a type of Reptilian, touch ALIEN IN GAZA). Also see Figure 7 which shows REPTILIAN at a rare skip +2 axis term encoded in one verse with Zechariah 9:5. The full verse says, “Ashkelon shall see it and fear, Gaza also, and shall be sore pained, And Ekron, for her expectation shall be ashamed; And the king shall perish from Gaza, and Ashkelon shall not be inhabited.” REPTILIAN shares a letter zayin with the first GAZA.  As will be shown later, Hamas is attempting to empty the Israeli city of ASHKELON and Israel is attempting to KILL the leader (KING) of GAZA, Yahya Sinwar.

The Arab who supposedly wrote the Hamas terror plan was Mohamed DEIF. He is on the matrix at (32,816) as are USA, CHIAKARR, RUSSIAN and NAZI.

Haim ESHED is at the same absolute skip as ALIEN IN GAZA, NASA, the star MAIA, (a star system in the Pleiades that my friend Rebecca claims to be from), and SPACE. NASA shares a letter alef with USA which shares a letter bet  with ALIEN IN GAZA.  NAZI shares a letter nun with YEMEN.

Overall odds against this matrix are a bit over  948 trillion to 1 if we include the value of the axis term. If Rebecca succeeds in arranging a joint conference with other ETS on the topic of disclosure, this matrix and Figure 2 will be part of my presentation to them. It should be noted that Rebecca was told that her home planet orbited the star MAIA which is on the matrix 8 columns left of NASA and on the same four rows as NASA. Further, MAIA Is shown on the official flags of  both NASA and the the United States Space Force!!!  See Figure 3 below. On Figure 2 a word for PLEIADES is at the same absolute skip as MIAI. Again, MIAI is in the Pleiades.


FIGURE 2 above and its spreadsheet below. This matrix was found against odds of almost 5 quadrillion to 1.





FIGURE 3 ABOVE: Rebecca R claims to be from a star in the Pleiades Constellation known as MAIA. This star is shown on both the NASA and U.S. SPACE FORCE flags. On Figures 1 and 2 matrices MAIA and NASA are on  the same lines and at the same absolute skip (+/- 32,817 letters).






Often it is the case that I will search for terms at a special case skip (+/- 1 or  as with Figure 1, at the absolute skip of the axis term – here 32,817. However, even when found it is not guaranteed that I will show the term. That happened several times in seeking Figure 1  because to show the new word meant that I  had to expand the matrix too much. There is a direct trade off. As the matrix size grows the significance of all the previously shown terms decreases. In general I don’t like to show matrices with an area over 1,000 letters. Figure 1 originally had an area of 1,131 letters (it showed NUKE at skip -1, REPTILIAN and UFO). The newer version shown reduces the area to 1,045 letters. However, with Figure 2 I managed to reduce the area from 1,045 letters to 840 letters.  Odds against it being found by chance about 5 quadrillion to 1.




REBECCA: A HUMAN ET IN MY CORNER?.  Rebecca claims that she is in negotiations with other ETs from her home world. As she indicated during a 90-minute talk radio show, she is trying to convince other-world politicians to include me in discussions related to disclosure. This would be a radical change for Pleiadians and for many  other civilizations that visit us or who live among  us.  It is far from certain that she will succeed, but if she does I will use Figures 1 and 2 as the core of my demand that they reveal their presence here. If the Ciakarr helped a terrorist organization (Hamas) to infiltrate and slaughter 1,400 Israelis, putting the whole world at risk of a potential nuclear war, any species who was aware of this intervention but who remained silent is guilty of aiding the enemy. This is a lot of pressure to put on Rebecca but the time for silence has expired.

Rebecca is a sweet woman bubbling over in spirituality, but when I find two matrices with definite warnings about aliens being involved in the attacks against Judea, and the odds against  finding them is about 5 or 6 quadrillion to 1, I must be true to my military character. If there are friendly ETs on Earth, they must reveal their presence and intentions.The world has been deceived by two huge lies:

1. Gaza was occupied territory up to October 7, 2023. In reality, Israel completely withdrew every single Jew from Gaza on September 22, 2005. It gave up every single home and left behind the keys for all greenhouse facilities to Gazans to form a healthy economy. In return Gaza destroyed all greenhouses and began to fire missiles at Israel 12 days later. Hamas seized control of Gaza in June of 2007. So the “occupation” excuse for Gaza murdering 1,400 Jews in October 7 is nonsense.

2. The invasion of Israel was accomplished only through Palestinian ingenuity. They had help, but it was not merely from Iran. It was alien help, Reptilian help from a group of murderous savages know as the CIAKARR.  What are the Ciakarr like? Satanic Nazis. That’s probably why the Ciakarr and Satan are often drawn looking  much like each other. See Figure 5.


SATAN AND CIAKARRFigure 5 above – should Satan be studied by description in literature or by dissection in a lab?

There is no Jewish tradition of an ELS Code in the Jewish Tenach (Old Testament) outside of the first five books (Torah). Yet the Reptilians are encoded in Zechariah 9:5 along with Gaza and the city missile target Ashkelon just 8 miles north of the Gaza border. Indeed all within this one verse we learn that the king of Gaza will be killed and Ashkelon, (a city of 158,613 in 2023) will be uninhabited. See Figure 6. This verse has not yet been fully investigated, but the book of Zechariah also describes a horrendous fate for Jerusalem and women who get raped) before God finally takes vengeance on nations (and even Jews) that come against Israel.

REPTILIAN GAZA MATRIX 6Figure 6 above is from Zechariah 9:5. The full verse says, “Ashkelon shall see it and fear, Gaza also, and shall be sore pained, And Ekron, for her expectation shall be ashamed; And the king shall perish from Gaza, and Ashkelon shall not be inhabited.” Reptilian shares a letter zayin with the first Gaza.



FIGURE 7 Above - If Ashkelon is evacuated the Zechariah 9:5 Reptilian-encoded prediction will be proven true against odds of over 534 billion to 1. There is a long list of Hamas leaders who were assassinated by Israel here. While about 150 missiles were fired at Ashkelon on one day (October 10) in the first week of this war, there were no injuries. That the city may need to be evacuated may point to something like a dirty bomb or biochemical weapon in the future. That Hamas leader SINWAR was born in Ashkelon but had to leave it when Israel won its independence in 1948 may provide motivation for him to commit such a SIN in this WAR.

The rape is described in Zechariah 14:1 which states, “Behold, a day of the LORD comes, When your spoil shall be divided in the midst of you, For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; And the city shall be taken, And the women ravished; And half of the city shall go forth into captivity, But the residue shall not be cut off from the city.”

What a mess! The rape so far was only in the ~25 towns taken by Hamas on October 7, 2023, but it sounds like we have more treatment like it still to come including, as we saw in the mass kidnappings on October 7. It seems a bit out of sequence but before we were told about rape and kidnap in Zechariah 14:1 we cautioned about consequences in Zechariah 12:9, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.”

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