Morton: Time Traveler? 8/19/22

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The interview below was conducted by Dr. Michael Salla. The first item in each paragraph is the approximate time into the video of the event discussed.

MORTON PICFigure 1 – Shawn David Morton and his books.

Warning: Wikipedia states of Shawn David Morton that he is a self-described psychic, ufologist and alleged remote viewer who has referred to himself as “America’s Prophet.” He was sent to prison on income tax evasion. Salla refers to this as punishment “for time over the target” (i.e., for releasing classified information about UFOs and time travel).  Unfortunately, with the raid on President Trump’s home and constant persecution by the FBI they have, over the last five years, lost all credibility. Still, it is unclear as to whether Morton should be taken seriously. However, on August 1, 2016 an intelligent agent threatened to place child porno on my site if I did not stop my UFO research. Very oddly, his approach then change radically and he appeared to offer me information about my son’s future and about our government (and he) having time travel abilities. It is only because I have witnessed this kind of misbehavior that I offer a synopsis below of what Morton had to say about ET life and time travel. As of today (8/14/2022), I have a much higher opinion for Andrew Basiago’s time travel claims than those of Morton, but my investigation of Morton is in the early stages and will not be complete until  I finish the outline below of  his two-hour interview. This article should be complete  by Friday, 8/19/2022.

Part of my evaluation will be based on Morton’s claim that UFOs are powered by a system using an element with an atomic number of 115 (moscovium (Mc)) absorbing a positron causing its transmutation to an element with atomic number of 116 (livermorium, with symbol Lv, ) that is anti-matter. A positron  is a particle of matter with the same mass as an electron but an opposite charge. It is a form of antimatter because, when a positron encounters an electron, the two completely annihilate to yield energy. Morton thinks this energy can be a gravitational wave.


Morton and his wife Melissa were arrested on January 31, 2016 after being charged with 51 counts of issuing false instruments, 4 counts of filing false federal income tax documents, and one count of conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).[16][17] The latter charge originated because the Mortons filed several tax returns claiming refunds due on non-existent overpayments. In one such case the IRS failed to cross-check sufficiently and actually issued a check for $480,323, which the Mortons immediately transferred into other accounts. They faced up to 650 and 625 years in federal prison, respectively.[18] On April 7, 2017, Sean and Melissa Morton were found guilty of 51 charges by a Federal court jury.[19] The jury gave its verdict after only two hours. Sentencing was set for June 19, 2017.[20]

The sentencing for Melissa Morton had been re-set for August 21, 2017.[21] Sean David Morton failed to appear for his June 19 sentencing hearing. A federal arrest warrant was issued immediately.[22] On August 21, 2017, Morton and his wife were arrested and taken into custody.[23]

On September 18, 2017, Sean David Morton was sentenced to six years in prison, and was ordered to pay $480,322 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service. The Court also ordered supervised release for five years after Mortons prison term, with the condition that he “shall not engage . . . in any business involving the sale of financial instruments or providing debt relief services . . . .”[24] On the same day, Melissa Morton was sentenced to two years in prison with similar conditions regarding post-release supervision, and she was ordered to pay the same restitution amount to the Internal Revenue Service.[25]

Sean David Morton was released from prison in 2021.[26][27][28] Melissa Morton completed her term at the Federal Correctional Institution at Victorville, California.”


3:50. Sean David Morton says TRW did age regression but was bought out by Northrup.

6:33.  He grew up with astronauts. His father was public relations for TRW but Gus Grissom was like his dad.

7:15.  Astronauts would show home videos of UFOs following Apollo around.

7:40.  We had parallel space programs going on. JFK had to figure which system to go with,

8:26.  We knew how to shoot UFOs down with microwave grids. We out up an RX47 microwaves grid that would blast the desert. With the grid during a storm at Roswell it caught 3 ships at grid and interfered with engines inside that ran on element 115. This interfered with positron exchange.

9:08.  A positron hit 115 and turned it into element 116 which is antimatter.

9:17.  That hit a target which generated gravity. Gravity is a wave. One ship exploded and hit the second ship which crashed in Corona, leaving debris.

10:52. An alien (like a robot) that initially survived would only talk to General Twining’s secretary (Salla says nurse). The feminine controller was called Ariel. She said that she was controlling the robot from the asteroid belt. Third ship crashed in the same spot 10 years later.

14:14.  Dr. Art Bell was doing time research at Area 51.

15:57.  Bob Lazar was only at Area 51 for 16 days. He had no advanced degree. They wanted to see if a scientist “off the street” could back-engineer and ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle)

17:35.  ARVs were most engineered by T. Townsend Brown. Lazar had a Q16 clearance. The president only has a Q8.

19:26. Salla asks about time. Morton first described Fred Bell who graduated University of Michigan at 14. He wrote a paper about Apollo 1 and predicated it would blow up (20:34).

22:45 When in college he (he claims to have) built a time machine with a friend in his back yard in Laguna. It looked like 2 pyramids.

23:00 He says he teleported a building. When it vanished it was from the outside in, when it reappeared it was from the inside out. PROOF????? Film?????

23:50. Some kind of shielding was needed. Government got into it in the early 60s by teleporting into the interior of Russian nuclear tests – trying to study time dilation, Alien Etherians were warning us that we were ripping holes in space-time. They understand that Russians and Chinese are all controlled by the same corporations. The problem is Putin who had a come to Jesus moment. In Feb. 1953 the Etherians wanted to meet with Eisenhower because they were pissed off about atomic testing. We were also sending people to the moon which they did not approve. Humans are considered like a virus. (25:15). These bombs that they wanted Ike to stop testing were knocking the Earth out of its orbit.

24:36. Etherians had a device on their belt that could make them disappear.

26:41. A concern about nuclear weapons was that they might shift magnetic north causing a magnetic north pole reversal. The north magnetic pole was in Canada, now it’s in Russia. If poles shift after magnetic and true north meet it could shut off everything.

27:08 – 27:23. If you could shut everything off you could quadruple the human lifespan. JP Morgan spoke to Tesla about free power. For financial reasons Morgan opposed it.  Edison then came and said we could real Tesla’s idea and transmit all over the world. Use my technology, put step down transformers 60 cycles, charge for it by the minute (28:02). Another possibility is to have the north pole flip over and be somewhere around Saudi Arabia.

28:40. There was a Norway effect, a black hole generated for 9 minutes between the Earth and the sun.

30:00. December 9, 2009 the magnetic north pole suddenly stopped and took a hard right turn. While it was in Canada it’s now somewhere in the Siberian Sea heading toward Russia.

30:58: Morton goes off topic, talks about himself in terms of prophecy and relates many strange developments to the Fukushima tsunami and meltdown in 2005. He mentions Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce and says everything is off because of the Mandella Effect which deals with connections between left and right hemispheres of the brain and how they remember past timelines (31:15). By this point in the video it seems like Morton lacks the concise memories of people with the money, position or power behind Basiago’s time travel testimony.

32:00. After Morton briefly refers to the 5th dimension, Salla wants  him to discuss the time machine that Fred Bell built in his backyard with off the shelf materials which Salla says is “remarkable.” He may be expressing doubt here and be concerned that the interview is going south.  Salla says that in the 1960s shadowy people started working on time travel after we got the idea of time travel from aliens. Salla wants to know how Fred Bell built the time machine after contact with Pleidaiens (32:56).

32:07. Morton points to Billy Myer who kind of went off his rocker when he claimed that he was the only UFO contactee on Earth even though in Morton’s notes he refers to other people contacted. Morton says that on the show Unsolved Mysteries they were going to do an hour about Billy Myer (33:46). Morton rambles about several  people and then says that his producer would not do a show with him because he doesn’t like Fred Bell (34:48).

34:57. Morton says people who went on UFOs are “complete dicks.” and he wants to know if there is something on the UFO that turns them into complete assholes (35:15). He gives credit to the Pleidaiens but points out a medallion that he has from the Andromedans. By this point I am feeling sorry for Salla getting stuck with the guy on his show (36:00). His seven books in the Secret Space Program series were so much better that I sometimes bought more than one copy so I could send them as presents during holidays.

36:06. Morton says the Arcturians are now the guardians of Earth. He then turns to magic. Still there is no hint of technology or how Fred Bell made a time machine. At this point I (and Salla?) am wondering if Morton had been caught in one of Fred Myer’s alien asshole machines (36:32). For a view of Salla’s facial expressions at this point in the video see Figure 2 below.


Salla ExpressionsFigure 2 – Dr. Salla reacts to Morton’s claims.

37:10. Finally returning to the time machine Morton says he shimmied up a power pole. It was like in Back to the Future (see Figure 3 below). The city’s lights went out and the time machine started pixilating. Then the image collapsed for about 5 minute before it reappeared from inside out. Morton checked inside the device where he found Fred Bell in a bloodied state with blood coming out of his eyes, ears, and nose.


CLOCK AND EINSTEIN DOGSFigure 3 – BACK TO THE FUTURE and two Einstein dogs. The one on the right is mine. Why did I name him Einstein? On the day that I chose him from a litter of six puppies, he was shaking violently when I picked him up.  He acted like he understood that the issue of his future was in my hands and was worried about what my decision would be. I figured that if he was so smart he deserved to be named Einstein. I didn’t realize that the dog in Back to the Future had the same name until I searched  the Internet to find a picture to match Morton’s claim about climbing a power pole to get electricity for Fred Bell’s alleged time machine.

38:10 to 38:24. Fred was taken into his bedroom where he had a pyramid over his bed with a big capstone. He wants laser lights turned on. They were pointing to gigantic crystals in the bedroom.

38:24 to 40:25. Fred tells Morton that the future is not there, then passes out. When he recovers he refuses to go to the hospital. Morton then says that the human form has 7 chakras. Each one has a different plan in the body. But each chagra has 7 other chakra’s (or subchakras?). So there are really 49.  As you travel you go to different fields. So you go from the causal field which is where God lives to the ether field to the astral field to the spiritual world to the mental field and then down to your physical body. This may sound like nonsense but it appears that Fred was talking about Buddhist ideology as may be made a little clearer with Figure 4:


CHAKRASFigure 4 –  Chakras. On the text of the image above the word before cosmic energy should read primordial. The Buddhist chakras above have similarities to the Jewish Kabbalistic Tree of Life which is shown on Figure 5 below. While mysticism is an interesting thing to study (I have a limited background in Kabbalah), its inclusion here in the discussion is unfortunate. Salla is trying to learn if technical claim of Morton should be taken seriously. He wants to know how Fred Bell can make a time machine from everyday type materials that a single smart, but not overly wealthy person can legally obtain.

40:26.  After discussing how teleportation works in conjunction with chakras, Morton says that the Big Bang concept of creation is wrong because the universe is bigger in diameter in light years than the number of years that have passed since creation.

TREE OF LIFEFigure 5 – the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Note that like the Buddhist Chakra the top item is Crown.

41:02. When Fred said the future wasn’t there it starts from finite starting point but big bang is not right.

41:36. The universe faded in from another space,

42:05. To go back in time you have to beat the same as that time. Then you have to jump out of the tine stream and go into another dimension where the laws of physics are different (like water to shore). To jump into the future you must vibrate at the same way as that time. Fred jumped from now to then.

43:03. Fred saw what looked what looked like a blueprint. It was like being inside a transparent blueprint. Time is created the moment we interact with it in the future. It starts a causal  plane and then  moves down to ether and astral plane.

43:33. Bad stuff lives in the astral plane. Ectoplasm and monsters.

44:10. Another analogy like a wave coming to shore.

44:41. Why not go back and kill Hitler? They did, but each time they did Germany won the war. Note: It is my belief that in fact Hitler escaped to Argentina and that the Fourth Reich became known as the Deep State. It did win the war but to maintain its power to do things like killing JFK they had to keep these things out of the public eye.

44:57. The first time Hans Kamler took over, the second time it was Rudolph Hess. The third time nobody took over and they just left it to the German High Command.

45:04. QUESTION: How would Fred know this if he was operating his own machine rather than working for the U,S. Government in their facility?

45:13. Somebody found a German coin in Mexico. It had an eagle and swastika. The date was 2039 AD. This was due to the Mandela Effect of these time wars.

45:50. Salla question: If they went back 3 times and killed Hitler how did they restore the time line? Sadly, Morton answers, “That’s a question above my pay grade.”

46:35. Morton says we are in an altered timeline now according to a contactee group that Morton was a member of… He was asked by beings (aliens) to find a book (by someone with a Persian name). Then he told a story about a library where he knew the librarian (Julie, he had previously taken her out for coffee) well but she did not know him at all. He had put a card in to request the book. She could not find the card, but immediately pointed out where the book was and said that it was there for 15 years. (47:36). The experience was similar to what I found about 9 months after checking out SLANT by Greg Bear at the Cape Canaveral Library on August 1, 2016. The library had no record of me having checked out the book. The librarian said it was last checked out in March, 2016.  This was the book that an agent (Joseph Sapphire, name slightly altered by one letter) knew about me checking out about one minute after I left the library and met him for the first time. The agent managed to threaten to put child pornography on my computer and arrest me for it before the discussion of my research about Torah Codes and Martian meteorology became friendlier.

49:00. Aliens were asked if the timeline was ever altered for a major event. He discusses how it was altered with respect to the Battle of the Spanish Armada in 1588 because they didn’t want the Earth to become a prison (with no freedom or rights) ruled by the Chinese, Russians, Germans and British.  By changing the wind direction they allowed the British to win the war. (50:00)

50:16. How the English and Protestants were allowed to colonize the New World and Australia, New Zealand and India. Thus freedom came to the New World.

50:49. They said should the U.S. fail they would start over in Brazil where the capital was built 1600 miles from the coast.

51:22. He talks about a prophecy of a dark star which he thinks was supposed to be a nova in Cygnus according to NASA. But it failed to appear. There was supposed to be a culling of man and animals but COVID failed to kill enough people. There are a lot of animals dying. FoxNews has a special on 10,000 cattle mutilated

(52:25). Food processing plants are being poisoned.

53:19. Morton attacks Bill Gates for buying large quantities of farmland. He calls him an evil son of a bitch.

53:55. Salla says, “We certainly are on what seems to be a negative timeline.” He mentions  a character Ted Humphrey (in Morton’s book SANDS OF TIME) who is playing a heroic role in fighting all this. The name Ted Humphrey is a pseudonym. Salla wants clarification about whether Humphrey is real. The answer was kind of mumbled and then Morton switches to talk about his book covers which has an equation for the Unified Field Theory that Einstein was working on when he died (55:07).

55:44. Morton says Unified Field Theory was important for opening up time travel. Wikipedia says “Current status: Theoretical physicists have not yet formulated a widely accepted, consistent theory that combines general relativity and quantum mechanics to form a theory of everything. Trying to combine the graviton with the strong and electroweak interactions leads to fundamental difficulties and the resulting theory is not renormalizable. The incompatibility of the two theories remains an outstanding problem in the field of physics.”

57:00 to 1:00:18. Bob Lazar told Morton and his father (a test pilot)  in the early 90s to go out on the Extraterrestrial Highway (Nevada 375) where people can see weird craft being tested on Wednesday at dusk. John Leer is the guy that told Lazar and helped him to get a job at Area 51. At Los Alamos at lunch Lazar just happened to sit down next to Dr. Teller, the father of the H Bomb. Teller said, “If you want to get back into physics here’s my card.” He got the job at a time that Harry Reid was helping Area 51 to expand their borders by 89,000 acres. Area  51 is not part of the military or government. it’s like being  on the moon.”

1:00:19 to 1:06:36. Morton went out to Area 51, suffered from an overdose of radiation, and he thinks his throat cancer is from that visit. But he got some pictures of saucers. He was working f0r Heraldo Rivera then in 1991. After getting involved with the fake alien autopsy tape he came across what he thinks was a real alien interview that was 2 minutes 55 seconds long. An assassin came out of Area 51 and he offered to sell all the secrets of the base but he warned him that the government would come after him and maybe kill him. The assassin was a super-soldier, about 6’4″ with a scar on his face.

1:06:36 to 1:07:50.  Later Morton heard that the guy was trying to recruit patriots to blow up a government building so he could get them indicted. Two months later the Oklahoma Federal Building was blown up. He was given a choice of blaming it on Iraq so Clinton could start a war with t.hem. A second choice was more favorable to Clinton – blame Rush Limbaugh. Clinton’s pole numbers were way down.

 1:07:50 to 1:09:43.  Salla interrupts Morton. He wants to know if Morton knows anything about Area 51 and S4 and if it is true that there are 9 saucers there (four German and  five ET. He also wants to know about what is at S2. Morton says S2 is where the Vipers were. Morton has a Viper  on the cover of his book SAND OF TIME BOOK III, The Isomer Protocol. See Figure 6 below. Vipers are hybrid technology, Earth to Space and designed to keep Earth safe.


VIPERFigure 6 – Viper (at S2 ) on the cover of a book by Morton

1:14:12 to 1:14:56. The first time Area 51 made the L.A.. Times was February 26, 1991 when there was a story about Morton finding a hilltop spot to look down into the base. Wackenhut security guards broke into his car and stole his wallet. Two months later they returned by leaving it on his desk.

1:15:44. Bob Lazar got his job in Area 51 because the base tried to crack open an antimatter engine and it blew up killing 5 people. Lazar was to be one of them but none of the replacements were top-notched.

1:16:35. Papoose Lake is a few miles south of Groom Lake.  It has five Levels:

1. Where the ships are kept.

2. Where the ships are worked on.

3. Scientists.

4. Security.

5. Where a menagerie of aliens are kept. Here they are provided with filtered air, food and special algae.

1:17:52. An alien in Area 51 was interviewed for a few minutes for a video, but died soon after it from spores in the air. Area 51 largely shut down in 1993 but in 2000 there was a red flag exercise held there with helicopters and escorts for them.

1:20:21. TR3 and up vehicles were up in the war game. TR stands for Terrestrial Reconnaissance.

1:28:00 to 1:29:00. Art Bell predicted Obama would not take the Oath of Office. He did in fact screw it up when Chief Justice Roberts, who Morton says is  traitor, led him to use the wrong words. The oath was supposedly repeated for him to take the next day, but a Koran was used.

1:30:52-1:32:30. “TED HUMPHREY” gave Morton important books to read but he had to sign an extremely strict non-disclosure document.  When Morton used the  information to publish his first books the Justice Department, FBI and IRS threw him in prison for four years. Based on what was said a bit later it sounds like that now Humphrey is likely dead now (or in an off-world prison).

1:32:28 to 1:33:42. Hans Kohler created a shield device to put a shield around a person going through a time jump. Ted leaves the planet for 440 days in our time but 18 years in his time because in the outer rim of our galaxy times runs differently than in the inner rim.

1:34:28 to 1:34.53. Putin says Russia is really a friend of the U.S. He told Trump that the last thing he should do before leaving officer is to tell America that the U.S. Government was behind 9-11 and tha31t there are 27 species if aliens here (of which 3 are hostile).

1:35:34. Morton says Putin can prove that the four airliners used on 9-11 were actually forced to land at Edwards Air Force Base. The passengers were shot (except for a couple of people, one of which was taken to Switzerland and given plastic surgery). The airliners were replaced with drones.  Morton does not  mention the collapse of Tower 7. What was that?

The collapse of Tower Seven

Besides the twin towers, a 47-storey third tower, known as Tower Seven, was also collapsed after seven hours on the same day. The 9/11 Commission Report didn’t reveal much about Tower Seven but an official report by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was published in 2008 that examined the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, federal building and fire safety investigation of the World Trade Center disaster. 

The report found that fires that followed the impact of debris from the fall of the North Tower caused the collapse of WTC 7, however, delayed and insignificant information led to several mysteries and conspiracy theories. 

Before the official investigative report was published, some conspiracy theorists argued that the third tower was “brought down” in a controlled demolition as it was not hit by a plane. Some theorists continue to argue even after the government refuted the claims constantly. 

Conspiracy theorists raised some striking questions like why the 9/11 Commission Report, which was issued on July 22, 2004, didn’t reveal much about Tower Seven, why the tonnes of steel from the skyscraper was taken away to be melted down. 

Importance of Tower Seven

The building was utterly important due to the presence of the Secret Service, the CIA, the Department of Defense and the Office of Emergency Management, which was supposed to coordinate any response to terrorist attacks. 

Even after 20 years since the deadly attacks, some conspiracies continue to contest the government claims but so far, no concrete evidence has been provided to support them and theories remain theories. 

CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION TO DR. SALLA: I think that all seven of your books that I bought are fantastic. However, as I pointed out above with two print-screen images of  you taken about 40 minutes into the video when Morton seemed to be running amuck, your facial expressions seemed to match the horror that I felt upon hearing so many weird, disjointed statements from Morton. It got better later but he seemed to talk about other people who traveled in time rather than himself.

Before I put up the outline of Morton’s interview I decided to post his criminal record first. But it wasn’t until about an hour and 31 minutes into the video that Morton adequately refuted charges against him by pointing out that they were filed on the day he published his first book. The charges without the refutation for so long made me more dubious than I might have been for a long time. In fact, I had originally criticized you for publishing his work.

Morton’s claims are not backed by as much quality information as was the case with your interviews of Andrew Basiago but you were right about taking flack when over the target area. However in the first third of the interview Morton often seemed like he was not only not over the target area, but not even in the same dimension.

Yes we probably are living in a multiverse but in each parallel world there are likely things that are true and things that are false.  In this universe, although I believe that aliens are real and time travel is possible and likely occurring under the guidance of our government, Morton’s primary evidence that he is sincere is his prison record.

In the past I have at times published things that I later regretted. Initially I was worried that you would regret doing this interview, but in the end I was instead wishing that you could produce an edited version. The subject covered is too important to dismiss because of some rambling incidents early on. An interview is easier to fix than a series of books published.

I published my first book, like The Great Christ Debate, in 1978 under the pen named Etomar Ben Roffman. But I pulled it off the market in 1980. Later, if I published an incorrect Torah Codes prediction on one of my websites, I left it up but added a paragraph pointing out my error and sometimes I also wrote about why my methods led to a faulty conclusion and how they could be improved. For example, in my Torah Codes studies originally I just checked to see if a candidate’s name was very close to the Hebrew word for PRESIDENT:  נָשִׂיא . But a Hillary Clinton could be close to PRESIDENT because she married one, (BILL CLINTON) and a George W. Bush could be close to it because his father, GEORGE H. W. BUSH also became a president. There were two President Roosevelts and two Presidents Adams.We have had one President Obama so far who is encoded with a future nuclear war. That could be because of his agreement with Iran, but Michelle is also on the Torah Codes matrix so she could fulfill the matrix shown on Figure 7 against odds of about 32,245 to 1. See Figure 7 and its probability spreadsheet below.


atomic_holocaust_michFigure 7 (above) and its Probability Spreadsheet (below). The Torah Codes matrix linking an atomic holocaust to both Obamas.


So one key word, PRESIDENT, which occurs 68 times in Torah, is not enough to make an election call. Better is to also require the year of the election and what the president is primarily associated with. Likewise I want to see more technical facts before I say that this guy is telling the full truth. The Hitler issue is huge. For almost 40 years I’ve known that Hitler survived World War 2, but I thought he likely died in the 1960s. However, if the Government could have gone back to kill Hitler, the Fourth Reich could also have gone back to transport him into the future. More, if we believe that Project Pegasus could alter ages as with the 20 and back program then they could also give us a youthful Hitler whenever they feel ready to do so. Morton’s presentation is weird, but the treatment of President Trump is equally strange and makes it possible to believe almost any charge against the Deep State/Fourth Reich.  In the end, your interview of hm was thought provoking. Trump knows the truth, but they are trying to imprison him as they did with you. The only way to know what is really true is to enlist a pissed off Trump into your agenda.



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