Request for China to arrest Dr. Jiangwen Qu (1/20/2023)

If you are a regular reader of this site by now you likely know the name Craig Ebrahimi. I had never heard of him before January 26, 2020 when he sent me the following email:

From: Craig Ebrahimi


Date: Jan 26, 2020, 12:55 PM (Saturday)

Subject: Fw: Extraterrestrial embryo discovered in meteorite UVIC BC

My name Craig Ebrahimi research scientist/ Founder Deviant off world technology.

Barry would you be interested in the research and biotechnology opportunity/ of the only pristine extraterrestrial embryo on the planet at the University of Victoria BC.

Not only was the claim of having an alien embryo seemingly out of this world, but the use of the word Deviant in his company’s name also made him sound like a wacko.  In a truly simple and sane world I would have declared him a nut and moved on. But, despite saying a  lot of goofy things, Craig had a bunch of PhDs that were backing the significance of his meteorite with what looked like fossils of embryos aboard. Further, his seemingly wild embryonic claims were outdone by more claims that he himself is an alien (although he has yet to make clear what species he belongs to). It took a while before I could get a photo of him, but after I provoked him enough for him to threaten me on April 1, 2020 he sent me his 20-minute old photo. See Figure 1 so you get a sense as to who I am writing about here before I turn my attention to Jiangwen Qu and why I think he should be arrested by the Chinese Government.



Figure 1 above: The above photo of Craig Ebrahimi was sent to me when he was angry with me. We were discussing his email of March 17, 2020 when he said:

“Guy your dumb ass shit keeps getting sent to me by one of your Hebrew followers, you got to be one the biggest dummie humans I ever came across. you talk this shit in your writing ABOUT my biotechnology, once again your dumb! you don’t even know your dealing with fucking real extra-terrestrial self made multi millionaire since teens you idiot, if you looked into these eyes I would eat your soul puppet boy.”

Craig often claimed to be non-human. But what’s the connection between his spectacular meteorite find under the seafloor off the coast of Sooke, BC, Canada and China where Covid-19 first broke out? The journey began June 19, 2018 when Craig shipped a sample of his meteorite with embryo to Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe at the UK’s University of Buckingham. There is a copy of the shipping receipt on the bottom side side of Figure 1.

WHO IS WICKRAMASINGHE? Chandra Wickramasinghe (born 20 January 1939) is a Sri Lankan-born British mathematician, astronomer[1] and astrobiologist of Sinhalese ethnicity. His research interests include the interstellar medium, infrared astronomy, light scattering theory, applications of solid-state physics to astronomy, the early Solar System, comets, astrochemistry, the origin of life and astrobiology. A student and collaborator of Fred Hoyle, the pair worked jointly for over 40 years[2] as influential proponents of panspermia.[3][4] In 1974 they proposed the hypothesis that some dust in interstellar space was largely organic, later proven to be correct.[5][6][7]

Wickramasinghe has advanced numerous fringe claims, including the argument that various outbreaks of illnesses on Earth are of extraterrestrial origins, including the 1918 flu pandemic and certain outbreaks of polio and mad cow disease. For the 1918 flu pandemic they hypothesized that cometary dust brought the virus to Earth simultaneously at multiple locations.

WICKRAMASINGHE’S LYING CONFESSION TO DR. HUMPHREY: Wickramasinghe sent Craig’s sample to his home in Sri Lanka. He says he stored it in his outhouse and claims it was stolen from there. This is what Wickramasinghe sent to Dr. Humphrey on May 20, 2019:

From: Chandra Wickramasinghe <>
Date: May 20, 2019 at 1:15:13 PM PDT
To: Elaine Humphrey <>
Subject: Re: meteorite

Hi Elaine

Our house was in chaos after some international travel, so I store all valuable things in an outhouse.  Some months back I discovered that many things including the box with the meteorite had disappeared.  I was waiting to get a colleague to handle the experiments on this but it never happened.

Sorry about this – not my fault.




Wickramasinghe did not originally tell Craig about the theft when it occurred and he did not put Craig on a copy block for the May 20, 2019 email.

An investigation shows me that Chandra lied about the theft. Instead he gave it, sold it or shared it with JIANGWEN QU in China. They both published many articles about it and correctly predicted the pandemic, but cut Craig out of everything. They are major players in killing millions of people with Covid.

On July 12, 2020 11:26 AM (after I sent Craig proof that Wickramasinghe and Jiangwen Qu had conspired to steal Craig’s rock and set Covid loose on China and the world) I received a copy of an email sent from Craig to Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe at The subject was “Police report nonexistent says local Cardiff authority.” Craig wrote:

Dear Chandra

After receiving your emails to Dr Elaine Stating my family’s scientific treasure samples have been stolen I decided to hire an investigation and contact Cardiff lisvane local authorities. After months of investment and investigation there has been no report or even a car break in your area. So there is no report from PhD holding scientist regarding this statement you provided that they we’re stolen.

Sounds like bullshit. Since the beginning you never bothered even to investigate the EMBRYO. Quite shocking from a man promoting panspermia since the beginning of his career.

You said you’re out on international travel business. You stated many times you are retired why many appearances on ancient aliens would not you have wanted to promote this scientific proof and you have access to a real fossil ET once again shocking. Oh ya I sent you one. Sounds like you’re part of a cover up.

You really have no clue what I am capable of.

I recommend you start participating while your still healthy. 

I am far from human .


DECEMBER 8, 2020. THE EBRAHIMI E-MAIL RECORD AND EVIDENCE UPDATED.  JIANGWEN QU at the Tianjin China Center of Infectious Disease Control sends a message to Craig Ebrahimi indicating that his meteorite is of lunar origin and that it has a “suspected animal embryo structure, experts will use biotechnology to extract.” The message does not say anything about how Qu came to possess the meteorite. Wichramasinghe had claimed before that he lost it when it was stolen, yet after that incident they both published joint papers correctly predicting the COVID pandemic!

Craig Ebrahimi <> Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 10:33 PM
To: “” <>
From: 曲江文 <>Sent: September 1, 2020 3:19 AM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <>; 钱德拉·维克拉马辛 <>
Subject: Re: MEDICINE FROM SPACEDear Ebrahimi: I have noted relevant reports in the Chinese media. I’m just an epidemiologist, and I can’t participate in your experiment. I think Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe and his team will be interested in your research. I have send your Email to him.  月球陨石光谱分析后,,专家将用生物技术提取Lunar meteorite spectrum analysis: suspected animal embryo structure, experts will use biotechnology to extract Chandra Wickramasinghe added by Roffman:Google Translate renders the Chinese 月球陨石光谱分析后,,专家将用生物技术提取 as After spectral analysis of lunar meteorites, experts will use biotechnology to extract.曲江文 is Qu Jiangwen.
钱德拉·维克拉马辛 is Chandra Vikramasin

FIGURE 2. The axis term is JIANGWEN at skip -18429 in wrapped Torah  (the computer  had to make more than one pass through the 304,805 letters of Torah to find it).  At the same absolute skip are UFO  and REICH. I sought UFO because the meteorite stolen by Jiangwen Qu and Wickramasinghe supposedly has an alien embryo in it and was found by a man (Craig EBRAHIMI) who has often claimed to be an alien. Indeed, a transliteration of EBRAHIMI is on the top row at skip +1. Jiangwen’s second name is QU. I do not like to use ultra-short 2-letter words  that are not in sequence with other terms found in an a-priori fashion. So I found a 3-letter transliteration at a special case skip of -1. The spelling is qof hey vav. It touches the letter tet of the best spelling of HITLER

HITLER and REICH were sought because my working hypothesis is that the Fourth Reich (also known as the Deep State) has overthrown the legitimate government of the United States. One of its goals is to depopulate the Earth, likely to make more room for alien races who want to clean up our world and then replace us.

Qu works for the Tianjin China Center of Infectious Disease Control which is controlled by the Chinese Army. On the matrix there is an ELS of DISEASE that touches TO AN ARMY at skip +1.

Odds against Figure 2 were about 8,636,522 to 1






EXPLANATION OF WHY CHINA SHOULD ARREST QU. This part of the article discusses the fact that introducing COVID-19 to China is still having disastrous results, with 60,000 Chinese killed by it in December, 2022. China’s population (about 1.4 billion) dropped by a million in the last year. This was the first drop in 60 years. While there may have been officials in China who were pleased by the decrease, the reports of infected people being welded into their homes does not help China’s image around the world. True,  the U.S. may have matched many of China’s crimes with Dr. Fauci’s lies and funding of Gain of Function research at the Wuhan Institute. China wants to replace America as the world’s leading superpower. It cannot do that by being perceived as the world’s leading super killer. Jiangwen Qu knew what he was doing when, with Chandra Wickramasinghe’s help, he stole Craig’s sample and brought it into China where it could be modified and put into one of China’s biological war plans. He, and everyone who deliberately took part in his scheme should be tried for high treason and punished appropriately. As Jiangwen is Chinese and he helped to murder so many thousands of his countrymen, he and  his co-conspirators should be tried by China and punished appropriately.  Likewise, China should publish the misdeeds of Dr. Fauci and all Americans who carried out Gain of Function research in China. These people should be tried under  American Law in the United States.

As for who should lead the world, right now I see America as almost pollution free. That is especially true where I live in Cape Canaveral, Florida. I have been to China twice – in 1990 and again in 2007. During that time air quality went from poor to horrible.  On my last trip we took the Trans Siberian Railway from Beijing through Mongolia and on to Moscow. It was so polluted that we saw damn near nothing from the airport  in Beijing until we were in the Mongolian desert about 10 miles from the Mongolian border. It was a waist of money, also hard to breathe and at the border the Chinese army repeatedly searched under our beds and above them for Chinese citizens who were hiding in order  to escape the country. In America people risk their lies to try to get into our country, not out. Do you want to beat us? Be more honest than our government is. Give us all of the truth about Covid (also Mars and ETs) and help us punish all the guilty. You have a beautiful country when the air is clear, but that is all too rare. My younger son, Dr. David Roffman, was recently offered the Qian Ren Program grant by China. As such he was recognized as one of the 40 greatest minds in their world for the last year. But, alas, he could not breathe your air when he was there in 2007. Cleanup your country physically and spiritually. Be a beacon for truth. Stop trying to further corrupt weak leaders here like Biden and his family. Do not take Taiwan by force. Inspire them so they beg for the honor of being accepted into China the way states here must plead for statehood. It might help to allow them to compete for slots as Chinese astronauts. When that is done we can talk about joint research.

JUDGING EBRAHIMI. Three individuals initially played a role in getting Ebrahimi’s sample meteorite into China in time for them to analyze it, conduct gain of function research,  formulate a trial vaccine for Chinese citizens serving as guinea pigs to fight the virus. and (with the help of disinformation, insert the virus into Chinese Army war plans). They were the virus’s owner, initially thought to be Craig Ebrahimi (Bill Gates will be discussed later on conjunction with virus ownership), Chandra Wickramasinghe, the professor at the UK’s University of Buckingham who was world known for 40  years of research into panspermia; and Jiangwen Qu,

Evidence suggests that the later two men apparently conspired to steal the rock from Craig and get it to China (and who knows where else it was sent or sold to by these two men?). For sure, Craig knew that the rock could make him exceedingly rich. Even if he knew that it could help stop Covid, I could find no evidence that Craig ever maliciously sent the sample to China to let them infect the world. However, at a minimum it was not my impression that  Craig rates high on what are often referred to as street smarts needed to prevent it. This means that it was, apparently, fairly easy for Chandra Wickramasimghe to dupe him.

I’m not sure if Chandra knew if Craig was claiming to be an alien before Craig warned him in May, 2021, by telling him, “I am far from human, but he had to be aware of it after that date. Craig became concerned that Chandra never took him seriously, However, Wickramasinghe’s co-publications with Jiangwen Qu make clear that these two co-conspirators had no problem with lying to anyone or murdering millions of people. What they did even threatened to draw the U.S. into a nuclear war with China. In comparison  I told Craig up front (January 28, 2020) that while I am a retired military officer (with 34 years of Navy and Coast Guard service), I would publish ALL my findings on this web site because of what I saw as obvious security threats, and that not the least of them was a threat of pandemic. Our fights went public (in three parts on this page. Craig mocked, insulted, and threatened my life but he kept talking to me knowing that a minimum all his/our words were being read by our Army’s Intelligence Base at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and at the UK Ministry of Defence in London. He was also aware that I asked the UK to pick up Wickramasinghe for questioning and that I asked for a probable Canadian liaison officer at Fort Huachuca to arrange to keep Craig under observation.  I may not, unfortunately, still be on active duty. I had to retire one day before my 60th birthday in 2007, but if our leadership has the right stuff they would do very well to put me back on active duty with a rank of O-6 in our Space Force. They could base me right here at Patrick Space Force Base or at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station within view of my home.


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