Alien COVID Origin 7/12/2023

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NEW YORK TIMES: June 23, 2023. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a long-awaited declassified report, which included spy agencies’ findings on the so-called lab leak theory, but the material is unlikely to satisfy many people who have been wrestling with the unanswered questions on the origins of the Covid outbreak.

The 10-page report said scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology did conduct research on coronaviruses, in some cases had inadequate safety measures and had genetically engineered coronaviruses. But the intelligence agencies said they have found nothing that tells them that work at the laboratory caused the pandemic.

ROFFMAN REPLY. Since early in 2023, I have been presenting evidence that the virus that caused the “Wuhan, China Pandemic.

The virus was actually brought to China by Professor Jiangwen Qu at the Tianjen, China Center for infectious  Disease Control. It was featured in the Chinese Press on December 27,  2019 along with the name of humanoid that found it: Craig Ebrahimi. The Chinese coverage on September 1, 2020 is found on Figure 1 below.


The email above is from Jiangwen Qu. He is the man I accuse of bringing the rock contaminated with COVID-19 into China. He received the rock from Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe. Craig sent the sample to Wickramasinghe at the University of Buckingham on June 19, 2018. The receipt for shipping  it is on the lower left side of Figure 2 below. The email address of Wickramasinghe ( is in the copy block of the Figure 1  email from Jiangwen Qu to Craig Ebrahimi.

The full email from Qu is as follows:

From: 曲江文 <>Sent: September 1, 2020 3:19 AM
To: Craig Ebrahimi <>; 钱德拉·维克拉马辛 <>

Dear Ebrahimi: I have noted relevant reports in the Chinese media. I’m just an epidemiologist, and I can’t participate in your experiment. I think Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe and his team will be interested in your research. I have send your Email to him.  月球陨石光谱分析后,,专家将用生物技术提取Lunar meteorite spectrum analysis: suspected animal embryo structure, experts will use biotechnology to extract Chandra Wickramasinghe added by Roffman:Google Translate renders the Chinese 月球陨石光谱分析后,,专家将用生物技术提取 as After spectral analysis of lunar meteorites, experts will use biotechnology to extract.曲江文 is Qu Jiangwen.
钱德拉·维克拉马辛 is Chandra Vikramasin

So as we saw above in Figure 1 above Qu went through the motions of trying to make it look like he just found out about Craig’s meteorite around September 1, 2020 where is reality he co-published an article with Wickramasinghe six months earlier where they referred to a similar co-publication in November 2019. Later they co-published more similar articles. There were more players on Wickramasinghe’s  team, but Qu was in fact his major partner. Since the Chinese Army was Qu’s boss, when Craig mailed out his sample on June 18, 2018 he was essentially mailing it to the Chinese Army where Qu apparently would help  them weaponize it.


You will notice that I referred to Craig above as a humanoid.  Before going on to fully explain how and why I think he brought to COVID-19 to Earth, let me first point out his initial email to me on in which on January 26, 2020 he claimed to have the only pristine extraterrestrial embryo on the planet…

Date :Jan 26, 2020, 12:55 PM (Saturday)

Subject: Fw: Extraterrestrial embryo discovered in meteorite UVIC BC

My name Craig Ebrahimi research scientist/ Founder Deviant off world technology 

Barry would you be interested in the research and biotechnology opportunity/ of the only pristine extraterrestrial embryo on the planet at the University of Victoria BC

…and another email from him to me on March 17, 2020 when he was angry with me  in which he wrote that he is himself an alien:

On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 4:43 PM Craig Ebrahimi <> wrote: “Guy your dumb ass shit keeps getting sent to me by one of your Hebrew followers,you got to be one the biggest dummie humans I ever came across you talk this shit in your writing ABOUT my biotechnology, once again your dumb! you don’t even know your dealing with fucking real extra-terrestrial self made multi millionaire since teens you idiot, if you looked into these eyes I would eat your soul puppet boy.”

What does this guy look like?  Figure 3 below is him, right after I pissed him off by challenging his claims. His  eyes were enlarged in Figure 4 after another person that I know (Rebecca) who claims an ET saw this photo.  Rebecca thinks that one of Craig’s eyes is weaponized. Note that his legs are quite short and appear to be out of normal range.


CRAIG EBRAHIMI EEIFigure 3 above: Craig Ebrahimi, who looks tough but who has no street smarts. Here he reveals worlds of information, including not only where he lives and exactly what he drives on Earth (when not on a UFO), but possibly even where is is from – Altair 4, the 4th planet of a star 16 light years from Earth. The planetary guess is based on uniforms that Elena Danaan drew of people from that world.



Figure 4 above. Craig makes claims about using a drug that makes him look younger. He also threatened to use his eyes as a weapon to destroy my soul. Those words should be compared with photos of him shown above.


HUMPHREY SUMMARYFigure 5 above. Dr, Elaine Humphrey does some of the most important electron microscopic research on what looks like embryos in Craig’s rock. Craig is shown below with the instrumentation on Figure 6.




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