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ANDROMEDA UFO ETCFIGURE 1  – ANDROMEDA UFO. Alex Collier, “ET Overview, 1994, wrote, The Andromedan Council consists of 133 representatives of planetary races, much like a United Nations of our galaxy. Their intent is to help develop consciousness… The Council has operated for thousands of years under strict codes and guidelines of conduct… We are not looking at the Andromedans as saviors. In fact, they say we really gain nothing by having someone come down here and literally save  us, because they take us off the hook, and we don’t gain the experience of evolution ourselves.

 I have, since my 10th birthday, been a bit more than curious about the nature of UFOs. That was when I saw one in Philadelphia. For most of the time since then I assumed that what I saw was an alien spacecraft. I was aware that some people (see argued for the idea that Germans during World War II might have developed them (possibly with alien help). In 1997 I learned that my Uncle Roffman (see Figure  3, 4 and 5) was involved with back-engineering the saucer found at Roswell and others recovered later. He gave me a list of scientists (including Russians who worked with him on the project in 1960) but said nothing about Nazi involvement. Dr. Michael Salla’s Secret Space Force series of books did an excellent job of making that case, although his latest book (shown above on Figure 1) relied on remote viewing for evidence a bit too much for my taste. For what it’s worth I looked to see if the Torah Code backed any of what Salla asserted in his books and I found that there is some overlap of findings.

Chapter 1 of Galactic Federations & Secret Space Programs is entitled The  Ashtar Command. On the first line of the matrix above at skip -1  ASHTAR is encoded at a special case skip against odds of about 48 to 1. Salla states that, “An Ashtar Command has been known to be intervening in human affairs since the early 1950s. This provides great confidence that the Ashtar Command is a very real extraterrestrial organization, currently located high in Jupiter’s atmosphere, and that it is an important part  of what lies ahead for humanity as we enter our galactic awakening. Is  Jupiter  on the matrix? Yes, at skip +1. Odds against that are about 15 to 1.

Chapter 6 is entitled The Andromeda Council. The matrix has an unusually long main term, but an honest evaluation requires an explanati0n of how it was  found. Normally the most most common length for an axis term(first term found is eight letters. Here ANDROMEDA was the first term found, and it is indeed eight letters. But there is an a priori, 3-letter term that is in sequence with it – UFO. Can we use the 11 letters for ANDROMEDA UFO as the axis term? Odds against the full 900-letter matrix with  ANDROMEDA UFO as the axis term are about  22,434 to 1. If I only use ANDROMEDA as the axis term and I show the odds for a UFO to appear anywhere on the matrix at a special case skip (+/-1 or the absolute skip of ANDROMEDA) then the odds against the matrix are reduced  to about 7,105. So the matrix loses about two-thirds of its significance. We can use  either method of evaluation here as long as we are accurate in describing how we  got to our final significance, but we should note that three terms are at the same skip – ANDROMEDA, UFO and ALIENS. This looks like a message. but does  it refer to the Andromeda Constellation (largely 10.3 to 44 light years away, sources vary) or the Andromeda Galaxy (about 2,500,000 light years away)?

If there is contact with the Andromeda Galaxy the distance is so great that travel there would be so hard that a worm hole or star gate would likely be required.  The matrix has STAR at skip -2 and GATE at skip +1, but these  short words have a 95% chance (STAR) or a 41% chance (GATE) to be found on a matrix this size. Probabilities this large are not likely to be there because of deliberate encoding. The Andromeda Council is associated with the constellation. The Andromeda Constellation includes the deep sky Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31).


ANDROMEDA UFO ODDSSIMILAR STORY FOR RICHARD ROBSON AND HIS FATHER. It’s a long time since I first encountered Rich. I was living in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida when he called me from California to tell me about his “abduction” experience. But it likely wasn’t quite an abduction because  several times he went willingly, along with his father and his grandfather. His father did the driving from San Diego to the pick up point, just north of Lake Mono in California, a distance of about 418 miles (7 hours 7  minutes).

Rich claimed that after they reached Earth orbit they were eventually transferred to a huge mother-ship out near Jupiter. What he told me was strikingly similar to Gene Rodenberry’s  Star Fleet. A major point of Salla’s books is that this is our future.

Robson says that they even went to battle stations several times. Allegedly he was being trained to be a navigator while all this was going on, but his adventure came to a halt when he accidentally bumped into a Gray who interpreted his act as deliberate. The family was sent back to earth with no souvenirs. Of note is that Richard testifies that his father was handicapped and he couldn’t walk on Earth but could on the mother-ship. I got the impression that the walking up there was due to medical technology rather than reduced gravity but I can’t remember his trying to clarify the temporary reason for improvement. I was just sad to learn that ET could not be counted on to be overly caring even though Salla described many species here to help humanity prepare to join a friendly Galactic Federation of Worlds.


STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ROBSON MATRIX. The most significant term crosses and shares a letter resh with RICHARD ROBSON. It’s MY FATHER WAS CAPTURED. The phrase suggests that the family was induced to participate in the excursions. It was found on the matrix in the open text against odds of about 1,003 to 1. UFO had about 1 chance in 6.6 to be on the matrix at a special case skip (-1) and SPACE was there against odds of about 8.5 to 1. Overall the matrix was found against odds of about 56,614 to 1.

WHY I AM  INCLINED TO SUPPORT RICHARD ROBSON’S REMOTE VIEWING ABILITIES? I have never met Robson, nor has he ever been in my home. There were never any visual communications between like Skype or Facetime.  There is no way that I can think of that can explain how he could see  or be aware  of anything in my previous Daytona Beach Shores condo. As I recall he was  in California at the time. (about 2009).

Without any proof  for his contact claims there was, at the time, no initial reason to believe him. However, when people claim to have repeated contacts with aliens over an extended period of time, it’s not uncommon for them to assert that they have telepathic or remote viewing capabilities. It’s also common for them to have siblings, parents or children that may be abductees. This is because the aliens appear to be involved with genetic experiments being done on people. In Richard’s case he has both apparent remote viewing talents, and he claims to be taken along with two relatives.

With respect to what he “saw” when he attempted to view the inside of my home he “saw” three types of objects. A palm tree, a large menorah and skulls. The palm tree was not outside, but we have an 8 foot tall synthetic palm tree in our living room.  We had a dining room table with a large menorah as its base. See Figures 2 and 2A.

MENORAH AND PALMFigure 2A – Objects seen by Richard Robson when remote viewing my home. He also saw the skulls shown on Figure 2.

Additionally, a few months before Rich called me I had been to the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History. There I bought four model skulls. They were of the types shown on Figure 2: Modern human (homo sapiens), ancient humans (homo eretus and homo neanderthalensis), and alien. When Robson attempted to view my home these four skulls were on display (I think in the kitchen). My son, David, still  has the alien skull on display in a bedroom of his new house but he’d have to do a search to find the skulls.




The Bell (Die Glocke, codenamed Laternentrager and Chronos  by the Germans, and described in Nick Cook’s Book, The Hunt for Zero Point), the Onion Drive, and UFO’s and us all have drive systems that use a similar system to control them. For a sketch of a hypothetical onion drive see Figure 3.


The material used to create anti-gravity is similar but not the same with different drive concepts. What goes on is atoms are stripped of their electrons and then spun in a confining field to force a secondary field to develop. That field is projected against a flat field (like a metal disk). The resulting field that is developed looks like a double ended onion, thus the name Onion Drive. Inside the Onion field nothing changes, but outside gravity and reality are pushed aside. By adjusting the onion’s shape and field strength top to bottom the enclosed craft can maneuver. The onion projects has a field far enough in front of it that viewed from behind the craft you would see what looks like a black hole with surrounding lines of energy swilling into it. When the system is under operation, energy is striped from the flat field to power the confining field. While the area above the confining field and within the onion field is livable, the area below the flat field is an energy sink near absolute zero. This is used to protect the crew from radiation and high energy particles. At power the bottom of the craft flies first when going sub light and beyond. The only problem with this system is if the field is switched off a concentration of protons will be created at the center of the onion.  The resulting explosion (due to nuclear fusion) will be quite large. It could take out an area equal to several states.

The 9-Axis Control System. This system is a series of three, 3-axis sensors. Each sensor can detect both positive and negative forces as well as end forces.  It is like holding a pencil in the middle no matter how you move the pencil force will either add rotation or longitudinal energy to it. With this in mind the onion must keep these lines of force balanced to go trans-light in all 3 axes. Otherwise, the ship will tear itself apart.


On December 2, 2010, NASA announced that alien-like life had been discovered on Earth at Lake Mono, California.  The bacteria used arsenic rather than phosphorus in its DNA. This was the first time that DNA has been found in such a radically altered form.  On Figure 4 below the axis term is ALIEN LIFEDNA is at the same skip as  the axis term.  So is GRAY,  a type of ET often supported in abduction literature. UFO at skip -1 touches the letter mem in ALIEN LIFE.  ARSENIC is also on the matrix.


SPREADSHEET FOR FIGURE 4. With a 9-letter axis term of ALIEN LIFE, the most significant a priori term is ARSENIC which was found on the 855-letter matrix against odds of about 178 to 1.  The next most important term is GRAY. Found at a special case skip against odds of about 45 to 1, Robson was thrown off (returned to Earth) from the mother-ship when he got into a fight with a Gray. DNA and UFO are at special case skips but they are each only 3 letters long. Overall the matrix was found against odds of about 86,031 to 1. This means that Figures 2 and 4 support Robson’s story, and it tends to back Salla’s assertions about Jupiter and the many civilizations in the area.

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