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FIGURE 1 ABOVE: ETs and the Israeli space program.

Below: Odds against Figure 1 being found by chance alone (about 2,116,538 to 1).





In November, 2021 I (Barry) maintained three websites: Arkcode.com, Davidaroffman.com, and MarsCorrrect.com. The  last two sites had a lot of primarily overlapping material and dealt with Martian weather. Davidaroffman.com was attacked and destroyed or accidentally destroyed by my host at Mysite.com. I therefore decided to transfer the bulk of our surviving 4,000 articles to a new host at FastComet.com.
The oldest of my sites is Arkcode.com. It’s about the so-called Torah Code, an allegedly predictive code in the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. The Code is based on an Equidistant Letter Sequence (ELS). While most of my codes research is devoted to looking for actionable military intelligence, the Ark Code focuses on looking for maps in the Torah that point to the location of the Ark of the Covenant that originally carried the Ten Commandments. Consistent ELS maps based on the 8-letter Hebrew for Ark of the Covenant (alef resh vav nun bet resh yud tav) point to a course of 251.565 degrees True from Temple Mount in Jerusalem to a location on the El Zuqba Peninsula of Northern Sinai, Egypt at 31 degrees 9 minutes North, 33 degrees 4 minutes East. This area is in a restrictive military zone. While I have been within a few hundred meters of the site, I risked arrest to be there and my guide did not permit me to take any metal detector. Further we had no GPS equipment. This ongoing project requires permission from the Egyptian government and funding.
When I first decided that the salvage of our work would results in a new site called Roffman Mars Research it was largely to incorporate my son into the name because he did much of the work (especially the math) for our 1,200-page report, Mars Correct – Critique of All NASA Mars Weather Data.
Mars Correct is a close audit of all NASA weather information up though January, 2021. It shows plenty of reasons to question the validity of the data. The trend of very low air pressure continued with the U.S. Perseverance in 2021, but the Chinese have been slow to release their weather data from there. They landed on May 14, 2021 at Utopia Planitia on Mars. Mars and the lander were in conjunction behind the sun for two months but the lack of weather data from May 2021 to January, 2022 is unexpected, unless it’s due to being in conflict with American Mars weather data. Our report makes clear why we think NASA is publishing disinformation. See our Abstract.
My son, David, and I have both made presentations about Martian weather (especially unbelievable low pressure) at International Mars Society Conventions. While I did the bulk of the work, at the age of 18 David earned a B.S in space physics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. By 23 he had his PhD in physics from the University of Florida. His post-doc a year later was at Yale. I only had a B.A. in psychology from Temple University in Philly. David gave our little group much needed credibility, but while we toiled to write our 1,200-page report, in the background another Roffman was quietly serving as our inspiration.
I grew up across the street from my father’s brother, Eugene Roffman. I remember when Uncle Eugene visited Japan in 1960. But it wasn’t until 2007 that I learned what he was doing there. As I describe in my article about him, as the Chief of the Electronics Branch in Philadelphia, he was, along with our top military scientists as well as some from our enemies in Russia and Poland, back engineering UFOs.  In 2007 he gave me a detailed  list of all the scientists who were part of the program.  This was just before  his death at the age of 93. He was insistent for me to get out the truth about our true place in the universe. What he gave me was shocking, but as I started to write about it I found that his revelation was just the first of many.
Another leaker from NASA gave me evidence for primitive life on Mars, albeit with a terrestrial origin (algae, bacteria, cyanobacteria, stromatolites, lichens, puffballs, etc.).  I published it via a 3+ hour TV interview and the Journal of Astrobiology then invited David (and I) to review an article by Rhawn Gabriel Joseph et al. entitled Evidence of Life on Mars?  After we published our response in 2018 I received an email invitation (from Craig Ebrahimi) to fly (at his expense) to examine what was purportedly an alien fossil in a 27-pound meteorite (possibly from Mars). I could make a good case that Craig is crazy, especially because he later (repeatedly) claimed to be an alien himself (see Figure 3). But there were several top-level PhD-scientists who backed Craig’s claims about his meteorite. Are they all nuts too? More, one of them, a top virologist (Chandra Wickramasinghe from the University of Buckingham in the U.K.) apparently stole a sample from Craig and delivered it to the Tianjin, China Center for Infectious Disease Control. There is reason to suspect that this sample was used to create COVID-19.
I mentioned above that most of my codes research has been devoted to looking for actionable military intelligence. That’s because I served 10 years in the Navy Reserve and 24 years in the Coast Guard Reserve. About 15 of these years were on active duty. One of my best friends (retired Coast Guard Captain and intelligence officer Nevin Fidler) tried for years to get others in military intelligence to study my work. I don’t think that he had any success when he started back around 2000. At that time I had been retired for about five years. In 2003 I was recalled to active duty when I was 55. The next year I published my book, Ark Code, Searching for the Ark of the Covenant using ELS Maps from the Bible Code. I retired from active duty again on my 60th birthday in 2007. That was when I began full time study of the Torah Code with massive online publication of the thousands of Torah Code matrices that I was finding. By 2013  I could see that most of my readers were in U.S. or foreign (largely British) intelligence. For the U.S. it was the Army’s intelligence base at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The Brits just showed up as The U.K. Ministry of Defence. But they were  using a very odd IP address – the reverse IP address for me. My address was  The Brits were using
I suspect that what focused so many intelligence agents on me was my decision to publish my Uncle Eugene’s list of multinational scientists who back-engineered crashed or loaned UFOs. On August 1, 2016 this resulted in the only face-to-face meeting that I ever had with someone who claimed to have worked at Fort Huachuca. I call him Joseph Sapphire but his last name has one additional Hebrew letter at the end. If you can read Hebrew and you know the Torah you almost immediately know the correct last name because the meeting is described in great detail in several of my articles like Is God From the Future, and Does He Send Signals back in Time? Oddly, the meeting that I had with Joseph was actually encoded/predicted in the Torah Code. Joseph may have known  about it before I found it nine months later. He was insistent that I know how to spell his name, apparently so I could search for him and the incident.
The conversation (or interview, if that was what it was) was not all entirely friendly. At one point he heard about how I was challenging NASA. I told him that I had published the names of scientists (see Figure 3 to 5)  from the U.S., Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, (West) Germany, Taiwan, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Scotland, France, Sweden as well as from the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact ally Poland  who had met in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan at the Third International Conference of Nondestructive Testing in March, 1960. I have seen evidence that this group was apparently trying to figure out how to counter the technology that was recovered at the Roswell Incident. It was at this point that Joe told me he had heard about someone like me who had his computer impounded by the Government who then loaded it with child pornography. They then prosecuted him for the porno. Joe said the man never owned a computer again.
The pornography threat was met with my promise that if they tried it with me I would move to Israel and go full time to use the Code in my effort to reveal everything illegal that our Government was doing with advanced technology. When Joe heard my threat he likely worked hard to keep from busting his gut laughing. I would not learn about it until 2022 but it turned out that the retired head of the Israeli Space Defense program, Haim Eshed, made an announcement that (1) Israelis were working with Americans AND ALIENS in the Israeli space program AND (2) AMERICANS AND ALIENS share a joint base underground on Mars. What’s more, all this is encoded in Torah and I’m pretty damn sure that Joseph knew about it when we met. During our half-hour meeting Joe demonstrated that he had a crystal clear view of the future, enough for me to suspect that at a minimum he was some kind of a time cop.  The matrix for Haim Eshed is shown above as Figure 1. There the axis term (HAIM ESHED) is at the same ELS as MARS, LIFE, ALIEN and GREY. TIME, UFO and PLEIADES are also on the matrix.
JOE SAPPHIREFIGURE 2 – WITH SIGNAL FROM FUTURE as the axis term, JOSEPH lines up perfectly with SPIRO plus the one letter needed to complete his last name.Our August 1, 2016 meeting ended on friendlier terms. Joe understood that my  primary purpose had been to help U.S. and Allied Intelligence. It was obvious that our military was taking the Code seriously, but I had to make it clear to him and his handlers that my loyalty is to a United States operating in compliance with our Constitution, not with leaders who feel no need to be guided by its principles. Because Joseph was insistent on me knowing how to spell his last name, I think that he set me up to find  Figure 2. The axis term there is SIGNAL FROM FUTURE. His first name, Joseph, is on line 1. Directly under it on the second line is his last name plus one Hebrew letter that follows it in Torah. On Figure 2 it shows up as SAPPHIRE X. When Joe and I met I was carrying the book that I had checked out a minute earlier, SLANT by Greg Bear.  The author’s name, G.BEAR, is 3 lines below  SAPPHIRE.  The open text word BOOK is on the bottom line. Joseph seemed to know a lot about my nature and my future. If so, he likely knew that I was later involved with a ROCK (Craig Ebrahimi’s 27-pound meteorite) that pulsed COLD (possibly indicating a viral contamination) and was mixed up with a fourth REICH attempt to destroy much of America via the PLAGUE (Covid-19). The words for ROCK, COLD, REICH and PLAGUE are all also on the matrix at special case skips. As for the subject of the book, which was not visible to Joseph, two topics were mentioned on the inside jacket of the book – Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence. Both topics were raised by Joseph in the first few moments of our discussion.Two weeks before the incident my son (David) completed his post doctoral thesis at Yale. The topic was nanotechnology. At the time he had no background in A.I., but David acquired that skill at Yale about five months later. It should be noted that Craig Ebrahimi claimed to be an alien. He  is one of three people that I believe was involved with bringing with bringing Covid-19  to Earth. The other two were Chandra Wickramasinghe, a leading expert in panspermia from the University of Buckingham in the U.K.), and Jiangwen Qu from the Tianjin, China Center for Infectious Disease Control.
Under the Obama-Biden years and Fauci-COVID-19 pandemic it became increasingly obvious that many of our leaders had become Communist traitors hell bent on destroying the United States. Even the leader of Obama’s CIA, John Brennan, had voted for a Communist, Gus Hall, for President in 1976. Further, the FBI also became totally corrupted, knowingly using the fake Clinton-paid for Steele Dossier to support a successful coup against President Trump.
Most half-awake Americans likely imagine that Biden is wrecking our nation simply because he is an idiot who cannot understand that shutting down our Keystone Pipeline would drive up the price of oil leading to massive inflation. How could he possibly be smart enough to understand  the ripping open our southern border would lead to a massive influx of millions of illegal aliens? How could he know that secretly flying these (human) aliens around the nation at night would seed the nation with more COVID everywhere? So what if his decision would kill hundreds of thousands of Americans? Why should anyone care if  he surrendered Afghanistan and in doing so gave the Taliban 85 billion worth of our most advanced arms? Who gives a damn (certainly not Biden) about the 13 Americans that he got killed there, or about the thousands of Americans and allies (translators) that he left behind to be terrorized by the Taliban? So what if all that fentanyl coming in from China through Biden’s busted border killed over 75,000 Americans in 2022?
What Americans don’t know is that there is an incredible amount of secret technology that keeps this Benedict Arnold in power. A piece of this technology likely involves the Code or at least the physics that allow signals (perhaps tachyons) to move through time.  But to prove this assertion requires a huge amount of proof. You will find thousands of Torah Code matrices and accompanying calculations on this site. The math behind the matrices is strong, but not perfect because subjective issues always must be considered. When I look for what the Torah predicts about a person I generally look for an 8-letter transliteration of his or her name first. However, while I can find an ELS for the musician PRINCE, it’s only 5 letters. But, nearby, there is an 8-letter ELS for DEAD DRUG OVERDOSE at the same skip as PRINCE (-7,850 letters between each letter of PRINCE and between each letter of DEAD DRUG OVERDOSE, with the minus sign meaning that the words are in reverse order). For two matrices that have the name (SAPPHIRE) at skip +1, the axis term (first term sought) was SIGNAL FROM FUTURE. Some matrices are easy to find but there have often been times where after finding a major name encoded I can stare at a matrix for several hours over days before I spot a priori terms that have great statistical significance (however I’m not a native Hebrew speaker). Figure 1 above was like that.How often do I succeed? On the black menu bar at the top of this page you will see a link to articles classified as Time Travel Experiments. After that you will find years listed where I have often been able to find significant matrices about our times that somehow managed to find their way into the Torah thousands of years in our past. You don’t have to be a bird to know how to fly, but people who studied birds eventually learned to fly. Likewise, you don’t have to be God to read or write an ELS Code. Writing the Bible (Torah) is something else. I don’t know for certain if Sapphire or his organization can travel through time or transmit/receive signals across time, but something weird is going on with this guy and with Fort Huachuca or  UK MOD , which can visit this site over a thousand times per day. I’m not sure if they have more fun spying on me or if I enjoy recording their spy activities more, but they (and my possibly alien buddy, Craig) help keep my life interesting. If you want to know what an alien, likely from Altair-4, looks like, see Figure 3 below and note his language there.  He is not happy about me transferring every word that he wrote to me directly to our intelligence forces. But I am not happy about his sending the likely source of Covid-19 to Jiangwen  Qu in China.ESSENTIAL-ELEMENTS-INFO-EBRAHIMI11FIGURE 3 ABOVE: Craig Ebrahimi claims to be an alien. He is not happy about my investigation of him or what I think is his likely involvement  in bringing COVID-19 to Earth. As I note in the small print in the bottom right corner of Figure 3, on Friday, Mar 27, 2020 at 4:43 PM Craig Ebrahimi <craigebrahimi@hotmail.com> wrote:”Guy your dumb ass shit keeps getting sent to me by one of your Hebrew followers, you got to be one the biggest dummie humans I ever came across you talk this shit in your writing ABOUT my biotechnology, once again your dumb! you don’t even know your dealing with fucking real extra-terrestrial self made multi millionaire since teens you idiot, if you looked into these eyes I would eat your soul puppet boy.”  The fun in what I do is to taunt ETs like him into making confessions like that just given. My problem is that there are so many corrupt politicians in our Government that it is hard to entice them into taking the actions needed to defend our nation.

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