Alien Base in Jupiter’s Clouds? 7/7/22

Normally, of course, if there is an Ashtar Command in the clouds of Jupiter, I would have no way to know about it or to try to prove anything in conjunction with it. However, I have read Michael Salla’s book, Galactic Federations Councils & Secret Space Programs. His first chapter is The Ashtar Command. While I cannot directly prove if Salla is right, I can see if his main concepts are encoded in Torah. The spreadsheets below shows  that they are. A probability spreadsheet tells me when something that looks significant is or is not significant. Figure 1 was not quite up to my standards, but Figure 2 was good enough.

JUPITER BASEFigure 1 is above. The spreadsheet for Figure 1 is below. When I saw that the combined odds against the 9 a priori key terms were just 2,712 to 1 (not very significant) I shifted the focus of my search from right of the axis term to left of the axis term. The results are shown on Figure 2. Odds against it were about 117,105 to 1 and we begin to see hints  that the Ashtar on a base in Jupiter’s clouds  are, as Salla asserts, involved in a temporal (time) war with Nazis allied with Grays and Reptilians aliens.


Below: Figure 2 and its probability spreadsheet 2 with emphasis to the left of the axis term (JUPITER BASE).

JUPITER TWO Based on Salla’s writing and what is encoded, the picture that emerges is as follows: There is a base in Jupiter’s clouds. It does include the Ashtar. They are aliens (likely with multiple species). They are not  so much spiritual as they are men of war.  There are Nazis  involved with what they do – be  it in our interests or against them. The idea that there is a temporal war that they are involved with is consistent with the Code and with my communications with Fort Huachuca and the UK Minister of Defence.


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