Earth Fall Book Review 7/20/2023

earth fall

Earth Fall by Stewart Best starts out with a discussion about whether it is science fiction or science faction.  It reminds me of the best science faction novel I ever read – One Second After written by William Fortschen with a foreword by Newt Gingrich.  That was cited on the floor of Congress and discussed in the Pentagon as a book all Americans should read. The novel here is the story of a war in which the U.S. is attacked with Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons. They are in the hands of several of our enemies. The EMP from a hydrogen bomb exploded 300 miles above Kansas can destroy all electronics within the lower 48 states in a second. With cannibalism as one of a few food sources left to us, 90% of Americans would die of starvation in a year. One Second After just attaches names to those struggling to survive such a fate. That Americans elected Obama and Biden to the White House is evidence that those who voted for them support the Iran Nuclear Accords.  Thanks to these mental malfunctions Iran is now (18 July 2023)  estimated to have enough enriched Uranium to construct eight to ten nuclear weapons. That’s enough to also guarantee the ability to destroy Alaska and Hawaii too. Some of the people who never heard of EMP weapons may use ignorance or lack of interest in defense matters as an excuse. But this is not true for those who knowingly discarded consideration of our survival. Those who voted for Democrats with the hope that they would destroy America, whether by surrendering to the Taliban and arming them with $85 billion in weapons as in Afghanistan or by leaving the floodgates open for fentanyl by destroying our southern border – these are our true enemies. I don’t think we can let them off the hook by just discussing their stupidity. We must invest the mental energy required to discover which liberals have been abducted and placed under the mind control of aliens like the Reptilians. We are told in UFO literature that the United Federation of Worlds (UFW) are our allies. The time has come to prove that. They must reveal themselves and greatly expedite disclosure.

Biden allowed an enormous balloon to fly over American nuclear bases, from Alaska to South Carolina, with three objects the size of school buses attached. He thus proved that he will not interfere with an enemy who decides to destroy us, especially if that enemy is Iran.

Stewart’s version of the story merely substitutes hostile UFOs for EMP weapons. And they, we must understand, are every bit as real as Fortschen’s threat. What threatens our future is the fact that so many Americans don’t take this threat seriously. Back when President Truman set up the Majestic-12 cover-up group to hide the truth about the UFO crash at Roswell, American policy was to paint those who reported seeing or being taken by saucers as lunatics. In 1999 I set up an experiment to see what kind of information was being tracked by the NSA. I sent out an email to fellow Torah Codes researchers who had all just received free Zone Alarm software: Dr. Robert Haralick, Dr., Eliahu Rips, Roy Reinhold and Walther York. In it I mentioned the hypothesis that President Kennedy was killed by the CIA because he wanted disclosure about the Roswell UFO. I also discussed claims that a rebellion had broken out at a joint U.S. military – alien base under Dulce, New Mexico. Within about 2 minutes the Zone Alarms went off in each home with IP addresses indicating intrusions by the Government offices. Walter York’s wife also received a threatening phone call. This was an initial warning that when people allege that with respect to UFO issues our Government is operating illegally, they are right.

A second indication came on August 1, 2016 when a Government intel agent followed me to the Cape Canaveral, FL library where he warned me that if I continued to write about UFOs the Government would download child pornography onto my website, and then arrest me for it! America? Not with this kind of behavior! While the agent that day finished with me on friendlier terms, his initial words were exactly the kind of behavior highlighted in EARTH FALL. There Best portrays a sinister relationship between Reptilian aliens (who were supposedly allied with Hitler during World War 2 and after it).

I have been on the Stewart Best – Larry Taylor Night Shadows show seven times since 2017. We  have often discussed ET issues including two people who I have worked with that I believe to be alien. One of them, Craig Ebrahimi, has given me a large amount of proof that he is in possession of a reptilian/alien embryo. He has many PhDs working with him and writing papers that support his embryo (in a meteorite) claim.  Craig’s assertions go far beyond this. He claims to also be an alien himself. He is not what I would call a good guy. He has threatened my life, but of greater concern is that I have a acquired a large amount of data suggesting that he brought COVID-19 to Earth. Further, he sent a sample from Sooke, B.C. Canada to the famous virologist/Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe at the University of Buckingham in the U.K. where it made its way to Professor Jiangwen Qu at the Center for Infectious Disease Control in Tianjin, China. They work for the Chinese Army. Craig appears to be from Altair-4. The other potential alien (allegedly from the Pleiades) that I know will just be called Rebecca for now *until she publishes her upcoming book. She was interviewed on Night Shadows on June 7, 2023. My point here is that Stewart portrays a world in which hidden aliens live now on Earth, and I have met two of them. He (and Larry) have also interviewed Rebecca. There is far better hard evidence to support Craig’s claim, but he is clearly hostile to Earth while Rebecca appears to be friendly. However, we can’t be certain of that unless she succeeds in fulfilling my request to set up a conference with other aliens to discuss terms for disclosure.

NIGHT FALL correctly states that the color of the Martian sky is usually blue (not red). Further, it states that Martian air pressure and composition are similar to Earth’s. He would likely know this because he was aware of my 1,200-page research paper, MARS CORRECT: CRITIQUE OF ALL NASA MARS WEATHER DATA. He was also right about the presence of Americans on Mars. Israeli Brigadier General Haim Eshed has revealed the fact that the U.S. and aliens have a joint underground base on Mars. The Israelis also work with aliens in Israel. Eshed ran Israel’s space program for 30 years.

Stewart further discusses how the Reptilians could use mind control and stealth technology to conquer our planet. I know that there has been a Colonel John Alexander in the Air Force whose major field of research was mind control, even from space. And this brings us to a key thought that must occur when you read EARTH FALL. Do the alien enemies control a major percent of our population now because of bad deal signed between President Eisenhower and Grey/Reptilian forces in 1954? In it we allegedly received technology and they were in turn permitted to abduct and experiment on a limited number of Americans. Laura Eisenhower (the great granddaughter of President Eisenhower) writes in the foreword of WE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN (by Elena Danaan) that Ike was deceived by the Majestic-12 who led the cover-up. She lets us know that far more people were taken than what was agreed to. But the unanswered question is, “How many more?” Based on what I have read, the number from 1954 until now could easily be over ten million but it might even be one or two orders of magnitude higher. Could we really have over 100,000,000 Americans who were abducted, implanted, and released but only under control of creatures like the Satanic-looking Reptilians? To get some sense of what is correct we need to conduct a survey. For many years now there are  films available of FA-18 jet fighters chasing tic-tac UFOs. Nothing was said by the Government about who the tic-tacs were flown  by, how fast they were going or whether they are even real. Meanwhile, people in airlines and the military who reported seeing objects like them lost their jobs. However, starting in 2017 there were increasingly strange reports out of the Pentagon.  One of them said, “A Los Angeles-class submarine encountered an unidentified submerged object that traveled at 550 mph underwater. It supposedly matched the description of the USS Nimitz UFO in 2004.” The craft can fly 13,000 mph in air, make sudden high G turns, it has no apparent motor or control surfaces, and can even fly in space. Moreover, our military has captured a fleet of at least 12 of them. But we don’t know what they are and we have no proof of extraterrestrial involvement.” Sorry, but if you would accept this report including the statement  of no knowledge about who flies them as true, and you voted for Biden in 2020, there is a good chance that the Deep State/Fourth Reich, U.S. Government or aliens are in control of your brain.

Larry Taylor asked me if EARTH FALL by Stewart BEST is encoded in the Torah. Against odds of about 423 to 1, it is. The matrix is shown  below:



earth fall odds



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