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FEBRUARY 1, 2021: Time Machine and Ezekiel

JULY 9, 2019: The Scientific Hunt is on for a Mirror Universe. Figure 1 appears to be one of the most important matrices that I have ever found in 22 years of Torah Codes research. Existing against odds of over 13 billion to 1, it appears to prove two things: (1) The Torah Code is real, and (2) There are parallel worlds/universes associated with a 1.8 billion light year-wide cold spot in space. Discovered in 2015, it’s missing an estimated 10,000 galaxies.

UPDATED APRIL 11, 2019: Israel will attempt to be 3rd to land on the moon.

JULY 18, 2018: UFO Teleportation

JUNE 19, 2018: H bomb test (Tsar Bomba 58 megatons)

MARCH 14, 2018: Tachyon Time – Faster than light challenge

OCTOBER 12, 2015: EMP attack


JANUARY 26, 2015: New PowerPoint Shows How and Why NASA Deceives Us About Mars.

JULY 11, 2012. Higgs Boson in Reality and in a Novel by Dan Holdings

DECEMBER 4, 2011. Time, Boson and the End of Days

DECEMBER 4, 2011. Will China Legally Seize a Temporarily Abandoned International Space Station (ISS)?

NOVEMBER 8. 2011: Asteroid Event of November 8, 2011

SEPTEMBER 5, 2011: Brain-reading technology – A Threat to our Freedom

JULY 11, 2011: Earth-like planet KEPLER 22-B found – Alleged ET Worlds Compared. The planet is linked to deceased Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon.

MARCH 20, 2011 Worm holes

NOVEMBER 20, 2009: Higgs Boson and the End of Days?

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