Corruption may lie behind their hidden identity. Updated on 5/4/2021 with the addition of Figure 4.

The unidentified flying object resembled a Tic Tac. That’s how Navy pilot Chad Underwood described the thing he saw hurtling through the sky on November 10, 2004. Underwood recorded the object using an infrared camera after his commanding officer, David Fravor, spotted the unusual shape during a flight-training exercise. His video represents one of three known instances in which Navy pilots caught an unknown aerial object (the Navy prefers that term over UFO) on camera. The other two instances were on January 21, 2015.

The videos were leaked to the public in 2007 and 2017. On April 20, the Pentagon officially released them “in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real.” However, the release itself may in a sense fraudulent. It was intended to show the public what alien technology looks like, but ignore the claim that this technology was built at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Palmdale, California.  Nor does it reveal that unknown aerial objects often have mixed human military and alien crews.

“FLIR” video
“GIMBAL” video
“GOFAST” video

The Pentagon UFO videos are selected visual recordings of cockpit instrumentation displays from United States Navy fighter jets based aboard aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2004, 2014 and 2015, with additional footage taken by other Navy personnel in 2019. The four grainy, monochromic videos, widely characterized as officially documenting UFOs, were the subject of extensive coverage in the media since 2017. The Pentagon later addressed and officially released the first three videos in 2020,[1] and

Above: Gif 1 – The first Tac Tac UFOs were first filmed by Navy FA-18 pilots in 2004. They continued to be filmed by Navy aircraft up until at least 2019. They were not considered to be a threat to us, and that really only makes sense if we control them or if we are allied to (or subservient to) whoever commands them. Gif 2 above shows an unidentified submerged object. These have been tracked at speeds up to 500 miles per hour.

The objects in the videos remain “unidentified,” the agency said. But Underwood’s commanding officer knew enough about what was coming to warn the pilot that there might be something strange in the sky. A few days earlier, a guided-missile cruiser called the USS Princeton had been tracking about eight to 10 mysterious flying objects near the Catalina and San Clemente islands in California. “Dave Fravor was like, ‘Hey, dude. BOLO.’ Like, be on the lookout for just something weird,” Underwood told New York magazine.

My Aunt Betty Sheinkin once told me about a similar heads up from my Uncle Eugene Roffman who I discuss elsewhere on this site. He was my father’s brother, and in 1960 he was back engineering UFO wreckage. Before he passed away he gave me a list of major scientists from numerous Western nations but also from the Soviet Union and Poland who all worked together on the project. Eugene was Chief, Electronics Branch of the Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia. In 1960 we lived on the same street in Philly. But one day he called his sister (Betty) in Laurelton, Long Island, New York to tell her to go outside to look south. There he told her that she would see a UFO. She went out and did indeed see it. They were about 100 miles apart at the time. It was obvious then that our Government was operating or working with UFOs close enough to enable him to issue the alert. When I bought Dr. Michael E. Salla’s book The Rise of the Red Dragon, Origins & Threat of China’s Secret Program (pages 231-233) in 2020 I read that while the tic tac craft likely had alien technological origins and we were likely building them in Palmdale, California, and the Chinese and Russians were likely also building the same hybrid craft that can travel 500 mph underwater and over 24,000 mph in space. All this stuff is kept somewhat (but not entirely) secret from us not so much because we don’t want other countries to get the technology from us, but because we want to keep the intense level of corruption secret to protect the politicians involved. But the secrets here are not just known to numerous intelligence agencies. They are also known to the Author of the Torah Code, as will be discussed below.


FIGURE 1 above: The axis term is TIC TAC UFO. At the same absolute skip are WAR, REICH, and THE RADAR. These things have jammed our aircraft radar. The words for ENEMIES and FRIEND are at skip +1. It appears that the original owners of this technology can act friendly, but that there is a moral price to be paid by those who deal with them. The encounter involved a bit of FRAUD because the pilots were told to be on the lookout for something weird, but were not told the what they were going to see and film was built in the USA. The matrix was found against odds of about 571,197 to 1.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE AND MEANING OF FIGURE 1. The axis term is the Equidistant Letter Sequence or skip of TIC TAC UFO in Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible).

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE AND MEANING OF FIGURE 1. The axis term is the only ELS of TIC TAC UFO in the Torah Code. When I found it I was curious about whether this thing was flown by friends of foes, so FRIEND and ENEMY were both sought as key terms.

Back on December 24, 1997 I asked a distant, now deceased relative (Stan Gross who worked for NASA) if UFOs aliens were real. Stan managed the lunar rover for Apollo 15. My question was after Stan and I discussed a book by Dr. Kevin D. Randall about Roswell that I had read a week before. I didn’t expect much of an answer, but I was wrong. The conversation was as follows:

I asked him, “What do you think about Roswell?”

His answer was, “It happened.”

Shocked, I asked, “What do you mean it happened?

He just said, “It happened.”

Again, I asked, “Do mean to say that we captured a flying saucer near Roswell?

He shook his head, “Yes.”

I asked him, “How would you know?”

He said, “I saw it.”

“When,” I asked him?


“Where,” I asked.

“It’s too classified. I can’t tell you.”

At this point I called my older son (who is now a major in the Air Force Reserve) and a cousin into the room, and then I asked Stan to repeat to them what he told me. If I didn’t do this they’d never believe that I was told such things. Stan complied, and repeated everything said above.

I continued the questions without a word being uttered by son or by my cousin. Years later I must assume that my cousin asked nothing because he already knew. I can’t remember the precise order of my questions, but overall they were as follows:

“Did you ever tell your wife?”

“No,” Stan said. “I didn’t want to upset her.”

“Why were you shown this thing?”

He said he had a need to know. I can’t remember his exact words on why he had a need to know, but the thrust of it seemed to be that if a UFO was in the area, a scheduled launch couldn’t proceed. There would be an excuse made, maybe something like a downrange emergency landing area had bad weather, or winds were too strong aloft, or lightning was too close to the launch pad. Since he had a say in any launch, he had a need to know that UFOs were more than weather balloons.

I asked him if our contact with aliens was limited to the crash just outside of Roswell. Again, his answer was shocking.

“There’s an ongoing relationship between them and our Government.”

Here we came to the essential queston. I demanded to know, “Are they friendly or hostile?”

       “You don’t know what your neighbor is thinking,” he said.

His answer reminded me of a former neighbor in Hypoluxo, Florida. The guy was a pervert and a crook. We caught him on our balcony trying to look in on my wife while she was dressing. We saw him going through garbage dumpsters looking for credit card receipts, likely to commit credit card fraud. When we were near him, we would smile and say hello. Likewise he acted friendly. But my wife and I were asking the apartment management to evict him, while he was in fact burglarizing apartments and boats. Eventually he was caught stealing a boat motor, he was arrested and evicted. He never knew about our push to get rid of him, and we didn’t know that he was a thief until the complex caught him. So this is how Stan viewed aliens.

Figure 1 has YOUR ENEMIES (open text) as the most significant a priori term. It was found at skip +1 against odds of about 23 to 1. There is another open text find for YOUR ENEMY but I didn’t include it in the odds calculation.  I also found FRIEND at skip +1, but it wasn’t in the open text. It was formed by two words (against odds of about 8.3 to 1).

When I choose to publish a matrix most often I want to see at least one a priori term at the absolute skip of the axis term. In this case WAR is at the same skip as TIC TAC UFO. Odds against WAR being at a special case skip were about 11 to 1. But of the 37 hits for WAR being at skip +/- 1 and +/- 125,983, thirty six of them were in the open text. There was this only about 1 chance in 389 to find it encoded this way. Of course, any hostile craft with the capabilities of the tic tac craft could likely obliterate our forces if used against them. Even if the crews were mixed human and alien, not all humans are friendly. A mixed crew submarine is alleged by Michael Salla to have fired a real nuclear weapon at Hawaii on January 13, 2018. The incident involved a real world alert on all Hawaiian cell phones about Hawaii being under attack by a ballistic missile. The alert last from 8:07 am to 8:45 am. There were witnesses who claim to have seen the missile shot down. Salla speculates about whether the savior was a USAF missile or a weapon operated by Nordic ETs. Of course, our Government said that it was all just a false alarm.

Other terms that were at the absolute skip of the axis term were REICH and THE RADAR. REICH was found against odds of about 10.5 to 1 and THE RADAR was found against odds of about 22 to 1. While you may be sure that the vast bulk of our military has no knowledge of who controls the tic tac craft, it is likely that the Fourth Reich key players have an intimate knowledge of what they are. The important lesson here is likely to be that if Hawaii really was attacked and lucky to survive in January, 2018 we cannot afford to have unknown vehicles like this roaming our seas or air space. This is why I have argued that President Trump should do a full UFO disclosure before leaving office, however in his January 6, 2021 speech while electors were being certified Trump mentioned the Space Force but said nothing about disclosure. He did, however, send the huge crowd over to the Capitol where they took over the building. The violence went far enough that the President may feel that he  has little to lose by giving us the truth.

Total odds against Figure 1 occurring by chance are about 571,197 to 1.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL AND HUMAN INTER-RELATIONS, ALLIANCES, AND AGENDAS. This section summarizes Secret Space Programs as outlined on Figure 2 below.


Figure 2 – Summary of Human and ET Secret Space Programs.

Figure 2 is not meant to serve as an endorsement for the claims of Michael Salla, Corey Goode, William Tompkins or T.K. Kelley. Rather it is an attempt to clarify the nature of groups discussed in Dr. Salla’s books. I read the first five of these works in question which are as follows:

Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination (2013)

The U.S. Navy’s Secret Space Program & Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance – Book Two of the Secret Space Program Series (2017)

Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs – Book Three of the Secret Space Program Series (2018)

The U.S. Air Force Secret Space Program: Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances and Space Force – Book Four of the Secret Space Program Series (2019)

Rise of the Red Dragon – Origins & Threat of China’s Secret Space Program – Book Five of the Secret Space Program Series (2020)

I have not yet read Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliance – Book One of the Secret Space Program Series (2015)

DISCUSSION OF THE 12 ELEMENTS OF FIGURE 2. There is a version of Figure 2 on page xviii of Antarctica’s Hidden History. However, the very tiny text for much of it is extremely difficult to read – even with a magnifying glass. This means that as I read through five of Salla’s books I didn’t always understand all of what I was reading and I tended to dismiss some of the allegations. After taking the time to create a clear chart I came up with a better picture of what Salla was alleging, but as I start to write this section I am not yet able to fully discuss every element below. No problem. As Lieutenant Buckholtz of the U.S. Navy told me back in 1968 when I was a midshipman in NROTC at the University of Pennsylvania, “In the Navy you are not expected to have all the answers, you are only expected to know how to find them.”

  1. INNER EARTH CIVILIZATION. This is allegedly composed of 7 groups of humans. There are subterranean bases. That’s possible. Certainly the Nazis had a lot of subterranean bases. But when I see mention of the Anshar I start to have problems. The idea of a chart like Figure 2 is great, but in reading Salla’s books my gut feeling was that he uses two primary references.  One is William Tompkins. I found him to be credible, but the other one – Corey Goode – was not as convincing. I wish Tompkins (or, better, Salla) would have created the original chart.  Goode worked for the Federal Reserve (Rothschilds) and is supposedly a contactee of a group called the Spherebeing alliance. This group is supposedly diffusing ascension energies for us. He also speaks of the Anshar alliance aka dark Ancharra alliance. He depicts them with Saturn (aka Chronos, Satan) amulets and with all the occult meanings behind Saturn. That sounds like nonsense to me.
  2. THE DARK FLEET. These humans are basically Nazis or Nazi sympathizers who are allied with Reptilians who are intent on ruling this world and others via mind control. They have spaceships but also have submarines. They were allegedly involved in a false flag attempt to start a nuclear war on January 13, 2018 when they launched a missile with a nuclear warhead at Hawaii. Supposedly the missile was shot down (by the USAF or Nordics) before it could destroy Pearl Harbor (and Honolulu).
  3. THE CABAL, ROGUE SAPS, AND MAJESTIC 12. The Cabal is a criminal syndicate that engages in human trafficking. SAPS are Special Access Programs. In the U.S. Federal Government are security protocols that provide highly classified information with safeguards and access restrictions that exceed those for regular (collateral) classified information. SAPs can range from black projects to routine but especially-sensitive operations, such as COMSEC maintenance or Presidential transportation support. Majestic 12 is a U.S. Government group, supposedly formed in 1947, that has oversight over everything connected to UFOs and/or aliens.  It was formed soon after the Roswell Incident. In refusing to plug our southern border the Biden Administration has totally aligned itself with criminal purposes, human or alien. Headlines in The Texan on April 28, 2021 read that, “Texan District Attorney Says Biden Polices, ‘allowing if not promoting,’ Human Trafficking, Drug Cartels.” Nothing that this Administration is doing promotes national defense. Even rushing to bring in COVID-19 infected kids that are then released to the general American public makes no sense unless it is recognizing as part of an alien attack on our planet. There is no doubt that this asymmetric warfare against our standard intelligence forces presents unique constitutional problems. The Founders of our Republic may have been able to foresee the likes of a Benedict Arnold, but where does one turn to for precedence dealing with a president serving an alien (as in non-human) agenda?

Our spy agencies may not have the luxury of much time to figure out how to respond. On April 30, 2021 the New York Post published, “Pentagon whistleblower warns of UFO intelligence failure on a level of 911.” A former Pentagon investigator who claims to have run a hush-hush UFO program has warned that an upcoming blockbuster report about “unidentified aerial phenomena” could reveal a failure by US intelligence agencies on par with 9/11. Luis “Lue” Elizondo, former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, has told The Post about the document slated for release in June under a mandate contained in former President Donald Trump’s $2.3 trillion appropriations bill for this year.

  1. INTERPLANETARY CORPORATE CONGLOMERATE (ICC). ICC memers are evil humans who use their technology to gather slaves for profit. The state with the most missing people per 100,000 residents is Alaska with 41.8 missing people per 100,000 (for a total of 309 people). The state with the highest number of missing people is California with 5.4 missing people per 100,000 (for a total of 2,133 people). Over 600,000 people go missing each year in the U.S. Worldwide there were 609,275 cases in 2018. Over twenty years, the number of people who have vanished totals 4,432,880 – more than the population of New Zealand, or almost the entire population of Ireland (2011 statistics). It is not known how many (if any) are abducted by members of the ICC. Frankly, the abductions by aliens that we hear about are generally medical or reproductive in nature but we are hearing about them because they are only temporary. ICC slaves probably wind up on a one way trip to another world.

On the chart box for the ICC we see the Illuminate. I assume that by Illuminati the chart is referring to conspiracy theories. They propose that world events are being controlled and manipulated by a secret society calling itself the Illuminati.[33] Conspiracy theorists have claimed that many notable people were or are members of the Illuminati. Presidents of the United States are a commonly named. Other theorists contend that a variety of historical events were orchestrated by the Illuminati, from the French Revolution, the Battle of Waterloo and the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, to an alleged communist plot to hasten the “New World Order” by infiltrating the Hollywood film industry. One of Salla’s books deals specifically with the Kennedy Assassination. The same book (Chapter 9) implicates 7 members of MJ-12 and one major player from the CIA. Although these people are named in Salla’s book, I don’t care to name them here because I haven’t interviewed them and given them a chance to defend themselves.

With respect to Hollywood, Salla mentions three works of science fiction that he believes are trial balloons for soft disclosure of UFOs. They are the Star Trek series, Battle Star Gallactica and Star Gate. All, he argues, are based on reality (see page 107 of his Navy book). Clearly Salla writes a lot about an alien landing at Holloman Air Force Base (with President Eisenhower holding negotiations with Nordics). That may have inspired Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

For Close Encounters Steven Spielberg says that USAF and NASA declined to cooperate on the film.[2] In fact, NASA reportedly sent a twenty-page letter to Spielberg, telling him that releasing the film was dangerous.[23] In an interview, he said: “I really found my faith when I heard that the Government was opposed to the film. If NASA took the time to write me a 20-page letter, then I knew there must be something happening.”[24]

  1. SSP ALLIANCE. The Secret Space Program Alliance is based on the “old” U.S. Navy Solar Warden Program. According to Salla the Air Force didn’t even know about the Navy’s SSP until 2016.The Air Force thought they were the top dog, but they found out that in terms of power the Navy’s SSP is to the USAF SSP as the surface and subsurface Navy is to the Coast Guard!

Note: Alliances shift in all this business fast. Page 262 of Salla’s Navy book states:

Evidence suggests…that Russia’s President Putin is not only aware of extraterrestrial life, but has formally entered into an agreement with the Nordics. This places Russia, the U.S. Navy and the FBI in the same strategic alliance with the Nordic extraterrestrials. In contrast, the USAF, CIA and much of the US military industrial complex is on the other side of the strategic ledger, due to secret agreements and active cooperation with the Nazi Reptilian Alliance. 


…To 70% of my fellow Jews out there this means that what you did in voting to remove President Trump from office is to advance the cause of those who want to shove you back into the ovens. But it’s worse than that. Salla’s Navy book was published back in 2017 when President Trump was only beginning to fight the impeachment war launched against him by Nazi liberals. What Salla overlooked is that the FBI is no friend. Their leadership did everything they could to try to slice his neck. The tragedy here is that while all this crap was going on most people who were involved in the impeachment effort and corruption of the 2020 election were effectively rendered brain-dead.  This is why I think Trump should carry out a near total disclosure of alien issues in time to stop any transition of power until things calm down. However, if I were him, I’d want my kids and wife in Israel and protected by them before going public. I think the President has the guts to risk his own life. But I’m sure he doesn’t want to put them at risk. If the U.S. goes Socialist or worse on January 20, 2021, Israel, as imperfect as it is, may have to vie to be its moral replacement.

Updated evaluation early in the evening of January 6, 2021:

I started this day hoping for disclosure. What happened after the President spoke to about 100,000 people near the White House was almost as wild as what I expect to see if he gives us a full UFO disclosure. His fans turned around, and at his request, stormed the Capitol Building while hearings were in progress to certify the electors for the 2020 election. The protestors took it all over completely. One woman was shot to death, but there was little property damage. After hours of Trump fans occupying the building, a one minute 1 second pre-recorded video was released by the President in which he asked people  to peacefully go home. They did, and the building was soon secured. On the same night the Congress went back in session. I suspected that something was odd about Trump’s one minute speech in Twitter. That it was taped seemed to suggest that he might be fleeing the country. He had insisted this day that the election was stolen from him and that he won in a landslide. That doesn’t line up real well with the idea of the President sharing the ride to the Capitol with Biden on January 20, 2021. The next thing that seemed odd is that when the Mayor of Washington D.C. called the Pentagon to get more National Guard troops, the Pentagon turned to Vice President Pence to get that permission. WHY DID THEY NOT ASK THE PRESIDENT???? Pence did in fact issue the order after he refused to honor the President’s request to stop the hearings to certify the election.

Despite the fact that I am an ardent Trump fan, given the fact that the Democrats will now control both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court after they pack the Court, and the media, Trump seems almost certain to face criminal charges before or after Inauguration Day. There is no way out of this predicament unless he goes through with full disclosure. If he does this I would suggest that he does so with two things in hand: An antigravity spacecraft (with an alien) and a corrected version of Figure 2 along with a list of major traitors who have served the Fourth Reich instead of America. Fox News just announced that there is reason to believe that Trump’s Cabinet executed the 25th Amendment. If this is true then nothing short of full disclosure can save him. I need to hear more, but the question I asked about whether General Milley would support the President or the extreme Left in a civil war might have been answered by General Milley going to Vice President Pence rather than the President for permission to call out the National Guard.

Update on January 7, 2021: President Trump issued another taped statement in which he claimed that he, not Vice President Pence, approved deployment of National Guard troops. This appears to contradict the facts which beg the question of why? Since the film was prerecorded, it is possible that the original plan was for him to call out the Guard, but Trump resisted and so Pence did it for him. By the time Pence issued the order Trump might have already left the White House, so this the prerecorded film did not match what actually went down. Very oddly on the film he said, “Serving as the president has been the honor of his lifetime and “the journey is just beginning.” He loves surprises. While I speculate about whether he will try to reach Israel or elsewhere on Earth to go into exile, if Salla is right about us having antigravity spacecraft, Trump could theoretically do a disclosure speech from the moon or beyond. If he doesn’t have something like this up his sleeve then Schumer and Pelosi’s call for the 25th Amendment is likely appropriate.  We will know that he has lost his mind.



There is a question raised by the chart on Figure 2. Does he mean GLOBAL GALACTIVE LEAGUE OF NATIONS or SUPERFEDERATION? The first is human and NATO-like while the second group is allegedly human and non-human, UN-like and has 40 to 60 ET groups.

SSP Alliance seems like a loose term. There is, according to the chart, also an Earth Alliance. The SSP Alliance includes the US, UK, Australia and Canada. The Earth Alliance is all human and is lead by BRICS (from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). There is no mention of Israel here, but frankly Salla struck me as no friend of the Jews. If all this sounds a bit confusing I tend to agree with you. But Salla presents an even more complex portrait. On page 212 of Salla’s Rise of the Red Dragon – Origins & Threat of China’s Secret Space Program book he indicates that there was technical assistance provided to the Chinese Secret Space Program by the Reagan administration and by Reagan and Deng reaching secret agreements to cooperate with their U.S. peers in the reverse engineering of flying saucer technologies stored ay Area 51’s S-4 facility for a UN-run international secret space program.

  1. EARTH ALLIANCE. The Earth Alliance is all human and is lead by BRICS (from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). There are also members of the U.S. military industrial complex. The box mentions supply support and command services but nothing about the Chinese or Russian efforts to build their own large battle-ready antigravity spacecraft. Since both China and Russia were both allegedly shown what we have at Area 51 and S-4 we should assume that both will want their own toys to play with.
  2. ANCIENT MAYAN SSP. This box was originally just labeled as human, but since the Pleiades Star System is mentioned I added Nordic. As I describe elsewhere on my articles about Craig Ebrahimi, I strongly suspect the guy of being a Nordic. He looks human (though a bit like a short superman) but he speaks about being far from human and he claims to have alien embryos (with one allegedly worn in a necklace around his neck). Still, I don’t see how true humans could evolve on two or more planets that never had any connections. While God could create them on separate worlds, Genesis 6:2-4 makes it pretty clear that we were being visited by Nephilim/The Fallen in early times. They were clearly taking any women they wanted and interbreeding with them. They were (unlike Craig) tall but if the Nordics started out on Earth and moved off world, differing amounts of gravity may have played a role in the selection of genes affecting height. However, even if Craig is a bit outside the range of normal human body proportions, he is at most only one member of his species. We need a larger sample to see if home world gravity plays much of a role in height.
  3. DRACONIAN FEDERATION ALLIANCE. This is a Reptilian group from the star Alpha Draconis. It is allegedly militaristic and allied with the Nazi Dark Fleet. The U.S. Navy primarily allied itself with the Nordics while the Air Force largely hooked up with the Reptilians. Salla says that the Navy did far better than the Air Force did in gaining advanced technology.  Not mentioned on the chart are the grays who supposedly do most of the abductions. I may add them to this box later however Salla makes clear that (short) Grays do abductions for the Nordics.  Most humans are easy to control by mind control, but for those who are strong enough to resist them the Tall Grays are supposedly more effective.
  4. GLOBAL GALACTIVE LEAGUE OF NATIONS. This is a human group trying to function like a United Nations. If it has a NATO-type SSP then it likely also has people willing to leak. Haim Eshed, former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate may be an example of such a leaker.
  5. SPHERE BEING ALLIANCE. This group is labeled as non-human with a Type III-IV civilization. On the Kardashev Scale a Type III civilization – also called a galactic civilization—can control energy at the scale of its entire host galaxy. Type IV beings can control or use the entire universe. The power output of the visible universe is within a few orders of magnitude of 1045W. Such a civilization approaches or surpasses the limits of speculation based on current scientific understanding, and may not be possible. To me it seems like such a civilization would likely appear to be God-like. As a speculation, it might even be able to author the Torah Code. The chart shows that the Sphere Being Alliance is non-violent yet it is shown as being in an alliance with the SSP Alliance which has space battleships. In the Torah God is clearly violent a number of times – bringing the Great Flood, destroying Sodom and Gomorah, ordering people to be executed for numerous offenses, etc., so my speculation about a match here is likely wrong. Frankly, I have serious doubts about Corey Goode being able to procure this kind of information, but according to Salla, Goode claims to have served on a Solar Warden (Space Navy) type of craft.
  • Zoltán Galántai has argued that a Type IV civilization could not be detected, as its activities would be indistinguishable from the workings of nature (there being nothing to compare them to).[20]
  • In his book Parallel Worlds, Michio Kaku has discussed a Type IV civilization that could harness “extragalactic” energy sources such as dark energy.[21]
  1. SOLAR WARDEN. Supposedly lead by the U.S. Navy with 8+ spacecraft carriers. These ships are allegedly over a mile long.
  2. SUPERFEDERATION. This has humans allied with non humans with 40 to 60 ET groups.

Salla also mentions the Deep State (which even President Trump often discusses) and the Fourth Reich. I didn’t get very far into the chart before I starting raising my eyebrows. Mention of Inner Earth Civiliations and Mayan human (Nordics) from the Pleiades where there is an abdundance of short-lived hot blue stars (not conducive for evolution of life) were of concern. When most people hear about a Deep State they generally picture a bunch of corrupt human politicians, bankers, corporate leaders, and member’s of President Eisenhowers hated Military Industrial Complex (MIC). They are not thinking about ET. So right at the get go we need to appreciate just how bad our knowledge of history is.

Ten of the 12 blocks shown on Figure 2 have humans in them. But the first modern venture into space wasn’t until the Russians launched Sputnik 1 on October 4, 1957. The first man in space was also Russian – Yuri Gagarin who went into orbit on April 12, 1961. Just how long have people been around? I once drove into Jericho. In the Bible it was the first city conquered by Israel. When I entered town I saw a road sign proclaiming it to be the oldest city in the world. It could be as old as 10,000 to 12,000 years old. It’s also the lowest city on Earth. Jericho is located 258 meters (846 ft) below sea level. But let’s go back to history. It’s is only as old as writing and the first alphabet only goes back to about 2000 B.C.E. Before that we’re dealing with pre-historic times.

How long have people been around? All people today are classified as Homo sapiens.  Our species of humans first began to evolve nearly 200,000 years ago in association with technologies not unlike those of the early Neanderthals.  It is now clear that early Homo sapiens, or modern humans, did not come after the Neanderthals but were their contemporaries.  However, it is likely that both modern humans and Neanderthals descended from Homo heidelbergensis.

The first fossils of early modern humans to be identified were found in 1868 at the 27,000-23,000 year old Cro-Magnon rock shelter site near the village of Les Eyzies in southwestern France.  They were subsequently named the Cro-Magnon people.  They were very similar in appearance to modern Europeans.  Males were 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet tall (1.6-1.8 m.)  That was 4-12 inches (10-31 cm.) taller than Neanderthals.  Their skeletons and musculature generally were less massive than the Neanderthals.  The Cro-Magnon had broad, small faces with pointed chins and high foreheads.  Remember that it only took humans from December 17, 1903 to July 20, 1969 (just 66 years later) for us to reach the moon. It’s quite possible that we could have developed a spacefaring civilization during one (or more) of the past interglacial periods shown on Figure 3. If we did we might well have picked up some ET friends while some of us we were out there evolving into Nordics or other types of humans.


Figure 4 shows BIDEN in sequence with ALIEN. At the same absolute skip are EMBRYO, UFO and MARS. To show EBRAHIMI, who has made claims about being an alien, the matrix has to grow too much – from 860 letters up to 2,210 letters. As I rule I try to need exceed about 1,000 letters in matrix area. The best connection that I could make with COVID-19, which I suspect Ebrahimi brought to Earth via the meteorite he is trying to sell (complete with a possible alien embryo) was with WUHAN which touches BIDEN ALIEN. The best odds that I found against the matrix without EBRAHIMI were about 220,043 to 1. Normally I don’t count the axis term in the odds unless it’s or 10 letters in length or has rare letters. But in this experiment I started out with a goal of finding a 10-letter axis term that related Biden to aliens. I also wanted to link him to the Wuhan Plague. So in this case I DO count the statistical value of the axis term. When that happens I find that the odds against the matrix Without EBRAHIMI are about 911,473 to 1.


Note: to change R value, found on the Code Finder report [in this case 1.387], to percent chance to find it, enter 1.387286 into a scientific calculator like the TI30XA, hit second function, LOG, then 1/x and multiple by 100).That this indicates here is that there was a 4.1% chance to find the 10-letter ELS BIDEN ALIEN in the Torah. EBRAHIMI requided too much of an expansion of the 860-letter matrix to 2,210 letters to be significant. Overall the chance to have BIDEN ALIEN encoded in 860 letters with WUHAN, EMBRYO, MARS, UFO, PRESIDENT, and JOSEPH was about 1/222,310 * 1/4.1 = one out of 911,473. Odds against the full 2,210 letter matrix including the axis term and EBRAHIMI are about 63,890 to 1. I don’t think that I’ve seen any matrices that have over 2,000 letters that are the best unless they contain ELS maps with words at a priori angles or course headings that match what is seen on real world maps.










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