Interstellar war is woven into NASA and Space Force flags. 8/29/22

The truth about UFOs, aliens visiting Earth, secret space programs and our relationship with extraterrestrial life can likely be derived by closely studying and comparing the flags of NASA and our Space Force. The threat of a supernova in Betelgeuse may drive territorial concerns that could lead to or that could have led to interstellar wars.

BETELGEUSE BLOWSFigure 1 above - The flags of NASA and U.S. Space Force share maps of the Pleiades and Alpha Draconis. But NASA’s flag shows Orion where Space Force only shows an exploded star there.

Both NASA and Space Force flags have the constellations Alpha Draconis (303 light years from Earth) and Pleiades (444.2 light years from Earth) on them, but NASA’s flag also shows Orion while it is missing and replaced by a single bright star on the Space Force flag. Wikipedia points to Alpha Draconis as the possible home of Reptilians aliens. The article also has speculation that Reptilian shapeshifting  politicians control Earth. This includes Obama. Oddly enough, the phrase OBAMA IS REPTILIAN is encoded in the Torah with PRESIDENT and UFO at the same absolute skip of 75,716. See Figure 2.  Wikipedia points to the Pleiades as home for the Nordics.

reptilian_matrix_and_odds_800x505Figure 2 - There was about one chance in 103 to have PRESIDENT and UFO in a 180-letter matrix with OBAMA (is a) Reptilian). However, the R value of the axis term is 0.697. Enter this number into a TI-30 calculator hit 2nd Function and Log and find that there was about 1 chance in 4.775 that the 9-letter axis would be found at all in Torah. So the matrix was actually found against odds of about 493 to 1.

While some sources point to Polaris (323 light years from Earth) which hovers over our North Pole, the position on the Space Force flag favors Betelgeuse in the Orion Constellation. It is a red supergiant pulsating in brightness now every 400 days, and (according to Wikipedia) it threatens to become a supernova anytime within the next 100,000  years (a relatively short terms in astronomy). While Wikipedia says Betelgeuse is 642 light years from Earth, other sources think it could be as close as 400 light years. The measurement problem here is that its diameter varies from 550 to 900 million miles.  When Betelgeuse blows up it will be visible on Earth during daylight hours. Rigel is a blue supergiant in Orion, but it’s 864.3 light years away.

A supernova would have to be within 70 light years of Earth to threaten our survival unless there are space-faring civilizations within that danger zone who would like to replace us as the masters of Earth. Are we  safe or not? The answer may depend on why Space Force chose the flag that they have!

Betelgeuse may have already blown up but the light from the explosion (which will be bright enough to be seen in daylight) may not be here yet. However, the Space Force flag may  hint at future missions with or without time travel abilities. At a minimum we will want to study the explosion. But at a maximum we may become involved with rescuing survivors or fighting beings who might want to replace their home with Earth.

WAS BETELGEUSE DESTROYED IN A WAR WITH ALPHA DRACONIS? In Wikipedia I found an article that so fit in with this concept that we must consider the possibility that the designer of the Space Force flag (Michael Okuda) was enamored by the concept. The article (in italics – by an Alpha Draconis/Orion Group) begins as follows:

Alpha Draconis/Orion Group

 Black Sun Agenda (Satanics)

The direction of life force collected through the  Nephilim Reversal Grids (NRG Grids) is hierarchical and managed by the Alpha Draconis system that spans between the Draco constellation and the Orion Constellation, however multiple conflicts exist within the system and the fight for its resources exist among many species, the reptilian and draconian levels of contingents. There is a vast system of bottom feeders and defectors.

ROFFMAN NOTE: The Nephilim are first mentioned extremely early in our Bible in Genesis 6:4 which says: The Nephilim (הַנְּפִלִ֞ים) were on the earth in those days – and also afterward when the sons of the rulers (בְּנֵ֤י הָֽאֱלֹהִים֙ ) would consort with the daughters of man, who would bear to  them, These were the mighty who, were men of The Name/renown/destruction (הַשֵּֽׁם).

The Orion Group is a Satanic force that has a predatorial ideology that uses females as slaves or breeders, while seeking territorial dominion on other planets within their warring and killing culture. Their position in the (Nazi-like or actual Nazi) Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) and its consortium of Negative Aliens is called the Black Sun Program. They are a predator force with a predator mind which is mainly responsible for creating much of the Negative Ego in humanity through Mind Control programming and they have introduced financial and Debt Enslavement to planet earth through the banking cartels.

Additionally the Nordics are blond looking humans from Orion and are also predatorial, this species is responsible for spreading racism, genetic discrimination, genetic experimentation, such in the Nazi ideology and they are proponents of promoting their belief system of “genetic superiority” through spiritually abusive methods of Eugenics. This Nordic group was directly involved with Hitler’s Germany and World War II.

NOTE: This above quote has Nordics from Orion while other sources name the Pleiades. The truth may be that they live or have lived in both systems. The NASA flag shows the Pleiades and Orion. The Space Force flag seems to either indicate that part or all of Orion was destroyed. If part, it’s likely that Betelgeuse went supernova.

Dracos species are potentially capable of shape-shifting and have extremely developed Psionic abilities, which allow them to possess or enter bodies through consciousness projection. Therefore, as they originate form a Phantom Matrix system of Satanic based AI infected entities, many of these Draco entities are confused by people as the devil or believing they are Satan, as an individual figure.”

TORAH CODE INSTRUCTIONS TO SPACE FORCE. When examining the Space Force flag a major possibility is that it may suggest that the result of a war between the Pleiadians and those from Alpha Draconis was (or will be) the destruction of civilizations in the Orion Constellation. I stumbled upon these articles after reading some speculation about the Space Force flag and current American politics – especially those aimed at destroying President Trump.

On January 17, 1961 via TV President Eisenhower delivered his farewell speech to Americans. In it he warned us about our military industrial state. If we believe Dr. Michael E. Salla and his books including Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination, Eisenhower had several meetings with aliens during his term. The order to kill Kennedy was, according to Salla, Likely given by the CIA’ s Director of Counter Intelligence – James Jesus Angleton.

Salla states that “among Kennedy’s final executive actions was a decision to cooperate the Soviet Union in joint space and lunar missions. The decision by Soviet Premier Khrushchev to accept Kennedy’s offer on November 11, 1963, led to Kennedy authorizing a memorandum one day later to NASA Administrator, James Webb, to begin sharing information. Kennedy’s National Security Action Memorandum 271 is publicly known. Less known is a leaked document allegedly of Kennedy’s Top Secret Memorandum to CIA Director McCone, about sharing CIA files on UFOs with a number of U.S. government agencies and the Soviet Union.

Salla does a good job identifying everyone involved in “Project Environment,” the plan to kill anyone involved in stopping MJ-12’s UFO coverup. Kennedy was dead by November 22, 1963. The attempts to impeach President Trump are just more of the same evil by the same entities.



Figure 3 above and probability spreadsheet for Figure 3 below. The most significant term is a transliteration of HITLER at the absolute skip of the axis term. Before factoring in the axis term ELS rank, he was found at a special case skip against odds of about 175 to 1. There is a wealth of information out about aliens (Nordics and primarily Reptilians) helping Nazis during World War 2. After the war, in Operation Paperclip the U.S. took 1,600 German (primarily) Nazi scientists to the U.S. where they built our space program and infiltrated our Government. There is a transliteration of MARS at the same skip, and on-line we can find articles about Nazi attempts to get there. For example, there is Dark Fleet: The Secret Nazi Space Program and the Battle for the Solar System by Len Kasten. The description says “Reveals their interstellar space ports in Antarctica and on Mars, their base on the Moon, and their alien technologies, including nano-technology, antigravity propulsion, mass mind control, and hyperdimensional teleportation capabilities.”

On Figure 3 the odds against MARS (Hebrew word or transliteration) being at a special case skip were about 44 to 1, for PLEIADES it was 16.35 to, and for JUPITER where, according to Salla, there are aliens living in the clouds and on its moon Ganymede, the odds against were 15.6 to 1, Total odds against the matrix were about 40,133 to 1. Against odds of about 35 to 1 NOVA is at skip +1. Could this refer to Betelgeuse in Orion? Well, while Betelgeuse may look like a nova for a while, it  is destined to become a supernova. A simple dictionary of NOVA is a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness and then slowly returning to its original state over a few months. But a better definition is one that speaks about a binary star where material from one star is drawn off its surface only to crash onto the surface of the second star and cause an enormous nuclear explosion. in contrast, in Hebrew a supernova would require 8 letters rather than just 4 like in NOVA.

A supernova is a transient astronomical event that occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star or when a white dwarf is triggered into runaway nuclear fusion. The original object, called the progenitor, either collapses to a neutron star or black hole, or is completely destroyed. The peak optical luminosity of a supernova can be comparable to that of an entire galaxy before fading over several weeks or months.

The phrase UTTERLY DESTROY THEM sounds like a military command. If I had thought of it a priori before finding it a posteriori in the cross-print, it would have been against odds of almost 350 to 1 making the entire matrix found against odds of over 10 million to 1.  I’d be fudging the odds if I were not honest about how I found the matrix. There are, however, other matrices that are similar in meaning.




Pleiadian Wars with Alpha Draconis

Thus, while the window of opportunity was available, Emerald Guardians covertly negotiated treaties with neighboring civilizations, such as the Pleiadians that had been warring with Alpha Draconis entities for eons. Galactic alliances and task forces were formed in order to better understand the carnage, destruction and assimilation of entire planetary civilizations that these Wesa black hole entities leave in their wake. Those tasked to gather the intelligence were required to discern what were NAA technologically built AI reality constructs and what were the actual organic consciousness timelines, originally built by the Founders. Many of the advanced races in our system were unable to know the difference between these artificial timelines and got caught in phantom pockets of AI reality systems, unable to move out of them. Through the ongoing insertion of stacks of booby-trapped AI Timelines, there was a slow and gradual infection that went undetected. The use of incredibly advanced quantum entanglement Alien Machinery technologies was largely misunderstood by many other star races, who did not comprehend the alien cube clone warfare dynamics playing out on Earth.[1]

ANOTHER DESCRIPTION OF REPTILIANS. The following paragraph was found in Wikipedia. The description of combined actions will be familiar to anyone who has ever used the term Deep State. It is also like the actions of what I often refer to as the Fourth Reich. To prove that the villains are in fact not human will require a body, but I still think it’s a good idea to look at the overall characteristics of our enemy:

The known reptilian races on earth appear to have made a variety of cooperative agreements with the higher ranks of human government and military, which have resulted in shadow government black projects, such as Secret Space Programs, MILABS and the creation of military industrial complex to experiment and exploit alien based technologies and craft that they have been given access through their cooperation. Dracs are a extremely militant, misogynistic and warring species that are very involved in controlling the Power Elite, financial, pharmaceutical and banking institutions, promoting war and killing through increasing militarization, poverty consciousness, human enslavement programming, religious violence, terrorism, and the harvesting of humanities DNA though abduction and experimentation, as well as other species they have under their control.

When President Biden throws open our border to unlimited entry of unaccompanied minors he is reestablishing slavery – often sexual slavery in  our nation.

space_force_flag_and_oddsFigure 4 aboveSPACE FORCE with a simple transliteration of TRUMP, the 5-letter Hebrew word for MARS, and WAR in the open text sharing the last letter of MARS (mem). Trump is the president who started Space Force. I have an older article about why we started the Space Force at this link.

ussf_aliens_end_of_days_plus_oddsFigure 5 above

renfroe_encounter_700x540Figure 6 above.

Rebecca Renfroe first contacted me on August 3, 2011 in reference to my review of Paul Potter’s book, GRAVITATIONAL MANIPULATION OF DOMED CRAFT, UFO Propulsion Dynamics. She states she was both in contact with, and aboard, alien craft since she was seven years old. In the matrix shown above as Figure 6, the transliteration of REBECCA RENFROE has FROM THE SKIES IT WILL COME DOWN UPON YOU which sounds like the start of an alien contact, and at the same skip as her name is TO THE UFO which sounds like where she says she was taken.  Note: Her memories were somewhat matched by those of another person interviewed for this web site: Rich Robson.

Rebecca initially stated, “My contact and being aboard these crafts have been during waking hours, or have been remembered following an encounter.  Due to that, when I speak, I deal only with the reality of where I’ve been and what I remember and share for educational purposes and teaching protocols (defensive practices advised when dealing with different species and approaching a craft).” She refers to herself as a Contactee rather than an abductee. Rebecca responded to several rounds of e-mail questions, and I interviewed her by phone for over six hours between August 25 and August 30, 2011. Years later when on her honeymoon she (and her husband) stopped by my home in Cape Canaveral, Florida to sample some of wife’s great cooking.

       Rebecca says she has been on ships with different propulsion systems, and with different species aboard. Ms. Renfroe mentioned Pleiadeans, Grays, Hybrids (some that were horribly unsuccessful life forms), Tall Goldens, See-Throughs, Mechanicals, and Reptilians. So at least two of these species are associated with NASA and Space Force flags which show the Pleiades and Alpha Draconis constellations.

As for her description of the Reptilians, she stated that there is a sect of them “who are what we would consider evil. Some are not and are trying to incorporate into humanity.”  She claims, “I was informed by a group of Grays about the original agreement with the Government concerning the trade of technology with Abductions. From those abductions, some of the grown DNA and Hybrids are given to the Reptilians for Slave Trade and Cannibalism… The Grays founded this agreement due to the fear of retribution from a certain sect of the Reptilians.” The retribution she spoke about was via a weapon that is called the “Shredder.” They said it could shred a planet. If such a threat was ever relayed to our congressmen and senators it might explain why they appear to act without to regard to what they promised when they ran for office. However I suspect that if all the aliens exist that Rebecca claims to have seen, some would prevent destroying us simply because we offer natural resources (like genetic material) that serve as reason for them to abduct people.

I am certain that Rebecca discussed Reptilians over dinner when she was  in my home. We also discussed Barack Obama.  She said she thought Obama is a Reptilian but I can not remember if she thought so because of video clips on-line that show his body guard (and even him) morphing for an instant from human to reptilian form before morphing back to normal or if she had ever seen him personally when he allegedly did so. The only interview that I have hard copy of where Obama is said to me off world is in the interview where Andrew Basiago claims that he saw a 19-year old Barack Obama on Mars as part of the Project Pegasus and Project Mars experiments conducted by Los Alamos National Laboratory. I have  now spoken to Basiago on three occasions. He does a good job of supporting his time travel claims, but not as well (yet) when it comes to Mars.

The most fascinating claims about Reptilians that I have seen are at Chapter 10 of THE DULCE BOOK. Warning, using the link might get you monitored by the NSA, but the danger from that small possibility is not worth missing what is a good read. It may all just be fiction, but if you’re a SciFi fan, it’s worth your time just from an entertainment point of view.



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